Compaq Deskpro Gives Three Beeps And Does Not Display

I have a compaq deskpro that gives three beeps and does not display on the screen i have put in memory but still problem not sorted out can anyone help.

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Compaq Deskpro 266 Mmx Bios Enter Key

I have an old compaq deskpro 266mmx. Its in some rough shape. I want to enter the bios, but i don't know how to enter. Does not display key to hit like "del" or "f1". I know this is a silly question, but any help would be great.

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Compaq Evo D510 Beeps

What does two short beeps means for compaq evo d510 computer? That depends on the bios manufacturer of that unit. You need to state what company made the bios and then the beep can be understood. The bios manufacturer is not the computer manufacturer.

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Display Memory Read / Write Failure - Pc Gives 8 Beeps After Power On

I just installed an athlon 64 system. I kept getting 8 beeps right after i turned the power on and once in a while. According to by motherboard manual it means "display memory read/write failure" i never had this problem before with my old athlon xp system. What's wrong here?

Computer specifications:

Gigabyte ga k8ns ultra-939
Athlon 64 3200+
512 mb ram(had to take out 2 slices because the mb doesn't support 3 slices of ram)
Evga geforce 6800 gt

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Hard Drive Beeps, 2 Beeps Then Repeats

Trying to add a second harddrive, which is wd 120gb. But when i plug it in (in same place where my other 80gb hd works) the hard drive beeps, (2 beeps) and then repeats. Depending on jumper settings somtimes it will continue to load, (with beeps) havnt let it go to far, bcoz i figure beeps are tellin me somthing is wrong, and somtimes shuts down after 15 or so seconds. What shall i do? On primary socket i have os hd, and cd-rom, on secondary ide i did have 80gb, set to master i believe, which worked fine. My goal would be to have all 3 working, as i need to copy data from one to other, however i would settle for just having new 120gb working and 80gb not there install.

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5 Beeps, 1 Beep, 2 Beeps, And Then 3 Beeps

When i turn my computer on, i hear 5 beeps, 1 beep, 2 beeps, and then 3 beeps. What does this mean?

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Second Display In Dual Display Setup Has Stopped Working

I have a pc with dual monitors. Both monitors worked fine for a year, but one day the second display stopped working, and the second monitor. Itís an intel based system with pci-e ati hd2600 video card with dual dvi out. Monitors are both identical acer 22 inch lcds. The issue is that monitor a shows a proper display, but monitor b is blank and goes into power save mode. If i switch monitor a with monitor b, same result. Hence, both monitors are in working condition. If i swap dvi cable a with dvi cable b, same result. Hence, both dvi cable are in working condition. Iíve tried replacing the video card with a new pci-e card of a different brand. Same result. Hence the video card is not broke. If i only plug one monitor into the video cardís dvi output a, itíll work. If i only plug one monitor into the video cardís dvi output b, itíll work. Hence, both dvi outputs on the video card work, just not at the same time. Issue occurs the same during post, as well as in windows and ubuntu. Itís not a driver issue. Iíve tried updating the drivers. Iím not sure what this could be.

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No Post Beeps

During recent use of my comp i noticed it was just shutting down. Turns out it was running hot and one of the cpu pins was cracked (how i dont know). So i bought a new cpu, plugged it in and now i get nothing. No display, no beeps nothing. I have tried the usual solutions. Video card, ram cmos, still nothing. Fans work and power is getting to the system.

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Bios Beeps

I was trying to install more ram into my computer and was unsuccesful because i could not get to the motherboard. Upon putting it back together, i realized i forgot to keep track of the power supply connector for the master cd rom drive. Since it needed a 4 pin connector, i picked one at random. When i rebooted, bios sent out 3 beeps and i couldn't see anything on the screen. I was able to operate the cd-rom though. I did not remove the old memory, nor could i upgrade it. I'm not sure if i damaged it. =( But, after switching the 4 pin connector w/ another one, my computer was able to reboot. This seems strange as all of the 4 pin connectors should work. Today, it crashed and then refused to reboot at all. Now bios is giving out a 4 beep signal. For an hp pavilion, it's either the timer on the mother board or the memory. Is there anyway to figure out which it is?

