Internal Or External Hard Drive For Storage ?

Currently i have a thermaltake black x docking station and used my samsung 1tb drive on it that just died on me. I am looking to replace my broken drive but wanted to maybe ask if going external hard drive is more safe or better then going internal drive on a docking bay.

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Wd External Hard Drive - Can I Make It Internal ?

So, if i buy an external hard drive. Can i take it apart and use it as an internal drive if i need to? This is the model, western digital 1tb usb 2. 0 my book essential external hard drive, just asking.

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Turn External Hdd To Internal Hard Drive

I have an external hard drive that the case was damaged years back. To be specific, wd my book essential (wd2500c032). I can get it to still work via usb but it is so flaky. Anytime i move my desk or pc it disconnects. I am looking to install it into my dell dimension e510. I noticed there was an extra slot but the info cable does not support the same connect. (My hard drive uses the long skinny connector and the wire inside is a short one. )

Well i got the bright idea to remove a non working dvd drive and place it in it's bay. It uses the same type of data and power wires. Now everything boots up fine but my pc isn't recognizing it. I didn't know if i had to hunt down a new driver or if what i did was points. I am good on pcs but when it gets to hardware, i don't have more experience than simple parts upgrade installs. Any suggestions besides buying a new hard drive?

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Copying Files From Internal Hard Drive To External Usb 2.0

About to start new build. Since present eide hd will not be available for transferring files to new eide hd, i'm thinking about copying files to external usb2. 0 hard drive, and then copying them to new eide hard drive when new build is up and running. The external usb drive will be used in the new build. I need to know if this is feasible and, if so, how do i do it? Do i just copy a file at a time?

Or do i need to establish folder for groups of files? The files are a mix of photos, music, and doc files. I do not want to foul this up and lose everything i have in the process. I tried this once before when i had to reinstall xp home and found subsequently that i could not access the files i had sent to floppies.

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Maxtor Personal Storage 3200 160gb External Hard Drive

I just have 2 questions about this external hdd from maxtor coz i am intending 2 buy an external hdd:

1) does it has an on/off switch ? So that i can open/close it without having 2 disconnect the usb cable

2) what about its reputation ? Is it really a nice choice ? Or i should opt 4 another brand.

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External Hard Drive Or Internal With Drive Enclosure

I need space to store my downloaded videos that have yet to be edited. Dilemma is whether i should shell out $270 to get a 300gs external drive or $150. 00 for a 300gs internal and then use a drive enclosure?. How reliable are these enclosures? Is there any difference in the speed between the internal and external drives? What about failure rates? Would a internal drive used with a enclosure have a higher rate of failure than a external?

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External Or Internal Drive For Music Collection

I need a little guidance. Novice when it comes to computers. I want to put on my computer my entire cd music collection approximately 1, 500 cd's. Is it better to put on an external hard drive? Which one and how big? Or internal hard drive? What are the benefits and disadvantages of each. To get the best quality how would i copy them.

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External Storage Drive For Storing Important Data

My hard disks are running short of spaces. I keep bunch of movies, music, games (image files) and a lot of important data. I am thinking of purchasing 1 gb external passport drive for storing data. How much reliable are they for storing important data? No matter whatever the warranty is, if your data is lost, its all over.

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Raid 1 Or Mirror Using Internal And External Usb Drive

I have a 500gb internal sata drive used as the my documents drive. Windows is installed on a separate drive. I have a portable 500gb usb drive that i use for backup (wd passport) which is pretty much plugged in all the time. Is there a way to mirror data onto both drives as opposed to dragging and dropping manually?

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Backup To Internal Ide Drive Or External Drive ?

My asus p5b-3 mobo has internal connections for 2 sata drives and 1 pata drive. I currently have a wd 74 gb raptor (sata) used for os and programs, a samsung 320 gb (sata) for data, and a 300 gb seagate (ide) for backup. The seagate is just about full so i'm looking to replace it. The biggest internal ide drive i see on newegg is a wd caviar blue 500 gb drive. (3 year warranty) ~ $88 w/shipping. The external drives go well beyond what i need in terms of storage capacity. But i am concerned about heat failure issues. I've had problems with drives in an external enclosure fail before. Which i think was related to heat issues. But that was a 3. 5" drive in an external enclosure. Perhaps the 2. 5" drives connected by usb/firewire do not run so warm. I don't know. My p5b-e mobo has an external firewire port. From a performance and durability perspective, would i be better served by an internal ide drive or an external usb or firewire drive? Maybe a 2. 5" laptop drive in an external enclosure? I think that would run cooler than a 3. 5" drive in an external enclosure. Or maybe a wd passport type drive? I would also like to have more than 1 year warranty too. I'd prefer to stay in the vicinity of $100 +/-. What do you suggest for a 500 gb to 1 tb storage drive? I backup several computers to it with drives ranging from 60 gb to 320 gb. It's taken me about 3 years to load up the 300 gb seagate. So i'm comfy with 500gb to 1 tb for the next few years.

