Hardware Update Gone Wrong

I bought some new hardware for my pc but for some reason it went wrong, i got a new graphics card for my pc, when i installed it it slowed down the whole machine and when i tryed to do anything that used a lot of resources the screen would blind on and off repeatedly. A day later the screen wouldnt even turn on (well connect to the pc) i tryed putting the old one back in but in still wouldnt connect to the screen.

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Drivers Keep Going Wrong

My mate's computer keeps going wrong. Slowly his peripherals are all stopping working with his computer failing to recognise them, regardless of various driver reinstallations. First it was his sound card, so i suggested a system restore. It was then fine. Then the next day his printer had done the same thing.system restore again. Didn't work this time. The the webcam, and then his graphic tablet, then his mobile (usb connected).system restore and safe-mode-resinstallations of the drivers don't work. Are his drivers somehow becoming corrupt oine after another? The sound still works. We have tried attaching the peripherals in other computers and they work fine.

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Printer Wrong Ink

Hp printer is saying wrong ink for machine, its the one i always use, came out of the blue.

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What's Wrong With My Wireless Connection?

A couple days ago i started not being able to connect to the internet via wireless. However, my connection with my ethernet cable is just fine. I was thinking the problem was with my router, but my roommate is able to connect via wireless without issue. I then thought it was my wireless adapter (even though device manager doesn't show any problems), but i was able to connect to my university's wireless without any problem this morning. What could be wrong?

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What's Wrong With My Internet?

I have a hp g60-230us model laptop. I've had it for about a year. Now my mom bought me and my cousin the same computer from office depot. They only had one new computer, the second computer was the "display" they show for everyone to see. My mom decided to buy the display as well. So i got the display one. My computer was running fine. But lately one, my charger stopped working, like when i hooked it up my laptop wouldn't charge. Two weeks later i come home and i try to get on the computer and everytime i try to get on the internet it tries to load but freezes with the white screen and then say "not responding" and i would always have to cancel by pressing ctrl+atl+delete. The only way i can get on the internet is by using my "safe mode while networking" and then i can get on the internet but you know with safe mode its so big and you can only use so many options like their is no audio and watch videos and etc. So i don't think i should always be using safe mode. I want to use my internet "normally" but everytime like i said it freezes and says "not responding". What happened? Do any of you guys know? Should i get an actual new laptop i have warranty but will they give me a new one? Should i take it back to office depot? Let me remind you it was working fine for a while. So what should i do? I want a actual laptop that works so i can use internet.

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Wrong Dvd Rom Driver

Unfournately winxp installs a new driver for my dam dvd-rom and now it wont read anything! Its a sony ddu1612 and the driver winxp installed for no reason was some snnx ddu0602 or something and it screwed me.

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Sata Drive Showing Up Wrong

This is my first time using a sata drive in my system. I've installed windows on it and it has been running fine, but one problem is that the sata drive is showing up in my system tray as a removable drive. Why is that?

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What Is Wrong With Macbook Pro Screen?

Lately i noticed my macbook pro lcd screen was flickering, at first it would only flicker at low brightness level and then it got progressively worse and would figure intermittently at any brightness level. Then i turned on my macbook pro and it booted to a black screen. I tried plugging the macbook pro into an external display and that worked! Yet my macbook pro screen was still black.

Then a few days ago as i plugged in the external display as my black screen mbp booted up it miraculously came on so it seems the mini-display port to hdmi connection wakes up the macbook pro screen. Sometimes the screen would actually go through a normal boot up and work fine and other times it would boot up to a black screen. I have noticed though since the black screen issue it the backlight no longer flickers. I ran an apple hardware test and nothing came up in the results.

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What's Wrong With My Apple Mac?

The other day i dropped my computer about four feet onto hardwood floor, and ever since then it hasn't been working. When i turn the computer on i can hear it boot up normally, and i can even hear skype start up as well as people messaging me, etc. However, the entire screen is black and i can't see anything no matter what i do. Also, when i close the laptop without powering it off, it doesn't go into 'sleep' mode like it normally would and instead everything continues to run (i can hear people skyping me, etc. )

I took it to the apple store and because there's external damage they're not honoring the warranty anymore and won't really give me an idea of what is specifically wrong with the computer. I was wondering if anyone can give me a better idea of what's up and what i should do? I'm a college student and have limited funds. Note: i'm aware that the fact that i dropped it is what's "wrong" with my computer, but i'm looking for a more specific answer.

