Installed Ram Computer Wont Boot

I recently bought a pair of "corsair 4gb (2 x 2gb) 240-pin ddr2 sdram ddr2 800 (pc2 6400) dual channel. " I'm upgrading from my 2gb ocz ddr2 ram from last year. So when i went to install the new ram, i took out the old ocz ram and put in the new corsairs. I started the computer but the monitor will not display anything! So i decided to move things around and i was finally able to boot the computer up after removing one of the ram sticks. It will not load with both and i have no idea why. It's really frustrating not being to load both since one is 2gb and the old ram were 2gb together. Also, the old ocz rams won't work anymore either. Can anyone help me on this please? How can i get both of my ram working together?

Here's some info on my computer:
Mobo : ecs g31t-m
Vidcard: xfx nvidia 8600gt
Two hdd 120gb & 250gb
One dvd-ram drive

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Ddr Ram - Does The Ram Need To Be Installed In Pairs ?

I am going to be upgrading the ram in a family members computer. I was told it was a hp with ddr ram. The computer has a 128 in it now. I was hoping to buy the ram before i traveled to their house. Can i buy any brand of ddr ram? Or should it match whats in the computer already. Does the ram need to be installed in pairs? Or can i buy a 512 and have 640 or buy a 256 and have a total of 384?

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Installed Ram, No Post, No Beep

Well, i went about to install a new stick of ram into my system (1 gb) but i forgot to unplug my power supply, grrr i'm heavily regretting this. I did ground myself (i have insulating gloves too) but i doubt that helped in this case. After installing my stick of ram, i realized that my power supply was still plugged into the wall, and now my computer does not post (no beeps). I tried booting system from barebone (vid card, 1 stick of ram, no hdd, no sata drives) but still no luck. Argh, any suggestions?

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Installed Second Hard Drive, Now Pc Won't Boot

I put in a second hard drive as a slave on my pc. When i turned it on, the bios completes and then all i get is a blinking cursor. No windows start up, nothing. So i took the harddrive out and get the same thing. I ran a scan disk, a memory test and upgraded the bios (just because i was getting desprate), and got no errors, but still can't boot up. The bios recognizes the orginal hard drive (and the second one when i had it hooked up). I can't figure it out. The drive is a western digital 160 gb.

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Keyboard Freeze On Boot Up After Installed New Hard Drive

I installed a new hard drive and when i try to boot up my computer then my keyboard is stopped working.

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Overclock Not Stable Anymore After New Ram Installed

I started overclocking two months ago when finely i got my new pc build together and after two months on what i thought was a super stable oc, now i am not so sure. The first time through i ran orthos blend priority 7 for 24 hours with no errors. Then a follow up of 72 hours with orthos again no errors. Two months has passed and a week ago i had to rma (was getting errors in memtest) my crucial ballistix tracer pc2 8500's. After i got the newly replaced ram i didn't think to recheck my oc and boom 4 hours orthos stopped one error. Then ran it again, 1 minute 34 seconds error? I heard someone say in a post that whenever you get new ram, even if its the same brand and model that i needed to reset my cmos, is there truth to that?

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Asus P5p41d Has 4gb Ram Installed But Os Shows 2 Gb

My asus p5p41d motherboard has 2x 2gb corsair xms2 ram installed and my os only notices 2gb why? Im running an asus p5p41d motherboard with 4 sticks of ram (corsair xms 800mhz 2gb) and an intel core 2 duo e6850 and a nvidia 7900 gtx. When i put in 2 sticks of the ram the pc boots fine but only notices 1 stick (2gb) of the 2 (2x 2gb) sticks so i end up with 4gb total but my pc only notices 2gb if i add another 2gb stick it wont even boot. Im running vista ultimate 32bit and i know my board can have more than 2gb of ram installed can any1 help?

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System Wont Boot With Two Sticks Of Ram

I'm helping a friend upgrade his computer, and we've found that with a dual-core processor installed it will not boot with a stick of ram in the second slot (there's only two). However, when we put the single core back in it does just fine with two sticks. I have tried two different sets of ram that are known to be good. Is there a possibility that the new cpu and running two sticks of ram is overloading the psu?

