Computer Reboots Or Freezes

I had recently buy a sapphire 9550 256 mb graphic card. I am using win xp sp2, and dont know why my computer keeps restart or it just freezh windown xp up. I had try reinstall the graphic card driver , and resemble the graphic card again and again. But it still not working . After a while ( few hours maybe or less than 1 hours ) it will restart. Sometime restart 4 -5 hours. I had check processor temperate, is fine.

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Computer Freezes After Detection Of Ide Drives Then Reboots

Computer freezes (locks up) after detection of ide drives then reboots. If the computer makes it past the ide detection then the windows load screen freezes (locks up) and reboots. If i make it into windows, the computer might work fine for a while, then lock up and reboot. Please keep in mind; i see no pattern to the crashes. What i have done so far:

I reset cmos. I removed all cards i didn't need to boot (sound, tv tuner)
I have disconnected both hard drives in order to boot from cd and reflash bios. I have tried flashing the bios (system locks up before bios flash can start)
I have replaced the psu from a 500w to a 700w. I have downclocked the cpu from 266mhz fsb to 150mhz fsb. I set ram timings to spd, set voltage to 2. 2, set speed to 200mhz (50% decrease. )
Put in two sticks of ballistix ddr2-667 but computer did not post (incompatible?)
No noticable difference in symptoms after any of these actions!

What may have caused it:
I recently updated the p5w's bios to 1901. There were no issues at first. While downloading a call of juarez patch in the background via a torrent, i opened up a large video file (episode of futurama. ) The computer automatically rebooted itself the moment i opened the video file. Symptoms started immediately upon restart. My personal suspicions: i think the bios may be corrupt or messing up the system, or perhaps the motherboard is just faulty in some way. The hard drive is making no concernable noise, and has always operated at a safe temperature, but when i connect the hard drives to different sata connections, it seems to help it get past the "ide detection" step (but again, keep in mind that diconnecting both drives resulted in the same sort of lockups. )

I don't suspect cpu or ram as the same symptoms occur no matter what voltage/speed they are at. (Plus, the cpu is fairly new. About a month. )

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Computer Reboots By Its Self

Ever since i formatted last time when i was having problems i have never seen this problem before. My computer reboots by it's self for no reason when i open too many programs or just it reboots by it's self when i load a cd or something. Sometimes it doesn't sometimes it does, someone told me to buy a new processor or cpu or another power supply. What do you guy's think this is from have you guy's heard of this happening before?

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Computer Reboots On Its Own

I just recently had my harddrive upgraded and now everyonce in awhile for no reason, my computer reboots on its own. I do not know if this is a problem with my main unit or if the power strip i am using could be causing this. I do not know alot of computer literature, so if you respond in a manner i do not understand, i will possibly ask for an elaboration. Sorry if i have to do that. My husband knows nothing about computers so everything i know i learn myself or though my dad. Thanks for your help. I also would like to know why my computer will no longer shut down on its own. I have to manually shut down which i did not have to do before either. This may need to be in a different thread. Sorry if it does, just let me know.

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Computer Reboots Itself Every 10 Seconds

Whenever i start my computer , after 5-10 seconds it just dies and shuts down. Then 5-10 secs later it reboots by itself, works for 5-10 secs before dying again. Then it reboots itself 10 secs later. I checked inside the antec p182 once and saw that just before it dies, the computer tries to get the cpu-fan going. But it moves an inch and then stops - 1 or 2 seconds later the computer shuts down.could it be my corsair 520w that is malfunctioning? It just feels really bad to finally have a new system and then this happens. I'd really appreciate any help i can get in order to fix this as soon as possible.

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Spontaneous Computer Reboots

This is baffling me to no end. My computer keeps rebooting, but its behavior is rather unusual. It will work fine for a month or two, and then one day it reboots 5 times. Today is no different. It rebooted itself 3 times already, yet everythingís been working flawlessly for the past few months. Actually, it hasnít rebooted since may if i recall correctly. Nod32 finds nothing. Spybot s&d and adaware are up to date as well. Memtest, hd diagnostics didnít come up with anything suspicious. So what else?

I was thinking that perhaps the room temperature might have something to do with it. My room is notorious for high temperatures, with 80-85f being the usual temp here. The rest of the house is usually in the mid 70ís no clue what is causing it, but it sucks. The common factors for the reboots are running winamp, utorrent, photoshop, and firefox. The four are always on when it happens. Also when it reboots, i hear the music stutter for about 3 seconds before the screen goes black. So, does anyone have any ideas what to do with this? Anything will do.

