Dell Dimension E521 Or Dell Inspiron 531

I have both of these systems and want to choose one to keep and one to sell. The parts i will be putting in either to upgrade either are the following:

Amd x2 5600+
Evga 7600gt pci-e 256mb ddr3
2gb pc2-6400
2x 250gb wd sata hd's

Both systems have a 300wt psu, but the 531 allows for a hsf aftermarket to be added, while the e521 has this hsf built into the case type thing. If you were going to choose one system to keep and one tell sell, what would you do?

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Dell Inspiron 531 Video Card Upgrade

I am here with questions on what video card i should get. I am looking for a better video card that can actually play some decent games, such as orange box or counter strike source. Dell inspiron 531, model 0ry206
Amd athlon 64 x2 dual core processor 3800+ (2. 0ghz)
958mb ram
Nvidia geforce 6150se nforce430 281 mb video card
1680x1050 display (32 bit) (60hz)
2009. 4 mhz

My budget is under 100 dollars. I'm not a *** gamer, but i would like to at least play something good on this computer. I was looking at these, but i am not sure if they're compatible with my computer. Evga e-geforce 6200 256mb ddr pci graphics card-256-p1-n399-lx

Msi nx8500gt-td256e geforce 8500 gt 256mb 128-bit gddr2 pci express x16 sli supported video card

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Dell Dimension E521 Drivers

I am wondering if it would be better to download something like driver detective or one of those kinds of things, or should i just pay dell $59 for a month of tech support from them? I have several drivers that need to be updated. I have tried to do that on the dell site, but they will (apparently) not let you use even their site w/out paying cause i always get an error message when i try to download something from there. I'm guessing that if i pay them, i get a new "service tag" and can use their site for a month and update everything. Or should i just pay $40 for a few years of driver detective (which is sponsored by dell, i think?). There is other driver software too, but that is the one that sticks in my mind. What do you all think? I've been struggling with this computer for two days now and am thinking that the $59 might be worth it.

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Dell Dimension E521 Wont Boot

When you push the power button it lights up for a second then immediately shuts back off. My initial thought was that there was a power supply issue, but i've now scratched that as i've used a different power supply in the case, and received the same result. I also put the dell power supply in another case, which booted normally. The specs:
Amd 64 x2 series
2x512mb some off brand i think. Had a 7300gt in it, but it has integrated graphics so i pulled that out. Right now i'm looking around for similar problems and troubleshooting. I await your knowledge.

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Dell Dimension E521 Windows 7 Compatibility

Is dell dimension e521 windows 7 compatible?

It runs vista? Yeah, you are good for 7. X86(32 bit) if you have less than 3 gb and 64-bit if you have more than 3gb of ram. You can also check the microsoft for the windows 7 upgrade advisor download:

Download it and it will scan you specs and make a recommendation based on your system.

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Dell E521 Psu Upgrade

I was looking for a new computer when i came across a dell e521 with a amd athelon x2 5600+ 2 gigs, the works but i would like to upgrade it to a 8600gts video card. But there is a problem the 8600 needs a 350 watt power supply min. The stupid dell system only has a 305 watt psu. How ridiculous. Putting in a new psu would for sure void the warranty which is the only reason i would buy a dell. So i don't know what to do. Any ideas?

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Dimension E521 Freezing

Sometimes but not infrequently when i start my new dell e521 the bios progress bar gets 50% across then stops, then nothing happens. I have to shutdown the computer and restart. Is this a known issue with this computer, or should i call the support guys?

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Dimension E521 System Restore

Dimension e521 system restore. I want to go back to the pc's factory defaults because my system is very instable. Does anyone know which button to press to enter this 'restore to factory defaults screen'. It used to be ctrl+f11 in win xp, but i don't know what it is with vista. A friend of mine said it is now f8, but that doesn't do anything either. Would it be the same if i entered the bios and system restored from there? Or does that delete the os as well?

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Dell Inspiron Or A Dell Studio Xps

Which is better-a dell inspiron (desktop) or a dell studio xps (desktop)? I'm having trouble deciding which would be better. Inspiron desktops are cheaper, but xps desktops are a little more expensive and i can't tell what the difference is between the two brands.

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Dell Studio 1558 Or The Dell Inspiron 15

What is a better computer the dell studio 1558 or the dell inspirion 15? Im looking at the dell studio 1558 and dell inspirion 15 for a ew laptop and ive seen mostly good reviews on both. Im not looking for if the computer is worth its price but just for a general overall better computer. Which one would be better.

