Play Mkv Files On Sony 3d Tv

How to make mkv files play on sony? I just bought a sony 3d tv (kdl-40hx800) and i want to download a 3d movie to watch it on the tv but the movie is in mkv format and i know sony doesn't support mkv format. So is there anyway to make it playable on my tv without losing the 3d ability or much of its original quality?

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Video Lags When Play Mkv Files

I prefer to use one player for all my videos. So far i have had no trouble using windows media player for everything. I have the k-lite codec pack and the matstroka lite codec pack. Sometimes when i play mkv on my wmp it works except the video lags behind the audio. It will occasionally speed up to catch up to the audio. If i restart my computer it will work fine. I just want to know if there is anything else i can do to fix this so i dont have to go through the trouble of restarting my computer. Additional details:- ok so i also tried using classic media player and cccp codec pack and it still doesnt work. Is there something in the settings in my computer that i have to change?

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Lag Playing Mkv Files

I use an old pc for my htpc it is a p4 2. 4ghz with a gig of ram, compro tv tuner & 9600xt running vista ultimate. It does everything superbly except play mkv files. The audio is %100 ok but the video will lag a lot especially when there is lots of movement. This is in mp / mpc & vlc. I think i have the right codecs would this be my pc just isn't powerful enough or a software issue?

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Play / Stream .x264 Files From Pc To Xbox 360

Is there anyway i can play . X264 files (tv shows and sometimes bluray rips) on my xbox360 by streaming them from my pc? I have tried a few various programs and have had terrible luck. It either works with terrible video quality despite a great rip on the pc or the video stutters along. Help? They are usually 720p . X264 files usually like this: 2 [non-segmented] pass x264 ac3 @ 384 kbps.

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Sony Vegas Problem With Mod Files

I used to use sony vegas movie studio 9 (regular) for editing videos from my jvc camera that put out mod files. I just upgraded to sony vegas 9 (pro) and it wont even detect my mod movies. Is there a codec i can download to fix this or should i just convert all my videos to a better format?

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Import Adobe After Effects Files Into Sony Vegas

How do import adobe after effects files into sony vegas pro? I made a file on after effects and now i want to edit it on sony vegas pro but i don't know how.

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Youtube Is Not Accepting Sony Vegas Pro 9 Files

Youtube isn't accepting my sony vegas pro 9 files? I am having trouble uploading my videos from sony vegas pro 9 (trial version) ive tried the (. Veg) and the (. Aff) files is this because i need a patch or is that im using the trial version.

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Sony Vegas Pro 9 Video Files View Problem

Sony vegas pro 9 isn't letting me see video files. When i import an avi file into my sony vegas pro 9 all it shows is the audio, i can watch avi files on my computer no problem and i have already downloaded a codec for it. Avi files used to work fine on my vegas pro 9 but now all of a sudden they just show the audio. I don't get it and its really frustrating.

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Sony Laptop Files Mistakenly Deleted - Recover Original Os

I got windows 7 home basic(with key) with my sony laptop and mistakenly deleted. Help me to recover original os? I am having original key on back of my laptop. But i mistakenly deleted the changed the os windows 7 enterprise trial.

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Sony Vaio Blu Ray Computer Cant Play Dvd

I bought a sony viao blu ray computer, i cant play the blue ray dvd? It said it had to update some key, but it didn't do that. I bought the computer and the blu ray dvd a year ago and didn't find it until now. Should i phone sony or what? I think it said the acca key or something. And i know nothing about any keys. I just set up the computer and that was that. Anyone know what i can do. Does this mean i can't watch any blue ray movies?

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Video Card To Play Play Left 4 Dead

Hello there, i was wondering what is the best video card? Because i asked a question a while ago on how to play left 4 dead on a net-book. But the gay there said i need a powerful pc to play it. Ok. I have a video card problem. Because. I think it is weak because it cant even enable the 3d acceleration in plants vs zombies! I was wondering if it has something to do with my video card? Or something wasn't installed like direct-x? And i searched here how to know video card brand. But i followed all instructions and i didn't see one! Or maybe i didn't just notice it? I think it's intel because everything i see is intel. So here is what i wanted in my question:

What is the problem of my video card?