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How To Make Hardware To Install Automatically Without "found New Hardware Wizard"?

I am on xp professional. If i change my mouse or my keyboard for usb one, windows won't automatically install driver for these simple devices. It will ask my help to make the installation (i just need to click on "next"). I would like windows to instal alone this kind of stuff without prompting with "found new hardware wizard". Any help would be appreciated.

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Message: Digital Read Memory Is Wrong

Recently i bought a new 80 gig western digital hd (abotu 6 months ago), i get some obscure message about the digital read memory is wrong. Then as if that wasnt enough it says the disk parameters are wrong. Just to add on to my luck of the day, it says that its not formatted and if i would like to format it now. It worked yestorday, what the ***.

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3dmark06 - Wrong Memory Frequency Reported

In 3dmark 06 if i click on "details" it tells me that the memory frequency of my ram is 667mhz. However, i know it isn't - its 4gb (2x2gb) ocz ddr2 800, the splash screen at startup tells me its ddr2 800 and cpu-z does too. Is this a known issue with 3dmark 06? Im running it in vista 64.

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What's Wrong With My Cd Rom - Dvd Drives?

Both my dvd-rom & cd-rom drives will not play commercial cd's or cd-rom's anymore. They play previously recorded cd-r's fine and record on them if something is already recorded. If i try a new blank cd-r it won't record. Dvd's play fine in the dvd-rom drive. What i already did:

-I went into "my computer" to double click both these drives manually
And get messages telling me "to insert disc in device" while the discs
Are in there. -I went into "file->properties->autoplay" of both these devices
To make sure they were set on "autoplay". -I disabled in control panel->system->hardware->device manager my cd-
Rom drive and restarted windows, re enabled the cd-rom drive to no
Avail. Do you guys think dust might be an issue? Shall i disconnect my pc, get a can of air, and clean it up ?

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Windows Shows Wrong Encryption For Networks

So about 3 months ago i switched to a new modem, it is a dlink dsl-2740b. I easily set my lan up and had fast internet, but ever since i haven't been able to connect to the wifi option of my network. I know the encryption method (wpa-tkip) and the key. (I'm absolutely 100% sure of this). Still, windows says the network is wep encrypted, and it always says my key is wrong. When i configure the network manually it gives me a red cross where the connection strength meter should be and it says "the settings saved on the computer do not match the network's requirements"

I think the problem might be in the fact that the 2 modems have the exact same network name, but still i don't get why windows says it's wep. Sometimes it even asks me to enter a username and password, but i was never asked to enter one on the setup.

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Keyboard Scan Codes Are Wrong - Keys Are Switched

My keyboard is really messed up. Keys are switched or not working at all. I downloaded keytweak and have come to find out that some of the keyboard scan codes are wrong. For instance, the "n" key should have a scan code of 51 but it scans as 7. So when i press the "n" key it types the number 6. Anybody know how i can fix this?

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Windows Shows Hard Disk Capacity Wrong

I have a seagate barracuda 160gb sata. When i go to properties, it says my hard drives capacity is 149gb, instead of 160! Is there any way to fix this?

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Activboard Keyboard - Keys Type Wrong Letters / Characters

I purchased a 1-media 4806 (packardbell) with a packard bell activboard keyboard. I have re-installed my os many times with no problems in the past, however i recenatly installed a new hd, installed win me and then upgraded that to win xp pro, the keyboard config now seems to have changed my settings. Whenever i try to get the @ sign i end up with " sign, essentially having to press shift and 2 to get my @ sign, also there are other keys not in place, my # key is under shift and 3, but they are in the correct place on the keyboard, any ideas on how to correct this? Its a pain in the arse when you work from home and have to keep editing documents!

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Installed Wrong Bios - Hdd Light Stays Constant

On my pc (k8v motherboard) i downloaded an .exe flash rom for my laptop (fujitsu-siemens amilo 1045), after it was downloaded to my pc it was still hightlighted and i accidentally pressed enter so the rom opened and installed itself onto my pc (there was no option to cancel the install) now it appears ive got a fujitsu-siemens bios on my pc or no bios atall as all that happens when i turn my pc on is the power light comes on and the hdd light stays constant, no other action, monitor stays on standby etc. If anybody has any ideas how to fix this your help is greatly appreciated.