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Computer Reboots When Burning

Lately when i try to burn a cd my system simply reboots itself without a word of warning. This happens in various programs, including the winxp shell integrated software and nero, so i donít think itís a software problem as such. However, i donít think itís the burner as when i erase a cdrw in the drive it works a charm, but when i try to write back to it, it goes again! The burner is a toshiba sd-r1002 dvd/cdrw combi drive that has been working perfectly until recently. But now it does this!

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Computer Reboots After Shut Down

I just finished a rebuild with a gigabyte ga-g31m-e2sl mobo, antec p180 mini case, and corsair cmpsu-400cx psu. The problem is when i power off, the computer completely turns off, waits a second, then reboots. This happens whether i shut down in windows or do a hard shutdown with the button just after post. I'm pretty sure it's hardware and have already messed with the bios settings. Any ideas?

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Error: 0x000000d1 - Computer Reboots Itself

I recently went thru a major overhaul of my computer. I got a new mobo, gfx card, cpu and hard drive because my other 2 hds were messed up totally. But even with all this new stuff, my computer reboots itself. I checked the event log anf this error was listed. The computer has rebooted from a bugcheck. The bugcheck was: 0x000000d1 (0x0223d005, 0x00000007, 0x00000001, 0x77f835cf). A dump was saved in: c:windowsminidumpmini062504-01.dmp. I havent the slightest clue what this means, i tried searching for it on microsofts site but they give the vaguest information. Can overheating of the cpu or hd reboot it and cause this error? Or if i dont have a big enough power supply? Any feedback would be appreciated.

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Reinstall Xp Computer Crashes And Reboots

So i upgraded my computer's cpu, mobo, and graphics card today. When i go to reinstall xp the whole thing crashes. I turn on the computer with the disc in the drive, and it then goes to the windows instalation screen. But when i click "install windows xp", or the recovery thing it says, at the bottom of the screen, "examaning 762342 blah blah (last three were random numbers i picked)". Then, while displaying this, it just crashes, and reboots. Now, sometimes when it reboots it gets stuck at the first screen where it says all the stuff about your computer. (Cpu, hdds, cdrom drives, not the bios) but before it can list anything else it will stop at "usb mouse" and freeze untill i reboot. So, i go into the bios to see if its really there. Its not! The bios does not detect it. I looked at everything, cables, jumpers, everything. Now, i have 2 hdds, one 80gb and one 30gb. The 80 one does not work, the 30 one does. Also, everyonce and a while it will say somthing about the s. M. A. R. T being bad. Press f1 to continue.

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Computer Just Reboots When Win Xp Boots In

When winxp boot's in and you have to choose what profile to login, computer just reboots with out letting you get a chance to make a choice! At first i thought it was an issue with the hard drive so i put it into another pc and did a system spyware and virus scan and there was nothing. I then pulled out everything and tried with different parts, still same issue!

Thought it was a powersupply issue so i went out and bought a new and bigger supply but still has not fixed the issue! After all this i have taken my baby back and i'm trying to find a way to get it back up and running! Any idea's?

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Computer Reboots When Connect To Internet

I have an old computer that is currently windows xp sp3. It works perfectly fine, up until i connect to the internet. I have wireless internet and 3 computers, 1 laptop, and an xbox that connect to it. Its only 1 of my computers that have this problem, and they are all xp sp3. If i start my computer with the antenna in it, not even 5 seconds when its turned on, it reboots. When i turn it on w/o the antenna, it stays on and has the message saying that it just recovered from a failure or something that like. But it doesn't turn off, when i connect the antenna, it reboots itself. Right now, im going to unchecked the setting that reboots the computer during system failure and see what it does from there. Edit:- ok, i unchecked reboot when system failure, and the bsod popped out and said

*** Stop: 0x000000d1 (0x002135b5, 0x0000000z, 0x00000000, 0xf764dcd9)

*** Rt2500.sys -address f764dcd9 base f7637000, datestamp 42676c99

Then when i turned it on, it said that the system recovered from serious error.

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Computer Reboots When Connected To Internet

So, my brother has had several computer issues in the past, and all of them have been fixed by reinstalling windows and wiping his computer, great. Its getting a little old now though. His current issue now is that his computer will reboot the second it logs in to his user account, i let it run and reboot and just happened to catch it while it was working, went to the internet to download some stuff that might help fix the issue and it began rebooting again. I took out his wireless antenna and its working now but he needs internet, what could be the problem with it and how can i fix it?

