How To Fix Broken Vga Output?

I have been running an external monitor off of my laptop for some time now. I unplugged my laptop to watch a movie on my tv with it. When i plugged the laptop back into the monitor after watching the movie, i have problems with the image. There is a section of the image that shifts to the left (the whole width of the monitor but only . 5 inches thick) for a split second. It does this every few seconds in a different position everytime. It is hard to explain. I know it is the video card and not the monitor or the cable. I tried using a different monitor and it did the same thing. The laptop screen works fine, the problem is only with external graphics output. I restarted everything. No luck. I reinstalled the driver and it seemed to fix it for a while, then it started again. When i adjust the settings using the nvidia driver software, the whole screen shifts. This is why i believe it is a software problem. When booting windows, the screen is fine; the problem only occurs after the os is booted. I'm not sure what to do. I've heard maybe i should try flashing the bios?

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How To Fix A Broken Itouch?

Ok, so i was listening to music on my 16g i-pod touch 2g and it suddenly just turned off. The battery was full btw. Now when i plug it into the computer via usb cord, it shows the apple start-up screen and then a few seconds after it shows the battery charging screen with the almost empty battery (red filling) and the lightning bolt on the bottom for charging. Then after a few more seconds it goes back to the apple screen. I have tried holding the buttons together for a long time and it still doesn't work. Can anyone please help me.

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How To Fix A Possibly Broken Usb On My External Hd ?

Recently i had to reconnect jusb pins on my motherboard, and i might have done it wrong. Since then, my external western digital passport external harddisk cannot be recognized on any pc. Windows sees it as an unknown device, and the popup says "this device has malfunctioned [. ]", On any computer. I'm affraid the usb port in the hd is damaged due to wrongly connected pins (the board manual indeed says that some damage may occur due to bad placement of pins, only i saw it too late ). Is there any way i can replace the usb port on the hd without paying fortune to data-recovery companies? Or, is there a data-recovery software which could detect my data?

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How To Fix Broken Laptop Lcd Screens ?

Any of you have bad or broken laptop lcd screens and are appealed at the price tag the manufacturer puts to repair your screen? All this at a loss of a few days of productivity? Well, here is an answer to your distress. How to replace a broken laptop or notebook display

I thought you people should know that there is something that you can do about a broken laptop lcd screen other than buying a new laptop or paying the laptop manufacturer a ransom.

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No Output From Vga Card ?

I have a friend's pc which has been causing some trouble lately, like freezing in winxp and shutting down etc, so i brought to my house to format it and freshly install xppro (which was installed in it less than a year ago) and this pc is hardly used!

When i tried to switch it on this morning , after it has been about a month swithced off, nothing came on the display. The pc booted normally without any beeps but my tft remained swithed off. First thing i tried was a new vga card and hooked up another tft. But it didnt help at all. The problem persisted!

Im suspecting that there is some kind of fault in the motherboad which is a gigabyte socket a board and is less than a year old.

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Lg W2243s-pf Lcd Monitor Vga Output

I bought an lcd lg w2243s-pf monitor and it has only vga output why ? The screen is full hd (1080p) and i'm wondering if the analog output would make him lose some quality.

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Connecting Laptop To External Lcd Using Vga Output

My laptop lcd monitor is broken , i want to connect the laptop to external lcd using vga output, how to do so? I tried just connecting the laptop with the external lcd using vga cable, but it didn't work. I think that i need to click right click on desktop then "expand desktop" or something like that, but the problem is that the original laptop monitor is broken and i can't see anything throw it, can't see anything at all. Any idea how to connect it to the external monitor?

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Connecting Dvd Vga With Computer Vga

How do i connect dvd-vga with computer vga? I have a dvd player and it has vga port. Now i want to connect my dvd player with laptop through vga adopter. Is it possible.

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Is My Router Broken?