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8 Beeps On Startup

First time builder that's unfortunately having a lot of issues getting my new system to post at all, installing everything went relatively fine, except for the installation of the hyper 212 plus heatsink, which had the worst directions and mounting brackets, but eventually that was installed as well. However after setting everything up and plugging everything in, the system will not post, but only attempts to start up and then the error speaker starts emitting 8 second very fast beeps, after each 8 second interval it stops for a second and then continues. I've tried switching the memory, and according to my motherboard manual continuous short beeps mean a power issue or the gpu is not seated corrected?

I've checked my gpu and it's fine, and the power supply seems to be ok as the phase lights are on and the fans are running. Is there any way to check the powersupply to see if thats the issue?

My system specs are:

I7 860
Asus 5870
Gigabyte ga-p55-ud4p
G. Skill ripjaws series 4gb (2 x 2gb) 240-pin ddr3 sdram ddr3 1600
Cooler master hyper 212 plus
Corsair 850 tx
Wd cavair 640 black

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Beeps 3 High 2 Low

Pc out of order giving 3 higher pitch 2 lower pitch beeps. With help from a colleague, display card certified. But after inserting another displaying card, same beeps. What else can goes wrong? Monitor is ok. Pc bought in 2000. P3. Problem surface not long after upgrading from win98 to winxp and replacement of cdrw and new tablet. Problem remain the same even if i switch to another hard disk to start up.

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Pc Beeps But Get No Signal To Monitor

Pc is an hp pavilion a705w running xp sp2 when i turn it on it beeps but i get no signal to monitor i was wondering if this could be that the onboard video card is bad and if so how can i resolve the problem. Any help will be appreciated.

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Get Power, But No Post And No Beeps

I get power, but no post and no beeps. I am trying the delete key to get into the bios. The cpu fan and rear fan are running on power up. I have double checked:

Running the monitor from the upper video with the "blue" sli slot
All power connectors to the motherboard look good

The dual ez card is flipped in the right direction. I can see some of the gold teeth showing from the side that is inserted - can anyone confirm that this is ok? I did have the sata cable plugged into a raid connection and have since put in in one of the single drive sata connections. When i get home i am going to revert to a single video card for testing purposes as well as pull out the optional usb connections to the motherboard. Basically try to get it down to a bare level so at least i can hear some beeps to try and get into the bios. Please if anyone has run into something similar to this, please tell your story and how you fixed it. I am worried that there is something wrong with my motherboard if i can't get past this.

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Computer Will Not Post, No Beeps

Turned on my main computer this morning after a week or so of it being off, and got nothing. The psu turns on, the fans spin, the hdds spin, the cd drives will not operate. In the past when i have seen this i get an alarm/beep/chirp from the system speaker letting my know of a problem - here i get no such indication. I reseated the processor and fan, removed ram, video card etc. Unfortunately i do not have a similar system to swap parts with. What does this sound like to you guys?

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Computer Beeps Then Freezes

My computer is acting weird. When i right click the desktop, the menu appears in very slow motion and transparent. Then after few seconds everything freezes i cannot move mouse cursor also and i get a long beep and then restart. What is the problem can some one explain ?

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Computer Beeps And Freezes

When i turn on the computer, i see the windows splash screen, and then i just get a black screen. I must do a cold boot and then i can go into safe mode. But in safe mode, certain functions cause the computer to freeze and beep. I went to system tools, disk cleanup and the computer froze and started beeping. I had to do a cold boot and then i got the black screen. I did another cold boot and then i got back to safe mode. I tried to launch a mcafee virus scan, but again, the computer froze and started beeping. I had to do a cold boot and then i got the black screen. I did another cold boot and then i got back to safe mode. I ran a hijack this log but i went to save as and tried to save it to a floppy. Again, the computer froze and started beeping. I had to do a cold boot and then i got the black screen. I did another cold boot and then i got back to safe mode. Does anyone know what causes the beeping? Could it be a virus? If so, how can i remove it since the computer freezes and beeps when i try to run my virus scan.

