Computer Randomly Shut Off, Needs Cmos Reset To Boot Again

To further explain the topic title, the machine (in sig) will randomly just shut off for no reason while it's on, or just "die" while it's off and refuse to power back on at all - no fans spinning, no post, no nothing, until i perform a cmos reset. Flipping the psu switch on and off does nothing to help the problem either. Whenever the system "dies" the clock in bios and windows will freeze and consequently display the time of death when i'm able to boot the machine up again. This started happening around monday afternoon. Current os is windows 7 since i ended up reformatting anyway trying to fix this issue - all of a sudden my legitimate windows xp claimed i had "major hardware changes" and thus needed to re-activate wga. I ended up installing a diagnostic program of some sort from at&t to figure out what was going on with m dsl connection at the same since that wasn't working either right before the restart that gave me the wga failure prompt (and i couldn't validate because of the dsl being dead at the time), and i'm certainly hoping that program had nothing to do with this. Last thing i was doing before that was just memtesting ram which didn't get any errors overnight. The red led light on the motherboard is still active as long as the switch on the psu is turned on. I can still change the clock in bios/windows after reviving the system with a cmos reset and it'll continue to work as normal. The time it takes to die again can be anywhere from 4 hours to about 20 hours as of what i've experienced so far. Only spare parts i have left is some more ram so i'll be switching that out now and hoping for the best, but in the event that doesn't work, does anyone have suggestions on possible culprits and fixes?

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Computer Randomly Shut Off

Certain actions cause my computer to completely shutdown. Occasionaly going to a blue screen and sometimes not. The actions that cause this include playing certain video games, watching videos, and other actions. Regular web surfing does not cause a shutdown. Somebody mentioned to me that i could have fried my r. A. M or something. I really have no idea. My computer is a p4 with at least 256 ram maybe 512.

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Cmos Checksum Error - Reset To Default Settings

Yesterday i got my new atc-210 case and pc power and cooling turbo cool 425 powersupply. So i transfered everything from my old case into the new one and put in the new powersupply and i added an old 20gb hard drive i found in my basement. So i try to turn on the computer and it turns on for a split second and then turns off. I kept trying to turn it on hoping it will finally turn on but it doesnt. So i call pc power and cooling and they say that it is the over voltage protection working so one of my components is messed up. So i remove the 20gb hard drive i put in. The computer turns on now but i get nothing on my monitor. So i remove my 9800 pro and put in my old geforce 4 mx card. Now my monitor is working but i realize that the computer is not booting. It shows the biostar symbol then goes to the part where it performs checks on the computer system and at the bottom says cmos checksum error. Reset to default settings and just stays on that screen.

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Computer Do Not Get Past Post Without Reflashing Cmos

When i turn off my computer and turn it back on it won't get past post. It says "no ide hard drives detected. " I flash my cmos, edit the bios, and it loads xp like normal. To test, i turn it back off and on again. Same problem - it won't get past post without reflashing cmos. I tested this about three times with the same result each time. I can, however, restart the computer. I just can't turn it off without reflashing. Oddly enough, i think this is an xp problem, as this only happens when i click on start > turn off computer > turn off. If i restart the computer, everything is fine. Even if i restart, turn it off during post, and then turn it back on, everything is still fine. I've had my current setup for over a year and this problem just started a couple weeks ago.

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Computer Reset At Random

I have an old computer that's been acting strange lately. It suddenly resets at times. When you turn it on, there's a higher chance of resetting. After some time (hours) turned on, the chance of resetting drops, but occasionally it stills resets. I've tried replacing the stabilizer and the power box. It's not overheating and the fan is working fine. I had been using it for a while and such resets never happened, but then i left it aside for some months.could this have damaged something?

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Reset Dell Computer To Factory Settings

How do i reset my dell computer to its factory settings? I am trying to reset my dell computer to its factory settings. Ive tried f8 but the advanced boot options menu doesn't come up. Can anyone help?

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Trigger Computer Reset With A Coin Operated Device

I am trying to figure out how to create a simple "internet terminal" for our family campground. I have a device that can accept coins, and i would like to somehow hook it up to the computer motherboard's "reset" pins. Is this possible? If so, i don't really understand how to do it. I think the motherboard reset feature is basically two pins, right? When you connect the pins together (with a switch or push-button), it triggers the reset cycle. But the pins have to by physically connected together (complete the circuit?) And the coin machine can only send a "signal" or "pulse". So, how can i "translate" a signal from the coin machine into an actual "switch" that triggers the reset?