Im trying to forward my ports to host a runescape private server but it never works. I try to access the routers configuration page but it never lets me connect. 192. 168. 0. 1

192. 168. 1. 1

192. 168. 2. 1

Its a linksys wrt54g. I went to manage network connections and then opened my router and clicked diagnose and then a window popped up saying local area connection has no valid ip. And then i opened ipv4 settings for my router and it had everything filled out except the default gateway. But then i set it to automatically pick up the ip and dns. So then i refreshed my browser and i had no internet connection. But my modem is plugged into my usb port so why is it going through my router? I changed the routers settings back to what was filled out and left the gateway blank and it lets me connect to the internet. So i opened cmd and did ipconfig /all

And on the cmd the default gateway for my internet is 0. 0. 0. 0

So i tried to enter that for my routers default gateway and it tells me 0 isn't valid it has to be between 1 and 223. So i just left it blank again and then i did diagnose on my router. A new message popped up. There might be a problem with the network adapter: local area connection and it gives me like 3 ways to try to fix the problem. "There is more than one active network connection active on this computer. Click here after you disable one of the connections and windows will see if the problem is resolved. "

"Manually put in the settings"

"If you use a work or school network contact the network administrator. "

I did that and it said it was resolved even when i didn't disable any connections. I tried holding the reset button on my router for like 3 minutes and that didn't do anything. I turned it off for 5 minutes and back on and nothing happened. Is this all happening because i have a wireless internet connection? Cricket wireless broadband internet. Its like verizons usb modem except a different network. Did they set up their network to make it so i cant host anything? If you need any details just say so because ill be checking this question like every 5 minutes. Im just trying to be detailed about my problem so its easier to fix.

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Agp Slot Broken

I find it strange that motherboard works and displays picture when the vga is pluggen in the integrated vga port but not when you install some agp card and put the vga on that. Doesn't that seem to strange you to you as well? I'd imagine if something is broken then the whole mobo would at least malfunction. I have tried using two agp cards but neither one of them give any signal to the monitor and the other one's coolor doesnt even run. Is there anything you can try at these situations? I have only tried changing agp speed from 8x to 4x in bios.

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Broken Hard Drive

I recently 'fried' my 80gb maxtor hard drive. I took it down to the local pc shop, sob charged me 25. 00 to tell me "you'll probably need to send it to a data recovery center. " Any suggestions on what i should do with it? There's a lot of files i want off it, not a dire need, just would like to use them again.

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Dvd Drive Broken

When i insert a disk into my disk drive, and eject it, it's still spinning, so all my disks are getting scratched. Anything i can do to fix this?

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Broken Laptop Screen

So i had a stoke of bad luck and my laptop fell off the table, the screen is cracked and needs to be replaced, it will cost me 500+ to get it repaired so i was wondering if anyone could tell me exactly how hard it would be to buy the lcd screen and repair it myself, i've built countless desktops in my day so i'm good with computer hardware but have never delt with laptops before as far as building, so if anyone knows what it would take to do this please let me know. I don't know if it makes a different but the laptop is an alienware area-51 m5550 15. 4" screen, also if anyone knows where i could get the parts needed for this as well it would be very much appreciated.

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Dell Printer Broken

I broke my dell printer and the paper got jammed so i opened it up to pull paper out but when i pulled paper out a long plastic bit inside snapped, does anyone know how to fix this? Or even know someone cheap that fixes dells or know where to buy a cheap one on the internet?

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Is My Wireless Router Broken?

I have a netgear wireless router and its original black box power adaptor died many months ago. I bought a generic adaptor of the same voltage/ settings etc, since i read on the internet that it was okay to do that. Everything was going well until last week when it started to emit a constant, high pitched squeal. The squeal would only happen if you plug the router back on. The netgear router itself is a few years old (wgr614 v6). So the problem is, today i turned on my laptop and there was no wireless being picked up. I tried the usual resetting the modem, unplug/plugging it back in, waiting 20 mins etc etc. However everytime i plug it back in, the router would keep resetting itself and the wireless light or indicator never turns on or even blinks. So now i've connected my laptop to the modem itself just to get internet. Pushing the reset button is no good. Is my router gone for good?

If it is, what brand of router should i buy next?

I have wpa encryption for all my wireless at home, do i have to reset all of these when i get a new router?

