Dvd Burner Stuck, Cannot Finish Burning Cd Or Dvd

I have recently transplanted a dvd burner from one computer to another, but now it can't finish burning any cd's or dvd's. It gets stuck at some random percentage, and just sits, and i can't exit the burning app. (Tried nero and roxio), any ideas what's going on? Really strange, and i can't finish any burns. Been wasting lots of discs.

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Samsung Sh S203b Dvd Burner Fail When Burning

I have a samsung sh s203b dvd burner but ever since two days ago it would always fail when burning. With nero, it gives an error message saying something about "the block could not be read. " I though it was just nero so i switched to cheetah but it also gave a "logical block address out of range" error. I even tried burning something from another hard drive but same thing. So could it be the burner itself? It was working fine a couple of days earlier.

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Dvd Burner Seen As Dvd Rom Drive Only In Vista 64

I've just upgraded to vista home premium 64 and my sony dw-q28a dvd-rw drive is not seen as a burner for cds or dvds. So if i right click on it with a re-writable disk in i do not get an 'erase' option, when i right click on a file there's no 'send to>cd' option and in media player when i click onto the burn tab, it tells me to connect a burner and restart!

This drive worked just fine in xp, then i upraded my motherboard to an asus p5e3 and installed vista and now it doesn't! I seem to have everything setup ok in the bios, i've tried re-plugging the ide & power cables and the drive name is read as sony dvd-rw but it won't function at all as a writer. Any ideas?

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Dvd Burner - Dvd +/- R/rw , Cd -r/rw

Just purchased the plextor px-712a dvd burner, and i have a few general questions. What exactly is the differece between dvd-r and dvd+r? Does it really matter? I am assuming that each different format requires different type of media . Or will any blank dvd do. Whats the best format for making compilation dvd's? Is it player specific? Or media specific?

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Burning Video Dvd

I am currently trying to burn dvds from video captured in mpeg-2 format. Is there a certain type of dvd i should be using? Should i use the same type for copying dvd movies (so i can backup my legally obtained movie collection)?

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Game Dvd Burning Programs

Ok i got a lg dvd burner for christmas. Thing is i can burn music/data even movies, but i can not for the life of me burn a backup of my dvd games eg:bf 2142/bf2

I've tried nero/dvdfab platinum/power2go4/dvd shrink
For decryption i've used dvd43/anydvd

It'll burn them (i right click and click explore and check all the folders. Everything seems to be there, but nothing). But when i put them in my dvd drive to play i get the message "insert bf2142 disc into drive and restart. Is there any programs that anyone uses that will burn dvd games.

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Free Dvd Burning Program

Ok, so i have this video file that i want to burn to a dvd and play in a standard us dvd player (ntsc). Ive tried using cdburner xp pro, and to no avail, then i tried deep burner still nothing! Can anyone suggest a good free-ware program to use? Or tell me how to get it to work in either of these programs?

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Dell E310 Dvd Burning

I have a brand new dell e310 at home. I tryed to burn a dvd, and it said that there are copyright laws on the disc. Is there any ways that i can get around this?

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Dvd Stuck

I recently installed a dvd-rw drive in my computer. To make room for the dvd-rw drive, i removed my old dvd-rom drive. However, i just realized that there is a dvd stuck in the dvd-rom drive i removed. Is there anyway to remove the dvd short of dismantling the entire drive or reinserting into the computer?

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Dvd/cd Combo Burning Drive - Suggestions

I need a dvd/cd drive that can burn/rewrite both dvds and cds. Who makes the best quality drives? My samsung broke, and it will cost me $11 or so to ship it for an rma. For all i know, i might end up paying some extra fees or sending it back in another few months when the next drive fails. So, aside from samsung, what would everyone recommend? It must be sata 2 and work with the following:

Amd phenom x4 9950 black edition

Corsair xms2 twin2x4096-6400c5 4gb

Asus m3n78 pro atx am2+

Vista 64 bit

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Lite-on Sohc 5236v Burning Dvd

Can the dvd/cd driver ( lite-on combo sohc 5236v) record dvd+r? I know it can record cd-r and cd-rw. But when i try to record with dvd+r most programs can't detect the media. Like nero, power iso, dvd decrypter, ashampoo. I've tried all of them. And they can detect or find it. So maybe i was wondering if this computer is incompatible with burning dvd+r.