I'm running avg, disc clean-up and disc defragger right now, just for the heck of it, not sure if it will help, and i've gone in and looked for weird processes and downloads and files, but that's about all i know how to do and it all looks normal, and avg hasn't found anything malicious.

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Computer Reboots Automatically When Start Any Games

I'm having problems with my computer. If i start aim or rthdribl or any games, my computer reboots automatically. I tried disabling the reboot on error for windows, but it restarts and leads me to some blue screen. I've also tried booting in safe mode, and things seem to work in safe mode. So now i really don't know what's the problem.

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Computer Randomly Reboots - Monitors Blackout

My computer randomly reboots once or twice a day. Sometimes twice in a row and that is that, but i noticed something strange that it only happens when i am browsing the web regardless of the browser that i am using. Now this could be complete coincidence, but it never happens when i am gaming as of yet. I also ran prime 95 and stressed tested my system for a solid hour with no reboots at all. I have left my system on for days and my system temps were all completely normal until while browsing the web for a few hours after clicking a link; bam reboot. I also went into system properties in my computer and turned off "automatically restart" just to see if there could be a blue screen, but nope. My monitors black out as if somebody other than myself went and hit the reset button on my case. It reports no other error, but that. I just reformatted and hopefully i will be stable, but i doubt it. Worries me that it only happens when i am browsing the web. Any advice or suggestions would be most appreciated.

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Computer Reboots When Usb Drive Plugged In

I have a 310m 2themax psu on the computer and a a7v400-mx se mobo. I cannot get the sound working and i am pretty sure i have wires it up properly. Sometimes when i plug in a usb drive the computer reboots. This happens alot. The speakers do work on other things but no output comes to them when i plug them into the computer. I used to have 3 fans running on it but then unplugged a few when it started rebooting. It has a 2800 amd athlon+ and uses onboard video, i also have a spare fx-5200 lying around. It has a 120gb hdd and a dvd burner. I think the psu, rates at 310w, should be able to handly it. I'm not sure what the problem is, anyone got ideas?

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Computer Restarts / Reboots When Playing Games

It has happened in left 4 dead mostly, and world of warcraft. Other than that im actually fine. First my computer specs. I have the gateway dx4710

Processor: intel core 2 quad q6600 (2. 4 ghz) ;
Ram installed: 6 gb ddr2 sdram ;
Hard drive: 640 gb standard
Video card: ati radeon hd3650 (updated drivers manually, cant find it on the ati website but it says up to date when i do it through hardware. ) I downloaded some supposed fix but yea that didnt workout. When im playing left 4 dead i experience no problems at all the game runs beautifully. Its just after like 20 minutes it happens at the exact same time usually my computer just shuts off and reboots. After that i press start windows normally and i can go on play dota orrr cs or anything for as long as i want. This problem happens in wow sometimes too but not as often as left 4 dead. I toned down the graphics although my computer handled the highest settings quite nicely, but i wanted to see if it was overheating and the inside seems ok. Although one time as my computer restarted i heard like a grinding from the inside of my computer and i shut it off immediately to prevent damage and i opened the case and checked for any loose pieces. I figured a wire was hitting the fan and moved it and haven't heard it since but idk. Anyways this problem is super annoying cuz i just bought the computer and the place we bought it from only has a 7 day return policy. Yes 7 days. But im sure gateway can offer some kind of thing. If you guys have any suggestions lemme know. It happens in wow too and wow is my primary game so i have to fix this. I can live without left 4 dead. Although its amazingly fun.

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Computer Sometimes Freezes

I have run all sorts of health tests on the hard drive, and it passed all with flying colors. My old raptor x did not do this. Basically, sometimes the screen will freeze. I can move the mouse for a bit, but that will freeze as well, which requires me to force a reboot. This freeze is not consistent, as i can have the pc on for hours without encountering this. What do you guys think it is? I am using windows 7, so could it just be that, since it's a beta?

