Internet Is Connected But Not Working In Explorer

My internet is connected but not working in explorer. Answer:-
Meaning other applications are working fine? If it's only explorer, go to your file menu and check if you are not accidentally working offline.

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Internet Explorer Doesn't Connect To Internet

My internet explorer doesn't connect to internet?

Answer:- nowhere near enough information to give any meaningful suggestions beyond, "have you tried turning it off and on again?" Try it with both computer and modem/router. Other information you could've included would be:

Do other browsers work on the same computer? Operating system? Ie version? Has this always happened, or is it something that's just started happening?

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Why Isn't Internet Explorer Working ?

Why isn't my internet explorer working? I have vista home premium as my o/s. I've just brought the system down to factory settings. I have internet connectivity. My isp has verified that and i've been able to download and install all updates. But when i try to go onto the internet through ie - i can't pull up a site. Any ideas?

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Connection Problem - Internet Explorer & Firefox Doesn't Work

My laptop is about 2 years old now and about a few weeks ago firefox stopped working but i stilled had explorer so i was ok but now both of them both don't work. It says its a connection problem but i've able to go onto aim and yahoo message ( both have been download on to my laptop ) and im also able to go onto tunes store. Which both need internet access to get into which i have so why doesn't my internet explorer and firefox work ?

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Internet Is Connected, But Not Working

Internet is connected, but not working. How do i fix this? Okay so my computer had a virus that pretended to be an anti-virus program by saying that i had tonnes of viruses and prompting me to buy and download something to get rid of it. Whenever i used internet explorer or mozilla to access a site it would not let me and on the page it would say that it was unsafe to do unless i bought and downloaded their program. I found out that if i went to my mozilla browser and selected 'no proxy' in the internet settings that i could browse without being redirected to their fake block website that told me i had to buy their program to be safe and browse. So then i was able to download a program to remove the virus, which worked and i no longer had the virus. The next day or so i was able to browse as per normal without any interruptions just like i was before. However, the next day i used my computer again. Still no sign of the virus but even though i was connected to the internet i could not access anything apart from mozilla again. When i used internet explorer or google chrome it would just say could not be displayed and msn messenger wouldn't connect either. So basically i'm connected to the internet, but nothing is actually working apart from mozilla. I'm not sure if mozilla being the only program working is related to selecting 'no proxy' on internet settings when i had the virus. Note that the virus is gone, and i was able to use msn and such after this but now i cannot again apart from mozilla. Does anyone have an idea of what could have happened and how to fix this?

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Laptop Says Connected To Internet But It Is Not

My laptop says connecetd to the internet but it is not. Right now i am on my brothers mac, and it has a perfect internet connection. My laptop is right beside me and it won't connect to the internet. On the bottom (i think it's called a task bar. ) It says the signal connection is "excellent" but i can't connect. It says it is running 54. 0 mbps. I have no idea what that means. I am not a computer whiz so answers simply. Maybe step by step instructions.

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Stay Connected To Internet When Go To Another State

I want to go to another state and i want to take my laptop is there a way i can stay connected to internet. ?


You'll need a service that provides nationwide internet service. At&t, sprint, verizon, and others offer this.

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Use Driver Robot Without Having Connected To Internet

My pc at home displayed "no audio device installed" i dont have internet at home, i downloaded driver robot at the office, can i use it to fix the problem of my pc at home, without having to connect to the internet?

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Internet Connection Works Only With One Pc Connected

I have been able to play my online games fine until a while back now. My internet works fine with only one person connected but once another computer is turned on and connects to our 2wire nobody can do anything. Sometimes google doesn't even load up. Before we were able to have 5 computers work fine together. What can i do?

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When Computer Connected To Internet It Say It Must Restart

When my computer connects to the internet it say that the computer must restart. I have a laptop with windows 7 and when ever it connects to the internet it say that windows has had a problem a will restart so i ran a virus scan and it said that there were 3 malware viruses in a place were they could not be deleted. What should i do?

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Computer Reboots When Connected To Internet

So, my brother has had several computer issues in the past, and all of them have been fixed by reinstalling windows and wiping his computer, great. Its getting a little old now though. His current issue now is that his computer will reboot the second it logs in to his user account, i let it run and reboot and just happened to catch it while it was working, went to the internet to download some stuff that might help fix the issue and it began rebooting again. I took out his wireless antenna and its working now but he needs internet, what could be the problem with it and how can i fix it?

I'm running avg, disc clean-up and disc defragger right now, just for the heck of it, not sure if it will help, and i've gone in and looked for weird processes and downloads and files, but that's about all i know how to do and it all looks normal, and avg hasn't found anything malicious.