Asus a8m2n-la am2 motherboard (built for hp)
Sempron 3400+ (old) and athlon 64 x2 5600+ (new)
2x1gb ddr2-667 (also tried 2x2gb ddr2-800)
Radeon hd 5670
Windows 7 ultimate x64
250w besteq psu

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Laptop Wont Boot After Ram Upgrade

Student brought me a hp pavillion that won't boot, hoping i could fix it for him. Says he added a memory module, then went into setup (bios) to verify ram count - recognized new ram ok, but computer wouldn't boot after exiting setup, and thus it remains. Power light comes on, but no logo, no beeps. I reset the ram to original condition (single 256m module)but no change. Hp has a faq for this problem - solution is to send the computer to them. My student can't afford the $300 repair fee. Any suggestions?

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Computer Does Not Boot At All

This computer i just recieved to do some work on wont boot up at all. I mean no beeps, no lights no nothing. The only thing that happens is when you plug it into the wall a little green light on the ps starts blinking.

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Computer Take A While Before Boot Up Normally

I am using an epox motherboard right now. Recently, if i turn off my power supply for about 15 mins, and turn it on and restart the computer, it will give out the siren alert and no screen. Since my mobo has a led attached to show the process of initial preboot, i check the code, and it always stop when it doing memory checking. However, if i turn on the power supply, and leave it there for about 5 mins, then the computer will boot up fine. I check memory, cpu, hdd already, nothings wrong. I switched power supply too. Nothing 's wrong. I'm guessing it;s the mobo. Maybe it take a longer time to charge up before it has enough power to do the preboot.

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Computer Boot

My brother has an dell inspiron 530, and it wont start up correctly. When i press the power button, the boot screen opens, a then, about 5-10 seconds later, a message will flash on the screen. "Ahci bios not installed". After that, the screen will turn black, with no mouse, and it will have a small horizontal line flashing in the top left corner. This will stay on the screen until i turn off the computer. I have already tried to set the hdd as the main boot device, but there was no luck there. Also, i reset the bios settings to default. No luck there, either. There were no recent hardware upgrades on this computer.

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Computer Does Not Boot

I'm having a strange problem with my htpc that i just can't figure out. When i turn it on, all the fans are running and the power and hd lights are on. However i don't get a video signal and the hd light never turns off/blinks. I disconnected the hd and removed the video card, same result. The mainboard does not seem to advance past the "power up" stage. I removed the battery on the mainboard for a bit but that didn't help. I mean if the mainboard would have a problem, it should beep right?

I am running out of ideas. It's probably the mainboard, but how can i be sure?

Here's the hardware:

Asus p5b-e
Intel core 2 duo e4300
Corsair twin2x2048-5400c4
Samsung hd321kj, t166s, 7200rpm
Asus en8500gt silent/htd/256, pci-e
Nesteq na 4501, 450w
Netgear wg311t wireless pci-adapter 802. 11g

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Computer Does Not Boot, But Is Getting Power

Yesterday my wife called me to tell me that the computer wasn't working. These are the events as she described them. She brought the computer out of hibernation and the monitor gave her a message telling her that it was not receiving a signal. She turned off the computer and rebooted. She was able to log in, saw the desktop and then the computer shut off. At that point, she smelled something burning (awesome) so she just turned everything off. When i came home i was not able to get a response pushing the power button, so i unplugged the power cord from the unit, waited and plugged it back in. As soon as i plugged it back in, i heard the motherboard fan come on. The amber light on the front of the tower came on to indicate that the unit was receiving power. I was not able to power the cpu on however by pressing the power button, nor did the power-on light come on. I opened the unit to see if my limited hardware knowledge could spot anything obvious burnt or unplugged. I couldn't find anything obvious. Even today, when i plug in the power cord, the motherboard fan comes on right away. What's going on here? This is beyond my scope of knowledge.

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My Computer Wont Boot

I have a problem in my computer. I open my computer but it does not show any response. The cpu fan is working but still no response. Pls, anyone can help me this problem?