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Computer Shut Down And Reboot

My computer seems to reboot all on its own without no warning of a problem. I've replaced processer, memory, harddrives, video card, cpu fans, etc. I can't figure it out.

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Computer Will Shut Down And Restart Itself

Lately my computer will shut down and restart itself. It will do this at anytime so it doesn't appear to be related to any one task i'm doing. Every time it happens the screen will go black and the computer restarts and once i'm back on the desktop i always get the same error message:

Windows cannot find ' te=1&id=4acd04b3-30b1-4321-87cd-adda4910be9b&lcid=1033&os=5. 1. 2600. 2. 00010300. 2. 0. ' make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again. To search for a file, click the start button, and then click search. I haven't a clue what any of this means, except the name "cmaudio" has me thinking my soundcard (c-media cmi8738/c3dx pci card) may be the culprit. The error message also says to make sure i typed the name correctly, but i wasn't typing anything when these errors occured. I have a windows xp home system, p4p800 mobo, intel p4 2. 4ghz cpu, 2 g of kingston pc3200 ram. I run chkdsk and defrag often. I also keep my virus program up to date and scan frequently, along with my two spam programs, spybot and ad-aware. I have everest ultimte edition running in the background so i can always keep an eye on my pc temps and the highest any of my devices ever run is thirty-two degrees. I'm posting here to get some feedback on what could be causing this. I'm thinking i should get a new sound card because of the "cmaudio" in the error message. That card is ancient anyway. I'm going to check the ram and possibly the hds for bad sectors, but i'm pretty sure it's neither of those (both the ram and the hds are brand new).

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Computer Reboots After Shut Down

I just finished a rebuild with a gigabyte ga-g31m-e2sl mobo, antec p180 mini case, and corsair cmpsu-400cx psu. The problem is when i power off, the computer completely turns off, waits a second, then reboots. This happens whether i shut down in windows or do a hard shutdown with the button just after post. I'm pretty sure it's hardware and have already messed with the bios settings. Any ideas?

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Computer Shut Off Unexpectedly

It shuts down on it's own every now and then. The computer will still be on, but my monitor screen turns black and the light turns from green to orange. Sometimes my computer will restart itself after a few seconds. I could be designing in photoshop or just talking online - even doing absolutely nothing on it, and without any notice, my computer does what i said above. I've tried to clean it out, but it will still continue to shut off on me. My os is windows xp. I've had this computer for 2-3 years i believe, and had this problem for maybe 2 years? If there's any way to solve this problem, please let me know. It will be appreciated.

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How To Connect To Internet After Reset Computer Back To Factory Settings?

I just reset my computer in my bedroom back to factory settings and im trying to connect the internet and i cant figure out how. I do the thing on the control panel, network, wizard, and all that stuff and nothing happened. The computer im on now is on wifi but my bedrooms computer's wifi card (or something) is broken, or thats what the at&t internet dude told me. So i run my computer's internet over a usb cable and that worked fine but now i cant create a connection and i don't want to have to make my mom call at&t and all that stuff for a guy to come out to our house.

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Cmos Checksum Error / Cmos Checksum Bad

So there was a cmos checksum error at the beginning of my problem. I decided to change the battery, and now i get a cmos checksum bad message and my problems still persist (bios/cmos not saving, time and date are wrong and reset back to 2001 in november, and i still have no sound for some reason!) Is it time to move on to a new motherboard? Here's the backstory of my problem dating from a couple days ago:

I recently installed a prolimatech megahalem into my rig yesterday (great cooler, btw), and i notice i have trouble booting up (sometimes) and restarting (if i restart from windows or if i do some bios changes). I dont know what the problem is, and i don't think a cpu cooler could really make such chaos. I'm lucky to be posting this (because i cant boot to windows sometimes), but i need a solid fix for this. I also lost sound and while trying to get vista to recognize soundcard or onboard, it doesnt. Any ideas?

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Computer Suddenly And Unexpectedly Shut Down

A friend of mine was using her computer, browsing the internet, when it suddenly and unexpectedly shut down. There was no error message - it just powered off. Now, when i attempt to reboot it, nothing happens. And when i say nothing, i mean nothing. I press the power button, and there is absolutely no change whatsoever in the behavior of the computer. No black screen, blinking lights, beeping noises, fan noises, hard drive spinning, etc. Imaging you tried to power up a computer that is not plugged in to the wall - that is what happens. I thought it had to be the power supply. So i replaced it. Still no change. Then i thought maybe the on/off switch was bad. So i checked it with a meter - its not. Also, there is 3. 3v across the wires heading to the power button. Any suggestions on what i should check next?

