Connect Laptop To Crt Tv

How can i connect my laptop to my crt tv? I have a laptop with a 15 pin monitor output on it and a 50 htz crt widescreen tv. How can i connect the two, so that i can get the output currently showing on the small laptop screen, showing on the tv? Is there a lead that will connect the two? And is it just a matter of connecting them and putting the tv on the right channel?

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How Do I Connect Laptop To Crt Tv?

I have a new dell inspiron laptop and a 62 inch mitsubishi crt tv. I need to connect them so i can watch videos etc online on my tv. Here is what i have already and i need to know what i need!

I have: a vga cable (was all i needed to connect to my lcd tv) a cable that says "shielded audio cable" with one input on one side and on the other side it has one labeled white and one red. My tv does not have a vga port. All it has is 3 hdmi ports (laptop doesn't) what to i need to buy? How can i make sure audio and video come through the tv?

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What Is A Good Crt Monitor To Get ?

I want either a 17 ro 19 inch flat screen crt with good gaming capabilities. And does anyone know a monitor that is 17 but has a refresh rate of 100hz at 1024 x 768. Also something with a dot pitch of . 25 or lower. Also when is a good time to switch monitor cause i think mine has had it. I've had my old crt from 1998 and it gets dark and start up and some games. I think it's time for a new one.

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Proview 17 Crt Monitor Issue

I have a three year old proview 17" crt monitor im running it at 1280x1024 resolution at 60mhz refresh rate. My brother is adament this should be at least 75mhz. Any attempt to put my monitor any higher than 60mhz results in a black screen and i have to go to safe mode to set things right. Is my monitor stuffed?. Also some dark shading (best way i can describe it) on left side of screen horizontally about 10mms wide.

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Trouble Connecting Macbook To Crt Tv

So, i bought a display port-to-video adapter for my macbook (10. 4. 6). So far, i have only been able to get sound to play through my old tv (using a completely different cable) but when i try to get my computer display to show up on the tv screen, i've been out of luck. What i've tried:

I open the display options in "system preferences" on my computer, i mirror the attached screens (like i'm supposed to), but the resolution and color that automatically set seems to be wrong (even after pressing the "detect displays" button). I have tried every other resolution setting available but the closest i get on the tv screen uses the lowest resolution and looks like two separate computer backgrounds, very fuzzy, and in black and white. My tv is a very old, and very heavy, toshiba, i have no idea what model, that's the only info i can find. What i need to know: excluding physical cables and basic computer-tv display set up, i have no idea what the problem is. Is my mac just not able to display on such an old television? Or is there something with my computer setup that i'm missing? Please help, i'm very frustrated with this problem and haven't found an answer on the internet specific to my situation.

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Send Signal From Vga Port To Crt Monitor

I have just got a new laptop for a client (dell inspiron 6400) and we are trying to send a signal from the vga port on the back to his crt monitor. But cause the laptop screen is a widescreen when it gets to the monitor it needs adjusting, but i have to adjust everytime i reconnect the laptop! That is crazy, so just wondering if there is any other way!

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Samsung 997df 19" Crt Monitor Issue

I recently set up my new system (amd 3200, evga 6600gt video w/latest drivers) with a new monitor (samsung 997df 19" crt). I'm a noob when it comes to setting refresh/resolution rates. When i set the refresh rate to the recommended 85 htz and the resolution to 1024 x 768, it looks nice and clear, but everything is so small. Is it supposed to be like this?

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Samsung Syncmaster 763mb Crt Monitor Problem

I have a samsung syncmaster 763mb crt monitor using about more than 4 years , now i have a problem in pressing the push button to make the monitor on/off. For the past 2 days, when i press the push button of the monitor turn on, it doesn't turning on, so i need to press it again for 4 or 5 times , it will turn the monitor on. Or
Sometimes when i kicking the push button with my finger somehow, it will turn on the monitor and also at sometimes goes off[blinking] and then comes on if i clicking with my fingers. Now the condition is, it doesn't turning the push button to be monitor off, always on[blinking, after shutting down the operating system]. I had no problems in operating systems or flickering in monitor or sound. Just this push button of the monitor on/off is not co-operating. Please tell me what happened to this monitor push button[ got loosed to turn the switch on/off ?!] And then, is there another problems of the monitor in future, and also tell me how to resolve this problem ?!

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Dual Displays On Crt And Lcd On One Xfx 6200

I have an nvidia xfx geforce 6200 card as my only display adapter in my hp right now. I also have two screens connected to the same card:

An older 19" crt connected with vga
And a new 23" lcd connected with s-video

I can use either one separately (while both are connected), and both work fine, but i can't use any dual monitor modes; i can't use them at the same time. Why is that?

