Lenovo 4446 Laptop Touchpad Doesn't Work

I have lenovo model no 4446 laptop. Yesterday the touchpad and 2 buttons stopped work. I don't know what happened. I think, i might press some fn keys. But i don't know which ones so can anyone tell me how to fix this problem.

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Touchpad Doesnt Work With Ubuntu

I just installed ubuntu v10. 04 yesterday as a dual boot; but the touchpad hasn't worked at all with ubuntu. I had to tab to select my options to install it. The mouse is just frozen. The mouse work perfectly with windows 7. I'm obviously not computer literate just wanted linux because coworker recommended it over windows specs: sony laptop, 4gb ram, 2. 10 ghz, 500gb hd.

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Dell Pc Cd On Lenovo Laptop Does Not Run

I have a dell xp professional cd. It only runs on del pc. I want to install it on my lenovo laptop. It doesn't run. I tried to make an image of it but did not run. What should i do?

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Laptop Touchpad Isnt Working

For some reason i just turned off my laptop then i came back, turned on my laptop and my touchpad wasn't working and i press caps lock my keyboard doesn't work luckily i have a backup mouse and keyboard. Someone tell me what is happening. Answer:-
Sounds like the cord inside the laptop that connects the keyboard and trackpad to the motherboard of the laptop is lose. If it is under warranty take it in for repairs, if not then open it up and plug it in tight. Also make sure no moisture is around plug while you have it open.

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Configure Touchpad On Compaq Laptop

How do you reconfigure the touch pad on a compaq laptop, either right-click on the touchpad icon in the notification area and there will be an option to adjust the settings, or start, control panel, mouse and again there will be an option to adjust the settings.

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What Are Right / Left Click Buttons On Laptop Touchpad ?

What are the right click /left click buttons on a laptop touchpad called?

Answer:- it's called a left and right touchpad button or touchpad buttons because you can click or let's say press it.

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Laptop Touchpad Cursor Doesn't Move

When i got my new laptop it was fine, and then it happens occasionally but when i go to do something on the touch pad the cursor doesn't move and it stays in one place and moves up and down and i have to press firmly on the touch pad to stop it, is there any other way to stop it because i don't want to break the touch pad.

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Dell Laptop Touchpad Cursor Moves Randomly

We have been noticing a weird behavior in 2. 5-3 years old dell laptops recently! About 4-5 dell c500s-c600s have terribly weird touch pad behavior, the cursor moves randomly anywhere and then gets stuck in any of the corners of screen. This sometimes goes away when pointer stick is disabled. Other wise it does the same even with external mouse connected. I have done fresh rebuild of all 5 laptops with new drivers. However this problem comes back! Any one observed similar problems?

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Lenovo Computers

Could someone provide some feedback on lenovo computers please? Are they in the same level as dell and hp?

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Overclocking Lenovo 3000 H230

I just purchased another computer in which i would like to beef up as this will be my main media/game pc therefore was reading into overclocking to i can modify the performance to get more. My pc is lenovo 3000 h230 specs:

Os win764bit
Intel pentium dual core e5300 2. 6ghz
4. 0gb ddr3-1066(pc3-8500)
Interface: sata 3g
Capacity: 1tb hd
Speed: 7, 200rpm

Video card: gigabyte gv-r467zl-1gi radeon hd 4670 1gb 128-bit ddr3 pci express 2. 0 x16 hdcp ready crossfirex support video card. Would like to get the processor to 3. 0ghz+ if possible and or any other tweaks.

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Hp Laptop Screen Wont Work

Laptop screen blank when switched on. I log out my laptop as usual. Switched the laptop on the next day but the screen would not work also the drive light is not on / flashing. The laptop is a hp pavilion dv6000 entertainment pc

Configuration: windows xp internet explorer 6. 0

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Will Dell Battery Work In Another Laptop ?

Will my dell battery work in another laptop, a hp or toshiba one?

Answer:- no, batteries are proprietary. It might work in other dell models, but most likely only it's own.

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Lenovo X61 Tablet Pc Display Problem

I read a lot about intel's turbo memory card (intel® turbo memory) so as soon i got my lenovo x61 tablet pc i ordered turbo memory pci express x1 card and installed it on the motherboard. When i turned on the computer i got two vertical stripes on the screen. The computer seems to be working and loading the operating system but the only thing that shows on the screen is the two stripes.

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Hp Laptop Keyboard Keys Wont Work

I have a hp laptop which i often used almost every day, then i went on vacation and didn't use it for two weeks. Today i turned it on to find out that some of keys also use an other letter along with it for example when i want to use the letter "h" this happens "nh", for "g" its "bg" and switch it around for "n" and "b".

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Dell Inspiron 15r Or Lenovo Ideapad Z560

Please suggest - which laptop should i purchase?

What are the pros and cons of both these brands?