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Hack Into Computer That Is Not Connected To Internet

Is it possible to hack into a computer that is not connected to the internet? The reason i'm asking is because my best friend is going back to college in a few days and is dorming with one other guy. He's in the journalism program and is a bit paranoid that his roommate (who is in the same level in the program) might steal his documents and whatnot. There's wi-fi internet connection available in the dorm, but my friend does not utilize it; he says he 'only' uses his computer for typing up articles. I don't know how true that is, but whatever. So is it possible for the roommate to "hack" into my friend's computer (via another computer) even if my friend's not connected to the internet?

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Phone Ringing When Connected To Internet

My phone will not stop ringing every time i connect to the internet, how do i get it to stop? Every time i try and do anything with the internet the phone begins to ring, and it is only with my laptop. Any other laptop and nothing happens. It only just stated about an hour ago, and when i answer the phone nothing happens. I've checked my task manager for any unknown programs running and no other processes happen as soon as the phone starts to ring. It wouldn't be so bad if i didn't lose connection every time the phone rang.

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Wifi Is Connected But No Internet Access

I have windows 7 and i tried to connect to the home wifi and it worked but they tell me that i have no internet access. I don't understand why cause it worked well a few weeks ago and the wifi works perfectly with my iphone and my mac. I troubleshooted everything but my comp doesn't seem to find a thing.

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Laptop Internet Connected But Isn't

Why isnt my laptops internet working it says its connected but isn't? Im on bt all my over computers connect but my laptop wont unless i plug in a stick it says im connected but msn or any browsers wont work.

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Connected To Router, But Internet Wont Load

I am connected to my router, but the internet wont load. Answer:- turn the router and modem off for a minute, restart the router and modem, restart your computer. This should work. If not, make sure that your wi-fi wasn't accidentally turned off. To turn wi-fi on/off, push "fn" and the wi-fi button(f11 depending on your computer)

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Laptop Won't Go On Internet Even Though It Is Connected

My laptop won't let me go on the internet even though it says that i am a connected to the internet? I have a windows pc. It's hp. When i try to go on the internet it says "google is not set up to establish a connection on port world wide web service with thus computer". Please help! It's wireless but i'm fully connected.

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Internet Speed Slows Down When Network Adapter Is Connected

Why does my internet speed slow down when my sister plugs her network adapter in her computer? I have a wireless-n linksys adapter and she has a wireless-g netgear adapter. When her adapter is not connected to her computer, my internet is super fast. When she plugs it in, my internet speed slows down way too much. Sometimes it doesn't even load up any webpages. Our main computer in the basement is connected to a wireless-n router and i connect to our network called "linksys". She connects to the same router but her connection is "ng_profile"? I don't get it, i just want my speeds to be normal.

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Macbook Pro Says Its Connected To Internet But It Wont Work

My macbook pro says it's connected to the internet but the internet wont work? I just got my macbook pro and it says that i have wireless internet connection, connected to my netgear wireless in my house which works perfectly fine on my other computers, but the internet won't work on my mac.

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Macbook Disable Network Connection When Connected To Internet

Why does my macbook pro disable the network connection of all my computers when i connect to the internet? Using a netgear wnr834b router with no security. What can i do?

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Mac Won't Work When Connected With Internet Cable

My mac wont work when i connect with an internet cable. I'm at my aunt's and she doesn't have wireless but has internet cables. I have the new snow leopard and when i tried the internet cable it said 'ethernet has a self-assigned ip address and will not be able to connect to the internet. ' which means that it is plugged in (and the light was there too).

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Wifi Shows Connected To Internet But Browser Won't Load Websites

My wifi shows i'm connected to the internet but the browser won't load any websites? I'm trying to connect my laptop to public locations such as schools and libraries so i know that i don't need a router since i won't be using my lap top at home. I can easily connect my wifi but every time i try to load a web page it refuses to load - instead it just says "done" in the bottom left hand corner. I've tried looking up my ip address by using run

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Internet Isn't Working, But It's Connected

Okay, so the internet on my desktop computer isn't working, and i don't know why. The usb is connected and the router is working fine, everything is plugged in right. I don't know what's going on. I used it on monday (and everything was fine). But i tried to go on it last night and it kept saying "internet explorer can't find page" or something like that. I refreshed a million times, and i tried to go on other websites. But still no luck. Please, can someone help and tell me what i can do to fix it. This never happened b4.

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Cannot Boot Up From Explorer

Went to my pc to power it down and noticed an error which i should have written down exactly but it

Resembles this: "cannot create file d:$n"

Explorer was visible and everything _looked_ fine, but i was unable to activate "my computer" and i also could not reboot from explorer, both functions simply timed out. I forced a power off by holding down the power button. When i tried to reboot, i got past the bios but after that windows never loaded. I observed that all the hard drive lights were on, and the green monitor light was on, but nothing more. I did not hear any unusual sounds from the hard drives.