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Computer Freezes

Yesterday, i was half way through burning an iso file to disc using [program name deleted my mod. ] (Have used this many times previously without a problem), when the computer froze. Nothing worked (mouse, keyboard) and the only thing i could do was turn it off at the power button. I left it for 10 minutes, started the computer up again and the (black) screen came up giving 'you need to reboot' and 'insert a bootable disc' messages. I inserted my windows xp disc as it's the only one i have and don't have a bootable disc, and after while i was given 3 options - one was to repair, one was to escape and i can't remember what the 3rd one was. Anyway i pressed repair and after a minute or two it said it couldn't find the hard drive (or disc) so it was unable to repair and the only thing i could do was quit. After leaving the computer off for a period of time, i switched it back on and it came up with the disc scan screen details and went through the process quickly and it said one of the sectors had been repaired and it was 'back to normal' after that. The computer is 4 years old (intel pentium 4/3. 2ghz/1gb ram/hard drive 149gb) and i've had intermittent problems with the cpu overheating due to dust etc which i've cleaned out from time to time (as you do) and all has been well. So, in total this has happened 3 times in 24 hours but on the other two occasions when it froze, after turning it off and leaving it for a couple of minutes, it came back again as normal. The computer seems ok when it's not under load (using the internet/emails/typing documents/photo editing) but the first time you ask it a big question (e.g.copy or convert a disc) it will freeze. Is this a cpu, hard drive or motherboard problem or any other ideas please.

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Computer Freezes At Post

My pc gets to the p5w dh deluxe screen, but i can't press del to enter setup or tab to display bios post message and it won't do anything, it just stays on the p5w dh deluxe screen. It was fine when i turned it off earlier and went out, so why has it decided to go on the fritz? I'm on a different pc at the moment.

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Computer Freezes On Start Up

I am trying to fix a computer and would appreciate any suggestions of help. I start the computer, it loads, gets to the windows screen, the blue segmented line goes across a couple of times then the whole thing freezes in that spot, the blue line stops moving and that's as far as it gets. Things i tried:

F8 - safe mode
- Last known good configuration
- Start windows normally
- (Etc)

When i tried these it just came back to the f8 screen. Pushing 'r' didn't do anything (i was told this could make a repair) o. 0 ?

Tried to boot up from an operating system disk by changing the boot up menu (delete) and this didn't work either. All it did was get to the windows screen and the blue line moved across a couple of times and it froze again in that spot. Exactly the same as when i try to start it. I am clueless now as to how to get this computer working. Any ideas?

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Computer Freezes Up Frequently

Just got some parts for a new build, and here are the specs, before i go into details on the problems

Phenom ii 955
2x2gb pny optima ddr3 1333
Foxconn a7da-s 3. 0 motherboard
Corsair tx750 psu
Dual xfx 4890's
Wd 500gb hdd (used previously in another build, know it works)
Soundblaster creative audigy 2zs

All parts except for the hdd and soundcard are new

Now, problems started as soon as i finished the build. The rig would artifact in windows and playing games. After a day of troubleshooting, it turned out to be 1 stick of ram. By this point i had tried numerous drivers and reinstalled windows, but it seemed to run fine after that, except every few hours, sometimes less, the system would just freeze up. No bsoding, just audio stuttering and a freeze. I couldn't ctrl alt del out of it either. Now i have new ram on order, but before i bank on that solving the problem, is there anything i can try? I've run 3dmark06, and that ran just fine. Prime ran fine too with the good stick of ram, and had no errors, until the system froze after 14 iterations of prime. Everything is at stock clocks and volts. Temps on the cpu have never gotten above 60c at full load, and gpu's stay at about 70c at load. Both are within the acceptable range, i think. Sometimes when the system freezes, but not always, i will reboot and get a cmos checksum error, or an error telling me to reset the time. Thinking the cmos battery could be dying, i tried to replace that as well, to no avail. Frankly, i'm out of ideas. What shall i do?

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Computer Beeps Then Freezes

My computer is acting weird. When i right click the desktop, the menu appears in very slow motion and transparent. Then after few seconds everything freezes i cannot move mouse cursor also and i get a long beep and then restart. What is the problem can some one explain ?

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Computer Beeps And Freezes

When i turn on the computer, i see the windows splash screen, and then i just get a black screen. I must do a cold boot and then i can go into safe mode. But in safe mode, certain functions cause the computer to freeze and beep. I went to system tools, disk cleanup and the computer froze and started beeping. I had to do a cold boot and then i got the black screen. I did another cold boot and then i got back to safe mode. I tried to launch a mcafee virus scan, but again, the computer froze and started beeping. I had to do a cold boot and then i got the black screen. I did another cold boot and then i got back to safe mode. I ran a hijack this log but i went to save as and tried to save it to a floppy. Again, the computer froze and started beeping. I had to do a cold boot and then i got the black screen. I did another cold boot and then i got back to safe mode. Does anyone know what causes the beeping? Could it be a virus? If so, how can i remove it since the computer freezes and beeps when i try to run my virus scan.