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Adding Another Internal Hard Drive

I have a spare hard drive with xp on it. I need to add another hard drive to my current computer running vista but i am happy with the one that i have spare rather than going out and buying a new one. So. Can i just add the second one and it will be fine or do i have to remove the second o/s?

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$68 1tb Internal Hard Drive

Saw that hitachi deskstar 1tb internal hard drive oem is $68 today from 1:00pm pt to 11:59pt at newegg. What comments do you guys have about hitachi and this particular hard drive? At such a great price i might have to sway from western digital just this once.

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Need A 1 Terabyte Internal Hard Drive

My current one is only a 250 gb western digital. I want a 1 terabyte internal hard-drive because i have lots of music and movies and even some games. I plan on reformatting once i get a new hard-drive, if i utilize my old drive. I just want 1 bigger hard-drive. I'm not looking to have raid set up at all. Just want more disk space. Should i yank out my 250 gig drive and place a new terabyte drive in it's place, or could i configure both drives for use? Maybe go with a usb drive instead? Whats your opinions?

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Instructions On Dual Hard Drive Storage Options

I just went through a pretty catastrophic loss of data due to drive failure (click of death). Fortunately, i backed up things like photos and other essentials but lost a lot of other things i wish i still had. Anyways. I had my programs / os on c: and i used a seperate drive for my documents. I learned my lesson and i am going to use two drives. Here's my question. Is it relatively easy and dependable to setup 1 drive as os/programs and then a raid 1 setup for my documents using two additional drives? I've never used any type of raid configuration and i'm looking for something stable. Speed [for the mydocs drive] isn't a priority for me. Or, is there a way to just have the two drives but just use one and have them sync with each other (preferably on schedule) for selected folders? In other words, files would just be stuffed in to drive 1 - and periodically, a certain set of folders is synced to drive 2. I don't know what kind of information i have to list but i use an :-

Am3 gigabyte ga-ma785gpmt-ud2h motherboard
Amd 785g nb and sb710 sb. My os drive is a maxtor 16mb cache 300gb sata
And i bought two wd green 32mb cache 1tb drives for my documents
And windows 7.

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What Hard Drive To Buy For Raid Storage Setup ?

What hard drive would you guys recommend for a raid setup that i'm using only for storage? Right now i have a velociraptor 300gb and a 1tb wd green. I want to buy two new 1tb drives for plenty more storage, because my 1tb is full. Do yo think i should get another green for 99? I thought the best option was two hitachi deskstars . B 1tb. Or maybe for only a little more i could get two caviar blacks. What do you think is the best option for purely storage raid? Also, in the future i was planning on buying another velociraptor 300 for another raid. Are there any disadvantages of having two raid setups on one computer? And can any raid controller use two?

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Maxtor Usb Hard Drive Not Shown In Mycomputer Storage List

I am head of technical department of management organization and i have made a big mistake , about 4 month ago i bought a portable maxtor usb hard drive x with 80 gb capacity for backups of publishing dept. , It was ok but now when we connect it to any computer, though new usb device is recognized new drive is not shown in mycomputer in my storage list, the name of device is mentioned but no drive is made for that. I have lost warranty card and we need data in it as we need the device it self. What can i do?

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External Hard Drive Enclosure For External Cdrom

External hard drive enclosure for external cdrom. If i use the converter chip from an external hard drive enclosure (to usb) and plug in a cd rom, will this work?

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External Storage - Regardless Of Unit You're Still Limited To Usb Speed

My daughter wants an external drive. She has an mac pro. Do they come with firewire b? Isn't that faster than usb 2. 0? Do they even make external drives for firewire b?

Seagate? 32gb flashdrive? So many choices.

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Hard Drive And Enclosure For External Hard Drive

I'll be buying a western digital caviar black sata hard drive and i have a question about the enclosure. These are the enclosures i'm thinking of:

1. Nexstar 3 onyx black
2. Antec mx-100, or a
3. Rosewill rx-358-s blk (black) 3. 5" sata to usb & esata

Can anyone recommend one or the other? Or one not listed?

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Need External Hard Drive

Need external hard drive, speed does not matter. What i need is a 500+ gb external hard drive that will be sure to be reliable.

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Best External Hard Drive

I need 250gb + storage. I'll prefer if it has firewire but usb is ok. I acn't really make up my mind since lots of hard drives on amazon and new egg have low ratings. So i'm clueless on what to buy.

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External Hard Drive Issue

I have an external 500gb free agent hard drive. Was plugged into sony while i attempted vaio recovery. Vaio recovery failed. I unplugged the external drive and the recovery ran fine. Now i plug in drive and it does not auto detect on any machine, but if you go to disk management it shows but gives you no options to format, assign drive letter etc. Only shows help option. Does list drive and free space so i know data is on there. One thing i noticed was that it does say eisa configured. We ripped the enclosure apart to reveal a sata drive, plugged in direct, same thing. I need to get the data off this drive. If i cant get the data, how do i at least format to make it recognizable again?