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Computer Beeps Once Then Freezes

I currently have a problem with one of my home pc's. The pc is running windows xp pro with all the latest updates. When i start the pc it starts fine with no problems, but after about 15 minutes the pc beeps once and then completely freezes, nothing moves, i am unable to turn off the keyboard cap lock lights, unable to move the mouse etc. Normally i would say that this is something to do with the motherboard because it is effecting the keyboard etc. However this has happened to one of my other pc's in the past, i formatted the drive and it was fine. I think that it maybe caused by a virus because i am unable to run any of my anti-virus tools. I have installed: superantispyware, malwarebytes, avg free and spybot. The only ones i can get to work is superantispyware when running in the alternative start mode. I have tried the following so far: booting in safe mode but the pc does eventually do the same thing and freezes. I have tried running mscopnfig and removing unwanted services and startup items but again this hasnt made any difference. I have checked the event logs and nothing is there. Please can anyone offer any help?

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Computer Just Beeps Continually

I moved my fsb up to 200 and changed my system performance to turbo. And my computer just beeps continually when i try to boot up, and nothing comes up on the monitor. The fan turns on though. I have screwed my computer up, i am such a dumbass. Can i clear my bios somehow, or do i need to replace something? I have an amd athlon 2600+ and a nforce2 motherboard, ga-7n400e(-l), 1 gb ram

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Pc Won't Boot - No Beeps

I built this machine up and it had no life in it at all apart from a funny noise that comes from the psu when i start it up (no fans or nothing at all) like it just trips out. I figured this could be a memory or board problem so i went out and bought and new motherboard which is a asrock 775dual-vsta, so i rebuilt the machine and the same thing happens so i put in 1gb ddr memory from my current machine as this board can run either memory and still no joy. The funny thing is if i dont attach the 12v four pin onto the motherboard and just run it with the 20 pin attached then the board comes alive and the fans run but i dont get anything on screen and there are no beeps, i have tried a friends 550watt psu to see if that was the problem but the same thing specifications:

Intel pentium 4 d 930 (dual core) lga775, 3ghz, 4mb 2 x 2mb cache, 800mhz fsb. Ecs 649-m3 motherboard (micro atx)
Gainward 7800gtx graphics card
1gb ddr2 memory
400watt psu

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Pc Beeps For 3 Second, Repeat The Same With 3 Sec Interval

When i turn my computer on, it loads up and then beeps long 3 second, and then a 3 second pause and then beeps again in the same order, my monitor does not show anything on it, screen stays white.

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Beeping And Freezing - Pc Beeps Then Freeze

My pc just started beeping, and the screen froze and i had to reboot. Then after that even when im doing nothing on the pc just on webpages its beeping and freezing for a split second, even when i boot up the pc it beeps, and takes its time rebooting. Then just before i was on the pc, on a webpage, and a blue screen appeared for a second cant remmember what it said, and then the pc restarted. But last night i was on css for 2 hours streight and there was no beeping or restarts?

But even before this incident, my pc has been randomly restarting while playing games only, so i therefore put a house fan at the side of my pc case, with all the sides off, and this seemed to work. But now with this beeping even when i put the fan at the side its makeing no difference at all. Can anyone help. (Don't say try other ram or another processor or another graphics card to see if thats the problem, because the fact is i don't have any spare parts for my pc, and i don't wish to buy any parts for my pc to see if thats corects the problem. Also when its beeping i restart my pc and go into the bios to check temps and my cpu temp was on 49c and my mb temp was on 28c. Also i have downloaded this program called motherboard monitor, and in the corner it says 35 37 specifications:

Amd 3200+
1. 5 gig of them 512x3
Radeon 9800 pro 128mb
400 watt power supply.