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Good Dvd Burner

I'm looking to order a dvd burner tonight and i was wondering what some of the good brands are, what features i want on the thing, and what types of discs are good to have supported. I would appreciate any input on a burner you have had experience with and what the best ones are and such.

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Dvd Burner Problem

Ok, i have 3 hdds and a dvd burner (2 hdds on 1 ide and 1hdd and dvd burner on the other ide) now i have a bit of a problem. I set the dvd burner to master and the hdd to cable select (thats what the print out guide said) but the dvd burner wont open and it doesn't show up in post, but it does in device manager. So, i tried unplugging the power from the hdd and then the dvd burner was able to open and close properly. So then i tried plugging the power back into the hdd and setting the dvd burner as cable select and it still had the problem of not being able to open but being seen in device manager. Now the question is, is this a power supply problem? Is it not able to get enought power to the 3 hdds, the vid card, and the dvd burner? I mean it is a 350w psu with only 12amps on the 12v rail and thats what i'm leaning towards. Any opinions?

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Sata Dvd Burner

I am trying to decide whether or not i should get sata dvd burner(samsung or lite-on) or an ide burner for a new build. I would like to go with the sata setup because i have an older ide hdd that i would like to use for storage and there is only one ide port on the mobo i want (biostar tforce 550). Yet i am uncertain as to well they function due to the fact that sata bunners are just now gaining momentum. My question is, does anyone have any experience with sata optical devices? If so what are some of the common problems associated with installing these and getting them to work properly? I have read about windows xp not being able to detect some of the sata burners and motherboards not supporting atapi. So if my mobo supports atapi then my sata burner should work right? How do i know if it supports atapi?

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Dvd Burner, How To Burn ?

I just got my first dvd burner with nero 7 essentials and is just to much software just to burn one file to cdr. I don't know where to start, please help. Which one of those will get me a burned cd? It should be against the law to included that much software!

Nero home essentials se
Nero productsetup
Nero startsmart essentials
Nero online upgrade

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Can Lack Of Ram Will Slow Down The Process Of Burning Dvd ?

I set up a old dell which formerly ran on xp, with ubuntu. I plan on ripping my dvd collection onto this computer. The downfall is, it only has 256mb of ram. Do you think the lack of ram will slow down the process of burning?

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Burning Dvd, Booktype, Error Checking Program

Burning dvd, booktype, error checking program [v2]

1) i wonder if i should use a dvd- or dvd-rw in the following situations. Eg: i burn a film or music. Is it necessary i need to close a cd/dvd before it can be read by a dvd standalone player?

2) how about if i clone a cd/dvd, is it necessary i have to close the cd/dvd?

3) what does a booktype do? It seems it is used to change the the disc type. But what's the point of it?
And if i change the disc type to either dvd-rom / dvd-r, will this close the vd as well?

4) is there any program which can check whether the burnt cd/dvd is really error-free, or burnt properly?
I once experienced the burning program said the cd was burnt successfully. In fact it couldn't be read by others. 5) is there any program which can check whether files (in my computer) is error-free or readable or uncorrupted?

[V2] 6) which types of dvd should i buy, plus or minus?

Why? I will burn the dvd and be read by both dvd standalone and computer dvd drive. I will also format the dvd as udf which can be accessed as if it were a floppy disk.

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Quiet Dvd Burner / Rom

I am wanting to get a new dvd dl burner and also a new dvd rom that are quiet, the ones i have right now are louder than *** when they spin up. Also, looking to go sata, not ide. Anyone have any suggestions?

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Cd Rw Drive And Dvd Burner Problem

I have a cd rw drive and a dvd burner. Recently when i put a new disk in either one it showed the disk as empty and ready to use. Now suddenly neither will read a disk. If i right click the drive and choose properties and enable recording then the disk works again (hey presto) but if i right click the second device and do the same it disables the previous device and so on and so on. Damn frustrating. I am using xp and nero 6 and as far as i can remember this was fine a few days back but i can't find anything i did that may have changed? And system restore doesn't seem to work either?

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Recommend A Sata Dvd Burner

What's good? My nec 3500 just kicked the bucket. It was flawless all the way to the end when it just started burning nothing but bad discs. A majority of my burns are used on a platform that requires really good burns, so a good burner again would be needed. I try to use high quality media, but also have a lot of low qual discs that were too good to pass up, so ability to burn on a variety of medias would be nice too. Also, bitsetting for all +'s would be nice and possibly rpc2 although i never really had a need for it. Scratched disc reading would be good too, especially for cdr's. Ability to read non eltorito dvd headers would be nice too but afaik no dvdrw's currently out in the market can do it.