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Computer Beeps Once Then Freezes

I currently have a problem with one of my home pc's. The pc is running windows xp pro with all the latest updates. When i start the pc it starts fine with no problems, but after about 15 minutes the pc beeps once and then completely freezes, nothing moves, i am unable to turn off the keyboard cap lock lights, unable to move the mouse etc. Normally i would say that this is something to do with the motherboard because it is effecting the keyboard etc. However this has happened to one of my other pc's in the past, i formatted the drive and it was fine. I think that it maybe caused by a virus because i am unable to run any of my anti-virus tools. I have installed: superantispyware, malwarebytes, avg free and spybot. The only ones i can get to work is superantispyware when running in the alternative start mode. I have tried the following so far: booting in safe mode but the pc does eventually do the same thing and freezes. I have tried running mscopnfig and removing unwanted services and startup items but again this hasnt made any difference. I have checked the event logs and nothing is there. Please can anyone offer any help?

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Computer Freezes Shuts Down

I have had this problem that has got worse over the past week. When i first boot up i seem too get about 10 mins worth, then the screen freezes and then shuts itself down. I have trouble restarting, so i switch off completely. Then 5 mins later i turn back on and it seems to be fine. Until the next time. It happens the same again. I have a new case and fan so there is nothing wrong with that or power supply. I regular defrag and do a spy-ware and anti virus check. I'm running out of ideas, so can any one help.

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Computer Freezes / Locks Up

Just recently my pc totally froze while unattended with the internet logged on, by this i mean the mouse/keyboard would not operate and the clock in the system tray had frozen. I had to unplug my pc to turn it off, while trying to subsequently reboot the pc it would not run windows, i noticed windows files had been deleted. I was forced to format the hard drive and reinstall xp, i figured it may have been a virus. However the problem is that even after the reinstall of windows it freezes the same as before any time at all. Last night i switched it on watched it boot into windows and went downstairs, after returning to the pc 30 minutes later it had frozen! No software was installed except the os. Surely this must be a hardware issue, which being a multimedia developer i have little expertise! Can anyone please please please help me!

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Computer Restarts And Freezes Randomly

I recently formatted my computer with xp and now its freezing and restarting randomly. I doubt that its a virus or trojan because there is nothing installed except the window updates. Before it restarts a blue error screen flashes, but it's too fast for me to see what it saids. My geforce 8800gtx idles at 70c, is that a normal temp? If you need any more info just ask.

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Computer Freezes, And Is No Longer Responsive

I've bought a new set up about 2 months ago and i have yet to get it working properly, as it always likes to freeze. The specs are:

- Gigabyte ga-p35-ds3l lga 775 intel p35 atx all solid capacitor intel motherboard

- Evga 256-p2-n751-tr geforce 8600 gt 256mb 128-bit gddr3 pci express x16 sli supported video card

- Intel core 2 duo e8400 wolfdale 3. 0ghz lga 775 65w dual-core processor model bx80570e8400

- Thermaltake tr2 w0070ruc 430w atx power supply

- Hynix 512mb ddr2 ram x2

I've never seen the cpu temp go over 39c, even right after a freeze up. What i mean by freeze is that the computer is no longer responsive (no i/o works) and the screen displays the last thing that i was doing, and i have to use the power button to restart the computer. The computer boots just fine, no beeps. I reformatted the hd and installed windows xp, but with windows installed the computer freezes either when "loading personal settings" or 10 minutes after loading windows. It was rare that it would get past loading personal settings w/o freezing though. (I had all of the new drivers for my hardware reinstalled as well).

Then i decided to just try a fresh install of ubuntu linux to see if the problem was just with windows. Ubuntu boots up just fine and if i don't move the mouse that much and just let the computer sit, it won't freeze for days, but after using the computer (just installing stuff, or browsing the internet) for half an hour or so, i'll get a freeze. I also get a freeze when i am in the bios, but only if i go into the menu to switch the vcore to something else. Just going into the menu, not actually changing anything in the menu. Anywhere else in the bios is just fine and won't freeze at all. I ran memtest86 and i always get a freeze (not an error) in test #5, no bsod's have popped up at all, only freezes. Can't think of anything else to say about it, if anyone has any ideas.

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Computer Freezes At Windows Logo

My computer is freezing a bunch when starting up at the windows logo it just stays there i left it on for a good 30 minutes. Anybody else that had this problem mind telling me how to fix this?

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