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One Long Beep Followed By 3 Short Beeps

I just took apart my computer to clean it up some, but when i put it back together i forgot to plug in the 6 pin connector to my videocard. When i turned it on i got a long beep that wouldn't stop. I turned it on and off about 3 times to see if it'd go away before i noticed that i didn't have that plugged into my 9800gt. I plugged it in, then turned it on and the sound went away. Unforunately, when i turn on my pc now i don't get any video. I tried replace the 9800gt to my 7800gt, but i still get the same issue. I tried removing the ram and putting in 1 stick in at a time in different sockets, but that didn't fix anything either. I even tried putting my old 2gb pc6400 buffalo firestix in it, but that didn't work either. So now everytime i turn on my computer i get the long beep followed by 3 short ones. I looked online and it said that it's either memory or videocard issue i believe. If this is in the wrong place, then please move it and i apologize in advance. This is going to be a boring weekend if i can't get this fixed. Any suggestions besides doing a barrel roll?

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Bios Beeps But No Video Signal

Computer worked fine for about 6 months. Then one day playing gta3 the monitor went blank came back again for a split second and then the computer crashed. When i re-booted i got no signal to the monitor (and therefore no bios post message) i just got 2 beeps followed quickly by another 8 beeps (10 beeps in all) and 10 or 15 seconds after the first 10 beeps i got another 2 beeps quickly followed by 1 more beep (3 beeps in all) then i got nothing else. I have tried lots of things to fix this. Firstly i booted up with only the video card and the ram attached but i still got the same beeps. When i removed the ram i got no beeps but i thought this was perhaps because ami bios is unable to boot without any ram present. Even if i booted without the video card and just the ram attached i got the same beeps. I tried using an old pci video card and i still got the no signal message on the monitor but the strange thing was when i turned the power off the monitor flashed black for a second and then returned to the no signal screen. Sometimes the monitor switches itself off completely after i turn the computer power off even though it says it is getting no signal. This was also the same for the agp card after i re-checked with it. Next thing i did was replace the 250w psu with a new 400w psu just in case there was not enough power for the p4 system but i still got the beeps. I couldn°¶t find any information on bios beeps sequence that has a 2 -8 beeps then a 10 second pause followed by 2-1 beeps, except that such strange beeps meant that the board was damaged. I tried to contact msi support but 3 weeks later they still have not replied to my email to explain what the beeps might mean °k grrrrr! Éļ so, i replaced the motherboard with a new msi 845pe max2. And yes you have guessed it, it still gave these same feckin beeps. However, i didn°¶t give up. I had earlier found some information on bios beeps but ignored it because it didn°¶t refer exactly to the beeps i was getting but it said that 2 beeps followed by any other sequence of beeps means that the ram is defective. So i went out and spent more of my hard-earned cash on 256mb of 333mhz ddr ram. I booted up the system and again all i got was these beeps with no video signal. I also tried booting with the motherboard outside of the case to see if any of the mounting screws was causing a problem. Also, the monitor works fine when connected to my laptop. I know the last thing to do is to test my cpu but i don°¶t know anyone with a p4 system that i can try my cpu on to see if it is working correctly. I have already spent nearly $200 on this problem and don°¶t want to spend more money on a new processor if it is not necessary. Does anyone out there have any other suggestions as to what i can try?

Do you recognize the bios beeps i have described or can you tell something from the other information i have given?

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Long Beep Then Three Short Beeps

Ok, i dont know how this happened but went to turn on my computer and there was no display, the hd did not bootup and the motherboard beeped. The sequence was poweron - one long beep inmediately then three short beeps stringt after. Also three seconds after that there are two more tones but deeper (like a sound effect from an old beeb or speccy game). Now heres the problem: i don't know the manufacturer of the board and i don't have the manual. Also as i can't see anything i can't get the serial to check on the web. There is little info to be got by looking at the motherboard. There is an sis 5571 chipset, an award bios chip, and a winboard chip but little else labelled. So far i removed all ram and that created a different beeping noise so i don't think its a ram issue. Also the psu works fine and all fans spin. Power to all devices and all cables are attached properly and firmly. Tried resetting the bios by removing the battery for 30min, but that did not help. Tried removing the cards and ide cables, one device at a time but that made no difference either. Bit stuck with this one really. Any ideas?