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Usb Flash Drive Showing Wrong Free Space

I have an 8 gig flash drive that, even though i only put about 2 gigs of files inside of it, is showing that 4 gigs are being used. My ready-boost is disabled so it's not that. Really can't figure this one out, so any help would be helpful.

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Plugged Mouse In Wrong Slot, Now Keyboard Doesn't Work

I recently built a new computer and got a new keyboard, ms natural ergonomic keyboard 4000 (usb). I installed everything and the keyboard was working fine for a couple of weeks. I was using my mouse on my old computer then when hooking it back to my new computer accidently plugged it into the ps2 keyboard slot instead of the mouse. When i turned on the computer neither was working, so i then noticed the problem. Tried to switch them and now i can't get my keyboard to work again. I have tryed uninstalling, rebooting, reinstalling the keyboard for a few hours. Trying everything i can think of. If i plug my old keyboard into the ps2 keyboard slot and boot up it works, but can't get the new one to work through usb. I've tryed different usb slots. I'm out of ideas. Does anyone know anything that i could try?

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Update Drivers Or Not

I wanted to know if you guys put the new drivers in the computer when the old drivers are still doing the job? Why also companies like asus throw out so much drivers update when the older one are doing the job? I seen that my old bios, old drivers that came with the installation cd for the motherboard all do the job well.

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How To Update Hp Computer?

There is a constant message in the lower right corner on my computer stating " hp update. Would you like hp update to check for software and driver updates now?" However, there is no way to click on yes and i would like to have this done. My printer is an hp officejet 4315v all-in-one. I've tried visiting the hp site but couldn't find anything but ads for computers and printers. I really need some help as neither the fax or copier are working properly.

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How Do You Update Nforce Drivers ?

I have a copy of driver cleaner platinum edition but i have no idea how to update my nforce chipset drivers. Can someone please tell me how?

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$500 System Update

I'm looking to upgrade my system and i have $500 to spend. I'm running a q6600 at 3. 2ghz with 4gb of ram and an 8800gts 320mb gpu. My monitor is a samsung 204b 20. 1 inch 1600 x 1200 resolution. I would like to get a new gpu and monitor. What can i get for $500?

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Jmicron Drivers - Should I Update?

I have a asus p6t se mobo with jmicron 1. 06 driver and sata 2 hard drive (wd5000aaks) in ahci mode. I noticed on the asus site that there is a new jmicron driver. Jmicron jmb36x(jmb363 controller driver v1. 17. 47. 14) i am wondering if i should update or should i leave it alone?

Not sure what the update contains or if its worth it.

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Driver Update Question On New Card

Finally upgrading my 7800gtx i bought when it was brand new. Getting a pny gts 250 today from newegg. This is what i was going to do. Uninstall the current nvidia drivers, turn the machine off take the old card out. Install the new card install the new drivers. Would this beneficial or does it really matter? Should i just turn the machine off then install the new drivers instead?

Since this is a different generation card i figured i should do this.

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Ati Driver On Windows Update

I currently have the catalyst 9. 9 drivers installed and running on windows 7 ultimate x64. However, i keep seeing drivers on windows update with a date of 9/30/2009. Are these some kind of incremental update after 9. 9? The dates are later, but i see no mention of them on ati's site. Has anyone installed these after 9. 9?

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Radeon 9800 Driver Update

I have an ati all-in-wonder radeon 9800 graphics card for my computer, and a game says i need to update before i can play it. I have searched all over for an update but have been unsuccessful, if anyone can give me a link of somewhere where i can find an update you'd be my hero.

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Hp Pavillion Dv6810us Bios Update

I need help in updating my laptop bios, it is an hp pavilion dv6810us, where can i find the update for it. And how can i update it.

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Hp Advisor Update Download Issue

I have a windows 7, 64bit, the hp advisor comes up and says i have important updates but it will not let me download them. I have tried every diagnostic i can find (some tell me there's nothing wrong).

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