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Dell Dimension System Restore

I have a dell dimension 2400 and the way that dell tells me to do a complete system restore isn't working. They say at start up to press the ctrl + f11 buttons and this will give me the option to rest to factory settings. However, when i do i get a keyboard not working correctly error. So, is there a better way to restore my settings or is there some way to download a system restore cd. How can i fix this problem. P. S. Whenever i press f1 or f12 those keys do what they should, the ctrl+f11 does not.

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Dell Dimension 4400 Compatibility

I bought a dell dimension 4400 over not this last summer but the summer before that i've been very happy with. It has 2 gigs of ram (upgraded from one with crucial ballistix), an ati 256 mb card (128 shared) and a 305 watt power supply. The card im looking at is a e-geforce 8600gt superclocked 256mb (part number 256-p2-n755-tr) and im not 100% sure its compatible with my system. I know it recommends a power supply of 300 watts. My system has pci express slots, thats about all i know right now. Anyone know if this card is compatible? And if so, will it be loud as *** either because of the video card fan or because it kicks up heat and causes the main system fan to run at higher power all the time? I don't think an upgrade would be worth it if things get hot and loud.

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Printer For Dell Dimension E310

Does anyone know what type of printer i would need for my dell dimension e310? Is it a usb or something else?

Note: i can't seem to connect my old printer to the computer because it has a parallel cable and i don't have a parallel port on the back of the dell.

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Dell Dimension System Restore Cd

Where can i download a dell dimension system restore cd? My computes needs a system restore and i cant find my cd.

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Dell Dimension C521 Upgrade

I have just bought a new graphic card and cpu for my dell dimension c521 the galaxy geforce 9600gt lp and amd athlon 64 x2 6000+ 3. 1ghz , will it fit in that tiny case and i am also concern about the power supply as well.

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Dell Dimension - How To Enter Into Bios ?

How to get to the bios on a dell dimension 9100? I am trying to increase the video memory by imputing more ram. They say you press the del key when you start the computer but all there is f2 setup and f12 the boot menu. When i press del nothing happens. Answer:- for entering into dell dimension bios and for most dell computers, you should press "f2" within a second or two after turning the power on. When the blue dell logo appears, press immediately. If you wait too long and the operating system logo appears, continue to wait until you see the windows desktop. Then shut down your computer and try again.

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Ram For Dell Dimension E520

Last year i went on the crucial and dell sites and it said that my max memory was 1gb per slot. 4 slots, so that's 4 gb. I went on the website again tonight and now it claims that i can have 2gb per slot. I know my 32 bit operating system will only utilize 3. 5gb, but is it telling me that i can have 2gb per slot now? Disregard the bus speed. Anyway, i know how to use google, so people who actually own an e520, please respond.

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Overclocking Dell Dimension 4600

I have a dell dimension 4600 with a pentium 4 2. 8 ghz cpu in it. Now im using cpucool to overclock it to about 3 ghz. I have stock cooling and im feeling whats coming out of the fan and it felt hot at first and now its just regular (as if i had it at 2. 8 ghz). I have some quick questions:

1) i don't trust the temp readings that cpucool is giving me. Is there anyway i can get accurate readings or find out if my cpu is running too hot?

2)would anyone venture a guess what the safe clock range for the p4 2. 8 ghz is?

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Dell Dimension 2400 Video Upgrade

I have a dell dimension 2400. I bought a radon 9250 pci card but it will not reconize that the card is even installed in the motherboard. I returned the video card. Which cards are compatable with this machine? And how do i get them to work. My system setup shows the vireo set to auto. I got no help from dell. Just a run around. They tried to tell me i would have to buy an "external slot" that is what customer service in india told me.

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Installing Drivers For Dell Dimension 2350

I reinstalled windows xp on a dell dimension 2350 and then installed the service pack. When i go to device manager the following have question marks: ethernet controller, multimedia audio controller, pci simple communication controller, universal serial bus (usb) controller, and video controller (vga compatible). I went to the dell site listed below and tried to get the drivers for this computer. But i am not sure what to select in some instance. For example network has 10 files - how do i know what to select, the same applies for the other driverrs. Any suggestions on how to install the drivers for a dell computer after a windows xp fresh install.

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Dell Dimension 3000 With 2gb Ram

I currently have a dell dimension 3000

Intel p4 3gig processor 800fsb 1mb cache

120bg hd

I currently had 512mb of ram installed. I recently purchased 2 gb (1gbx2 sticks) geilusa with heat-spreader

I was wondering if buying 2gb for the computer was 2 much or was it a good buy. I got it all for 150.