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Seagate Drive Failed And Now Beeps

I have a seagate barracuda 500gb 7200. 10. Have had it for less than 1 year. A few days ago, the drive started making a beep, just once per minute. I first heard this beep when my on board promise controller was looking for the drive. It could not find the drive. So i changed the sata cable, still got the same problem. Then tried to run a seagate diag on it, but since the controller doesn't read the drive i cant. Then tries putting the drive in whilst in windows windows just froze, and didn't come back like usual. I then called sea gate and the man told me the drive needed to be replaced. I was a tad shocked, as i don't hear any clicking or scratching, just that one beep every minute or so. The drive spins up and everything. I had some data on there that i could use. Is there a way to get the data since the drive still spins up and stuff. I cant afford the $2400 seagate wants to charge for the recovery.

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Computer Crashes - Beeps Continuously

Lately, my computer has been crashing seemingly randomly, and then proceeds to emit beeps from within the tower until i get up to restart it. The crashes seem random, as they occur even at night, when the computer is sitting here not in use. The tower then beeps until it is restarted. I had originally thought this was caused by a loss of memory, as this problem occurred almost everytime i would try and rip a cd with itunes. Now, however, it happens even when i simply run firefox, or even let the computer sit with nothing in particular running.

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Computer Beeps One Long Two Short

I have a a8n32 deluxe and about a month after having the board it start to just shut it self off at random intervals. I thought i solved the problem by changing my hdd sata port to another one on the board but it started to happen today again. Now when i turn on my computer it makes 1 long beep and 2 short beeps. From what i found on the internet that means that i have a failure in the video system. After swapping out my 8800gts with my 7600gt it was still doing it. I've ruled out that the possibility that somethings wrong with my video cards because my 7600gt was in perfect working order when i replaced it. Is there something else wrong with my motherboard that im not aware of?

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Long Beeps Starting Computer

When i try to start my computer, i get long beeps and it doesn't start. Please help!

Configuration: windows xp internet explorer 7. 0

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Random Beeps When Installing A Demo Game

The random beeps i get usually happens when im either installing a demo game or downloading a demo game or bruning a dvd (happened a lot last night), i dont think i hear beeping when im actually playing a game (maybe once or twice). I check the award bios beep codes but nothing matches what i hear. It's usally 1 beep. Then after 5 minutes (varies) 1 beep then another beep then another beep then it stops. Sometimes it doesnt beep at all untill the next day. Btw i think my comp knowledge is about medium. I have also pulled and replugged my video card and ram to no avail. Also 1 thing that i have noticed is that when i go to the bios set up my keyboard stops working after 1 minute, but if i use the old keyboard ( one of those factoy ones it works no problem. Not sure if this has nething to do w/ my problem. Im just throwing everything out there _ btw microsoft ergonomic driver hasnt been installed yet ).

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When Using Mouse Computer Beeps And Cursor Freezes

Its nothing to do with any program but like when im using my mouse i just get some beeps from the computer like 1beep, 2beeps, 1beep then my mouse will freeze and i either get movement back and its all ok or the cursor freezes but everything else is ok, i will give 2 examples

1. I was on the desktop, msn messenger was dl'ing and i just finished updating direct x. The folder with everything i extracted i highlighted and tried to move then i got those beeps and the cursor froze, but msn continued dl'ing and then completed! I reset and installed it, wasnt even corrupt or owt. 2. As i was filling out system specs in user cp now, i went to click on the privacy thing if i want others to see my specs and as i clicked i got the beeps but i got movement back, then a few mins later as i tried to scroll down same thing but im still going. Now as im writing this im running blend test on orthos and 50 mins so far. Also i have speedfan running. - Ram? Maybe a possiblity but surely orthos would have shown that by now?
- Cpu overheating? But idle im 25 degrees and right now under 100% load im 40 degrees
- Psu? Not enough power or something? But i aint got a powerhouse rig really. Any help is appreciated! And the beep happend again now! Also, i checked the manual if the beeps meant anything and nothing, but any beeps you get is when post, not in windows.

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