Laptop Screen Wont Turn Off, After Connect With External Monitor

My laptop screen won't turn off, after i connect with an external monitor. Windows 7? Just installed windows 7, and now when i connect to the external monitor, my laptop screen won't tune off. I tried adding or detecting another screen with no success.

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Connect Laptop With Shattered Screen To External Monitor

Since my entire monitor is totally unreadable, does anybody know any shortcuts or any keystrokes or combinations to display my data on the desktop monitor manually? It can be as complicated as for example, : start key, tab, up up up up down down. I just need some method of displaying the content of my laptop with the shattered screen to the external monitor.

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Cannot Connect Laptop To External Monitor

I recently started having problems with my hp mini where the laptop itself would kick on but the screen wouldn't. The good people at hp told me that this is a hardware problem and that i have to send them my beloved baby. While awaiting the arrival of the box in which i was to send the aforementioned baby, i was using the computer by connecting it to an external monitor. Recently, this stopped working. I have tried hooking it up to three different monitors, and the monitor will blink at me, rudely informing me that the connection is there, it's just not working. Is this related to my confirmed hardware problem? Or is this a software problem?

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If Disconnect Laptop Screen, Will External Screen Still Work ?

If i disconnect my laptop's screen, will an external screen still work? I have an acer aspire5315 laptop. What i am doing is i am putting it into a custom case that will not fit the built-on screen. The laptop does have a vga output (so i can connect it to another monitor, or hdtv. ) So, if i disconnect the laptop screen completely from the motherboard, will an external one connected via vga still work?

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Laptop Monitor Wont Turn On

I've got a major problem with my laptop (less then a year old). It was running fine up till a month ago. As i launched a game, the screen turned off. I waited for a few minutes but it didn't come back on. I restarted it, and launched the game again, but the screen turned off before the loading was complete. I concluded that it was the game, so i uninstalled it. Rebooted, and all was fine for about 20 minutes, then the monitor turned off again. I suspected that there was a virus, so i formatted my hdd, installed just the basic programs and rebooted, but this time, the monitor didn't turn on at all. From the sounds i can hear, i seems that the computer itself keeps running, it's just the monitor that is 'stuffed'. I've tried hooking it up to my tv and desktop monitor, both remained blank. The laptop in question is a lg lw40 express. I've spent over an hour searching the forums but no one seems to have quite the same problem. Any help is appericiated.

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Can Turn Off Laptop Monitor When Connected To A Tv ?

If you want to connect your laptop to a tv, can you turn off the laptop monitor? I don't really see the point in connecting it to a tv if you have a laptop monitor in your face - is there any way to turn it off?

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How To Connect To External Monitor ?

I have a laptop. Recently the screen broke, and i was informed it would cost 250 ish. As this was out of my price range, i decided i would get an external monitor. However, when i plug it in, it does not start up. My os is vista home premium, and i think what i'm supposed to do is activate the second display. Needless to say, this is all but impossible to do as you cannot see anything on my screen. Any suggestions?

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External Monitor For Laptop

I would like to use an external monitor for my laptop how can i do that ? It is already connected to my laptop but the lcd attached screen is still black must i put a command to so that i can use external monitor?

Configuration: windows xp internet explorer 6. 0

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How To Connect Macbook To External Monitor ?

I have a 13" black macbook and i have it connected to my 22" lg monitor via the right cables. However, nothing has shown up on the monitor. I have windows 7 and os x 10. 6 installed and i tried it both ways i had no success. Any ideas of what to do or if im doing something wrong?

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Problem With External Monitor On Laptop

I got a laptop which has much better specs as my normal computer. So i want to connect a regular monitor to my laptop. I've never done this before but what i tried was: i took the cable out of the graphic-card slot of my desktop pc and stuck it into the graphic-card slot of my laptop. The other cable that goes into my normal comp and the cable that goes into the electricity socket i left as it was. What happened was that both the laptop monitor and the normal monitor went black. I couldn't see anything. I tried to turn off my laptop, then plugged in the monitor and turned on my laptop again. This way i could see the whole startup process of the laptop on my normal monitor, but as soon as windows started it went black again. Also when i put in the cable into the grapic card slot of my laptop all the icons on te desktop of my laptop are in a different position. Probably has to do something with resolution i guess. My monitor is a ag neovo f-15, and i use windows vista on my laptop.