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Wireless Adapter Broken

I can't really describe it but my rosewill rnx-easyn1 wireless network adapter stopped working. It was bent because it i accidentally walked right past it when it was plugged into my computer and bent it to the right. I straightened it so it was okay. After a few months, it started bending again so i moved it to the back so that solved my problem. I then had a vacation for 1 month and when i returned my mom had moved everything to my old room. I checked the wireless adapter, it was still fine a bit bent. But now it's all loose, when i was moving back to the other room today it separated. (The metal and the wireless 4 metal part thing). I put it back together like the way it should be but it didn't work. I could go to the rosewill warranty place but i don't want to pay 25$ for it, so is there any way to fix it or do i have to buy a new one?

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Thinkpad T61p Screen Broken

I have a 15. 4" thinkpad t61p that i love and cannot quite afford to upgrade yet, as it's components are still more than adequate for anything i want to use it for. However it is no longer under warranty and the screen has broken somehow. The rest of the computer works, just not the screen. In a rush for work (i had a video conference upcoming) i rushed to best buy and purchased a nice looking monitor in the hopes that it would allow me to continue using my computer - and it does. However because of the rush i didn't get to spend any real time picking out a monitor. I just grabbed the best looking one they had in a 23" size, and now i am hoping to find out if i got a good deal or if i should return it and pick something up online. Bonus: tell me how i might be able to fix the screen on my thinkpad t61p (15. 4") then i can return this monitor. This is the ideal situation. (I might ask this on another thread)

What i want in a monitor, ideally:

Resolution greater than 1920x1080 (minimum is 1920x1080)

Size - at least 23"

Led (not lcd) - i was looking at the best buy monitors and led just looks better. I'm also told that it is better for other reasons, such as lower power consumption. I don't know if that helps when it's running off a laptop or not.correct me if i'm wrong, but the difference is that with led each pixel (?) Emits light whereas with lcd there is a big lamp behind a screen? If there is a good reason for getting lcd instead i am willing to listen.cost effective - i'm not rich, but i'm willing to spend a little more than normal in order to get a monitor i'm truly happy with. Whatever i have will be used with the desktop that i intend to purchase in the next year or two (right now my only computer is this laptop) and will be used after that until it breaks. Getting it right the first time is important to me. That said more than $350 (including tax) is more than i pay. What i picked up at best buy:

23" lg 2350

Resolution 1920x1080 (but i can't get it to display that, it's still at the native 1680 res. Of my laptop, anyone know if i can do anything about that?)

Led (not lcd)

$310 or so with taxes

Contrast ratio is 5, 000, 000:1 (i think) which was neither the best or the worst at best buy. I don't know if that means it's good or not. Anyone?

Response time was (i think) 5 ms. I don't know if that's good or not either. What should i look for in response time?

Is this pretty much the best i can do for my budget? Or is there a nice 23"+ monitor out there with higher resolution, better contrast and response time? I don't mind buying a used one even. I don't know what ports i will want in the future. I don't know why i would want ports on a monitor other than one to connect it to a computer, but i know there are reasons. Likely reasons i will have need of in a year that i don't know about yet. What ports can you get on monitors and what are they used for?

This monitor uses a large irritating port to connect to my laptop instead of a usb, but i guess i was dumb for thinking everything used usbs these days. I was lucky my computer had a port for whatever this cable is, i don't think a lot of them do (laptops anyway). Thanks in advance for your opinions and advice on this monitor situation.

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Laptop Dc Power Jack Broken

My compaq hp laptop hasn't been charging. I thought there was a problem with the charger but i found out the hole (dc power jack pinout) where i plug my charger into on my laptop is broken. It wiggles around. Has anyone ever dealt with this problem? How do i fix it? Should i get someone else to fix it. Is it safe to unscrew the bottom of my laptop to look at it? Or will that mess it up?

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Broken Usb Flash Drive

I stepped on my flash drive and the plastic shell cracked. When i plug it into my computer the f drive icon still appears, but when i click to open it says insert flash drive. I have many important files on this drive not backed up anywhere else. Have i lost these files or is there a way to get them back?

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Replacing Glass - Hp Scanner Broken

Can you replace the glass on a hp 4280 a pix fell on it and broke it-will the scan still work if i replace it?