What is the best video card brand?

Can someone tell me all the video card products of intel? And which is the best of it?

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Get Choppy Play Back When Play Dvd

I have a mini-itx based small form factor machine that i'd like to make into a multimedia box. The motherboard is ~1ghz with 1gb of ram. The machine can handle audio, and video files without a problem. Whenever i try to play hulu or dvds however i get choppy playback. (Youtube, even on hd, is fine however). If i get a decent pci video card (only 1 pci slot on the board), would that clear up the chop when i'm trying to play?

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Old Files To New Pc

I have an old mates pc with a load of data on it. It is win 98, but is totally crapped and wont boot to windows properly. It has (ide) a 4gb hdd which is c:/ with the boot bit on it and a 60gb hdd which is e:/ with files on it (he also copied the files to c:/ as backups, so i can use that as the backup was only a few days old when it messed. I think the cd (d:/) is primary slave, c:/ is primary master and e:/ is secondary master. I also have a computer i can put the old hard drives into to get the data off running dual boot linux rh9 and win 95a. Which is the best way to get the files off, and onto my network to another computer with a cd-rw? The dual boot pc has network on both linux and windows running correctly. Does 95 support 60gb hdd? If i boot a bootable hdd in a pc as slave will it boot correctly (i assume it would unless you set the bios)? Shall i mount it on linux or get it on windows?

I sorta have two goes at this, but the data musnt be lost, as i can try with the 4gb and the 60gb if need be. This might sound a bit stupid but i don't want to risk it for failure.

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Need Solution To Play Tv On The Pc

I'm looking for a way to watch tv on my pc. I'm thinking about purchasing a slingbox to get the job done. What wireless alternative solutions are there?

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Hardware To Play Cs:s

I recently upgraded to a 30" lcd with a resolution of 2560x1600. I used to play cs:s with a 1920x1200 monitor, and it was smooth. However, ever since i upgraded, the game is way too laggy to play. I figure its either cpu or video card. Can anyone advice on which cpu or video card i should get in order to play cs:s with a 2560x1600 monitor? I can even upgrade the whole unit if i have to. My pc is as followed:

Intel pee 840 3. 2ghz
Winfast nvidia 8800gt 512mb

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Play Pc Sound Through The Tv

I have recently connected my pc to my lcd tv using an hdmi cable. I have also got a monitor connected so i can extend my desktop to both. The issue i have (though i don't know if this is actually possible) is can i somehow separate the sound? Can i have whatever is on the tv say a video file play sound through the tv and whatever is on the monitor say media player play through the speakers?

I don't have a spare audio jack to connect to the tv as i was hoping the hdmi cable would do the trick. I assume there must be a way to achieve this.

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Not Able To Play Certain Dvds

I haven't had this drive for very long, less than a year, and it plays most of my dvds really quite well, but then some don't play at all on any of my programs, wmp 10, asusdvd(came with the drive), and div x. When i try to play it in wmp 10 it gets to the menu fine but when it starts playing the intro of the movie it get distorted and freezes up and makes my computer crash and restart. In the other programs it just doesn't play at all. I have direct x 9c. This is through an asus dvd rom drive. But i tried getting a patch from the powerdvd site, but that didn't help.

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Invisible Files On Hdd

I've got a 500gb hd. 282gb used up. When i open the drive i don't see any files that i've already stored. But when i click on properties it shows 282gb used. Can someone help me find these invisible files.

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Files On Hard Drive That I Cant See

My friend has given me his pc to look at, the problem is one day he had all his music on a second hard drive then the next day it had gone, however all 80gb are still on the drive as they take up the space on the hard drive but i cant see the files, i have tried show all files and windows check disk for bad sectors and that hasnt worked? Any ideas, also it doesnt have a floppy drive so i need a program that i can burn onto cd!