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Suggestions For External Hard Drive

I'm using a seagate xtreme external drive for my velocity micro promagix pc (usb or firewire 400 connection). It's never worked well. I have genie soft backup manager, which i prefer to use rather than the standard software that comes with external drives. Can anyone suggest a different brand?

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External Hard Drive Not Responding

I just recently got a 1tb western digital hard drive and have been using it with a sata to usb adapter for external storage. It was working fine for a few days, but now, the drive will not show up at all when plugged in. When it is plugged in, windows will not respond, most system functions fail to run even though i can still use the system outside of those functions. At first, i was still able to see the partition drive letter listed in my computers, but it listed no size for the drive, and i couldn't explore it. I tried running a chkdsk command and it did make some repairs, but it couldn't complete part of the repair because it claiming there wasn't sufficient space to do so. I have moved a lot of data to the drive, but i know it wasn't even half full. Ive been trying various apps to retrieve the data, but so far nothing can see the drive to do anything with it. My latest attempt is getdataback. When the app tries to scan for drives, i get an error saying: windows - drive not ready / exception processing message. Any other suggestions as to what i should try next? Any other good apps for trying to either retrieve the data or repair the drive issue? I will try to hook the drive up internally next, but i did trying hooking it up to esata, but that didn't allow access either.

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External Hard Drive - Should I Keep It On All The Time ?

I've just bought this samsung story station 1tb 3. 5" external drive. Tbh it's my first external one. So i was wondering should i keep it on all the time, or it's better to turn it off when not in use? It's being used as multimedia storage.

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External Hard Drive Problem

I read a lot on here but ive never posts but ive got a bit of a problem with my external drive. So here's whats up i go to reformat my primary drive with windows 7 rc i back up all my desktop stuff to my external and then when i get it back up and going reformatted all i can view is the last folder i had up being the one with all my desktop back up. Ive plugged it into about 4 different computers now and nothing has worked. About a week or so ago i went to view my music and it was all in some weird septic looking font i closed my explore and re-opened it and every thing was fine. Ive ran check disk on it and seems to be working fine, except for the fact i can see all of my files just the ones that are in my desktop back up folder. So if any one knows what this problem is or has had it before and could point me in a right directions to take in fixing it if it can be fixed that would be awesome.

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External Hard Drive Error

Pc: dell dimension 4400
Os: win xp home
External hard drive: maxtor one touch 250

Bought in march, worked fine until two weeks ago. I turned off my computer for the night, turned it on in the morning and received these messages:

**Not accessible, the parameter is incorrect**
**The request could not be performed because of an i/o device error. **

The drive icon does show, the drivers , etc are all there and windows tells me they are operating fine. I have already spoken with maxtor and they were absolutely of no help. Other than wanting to reformat the hard drive . Which is out of the question. (I have 5 years of work stored in that hd, personal, legal and business) and must find a way to retrieve it. (Will not make personal comments about their support or policies. ) Grrrrrrrr. I have spoken to teckie types and tried several suggestions. None helped so far. I'm desperate, and would appreciate any expertise. And, if someone knows of an inexpensive recovery program. The data is all there, it was not deleted. I simply can not unlock the door.

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Psu For External Hard Drive

I have just bought a "usb2. 0 to ide" dongle to convert my ide hard drive into an external one. Unfortunately, the unit doesn't have a power supply. I know that hd needs a 12v power source. I actually have a 12v adapter from my old cd player with output ( 12v output , 0. 38 amp) however, i don't know how to wire the 2 lines (12v line and ground line) from the adapter to 4-pin molex connector. I really appreciate any help because my 20 bucks dongle will be useless without a power supply.

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External Hard Drive Sync Necessary ?

I got an external hard drive, and it comes with this sync program. But i don't like it because i would rather drag and drop files into the hard drive. Is it safe for me to delete the sync program setup from the hard drive altogether or would it harm the hard drive.

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Formatting External Hard Drive

Alright so, i have a backup drive that i've been using for around six months now. It is a wd smartware mybook essential hard drive. Somehow. It managed to un-format itself. I've been trying to format my f: drive myself, but every time i try to the computer says that if i try to do a "ntfs" format, i will lose everything on my hard drive. I want to know if there is any possible way to fix this problem by formatting it and not losing my data on the external or just completely fixing this problem. I've asked around (as you can see, i'm not very computer savy) and everyone says to back up the things on the hard drive and just format it. Well, i can't. I cannot even open up the files on my external hard drive until it is formatted. The reason that these files are so important to me is because i store all of my pictures, music, movies and documents my external. My computer does not have enough memory, so i store them onto the external. Every picture i've ever taken for about the last five years is on this hard drive, and i'm a huge memory person. Let's just say if these pictures are lost. I will be very upset.

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