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Computer Wont Boot

Been running for about 9 months or better then yesterday we had a power outage while i was away and came back to my computer being off. Hit the power and it wont boot up. No beep no bios screen. There is power as all the fans power up and the lights on front of my pc come on but then it doesn't do anything else. I've switched out both sticks of ram thinking one may have gone bad(these are my only two sticks so both could have gone bad i guess). I changed video cards and reset the motherboard and still nothing.could it be the power supply? I haven't thought to pull it out but it sounds like the fan on it is making noise. Would it still power up the lights/fans but not have enough juice to boot the whole system? The cpu has been at stock volts but oc'ed to 2. 7/2. 8 it's whole life of 9 months, would hate to think it's gone bad.

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Computer Turns On, But Does Not Boot

I tried crossfire'ing two hd4890s earlier, but was unable to have it start (would not even power up. Would light up for a split second). I figured that my powersupply wasn't good enough, so i called it quits and removed the second video card out. When i tried to boot it afterwards, the computer would turn on (but nothing showed up on the monitor). (The video card had 3 lit led lights, and the fan was going at 100%) apparently this is the video card's own post procedure and the leds should've gone out if everything was okay and the fan would've lowered. I figured that there was something wrong with my video card, so i replaced the 4890 with a geforce 7900 i had lying around. I experienced the same problem (the computer would power on, but i was unable to get any video). To be sure, i brought my 4890 to see whether it was my video card and it worked fine on his computer. I then though that something went wrong with the power supply after we tried to crossfire it (seeing that it couldn't boot up with two of the cards in). My friend brought hist 620w power supply over today, and after installing it, i encountered the same problem. Although it doesn't rule out that my powersupply is the problem (i didn't test my psu in his computer) i guess it isn't likely that power supply is the problem. We tested the ram on his computer, and it worked fine as well. I dismantled my computer, and put it back together but still a no go. I bought a case speaker today (to hear any post beeps) but i was unable to hear any (which indicates that either it doesn't post, or that the speaker is broken or incorrectly placed). I tried booting without ram or a video card to force the post beeps. I've cleared bios (through the jumpers) and through taking out the cmos battery but still nothing. Edit: i removed all non-essential devices that i didn't need (cd drives, fans, hard drive) throughout the testing. Reseated ram, video card multiple times. Tried using one stick of ram. My thoughts is that the problem is the motherboard (with the cpu unlikely being the culprit, but this is just a weak assumption). Any thoughts? Is it time to rma the motherboard?

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Computer Wont Boot Up

Today my computer just suddenly closed itself. Now when i try to boot it up the power light just flashes and the cpu fan takes a few spins, then it just shuts down again. What could be the cause for this'?

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Computer Locks Up During Boot

My computer locks up when i boot it up right before the window welcome screen or during it. The only way i can boot up the computer is if i tap f8 and hit last known good configuration. This has been going on for more than a week. I tried to do a repair installation but this did not help. Does anyone have any ideas what i can try to do and can i keep booting the computer this way indefinitely (last known configuration).

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Computer Locks Up And Refuses To Boot

Sometimes i managed to boot the computer but mostly not. I don't even come to the post screen. I've tried to trouble shoot, i also tried with replacing the graphic card, how ever it didn't do any difference. All the fans and harddrives seems to get started (i get a green power light and red hdd light) on the front of where the start button is which seem to indicate something is starting) and cpu starts (i've checked inside) but the monitor refused to start and i don't think the windows started to load either. I have found a way to start the computer and that is to turn everything off, also the monitor, do a clear c-mos and then and then re-boot, then it starts. The motherboard doesn't give any bios beeps when trying to boot at all, it just goes black. But when i manage to start it it stays on and i have no problems ones it have started. When i get money in some 2 months i'll try to replace the power supply and if that doesn't work, the specifications:

Amd64 3000+ cpu
A asus k8v-x mo-bo
Ati radeon 128mb graphics
256mb ddr400

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Computer Powers Up, Doesnt Boot Up

I came home from worked fine. I turned if off. Shut down normally. I come in and turn it on a few hours later and you can hear the fans come on, the light on the front comes on for about 2 seconds then does off and thats it. - Doesnt beep on start up
- Monitor doesnt come on
- Cd drive doesnt spin or even open when i press button
- Holding the on/off button in doesnt turn it off
- Reset button doesnt reset

Its like the rest of the computer isnt getting any power? But im no genius at all. It has to be turned off at wall and does same thing when tried again.