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Files Off Old Hard Drive

I know this has been asked 100 times, ive googled it and everything, but i haven't been on the forums recently i was wondering if anyone has figured out a way to get my save files off ( i don't have the ps3 anymore so fixing the ylod wont work)

I just need 2 save files on it (little big planet / wet) is there any new programs that will let me do this? . 85 percent complete in lbp and almost finishing wet are things i do not want to do again. Edit: well i was hoping that after this long someone would do it, guess ill check in another year lol until then anyone want to do a quick run threw of lbp?

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How To Scan Pictures To My Files ?

I have a new compaq pc. How do i scan my pictures to my files for later use?


If you have a scanner, place them on. Then open my computer, click on the printers/scanners (towards the bottom) and it will launch a program which will save them to the location you want. This is assuming you have win xp or later. After that burn them to a cd if you want. Note: you must have you scanner installed for it to show up in my computer.

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Get Dell Laptop To Play Through Tv

How do i get my dell to play through my tv? Ok so got a vga to hdmi cable today but now cant get anything on my hdmi tv just a blue screen? Got a dell inspiron 1545 laptop.

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Error: C00d119f: Cannot Burn Files To Cd

So i got this cd player (i depended on mp3 player until it broke), and i found out i could write my own cds, so i tried using windows media player 10 (the newest) and i got this error.code: c00d119f: cannot burn files to cd. So i talk to my friends about it, and they tell me about this dutch software ahead nero, and i took the evaluation one, and it gave me endtrack error and power caliberation error (power caliberation came first).

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Transfer The Files From Gateway To The New Rig

How do i set it up so that i can transfer the files from my gateway to the new rig? I want to be able to send all my basic stuff common files, saved games, internet stuff, mp3ís you know all that junk. If you could point me in the right direction that would be great, maybe some links or if itís simple just explain it to me.

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How Do You Recover Hidden / Restricted Files From A Hd ?

I am trying to recover data from a hard drive which was on a laptop that is no longer functional. I am able to mount the drive and access it and pull off almost all of the data using a pcmci card and adapter. However some of the files were located on the desktop and hidden/restricted by the user for security purposes and now they cannot be accessed. I have tried to change the folder properties so that it is no longer hidden. However it is not working because access is denied. I am running windows xp and the drive which i am trying to recover the data from was running windows xp. I think the reason access is being denied is due to the fact that i am not logged on as the original user. But i'm not sure. I have created a user same that matches the account i am try to access on the old hd. No success. I have tried to copy the file onto a cd. No success. Can i boot off of the old drive even though it was configured for another computer (is there a chance it will damage the hardware of the laptop)? And can i do it using the pcmci card?
If so how do i go about doing this? Will i have to take the other hd out? Any suggestions to work around this problem?

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Missing Files Download Through Firefox

Yesterday i download the firefox browser and some images into my pc, but i can not find the file or pics. Also whatever i download or save, i can not find it, and it did not ask me where do i like to save it the files. Please tell me how to find download save files in my pc.

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External Drive Hidden Files

I have an external drive via usb my friend unplugged mid transfer he said. Now when he plugs it in there is no files to see. A good chunk of the drive is used however. Enabling hidden files shows the recycle bin etc but i cannot access. Any idea how to recover his files etc?

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Thumb Drive Files Are Invisible

All of a sudden, my kingston 16gb data traveler i is giving me problems. I can't see any files or folders, but the properties shows 10gb used, which is accurate. I copied a file this morning via right-click > send to, and when i got to my office, that was all i could see, and the same with when i got home. I don't want to write any more to it, just in case i might overwrite some existing files, but i don't think that would be the case. By the way, files and folders are not "hidden", from a windows file system settings perspective. Any suggestions?

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Backing Up Files To An External Drive

I was just wondering what most people do? This is mainly going to be important docs and pictures. Should i use zip archives? Just use regular folders and add as needed? I have acronis true image home 2009 so i could set that up for my pictures library, however, i will probably keep the external in a fire box when not in use. I'm just starting to realize i have too many pictures(family, baby, first home, etc. ) That are located on a single drive, kinda scary.

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Is There Any Way To Recover My Files From Hard Drive ?

I was rearranging some cables in my case today and when i booted the system up windows is now saying i need to format one of my secondary drives? It looks like it can't read the file system on the drive anymore. Is there any way to recover my files?

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