Dell inspiron 15r new laptop (t540511in8)
Price rs. 33, 900 inclusive of all taxes
Intel® core, i3-350m processor (2. 26ghz, 4threads, 3m cache)
Genuine windows® 7 home basic 64 bit (english)
3gb (1 x 1gb + 1 x 2gb) 2 dimm ddr3 1333mhz
320gb 5400rpm hard drive
15. 6 widescreen hd wled glossy display with truelife, (1366x768)
Intel® hd graphics (india)
Now with microsoft® office starter 2010!


Ideapad z560 59-049752
Rs. 35, 147
Processor intel® core i3-350m
Win 7 home basic
Black / camera 1. 3m / bluetooth 2. 1 / dolby certification / one key theatre / metal finish palm rest / popular design / face recognition / one key rescue & recovery / lenovo readycomm / chiclet keyboard

2g ddr3 (1066mhz)
500g(9. 5mm 5400rpm)
15. 6 hd led glare / intel® gma hd
Black 6cell 2. 2a
1 year warranty

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Usb Ports Not Working On Lenovo 3000 N100 Notebook

I just got a brand new lenovo 3000 n100 notebook. Audio drivers install problems aside, the usb ports are giving me a real hard time. Here goes: 4 usb2 ports. Plug in a device, it gets recognized okay but once you start using the device, it turns off and shows as unrecognized. I use a lot of pki tokens and smartcard readers, and i realized this happens the moment i start typing in pin for the token/smartcard. On a usb mouse its a bit harder to pinpoint the time. Already uninstalled all the different pseudo-sec software that came with the comp (omnykey, thinkvantage etc. ) Also uninstalled the fingerprint reader that shows up on the usb hub. Turned off power management. Any ideas?

Here's the info:

Irq 0system timerok
Irq 1standard 101/102-key or microsoft natural ps/2 keyboardok
Irq 7novatel wireless umts modem parentok
Irq 7novatel wireless umts modem primary portok
Irq 7novatel wireless umts modem secondary port (com5)ok
Irq 8system cmos/real time clockok
Irq 9microsoft acpi-compliant systemok
Irq 10intel(r) 82801g (ich7 family) smbus controller - 27daok
Irq 12synaptics ps/2 port pointing deviceok
Irq 13numeric data processorok
Irq 14primary ide channelok
Irq 15secondary ide channelok
Irq 16mobile intel(r) 945gm express chipset familyok
Irq 16intel(r) 82801g (ich7 family) pci express root port - 27d2ok
Irq 16intel(r) 82801g (ich7 family) usb universal host controller - 27cbok
Irq 16generic cardbus controllerok
Irq 17intel(r) 82801g (ich7 family) pci express root port - 27d0ok
Irq 17intel(r) pro/wireless 3945bg network connectionok
Irq 18intel(r) 82801g (ich7 family) usb universal host controller - 27caok
Irq 19intel(r) 82801g (ich7 family) usb universal host controller - 27c9ok
Irq 21realtek rtl8139 family pci fast ethernet nicok
Irq 22microsoft uaa bus driver for high definition audiook
Irq 22ohci compliant ieee 1394 host controllerok
Irq 23intel(r) 82801g (ich7 family) usb universal host controller - 27c8ok
Irq 23intel(r) 82801g (ich7 family) usb2 enhanced host controller - 27ccok
Irq 23sda standard compliant sd host controllerok
Irq 23ricoh mmc host controllerok
Irq 23ricoh memory stick host controllerok
Irq 23ricoh xd-picture card host controllerok

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Dell Inspiron 15r ( Core I3 ) Or Lenovo Ideapad Z560

I want to buy a laptop, i have short listed two laptops, dell inspiron 15r(core i3) & lenovo ideapad z560? Which one is best, which one has more battery life?

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Lenovo Thinkpad T410 Or Toshiba Portege R700-s1310

I am going to be a college freshman next year and need a new laptop. I need something relatively light and portable, yet pretty powerful. I won't be doing any *** gaming or video editing, just daily internet, word processing, and some music and video. I have narrowed down the list to the thinkpad t410 and the toshiba portege r700. Please advise as to which one to get or suggest an entirely different laptop.

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Touch Pad Wont Work On Toshiba Satellite Laptop

My touch pad won't work on my toshiba satellite l300 series laptop. I'm not great with technology, and i can't seem to understand why my touch pad won't work. I'm currently using a wireless mouse, but i would like my touch pad to work as well. Can someone explain to me how to fix that? I use windows vista as my operating system.

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Dell Inspiron Laptop Keyboard Letters Don't Work

Dell inspiron laptop keyboard letters don't work after cleaning, how can i fix this? I removed the keyboard to clean the keys. The space bar and a couple letter keys came apart but i figured out how to put them together again and hooked onto the keyboard again. These keys though, don't work at all, and they also sound different from, their quieter. I'm not sure if this would make any difference but i cleaned the keyboard with clorox wipes. Also before replacing a couple keys, i needed to stick the end of a screwdriver underneath the keyboard membrane in order to position the round rubber thing. I'm just unsure if it was something that i did and should not have or if it's simply needing to re- replace the keys.