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Driver For Lg Gh22np20 Dvd Burner

I got a dvd burner, or what i thought was a normal dvd burner from newegg, and i went cheap and got this lg dvd-ram drive i guess it what it is actually referred as. So now i tried to burn an iso onto a dvd and nothing works, windows even says its like a cd-rom drive. So i hit the internets and found out everyone has this problem and cannot find a driver download anywhere just mentions of people finding it on other forums but i cant get it because i'm not part of the forum. So i cant find it and getting really irritated, i hope you guys can help me out the model exactly is an lg, hl-dt-st dvd-ram gh22np20

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Computer Not Picking Up Dvd Burner

I have a dvd burner which was working fine and was being picked up no problem but now my computer just wont pick it up. Not in bios, not in windows or anything. I checked the cables and everything is fine jumpers are set properly. Can anyone help me with this?

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Dvd Burner Stopped Reading Disks

I just noticed that my dvd burner (lite-on lh-20a1l) stopped reading all disks and cds. It is plugged in and is recognized by both windows (my computer, device manager) and bios. I don't use it often and just noticed that it doesn't work. It was working a few weeks ago. What could be the problem?

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Hard Drive And Dvd Burner On The Same Line

Is it possible for me to put my old 120gb ata100 drive on the same cable as my dvd burner? The cable is 40-pin i believe. My main hard drive is a sata drive, totally unconnected to this ata one. Should i set the jumper to slave?

I don't care if the hard drive will be slow, it will be used for data storeage only.

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Difference Between A Sata And Ide Dvd Burner

Is there a difference besides the smaller cable between sata and ide dvd burners? Is there any speed difference?

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Samsung Ts-h552 Dvd Burner Problem

Ive got a samsung ts-h552 dvd burner here. Its got a really weird problem. The problem is its reading issues. What happens is that sometimes it will read a disk, without problems, and sometimes it will act as if nothing is in the drive. So, i opened the drive up and looked at what was happening. I put a disk in and it spun for around 1 second, stopped, spun again for another second and stopped. Wouldnt read. After a couple of tries, with different disks, it did the first two spins, then continued to spin as normal. No problems reading at all. Its an ide drive and i have selected all different jumpers as well as flashing the firmware to the latest version. Ive also tested in a range of computers. Any ideas? I'd like to get this drive fixed.

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Lg Gsa-h10n Dvd Burner Problem

I just received my gsa-h10n dvd multi recorder today. I installed it as primary slave with hdd as master. I have 2 more optical drives on the secondary side, a dvd rom, and a lite-on cd burner. When i first installed the lg recorder, it was only getting detected as dvd-ram. I tried burning a few small video clips, but cdburner xp pro never detected the blank media (teon dvd+r 8x). However, i searched and installed firmware jl11 (the most unfortunate things probably). Now the drive is only recognized as cd drive. The cdburner still doesn't see any blank media. So far only itunes has been able to detect a blank media in the drive and has offered me to burn data!

Is there any solution to this? I have already googled and tried jj11. Not making any positive difference. In stead, now i cannot access "cd drive" at all.

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Sata Dvd Burner Causing Game Freeze

Does anyone here know if sata dvd burner cause game freeze, specially bf2142? I knew there was a problem w/ sata and 680 shipset but never heard of something like this.

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Pioneer Dvd Burner And Power Iso Issue

I had a pioneer ide dvd burner and power iso on my system for a while with no problems, then my dvd burner stopped recognizing cds all of a sudden one day, i tried everything and it just wouldn't recognize cds period (i googled it and and there were some theories about virtual cd drives messing up the cd recognition on physical drives. ?). So i bought a sata dvd burner in the for sale section, i switched it out and put the pioneer dvd burner in the kids' system (they don't burn anything, so it was just so i could load the windows 7 disc) and now all of a sudden it recognizes cds again (power iso is on that system as well). I guess it's pretty cool that there wasn't really anything wrong with it and it works now, but i'd still like to know what happened so if it happens again i know how to fix it. Any thoughts ?

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Sony Optiarc 7240 Sata Dvd Burner Not Working

I bought a sony optiarc 7240 sata dvd burner. It is recognized in bios, i can see it in device managers, but when i put a dvd in, windows xp 64bit doesn't read it. I put in windows installation disk into drive and restarted computer and it doesn't boot into installation screen.

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