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Computer Wont Boot Up Without A Cd Drive

I need to use my rig without its cd drive. Only problem is it wont boot up without it is this a windows problem that wont let it load up?

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Hard Drive Causes Computer Not To Boot

I bought a new pc and was swapping out hard drives when i put in an sata hard drive i use for backup and my new computer wouldnt boot. After a long time of trial and error i figured it was that particular drive and removed it. I sort of put it out of my mind for a few months but now i want to get my data off there. I have my older pc which it was originally in so i figured i could do some testing. The problem seems to be a short in the hard drive. The hard drive is a seagate baracude (sata). I need to use one of those sata power adapters to be able to hook up to my current power supply. Both computers i tested on boot up fine but as soon as i plug in the power cord to the hard drive and hit the power on butt the cpu fan spins like half a turn then stops. After this if i remove the power from the hard drive and hit the power button the computer still won't boot. I must then unplugg the pc from the wall and then the pc will boot. Is there any chance i accidently screwed somethign up during the move or maybe its the power adapter? I used the same adapter before so i'm hoping during the move maybe the adapter got screwed up. Anyone ever hear of this? Any ideas?

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Computer Sudden Slowed On Boot-up

I reinstalled winxp about 2months ago, because of various slow-downs and constant errors. Everything had been running smoothly, with bootup times in the less than one minute range. Now all of a sudden, last 2-3dayz, my computer takes forever to boot. Probably 3-4minutes! It seems like it freezes on the desktop with no icons nor taskbar showing for a minutes, then it loads up. No new software has been installed, other than the last windows auto update crap, could this be the evil source?

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Computer Wont Boot Into Windows Xp

I would be windows browsing the web with firefox and the window would freeze. I could move the window around and minimize the window but couldn't maximize the window or ctr+alt+delete. So i would restart it and could play tf2 for about 2 hours. Quit the game and load up firefox and after 5 mins it would freeze again. After a while tf2 would also freeze. Then it wouldn't even load up windows. It would get to the windows load screen with load bar and just sit there. Sometimes it get past that and load the cursor but nothing else. So, i format my drive and installed a fresh copy of xp and after an hour of using it it would freeze. I went out and bought a new hdd and installed everything. It worked. Everything seemed and worked fine for a month till last week when the problem happened again. I hope its not the hdd. So this time i loaded up recovery console and restored the registry from 3 days back from when the problem started happening. Didn't work. Chkdsk comes back clean. So, i didn't format and just installed xp again, got into windows and started installing drivers and it froze once more. Now it just sits at the windows loading screen again. Loading. What is the cause of this? Solutions?

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I Can't Get My Computer To Boot Off Win Cd

How is this possible? This should be the simplest thing ever. I set my bios to have cd-rom for first boot device. Duh. I have my winxp cd in the cd-rom drive. My bios shows the cd-rom, so apparently it recognizes it. And yet it completely refuses to acknowledge my win xp cd at all!

It goes through the first boot screen, where it shows the cpu, memory test and says at the bottom to hit del to enter bios. You know the one. That screen vanishes, it goes black momentarily, then the next thing that appears is a mostly black screen, except that it says at the top:

"Sil 3112a satalink host controller bios version 4. 2. 00"
"Copyright (c) 1997-2002 silicon image, inc. "Primary channel: samsung hd103sj"

And it has the blinking cursor thing (like in dos) at the far right. And that's it. It just stops there. At no point was there any message like "attempting to boot off cd-rom" or anything like that, like it does on my other comp. By the way, i do not have anything installed on the hd. Hence me trying to boot off the cd, so i can install winxp. It looks like it just bypasses the boot off cdrom attempt and goes straight to booting off hd. Finding nothing on hd, it just stops. That's my theory. Is it correct?

My motherboard is a gigabyte 7n-400 pro. That "primary channel" message indicates my hd that is plugged in. It is an sata hd. I did a little search, and apparently someone else had the issue with the same board version 2. But the thread just died; no one gave a solution.

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Why Computer Won't Boot ?