Answer:- it depends on where the scan bar was in comparison to the crack. It might have bent this rod and that would affect the scanning. Even a millimeter off would affect the scans. Only a trained expert can determine if it is bad. Find a place that works on scanners and ask them about the cost but i imagine it would be close to the cost of a new scanner to have the glass replaced and also the scan bar.

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Mini Usb Port Broken

Ok so i have a 1. 5 tb western digital my essential and the part where u connect the mini-usb into the hard drive, broke off. Took off the enclosure and saw that the little piece broke off the board that connect onto the hard drive. Well i decided instead of buying a new enclosure il just connect the hard drive into my computer. Did that and when i started the computer it didn't show the hard drive so i had to do some searching and found out how to make it show. Well when i try to open it it says "d: is not accessible the volume does not contain a recognized file system. Please make sure that all required file system drivers are loaded and that the volume is not corrupted" then it asks if i want to format. And obviously i don't want to since i have over 700gb of data on there. Any idea how to make it work properly with my computer? Or suggest a free software that i can grab the data off the hard drive?

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Mp3 Broken Screen But Can Plays Tunes

Hey all, my mp3 is broken screen but it still plays tunes. No words or song titles show up but it still plays them. Any place that i can buy a new screen or do i need a whole new model?

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Broken Flash Drive - Is There A Way To Recover Files ?

I broke my flash drive, the board is damaged, nothing happened to the memory card. Is there a way to recover my files?

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Hp Scanjet Scanner Broken Usb Cable

I have an hp scanjet (scanner) that is discontinued but have broken the usb cable. Where could i get a new usb? If the scanner is discontinued? Any suggestions would be a help! (Its the hp scanjet 3970)

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No Screen Output

My system won't output to my monitor. At first i thought my video card is dead so i placed the vga card into my other computer, and of course it didn't work. However, when i placed a working vga into the troubled system, it still didn't output anything to my monitor. Any suggestions of what components might be in trouble? I can't remember the mb, but its abit supports up to 800mhz cpu (p iii), sdram 133mhz etc.

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Broken Drive Caused By Data Recovery Software

I accidentally formatted a drive recently and used file scavenger to get the data back, copying everything it found onto another drive plugged into a dock. After rebooting or hotplugging the drive back into the dock it makes my computer freeze up. On reboots windows xp just hangs after the splash screen. I'm assuming i copied boot sector files or something on to the drive that i shouldn't have. Everything is accessible on the drive when i plug it into my laptop running os x, but as soon as any windows install sees the disc it either freezes up or bluescreens. Is there any way to delete the offending files and fix the disc? The only system files i see in os x is a folder "system volume information", none of the $ type files i saw when first scanning with file scavenger.

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Flash Drive Broken - Recover / Repair Files

The usb stem on my flash drive broke off today, so now i can't connect it to the pc. So how would i go about getting this fixed or recovering the data?

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Transferring Hard Drive Data From Broken Laptop

Transferring hard drive data from broken laptop? Connect two hard drives for transfer? I have a laptop with a completely bust power socket and monitor that isn't working. Since i have bought a new laptop. How can i transfer the data saved on the broken laptops hard drive to my new pc when the power won't work in it? (Also battery doesn't work). Is there any way to remove that hard drive and connect it to my new laptop to transfer all the data that way?

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No Bootup And No Output To Monitor

When i hook everything up and try to boot, the hard disk won't even initialize and my monitor refuses to output. This immediately screams video card improperly seated to me, so i reseated the thing and got the same results on both headers. I opened the sucker up and had a look, and the small led display that usually displays a number was instead displaying "ff" on it. Also maybe to note: the video card only had digital outputs, an my monitor is a trusty old vga. So i am using a small adapter that came with the video card to hook it up. The thing was working earlier this afternoon. All i did was transport it to here. What could be the issue?

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Computer To Tv Video Output

I currently have an hd 5850, which has dvi, hdmi, and displayport outputs. I would like to output my display to an older tv i have. It only has component, s-video and composite inputs. Is it possible to do this? What would be the cheapest combination of cables/converters to accomplish this?

There's a lot of confusing discussion on this so i got kind of confused.

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