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Computer Power / Fans Will Not Shut Off

I have a computer that a customer gave me. The problem is that the fans/power on the computer will not shut off. Windows xp shuts down and the computer gets to the point where the monitor shuts off, but the hdd, cpu fan, psu fan, and power on led all continue to run. I have tried a different psu and that did not fix the problem. I have looked for bios settings, but didn't find anything pertinent. I reconnected the power case cords to the mb to make sure they weren't mixed up. The only way to get the fans to shut off is to turn the black rocker switch off or unplug the cord. However, as soon as you turn it back on or plug the cord in the fans start right back up.

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Computer Shut Down Suddenly, Now Not Booting

Does this sound like a blown power supply? How do i test for sure, barring swapping to a new ps immediately, since i don't have one lying around? I was just playing a game of left 4 dead and bam, complete shut off, and now when i try and power back on, absolutely nothing happens, no post, no fans, no leds. It sounds like a power issue, but i want to be sure.

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Computer Stays On For 1 Minute Before It Shut Off

Earlier i moved my computer from one room to another, plugged everything in and turned it on only to find it turned off straight away. Kept trying it and the computer was only staying on for maybe 1 minute maximum before it shut off. First of all i thought that when i moved my pc maybe i knocked the circuit in the psu and it broke, so the psu was failing. I opened it up and checked all the connections, then tried again. Same problem. So after browsing the net for a while i read that a lot of the symptoms associated with ram failure are also present in psu failure. So to test whether it was ram failure i removed one stick of ram, tried it again and got the same problem. I tried the other stick of ram and it booted up and managed to stay up for around 5 minutes before i turned it off, i booted it up again and it stayed up for 5 minutes before i turned it off. At this point i was almost positive it was ram failure, the first stick of ram was failling near on everytime and the second stick was leaving the pc on for as long as i liked, although i never tested it for more than 7-8 minutes. Anyways, then the ram that i thought was working. Stopped working. It started to suffer the same fate as the other stick of ram and was turning off after a few seconds/a minute or two. Because of the inconsistency i had no idea whether i am dealing with a psu problem or a ram problem. I tried running memtest on the stick of ram that initially worked, got halfway through test 4 and the pc shut off. But there were no errors shown up to test 4. It also seemed that in the early stages the longer i left the computer turned off, the longer it'd turn on the next go, which made me think it may be overheating. However all fans work, the psu fan works etc. Right now i'm thinking psu problem, because of the memtest not showing any errors. Oh, i have dual channel ram, and when i run the pc with nothing in channel 1 and a stick in channel 2 the pc keeps restarting, which i presume it should. A few things that crossed my mind:

Reset the bios
Try with new ram altogether
Take it to a shop and try a different psu

What do you think? Oh and this might help:

Current status of each piece of hardware:

First stick of ram: boots, but will power off after a few seconds or a minute. Time varies. Second stick of ram: boots, lasts longer than first stick, but still inevitably powers off. Psu: god knows, could be working (it sends power to everything) but could be failing (random power offs)

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Computer Won't Shut Down

My brothers pc i notice does not shut down anymore. I press the power button and hold it for 5+ seconds and it still doesn't shut down. The only way to turn it off is to flip the switch on the back of the psu. I am wondering if this is a problem with the psu, mobo or maybe just a software issue? No signs of crashing though in windows. What do you guys think?

Specs of the pc

Case - coolermaster stacker
Psu - enermax noisetaker eg701ax-vw 600w with 35a on the +12v
Mobo - asus a8n-sli premium
Cpu - amd athlon fx-57 2. 8ghz
Ram - ocz gold ddr 2gb (2x1gb)
Video card - 2 x xfx nvidia geforce 7800gtx 256 in sli
Hdd - 1 x wd 74gb raptor 10k drive and 1 x maxtor 250gb ide drive
Optical - sony dvd burner
O/s - windows xp pro

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Computer Won't Shut Down Properly

One thing i've noticed is that my computer won't shut down properly. I go to shutdown. It starts shutting down as it's supposed to. Then it turns off. After a second or two it turns back on. I had this issue with vista 64bit as well as my current os of windows 7 64bit. Any suggestions on how to fix this?

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Computer Shut Down Due To High Cpu Temperature

Computer causing very high cpu temperatures and computer shutting down, could that psu lead to my cpu getting too hot?