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What Is Windows Explorer?

Windows explorer is an application that provides detailed information about your files, folders, and drives. You can use it to see how your files are organized and to copy, move, and rename files, as well as perform other tasks pertaining to files, folders, and drives. The simplest way to access windows explorer is to right-click the start menu or the my computer icon and select explore. If your keyboard has a windows logo key, you can press win-e to launch windows explorer. Alternatively, you can access it from the start menu. In newer operating systems, it is under accessories. First, the "expected" location:

- Start menu
- All programs item
- Accessories sub-menu
- Windows explorer menu item

Not obvious, but that's typically where you'll find it. And for what it's worth, i never, ever, use that location. "There are several ways to get it, and all of them are really, really easy. "Here are some of the other ways you can get to windows explorer, most of them much easier than that:

- If your keyboard has a "windows key", then windows+e brings up windows explorer. - Right click on my computer, and click on explore. - Click on start, then run, and enter in a folder name, like "c:", and click ok - that will open up windows explorer (without the left hand navigation pane) on that folder. - Click on start, then run, and enter in "explorer /e, c:folder" where "c:folder" is replaced with the folder you want to view. This is roughly the same as the previous point, except that the left hand navigation pane is visible.

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Explorer Crash - Keeps Coming Back

When i right click on some folders. I will get a explorer crash then a internet explorer crash. The explorer crash is

Appname: explorer.exe appver: 6. 0. 2800. 1106 modname: shell32.dll
Modver: 6. 0. 2800. 1106 offset: 00048062

Then after that this error comes up
An error has occurred in internet explor. Internet explorer will now close. Anyone have any idea how to fix? I got rid of any bho that didn't look needed specifically one for dap(download accel plus) and one for adobe. Any advice here?

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Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer 4.0 Problem

I bought the mouse when i was abroad so i don't have warranty for him. The left button stops working some times (not responding) so i wanna open the mouse. If you done this with this model (the new one with the tilt option) please tell me where are the screws. If you have a link to a site like this: but for the new model it will be great!

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Windows Explorer Has Encountered A Problem

Ok this is my second computer, this one is working obviously i'm online, but anyways my gf did something really dumb on my first computer, the first computer was working fine until she stuck her flash drive into the usb port, apparently she saved a file to open office writer, then to her flash drive, but the file that she saved on the computer, i can't find it and delete it and when the computer starts up, something pops up saying windows explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close, and says something about dep (data execution program) the error reports took me to a temp folder on the computer listing the files, i attempted to delete the files that were on the error report and new files are beginning to show up so i turned it off, i have three questions, is it the file on the flash drive that caused it? Is it possible for me to fix it? And how do i fix it?

Someone please tell me how to fix it step by step, it would be appreciated, right now the computer is turned off while it is still working. One more thing whenever i clicked debug the computer would not restart however it would make the icons go away and then they come back like 3 minutes later and then my computer is working again, the computer does not have internet access, so unfortunately it is not up to date at the moment, and if i took it to a computer place, how much would it cost to fix this problem?

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Windows Explorer Keeps Crashing Frequently

For many weeks, my windows explorer crashes when i open minimized folders that contain video and pictures. My windows media player crashed a few times as well. I have a norton suite from comcast and it says my system is fine. Also scanned recently with malwarebytes and superantispyware. They say my system is ok. Also did the check disk to find and repair anything wrong on the hard-drive. It seems that the most common problem i'm getting is this:

Problem event name:appcrash

Application name:explorer.exe
Application version:6. 0. 6002. 18005
Application timestamp:49e01da5

Fault module name:divxdech264. Ax_unloaded
Fault module version:0. 0. 0. 0
Fault module timestamp:4bb65af8

Exception code:c0000005
Exception offset:0e38c260

Os version:6. 0. 6002. 2. 2. 0. 768. 3

Locale id:1033

Additional information 1:fd00

Additional information 2:ea6f5fe8924aaa756324d57f87834160

Additional information 3:fd00

Additional information 4:ea6f5fe8924aaa756324d57f87834160

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Scrolling Takes Much Time In Windows Explorer

Most notably on web pages, scrolling takes forever. One tick of my scroll wheel will take 3 seconds or more for a web page to refresh in the new position. It also happens when scrolling through windows explorer and when i open my start button > all programs menu. I havent noticed it on much else but i havent tried doing much else program-wise. I have run many instances of different web based avs thinking it was a virus. Kasperky online, trend micro house call and dr web cureit. All have come back clean so far. Have also run ad aware and spybot s&d with negative results. Tried a hijack this log on the auto parse page and it also returned clean. What else can i do to find a resolution to this?

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