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Connect Black Macbook To External Monitor

What do i need to connect a black macbook to a external monitor? I have a vga cord and the mac and monitor but i know i need more and i need to know how to do it.

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Problem With Laptop Connected To External Monitor

My laptop screen is broken so i have been using it for almost a year now with an external monitor. Everything was working great until a few days ago. Now when i turn the computer on, the screen for the monitor lights up and when this all happened at first (and still is happening) my external monitors screen resolution went huge. I've tried fixing it and nothing will make everything smaller again. I can't play games because of this either. I've tried unplugging and replugging and going to control panel to see screen 1 and screen 2 but nothing i try is working. Any help? Because if now i'll be stuck like this for a long time since i don't have the cash to fork out to buy anything new for this stupid thing.

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Connect A Second Monitor Now Screen Is Blue

I plugged in a second monitor to my gtx 280 and easily had both running. After a single restart both monitors no longer boot up with a good visual to the desktop. It's a unintelligible mess of purple and blue that is indescribable. I've disconnected one. Tried both separately. I've booted to safe mode which i am in now and reloaded the latest drivers. I've run windows vista repair and nothing there. I've set the resolution to rock bottom to see if a cross compatibility issue occurred(where the smaller monitor picked up as the main and couldn't compute. The major issue is that the computer is actually "locking" up on me. In a couple instances the computer screamed at me as if the video card was not plugged in yet this happened after going through the vista boot sequence and loading to desktop where it freezes up. Someone throw me something to try because i'm out of ideas at the moment. Fyi: i also just got a g15 keyboard and a razor mamba mouse but both were perfectly fine and involved multiple reboots with these devices operating before i had done the second monitor.

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Connect Laptop Screen To Tv

All i am wanting to do is present my movies thats on my laptop, on my tv for my family to enjoy with me! Please help. I have a usb to rca cable that i just bought offline. I have windows 7 and my laptop has the projector thing where i can duplicate, extend, or projector only picture. I don't know if i have to have some certain kind of software for it to work or something, but i know i just need help, and soon so we can have family night!

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Connect Pc Screen With Laptop

Can i make my laptop's screen off and connect to the pc screen? I want to use my laptop as a tower. Also i want to have a separate keyboard and mouse.

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How Do I Connect Laptop To Tv Screen?

How do i connect my laptop to my tv screen? I bought a dynex vga display cable and plugged it into the rgb? Plug into the tv. What do i need to set up on my computer? The salesman at best buy said all i need to do is plug it in. Anyone have some suggestions for me?

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Hp Laptop Monitor Screen Problem

A couple of days ago, my screen completely blacked out. We called tech support who said it was a back light problem (the computer still started up and if you shone a flashlight on the screen you could see the desktop). The next day it started right up and i could use it for a few hours. Then it blacked out again. I called hp again and they said they would send us a shipping box for warranty work. While waiting for the box, i've been plugging into another computer monitor to do my work, which works fine; however, occasionally, after plugging into another monitor i am able to disconnect my laptop from the other monitor and use for a few hours. But the second i close the laptop, the screen goes black and i need to hook into the monitor again. Any ideas?

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Connect Xbox To Flat Screen Monitor

How do you connect an old xbox to a flat screen monitor? I have the regular x-box and was wondering if i could hook it up to my computer monitor which is hp and flat screen.

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Connect Computer To Laptop Screen

My home computer's not working i think it's the screen monitor. Can i somehow connect it to my laptop screen?

Answer:- no - laptops don't have the right "video-in". Perhaps you could borrow a monitor from a friend. (Lots of folks have extra monitors around. ) Does your monitor have any on-screen menus to access various adjustments? For a simple test, try to activate the on-screen menu. If that doesn't come up at all, that will confirm that the monitor is dead.

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Laptop Monitor Screen Color Problem

The problem is, a pattern has appeared on the screen. At first i thought it was a matter of dead pixels, so i tried displaying pure red, green and blue color on screen to see which component had died. Surprisingly, the artifact couldn't be seen when displaying either of these colors individually. So, i thought maybe one of the components is "stuck on" for those pixels, but when displaying an all black screen, the pattern also couldn't be seen. I downloaded a tool called "dead pixel locater" which basically did the same thing i already tried; displaying different colors one at a time in full-screen mode to help locate the dead pixels. But, the pattern couldn't be seen when displaying any of the preset colors. It seems the pattern only appears when displaying a combination of components, e.g. Grey, orange, light blue. I have attached a picture that shows the artifact. It was a bit hard to capture it with my dc, in reality it is actually a lot more visible than it appears in the picture. The pattern mainly consists of 5 or 6 horizontal lines that are most visible in the center of the screen. If i fill the screen with e.g. Light blue color, then the lines seem to be blue, but brighter than the rest of the screen. Similarly, if the "dominant" component is set to red or green instead of blue, the lines still display the correct color, but brighter. The warranty expired a few months ago, so i can't have the display replaced. I really hope someone knows what might be the reason, or even better knows how to repair it, as it is really quite disturbing to look at.