Does the xfx 6200 not support that sort of functionality, or do i need to change something to get it to work?

Do i need a second video adapter?

I'm guessing i need either a second adapter or a replacement dual-head card. I'm completely new to dual monitors.

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Lg Crt Monitor Doesn't Display At Windows Start Up

When i start my computer, my lg crt monitor doesn't display anything. I have to shutdown my system using keyboard (start u, u), and then restart my system. Then the monitor displays. Sometimes it shows some weird reddish color. I don't understand why this is happening. I checked if there are any loose connections, but this doesn't work. I expect a useful solution for this, as i have already checked this site for similar questions.

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Connect Laptop To Tv

Is there any way to connect my laptop to my tv? Because there are a couple same computer non online multi player games that would be so much more enjoyable if i could play them on a bigger screen. So is there any special software or hardware i need to connect my laptop to a tv, and is there an inexpensive way to go about doing things?

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How To Connect Laptop To Tv ?

How do i connect laptop to tv? I have a microsoft xp laptop and a flat screen tv. I want to connect to the tv as my main monitor. Can any one give me some step by steps guide to do this.

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Connect Tv To Laptop

How would i connect my laptop to my tv? I have a studio 17 laptop with vga and hdmi outputs and a tv with standard yellow, white, and red rga inputs. Any help on what i would use to connect to tv? I have external speakers so audio is not a problem. Answer:- unfortunately, vga and hdmi are not compatible with the composite rca jacks on your old low-definition boob-tube tv. Don't even think of buying one of those vga-to-rca cables. That will never work. Those are intended for video cards with specially-built vga ports that can send out a composite signal, and will not work with just any vga port. The vga port on your studio 17 is not one of those specially-built ones. If you want to connect your studio 17 to an old boob-tube low-definition tv, you need a signal converter box that can translate vga to composite. I would strongly recommend against that though, because the picture you get on that low-definition boob-tube tv will be extremely poor. Old low-definition boob-tube tvs are utterly unsuitable for use as computer monitors. Vga and hdmi works best with high-definition flat-panel tvs.

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How To Connect Tv To Laptop ?

How can i connect my tv to my laptop? Do i simply have to buy a cable to watch movies, (or listen to music) stored on an external hard drive, via my laptop into my tv. I'm under the impression that it's not difficult, but, if you don't know the name, or code, of the cable, it then makes it a tad more difficult. Answer:- if your television has a vga socket then you just need a vga-vga cable to connect the laptop. Note that vga does not carry sound, so you'll need a 3. 5mm stereo jack to 2x phono lead to connect the computer's headphone socket to the tv set audio input sockets. If the laptop has an hdmi socket then you just connect that to the tv set with an hdmi lead. This will also carry sound. Most tv sets have an s- video input and many laptops have an s-video output socket a standard s video lead will carry pictures to the tv, but you'll have to use the 3. 5mm to phono lead to carry the sound. The laptop will not have scart. It is possible, but expensive, to get a vga-scart adaptor (about 60 from maplin) and you'll still need a separate sound lead.

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How To Connect My Laptop To Tv?

I have a problem hooking up my tv to my laptop. The lap. Is recognizing my tv as a monitor but the tv is still blank. If i change the setting to external monitor i cant see my screen on either tv. We have a vga cable with blue green and red ports and the same on our tv. We have tried all other channels and still cant find anything. Right now i have it set up to show things on both monitors but again nothing on the tv. I got it to flicker on when i restarted but after that it went to blank screens for both and i had to disconnect to get my normal comp screen back. Is there a genius in the house?

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How Do I Connect My Laptop To Tv?

Well i do now how, but my old rca tv doesn't have a vga port. (This tv is really big. ) But the rest of my tvs do. So i was thinking i could just buy a male to male vga cable (so i can use it on other tvs too) and buy an adapter that converts s-video (which my old tv has) to vga (which the tv doesn't have) to plug the mm vga cable to the adapter, and then to the tv. Where can i find the darn cable?!?!? . (The s-video to vga cable. ) Oh, and i don't plan to buy one of those converter boxes. I believe just making the cable is easier than buying a converter that requires a 9v power supply. Lastly, i think vga is way better quality than s-video. Which is why i also don't plan to buy a mm s-video cable. I talked to a guy at best buy and he said vga is like the 2nd or 3rd best quality you can get from a cable. Oh, and my tv nor my laptop have hdmi. And lastly lastly, i already have the audio cable!