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Dell Studio Laptop Wireless Internet Doesn't Work With Ubuntu

My wireless internet doesn't work with ubuntu on my dell studio laptop. ? I recently bought a dell studio 15 laptop with an intel i5 64-bit processor and windows 7 home premium. When i dual booted it with ubuntu, i noticed that i can't use the function buttons on the keyboard to turn the wireless receptor on/off. As a result, i can't use wireless internet when i'm using ubuntu. My laptop doesn't have any of the normal switches for bluetooth and wireless antenna that laptops usually have, so the function button is the only way i've been turning them on till now. What can i do to access wireless net in ubuntu?

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Wireless Keyboard With A Touchpad

I am looking for a wireless keyboard that has a touchpad feature to control the mouse. I noticed that one of the logitech dinova's has a $75 mir, but is still $75 afterwards. Anyone know of a decent one for less than this?

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Wireless Keyboards With Built-in Touchpad

I was wondering if people could help me add to my list of wireless kbs with built-in touchpads. I'm going to have a single pc hooked up to multiple monitors, with one being a tv monitor, the other two will be "work" monitors for daily browsing. So, for me, this keyboard will be a secondary one that i can leave on the coffee table while i use my microsoft ergo 4000 to type long things. I'm looking to compile a list of good htpc-themed keyboards, and here's how i'm starting it off:

* Ps3 mediaboard pro (remember to re-map a windows key somewhere, and also get a usb bt dongle-under $5)

* Dinovo edge (slightly expensive, especially when used as a secondary keyboard)

* Dinovo mini (handheld device with a multi-function trackpad)

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Acer Travelmate 8100 Touchpad

Friend at works touch pad for his acer travelmate 8100 has decided to stop working for no apparent reason. I un-installed the drivers then reinstalled them but that didn't seem to do much. (I did this with the mouse though, should this have been done with just using the keyboard?

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Samsung R480 Touchpad Not Working

Samsung r480 touchpad not working properly scrolling and zooming features not working.

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Touchpad Not Working After Using External Ps2 Mouse

I recently hooked up an external ps/2 mouse to my ze5400 series laptop, after that the touchpad refuses to work. I've tried formatting and also the mouse doesn't even work in dos. It says mouse driver not installed - mouse not found. Any suggestions?

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Change Ps2 Touchpad Fresh Rate

I was wondering if it's possible to change my touchpad ps/2 fresh rate?. I was on google and already tried the regedit under "i8042prt/parameters" create a dword (32-bit) and put 200 (which is the max). After rebooting i'm still running 48hz. I tried ps2rate which was meant to be for windows 95 & 98. However when i set the rate and click ok it says missing "ps2rate. Vxd please put it in the same directory has the exe". The ps2. Rate. Vxd is in the same dir has the exe. Does anyone know of any other application or edit i set the rate at higher for my touchpad?

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Touchpad Scrolling Not Working On Remote Desktop

I recently installed remote desktop update on my hp laptop running win xp. After that i noticed that when i connect to other desktop computers, also running win xp, from the laptop, the touchpad scrolling stops working (both on remote comp and on the laptop). If i close the remote desktop connection then after some time scrolling function starts working again. I tired to install synaptics driver update from microsoft website but that didn't fix it. I also have a vaio running vista, and even that gives the same problem. Has anyone else noticed similar problems and know of any solutions. I frequently use remote desktop, so need to fix this.

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Dell Inspiron Touchpad Tap Feature

We have an old inspiron here (an 8100 i believe) that has a touchpad and a little nubbin track-point thingy. Both have left and right click buttons with them, the trackpoint's being just beneath the spacebar. We've been trying to find a way to disable just the "tapping" feature on the touch-pad, leaving the pad working only as a pointing device and not a clicking device. The tapping feature of the touchpad is often way too sensitive, registering clicks when you're not trying to do anything but move the pointer around. All we could find so far are programs that work in linux that do this, but nothing that would work in windows. Anyone here know of a solution to this?

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Sony Vaio Screen And Touchpad Issue

I have a sony vaio vgn-a140 laptop (15. 4" screen) that is not functioning correctly. The screen has lines up and down it that are the result of a mainboard/video chip hardware issue (i think). I plugged it into an external monitor, and it looked the same (lines, etc). I took it apart to poke around and it appears to have video integrated onto the mainboard. Question 1) does anyone know of a way of fixing this or trying to fix it w/o replacing the mainboard? If i have to replace the board, i may just have to part it out. It's not worth hundreds of dollars to me to fix. Question 2) when i took it apart, i severed the thin ribbon-like cable that connects the touchpad to the mainboard. Really, really dumb move on my part. Is there anywhere to buy one of these? I don't even know what to call it, really. It's copper colored and thin and looks like it would cost $0. 03 to make, but if i can find one, i'm sure it'll be ~$20-$30, or i'll have to buy a whole new touchpad. Sigh.

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