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Computer Shut Off When While Playing Intense Graphics Game

Usually while playing an intense graphics game, my computer will make a click sound and just shut off to a black screen (monitor and computer lights still on but black screen). I usually get this problem about once a night. After reading for months now, over time i have replaced the graphics card to an nvidia geforce 6800 gs from an fx 5200. I also keep my computer case open with a housefan blowing inside (hahaha), so i am pretty sure there is no overheating problem like people suggest a lot, and today, i bought a whole new power supply, upgrading from a 250w to a 400w. I managed to go all evening with no crashes and i thought i fixed it, but just a minute ago, while having wow minimized and playing music, i got the same old click n' crash to a black screen. Basically everything has been replaced since i got this computer about 3 years ago aside from the hdd (120 gb) and processor (athlon xp 2600+) and the motherboard (which i don't know a lot about). If anyone has any ideas as to what's causing this, help please! I am posting this before i go to sleep, and i'll be back to check tomorrow.

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Random Shut Down, Computer Doesn't Work Now

About 15 minutes ago my computer just randomly shut down. I preceeded to reboot it and when it got to the 2nd bios screen it says boot record ide-0. Ok or something like that, and from there on nothing else boots or goes or works for that matter it just stays there. Did my drive die?

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Computer Shut Down Unexpectedly After Connect To External Drive

Why does my computer shut down unexpectedly after connect to my external drive?

Is this happening only with the front usb ports? Did you try connecting the drive to the backside usb ports? Check if your drive works on other computers. It may be drawing too much current causing a shutdown. You can try using a usb hub to connect the drive to your computer and see if it works this way.

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Optical Mouse Light Doesn't Shut Off When Computer Is Off

I just got a new computer with an optical mouse. When the computer shuts off, it goes into sort of a sleep mode, but the optical mouse light doesn't shut off. Is it ok for it to be on? I believe it is an led and they dont' really burn out frequently.

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Computer Shut Down When Playing Highly Intense Graphic Game

While playing a highly intense graphic game, the computer decided to shut down. Not soon after the smell of melting plastic permeated the room. We knew it was bad, and just let the computer rest, unplugged it from its ac source, and hoped for the best. About an hour later we booted it up again, and the tower fan started running (easily seen on the side of the case), and everything was working as it should, booting up, logging onto windows, even got to see the desktop for like a couple of seconds. And then, it shut down. You could still smell the nasty melting plastic, but that mighta just been a residual smell.

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Computer Going Into Stand By Randomly

I recently removed the old 20gb hard drive i was using and replaced it with an 80gb drive. Installed xp, my drivers, games, etc. Without any problem (also installed sp2, which i didn't have before). But then my computer started going into stand by (or it might be hibernation, it doesn't actually say) mode at random times, even when i'm using my computer. Of course first i checked the power options to make sure it wasn't set to go off. Then i checked the bios, and reinstalled my mobo and video card drivers. But none of that solved anything. My next thought was it could be the power supply, but i don't know how to check if the ps is going bad. Any suggestions on what else i could check to solve this.

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Computer Shutdown Randomly

I built my computer a few years ago and have had no problems (p4). Today it decided to shutdown randomly. I tried rebooting but it would turn on like it was going to start but bios would not post and it would shut down after about 5 seconds. My first inclination was that it was a failing power supply. Replaced that without any luck. The odd thing is that when i plug in both power components from the ps to the mobo it turns on and after five seconds turns off;

Yet, when i do not have the 12v 4pin plugged in, the computer stays running, although it does not load windows. I checked the ram, light on mobo is on, nothing smells fried, i'm hoping it is not the mobo.

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Computer Keeps Randomly Locking Up

I can be surfing the internet or listening to music and my computer keeps randomly locks up and when it does it i have to switch it off at the mains and back on again. I have tried removing the cmos battery, reinstalling windows. I have also tried a new power supply but still it makes no difference.

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Computer Randomly Turns On

My comp is possesed. (You would know if you have seen some of the other problems i have with this comp too)

So my computer more or less randomly turns on during the day or night. Sometimes when i get home from school it is on (nobody uses it, and the screen is like it should be when it first turns on)

Sometimes when i wake up in the morning it is on. The only partial logical explination i came up with is that sometimes when i turn stuff on such as my bedside lamp it will turn on. Im thinking this has somthing to do with. I dunno. A small surg of power going into the comp when turning the lamp off making the comp turn on. Only problem with that is that my comp is plugged into a battery. Also somtimes it will randomly turn on when i walk by it. Is my computer possesed?

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Computer Is Randomly Rebooting Itself

I was using my comp all day today with no problems. I started up eq2, and was ending some tasks which i always do. Now my computer is randomly rebooting itself constantly for the past 15 minutes, making a beep when it does. Any idea what the *** is going on with it?

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