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What I Need To Connect Laptop To Tv?

I would like to set up my old 32'' sony television as a monitor for my hp laptop. Seeing as though my laptop does not have a s-video port, (yet my tv does), yet it does have a hdmi port, (yet my tv lacks this). So i was wondering, do i need to buy one of those $80 hdmi converters to s-video or can i go with this:

**Note** i believe it is a 5 hdmi port. To tell you just count the holes right? Lol?

Do i need to buy something else? Links? Preferably amazon because i trust them so much.

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Is It Possible To Connect A Laptop To A Tower ?

Okay i want to connect my laptop to my computer tower. I have the monitor cord to do so, but i keep getting a black screen. I was wondering whether or not it is possible to hook a tower up to a laptop and have that information from the tower be displayed on the laptop (like making the laptop into a monitor, more or less, with the capabilities of using the laptop's keyboard and mouse). I know it's possible to hook my laptop up to my computer monitor, but is it possible to hook my laptop up to my tower and have it work?

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Connect Laptop To Vizio Tv

How do i connect my laptop to vizio tv? Okay i have a gateway laptop! And a 32' vizio tv! I have a vga to hdmi cord. I turn off both things plug it in and turn it on and nothing shows uo. How do i do this?

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Connect Dell Laptop To Tv

How can i connect my dell laptop to my tv? I got a vga to rca cable off ebay but it doesn't work any ideas? Ive tried the button on my laptop to change it to a 2nd monitor but nothing happens.

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Connect Laptop To Projector

How to connect compaq presario m2000 laptop to a projector? I right clicked on the desktop and changed the display settings but then the projector only projected the wallpaper of my laptop but the programs that i open, the icons on the desktop etc. Is not being projected by the projector, how to set this? I know that my laptop can be used in projectors. I just really don't know how to set this.

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Connect Second Monitor To Laptop

How do i connect a second monitor to my lap top? Os is win xp pro.

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Connect Laptop To Lcd Tv

How to connect laptop to lcd tv? I got vga on laptop not tv, i got hdmi on tv not laptop, i asked a professional he said i need vga to hdmi. He was wrong what do i need? Here pics of laptop:-

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Connect Laptop Screen To Tv

All i am wanting to do is present my movies thats on my laptop, on my tv for my family to enjoy with me! Please help. I have a usb to rca cable that i just bought offline. I have windows 7 and my laptop has the projector thing where i can duplicate, extend, or projector only picture. I don't know if i have to have some certain kind of software for it to work or something, but i know i just need help, and soon so we can have family night!

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Connect Wireless With Laptop

How to connect wireless with my laptop?

Get an isp, get wireless router to connect to the modem, make sure your laptop has a wireless card.

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Connect Two Monitors To Laptop

How can i connect two monitors to my laptop? I have a laptop a monitor and a tv. Vga cable from laptop to monitor and i can connect my laptop to my tv from the s-video port on my laptop. They work one at a time. How can i use both these monitors at the same time?

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Cord To Connect Laptop To Tv

What kind of cord can i get to connect my laptop to my tv to be able to watch movies from my laptop on my tv? My laptop has hdmi and vga. I have an old style tv with rca input and an s-video 4 pin input. Is there some sort of converter i can buy? I want video and audio. Not just video.

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Connect Laptop To Tv - Do I Need Tv Tuner ?

Do i need a tv tuner in my laptop to connect it to the tv via audio visual cords?

Answer:- it has nothing to do with your audio visual card, if you want to watch tv on your laptop, you will need a tv tuner, and if you just want to connect your tv to your laptop, what you need is a usb 2. 0 to hdmi/dvi/vga 1080p display adapter.

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Connect Desktop Pc To Laptop

How to connect my desktop pc to my laptop and transfer files faster? I have a wifi router at home and thats how i access internet on my laptop. However, my pc is not wifi enabled and i access internet over it through an ethernet cable from the router. Please tell me how to setup a network so that i can transfer my data. Since i don't know much about networking, step-wise process would be much appreciated. Also are there any cables available at the market or on the internet using which i can directly connect my laptop with my pc?

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Xbox Only Connect To Laptop When It Is On

My xbox will only connect to the laptop when my laptop is on. Basically, i need to use my xbox to play music from my pc, but in order to do this it has to connect to the pc, and it can only connect to the pc if the pc is on. Surely there's something wrong with that? If there is, could you tell me how i could fix it? Or perhaps i'm just being thick?

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