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Dell Dimension 4600 Limited Or No Connectivity

I am stuck on a problem with my parents pc, and i would really like to get this troubleshooted and fixed so that way i can get my gaming pc back. So they ain't corrupting it with the home improvement ideas and flowery websites

It is a dell dimension 4600. Was working fine the night before, and after being told it wont connect to the internet and getting home to take a look see it sure wont. The computer is running windows xp. The main issue is that in network connections it will show a limited or no connectivity sign. I have tried the following steps. Tried 4 different cat5-6 cables. 3 different nic's and everytime i do this it will then say media state disconnected in cmd and also in network connections. But in device manager shows the nics, and after rebooting it will see the cards, will try to establish a connection and then goto a disconnected in network connections. Like i said ive tried different nics, cables, system restore, rolling back drivers. I even had 1 of them usb -ethernet adapters, i can point to exactly were the drivers are but it wont even load the drivers. I even took the pc out to the shop and blew out the dust bunnys. Big mess. I have tried about all of my troubleshooting skills and i am just ending up with a big old brain ***. Any ideas? The pc is only 3-4 yrs old i think, but would be really nice to get the parents off of my pc so i dont keep seeing them looking at lovey dovey flowery websites and damaging my aggressive pc.

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Dell Dimension 4700 Usb Ports

I have a dell dimension 4700. When i hook up my flash drive or one of my card readers it won't recognize it in xp or ubuntu it see's every thing else. The flash drive and the card reader works fine on my other computer. I've tried every port. It used to work on the front. Now front nor back will let me use my flash drive. Is there something wrong with my usb ports?

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Dell Is Dimension 8300 Motherboard Upgrade

Okay so i'm getting a new motherboard p4c800e deluxe and it has the dimensions of 12x9. 6. I have a dell with an unknown motherboard size that is fairly new same chipset on motherboard adn all same specs-except for doesn't run new processor. I wonder can i just switch the motherboards or do you think the case won't fit it. I heard dells usually standard mobo's won't fit in there. The dell is dimension 8300 . Dell can't tell me my motherboard size so i don't know if this new board will fit in there. Does anyone know if it will generally fit

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Upgrading Cpu On Dell Dimension 4550

I'm upgrading the cpu on one of my computers at work and it's giving me issues. The oem cpu is a s478 2. 4 p4 533 fsb 512k l2. I originally opted to install a s478 2. 8 p4 800 fsb 1m l2. Well, no post so i figured the lame dell mobo wouldn't accept the 800 fsb. No big deal, scored a cheap 2. 8 1m l2 533 fsb p4 on ebay and still no work. Light comes on green but no post, nothing on the monitor. I've reset the cmos with to no avail. Is there something on these dell boards that keep you from altering the cpu? I've read of people doing it all the time and haven't had problems, but i can't figure out why it's not working other than the small possibility the cpu is dead. However, it was said to be "tested and functional. "

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Dell Dimension E310 Ram Upgrade

I wanna buy new ram and i don't know if these will work with my e310. Can anyone help?

Ocz gold series 2gb (2 x 1gb) 240-pin ddr2 sdram dual channel

G. Skill 2gb (2 x 1gb) 240-pin ddr2 sdram

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Dell Dimension E520 Motherboard Specs

I can't seem to find information on the motherboard in the dell 520. The user manual is not helpful. The unintelligible indian tech support people are useless. Customer service doesn't know. Can anyone post the great secret?

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Dell Dimension Xps R450 Issue

I am trying to get an old pc running, it is a dell dimension xps r450 and it has a pentium ii chip. When i turn the pc on it makes a bunch of beeping sounds and eventually turns off, i'm not positive what is happening because none of my monitors (including the one i am using now) will recognize the desktop. The pc came with windows nt / 98, however when i put in my windows xp installation cd, the computer stays on (instead of making those beeping noises and turning off). What i would like to do is figure out why the computer won't hook up to any monitors, so that i can see what is going on in the screen. The monitors i have tried hooking up to it are one hp and one esa, both are 19-inch color monitors. Any suggestions? I really don't know much about hardware at all so i have no clue what to do.

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Connect A Second Hard Drive To Dell Dimension

Can i connect a second hard drive to my dell dimension with the cables properly connected but using a different power source that is identical to the required amount of power it needs?

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Dell Dimension 8400 Memory Upgrade

Id like to upgrade from one gig to 2 gbs of memory for gaming and have no idea what to get. If spending more money will mean one or 2 secs faster ill do it. I want the best memory, but also don't want to pay big money if there wont be any dif in speed. I did a scan and got this on my computer->

Dell dimension 8400

800 mhz fsb
Intel pentium 4 540
Intel i925x chipset (rev. B1)

Memory configuration

Ddr2 @ pc4300 (4. 0-4-4-11)
1024mb total installed

4 slots (2 in use, 2 open)

• slot 1: 512mb
• slot 2: 512mb
• slot 3: no module present
• slot 4: no module present is some memory i was looking at. Anything here i should buy?

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