I recently attempted to build my own computer, putting my old graphics card, sound card, hard drives, and cd drives in a brand new case with a new mobo, new ram, new cpu and some new fans. For some reason, the computer would not respond at all when switched on, no beeps, no clicks, no nothing. I started to troubleshoot and i immediately suspected the psu. I borrowed a friend's psu, carefully removing it, without disturbing any other parts, and tried it out in my new tower. No dice. The much bigger problem is, when i returned and tried to reinstall my friend's psu in my friend's computer, his computer stopped responding too! Same error as me, no beeps, no clicks. I desperately need to know how to fix my friend's computer, as there doesn't seem to be any logical reason why his won't boot now either. I'm not an expert, but i have some experience with psus, having installed new ones multiple times in my old case, so i'm pretty confident that i didn't mess up any of the connections. Now, after looking at these forums, i realized that i didn't install any "standoffs" and the mobo likely shorted to ground. Is it possible that, when i tried my friend's power supply in my case, i busted his power supply? Would buying him a new power supply fix the problem?

Edit: oh i forgot to mention that during the brief amount of time my friend's psu spent in my tower (with the panels open), i didn't notice any pops or fizzes or any other indication that psu broke

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Computer Wont Boot Hdd

I am working with two computers. My friend's is an emachine d4362 (basic specs: p4 3. 0 ghz processor, 3. 2 gigs of ram)

And mine is a soyo dragon. (Basic specs: p4 3. 0 ghz processor, 1 gig of ram)

The emachine had windows xp installed on its hard drive (ide hard drive) and it ran perfectly fine. We wanted to install windows 7 on it, so we put in the disk. It always froze at 16%. So we put the hard drive into my computer, and loaded ran the installer. It again froze at 16%. Another method i had learned of was to install from a usb drive. I did that, but his computer wouldn't boot from usb. Mine, however, did. So we put the emachine's hard drive into my computer, and booted from usb. We successfully installed windows 7. Here is the interesting part. On my computer (the dragon) windows will boot normally, and go to the windows 7 desktop without a problem. When we moved the hard drive back into his computer (the emachine) before it even gets to the "starting windows" logo, the computer automatically restarts. So the moment the hard drive is being accessed it just shuts off and tries booting again. I dont understand. Why will it work on my computer and not his? (Remember, this hard drive was originally in his computer to begin with, we only switched it over because his computer wouldnt boot from usb)

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Excessive Computer Boot Time

I'm a certified computer technician. I'm working on my pals computer, and for the life of me i have never had such an slow boot. I did disk cleanup, followed by a defrag (which took almost a full day). In the four or so years this computer has existed i don't think it has once been defraged or cleaned up but anyways i also went into msconfig and got rid of all startup processed except the ones necessary for startup (obviously). This is a duo core (1. 66 per core) computer with 1gb ram. I figure it may be the ram however, i just checking here to see if anyone else has any ideas how i could speed up the boot, the bios is default, everything checks out okay. So disk cleanup followed by defrag and then msconfig. What did i miss? It's windows xp, so it's odd that it takes like 4 minutes to boot (even with 1gb ram).

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Usb Device Cause Computer To Freeze Or Not To Boot

I have recently been having issues left and right with my computer freezing or not given booting. I got it mainly fixed but i found out something strange. It would appear when i had my card reader connected and my wireless usb adapter connected (with the usb cord connected) the computer would either freeze while loading the os or not even boot at all. When the card reader was connected i had a 2gb sd card in it and for some reason the card wasn't being detected at all and vista wasn't even detecting the card reader till after maybe 5min. After plugging it in. Also, the other strange thing is when i had my usb wireless adapter plugged in with the usb cord the computer wouldn't even boot or it would freeze like above. When i finally just connected the wireless adapter by itself windows loaded fine with no freeze/lock ups (and yes, i don't have the card reader connected right now). Idk but i'd hate to say this but would it be a psu issue? I was playing l4d and killing floor fine last night with my xfx 4850 oc'ed. What is going on here? Side note: has the latest ati drivers been causing anybody any issues lately? Like lock ups or anything? At first though i thought it was the oc'ing from catalyst causing the issue but i guess it wasn't.

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