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Connect A Desktop Computer To Laptop Screen

Is there a way using some kind of cable to connect a desktop to a laptop's screen (without physically opening or breaking anything).

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Connect Second Monitor To Laptop

How do i connect a second monitor to my lap top? Os is win xp pro.

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How To Connect Monitor To Laptop ?

How do i connect a monitor to laptop?

Answer:- follow the below steps:

1. Check whether your monitor has a dvi (digital) or vga (analog) port, both of which are generally built your vendor if your laptop does not have either. In this case, you can use a special adapter to connect the external monitor. These adapters are model specific and should be bought directly from the vendor. 2.connect one end of the dvi or vga cord to the dvi or vga port of your laptop and the other end to the monitor. Your laptop should automatically identify the external monitor as a new hardware device. 3. Most laptops will show the desktop on both screens by default, which is known as the mirror view. You can use function keys with common combination such as fn + f5, fn + f3, fn + f8 and fn + f9 to toggle between the two screens. Refer to the laptop's user manual for the right key combination to toggle between the displays. Alternatively, with many laptops you can also switch to the extended desktop mode. This means your desktop screen will be stretched across both the monitors. Refer to your user manual to switch to this mode.

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Connect Desktop Monitor To Laptop

Can i connect a desktop monitor to a laptop? I work from home and one of the requirements with a company that i'm contracted with is that the screen be 17", but my laptop screen is only 12". I still have a 17" monitor left over from my old desktop, so is there a way for me to connect a 17" monitor from my desktop to my laptop and use it this way?

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Connect Laptop & Desktop To One Monitor

Is it possible to connect desktop and a laptop to the same monitor at the same time and switch between laptop and desktop desktop screens easily?

Answer:- yes, you use something called a kvm switch, this was created for using one keyboard, monitor, and mouse on two different computers, and it will work for what you want.

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Using Vga To Connect Laptop To Monitor

I'm using a macbook pro, and i have a minidisplay to vga adapter, and i'm buying a 22-inch vga/dvi display. My question is, will everything look/act okay on the external display if i'm using a vga? I've heard mixed reports about video quality, etc.

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Turn External Hdd To Internal Hard Drive

I have an external hard drive that the case was damaged years back. To be specific, wd my book essential (wd2500c032). I can get it to still work via usb but it is so flaky. Anytime i move my desk or pc it disconnects. I am looking to install it into my dell dimension e510. I noticed there was an extra slot but the info cable does not support the same connect. (My hard drive uses the long skinny connector and the wire inside is a short one. )

Well i got the bright idea to remove a non working dvd drive and place it in it's bay. It uses the same type of data and power wires. Now everything boots up fine but my pc isn't recognizing it. I didn't know if i had to hunt down a new driver or if what i did was points. I am good on pcs but when it gets to hardware, i don't have more experience than simple parts upgrade installs. Any suggestions besides buying a new hard drive?

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Connect Laptop To Vizio / Hdmi Tv Monitor

How do i connect my laptop (acer) to vizio/hdmi tv monitor? I don't have a cable box. I bought the connector cable already. But i don't know how to switch from tv cable to laptop monitor. And because i bought the television in second hand, it doesn't come with the user's manual. But i know it has a duo function. Can someone please provide step by step instruction to help me set this up? I should be able to use the remote control to change the setting.

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Connect Laptop Hdmi Out To Lcd Monitor

I want to connect laptop(hdmi out) to my lcd monitor(dvi-d-24 pin). I don't know which cable do i need to connect. I have acer x233h lcd with dvi-d in monitor and toshiba laptop with hdmi out. Any idea will be appreciated.

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Connect Laptop Monitor To Desktop Computer

Connect laptop monitor to desktop computer, can i do this using a simple vga monitor cable. It's a working laptop and desktop computer. What will happen if i connect the two. Any suggestions? I don't have a separate monitor!

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