Esata Hdd Makes Computer Freeze Randomly

I have a problem when connecting my esata hdd to this motherboard (p5k mobo). Basically i'm using a samsung hdd with an enclosure and i connect it to the pc via a esata cable going to the esata input at the back of the comp. The problem is the computer keeps freezing for like 10-20 seconds randomly while the esata device is connected. If i switch the esata device off (via the enclosure's switch) it works fine. Is this a known issue for this mobo and e-sata?

Also there are so many drivers i cant find which one i need to update as i haven't updated the mobo since i got it like 3 years ago. My mobo is a p5k but on the manual it says p4s533-e.

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Mouse Cursor Makes My Computer Freeze

My computer is almost brand new, and quite the powerhouse, but for some reason, using the mouse will make the computer freeze up no blue screen of death, no error messages, it just dies and dosen't respond to anything. I can't ctrl+alt+del at all, and even pinging this machine from another (business intranet) results in lost packets (100% loss everytime. )

The solutions i have tried are numerous. First i thought if i changed drivers, nothing. New mouse, went from a ps/2 mechanical mouse to a usb optical mouse, complete with new drivers, no change still. Irq settings, seem ok, but i didn't look too deeply into that. Dma channels, seem ok. So, if this was some simple issue like a bad ps/2 port, i can understand, but using the keyboard to navigate my whole machine is getting a little annoying. Any suggestions from anyone?

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Portable Esata / Usb 2.5 Hdd Solution

I've been looking for something to replace my current removable hard drive that i take back and forth from home and work. I've decided to continue to stick with a hard drive as even a 64gb thumb drive won't do. I've opted for the smaller 2. 5 hard drive size and am planning on getting a seagate 500gb 7200rpm 2. 5 sized drive. I have one concern. I have esata at home, but only usb at work, so i need the enclosure to be able to do both. I had read some short reviews on product pages about a few of these enclosures and it seems there is a small problem (if i'm understanding the users correctly). There are many that use usb to power the drive, but some people seem to be saying in their reviews that this doesn't always work with 7200rpm drives. I guess the power requirements are more than the usb provides? Anyways, so it would seem that i need one that has a usb, a esata, and a power connection. Does anybody know of a decent quality 2. 5 hd enclosure that has the power connection as well? Many of the reviews i read noted that the case ends were cheap plastic. I don't mind spending more money for a quality enclosure, and i need a place that hopefully i can order extra cables so i can leave a usb and power at work, and an esata and power connection at home. Lastly, i'm looking for an enclosure that's as thin as possible. Some i've seen are nearly twice the height of a "laptop hard drive". I've found two that look like they'll work, but i don't know if either are decent quality. Would you recommend one over the other, or a completely different one?

The most popular one appears to be

But it has the problem of not offering a power connector, and only provides power through usb which apparently is flaky if you run a 7200rpm drive.

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Hdd Works On Usb Enclosure Yet Bsod Over Esata

So i bought a 1 terabyte western digital caviar green edition in october and just let it sit in a closet til yesterday. I decided to install it as a 3rd hdd but it would crash when i tried to format it. I then tried to install w7 on it and still crashed and bsod'd

So i decide to use it on my usb enclosure and what do you know, it works, i can copy large isos to it in 3 minutes or so, i copied 1gb of pictures on it and copied it again on the same drive with no problems (this would crash before on direct sata to mobo) i even partitioned it in 3 and copied data across all partitions with no problems but obviously i want sata speeds and not usb speeds. Any help?

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Troubleshooting Pc Freeze - Lockup Occurs Randomly

I'm having problems with system stability. I've tried what would seem like everything, yet i can't even narrow down the possibilities of why my system locks up. Lockups occur somewhat randomly, varying in time since booting. Lockups are sometimes caused while playing music, either through media player or winamp. Sometimes network activity such as copying files from one machine to another causes a lockup. Sometimes i would leave the pc idle and come back to find its frozen. One sure program to lock up is stronghold. The game is patched but it always freezes without fail. - I've updated all drivers. - I've updated all software. - I've torture tested the pc with prime95 and it was still going after 29hrs. - I've tried exchanging the video card and the problem remains. - I've tried a fresh format and install of windows and the problems remains. What can i do now?

Computer specifications:

Athlonxp 3200+
1gb kingston hyper x ddr 400
Msi kt6 delta
Geforce 4 mmx440
Windows xp pro sp2

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Seagate Hdd Hardware Id Changes Randomly

I have a seagate 160gb, hardware id st3160023a

Every now and then, the hardware id gets f'd up for no reason, and it's reported as wt714234 $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ , as shown below. The seagate drive volumes don't load, and i can't see or access them under my computer. I have to go to the device mgr and uninstall the drive, reboot, and the hardware id will go back to normal. I can then access the hdd volumes again. What can cause the hdd to be identified under some random $$$$$$$$ name?

What part could possibly be corrupted?

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Hard Drive Makes Computer Lock Up

I have an extra hard drive with some backups on it that i need to get to, no os anymore. Usually i leave it in a box unplugged. When i tried hooking it up last night it made itself the master drive, and so i couldn't start xp. It dosn't have a regular thing for changing from master to slave, so i don't know what to do?

I used to be able to start up xp with my main drive, then plug that one in and xp would automatically detect it, but now i scaned it with partition software and it has some errors in the fat, so i can't do anythng with it there. So when i'm in xp and i plug it in, the system just locks up untill i unplug it. It tries to detect the settings but can't i guess. So, how can i access this harddrive?

I was trying to run checkdisk on it but i think i need it on a disk i'm not too knowledgeable with dos.

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Computer Makes Clicking Noise - No Output To Monitor

I moved my computer in its original shipping box & styrofoam. It experienced freezing weather inside a moving truck along with everything else, and then spent a month in climate controlled storage upon arrival (from florida to nebraska). The pc was built by all american computers just before the company folded. It is a "purexs. "

I took it out and found the floppy drive was loose inside of it. Naturally, that concerned me. I had completely forgotten that when i installed it i didn't put screws in, just used the finger-tightness of the bay. It was secure enough to not move as i packed it, but apparently not secure enough for the long haul. I plugged everything in (dual dvi ports to the two ati x1900 xt's, power cable, mouse & keyboard) that it required to boot and powered it on. The fans all power on, and the 1st videocard fan cools down a bit as it's supposed to, but immediately there is a light clicking noise, quite rapid. The whole system lights up but the lcd monitor never registers any output - the light stays orange. The noise appears to be coming from the back of the motherboard near the power supply, which is actually inverted at the bottom of the case (due to the lian-li case's air circulation system). I slowed the back fan and tapped the cpu fan to see if that interrupted the noise at all, and it didn't. Yes, i know that's dangerous, but i've worked with plenty of computers - i don't hold the fan down a whole second, just slow it for less than a second - enough time to hear any change in the noise. While i'm a junior level pc & network technician (by trade i'm a web programmer and graphic designer - yes i draw freehand), at my old job i had tons of parts (not the caliber that is in this pc) and just swap out what's broken for what isn't, and in the worst case, repeat this several times until i find the offending part (usually i can tell).

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Computer Makes High Pitched Ringing Noise

I am extremely sensitive to high pitched noises, and my computer has started making one that is driving me insane. It is very slight, and i can only hear it from certain angles, but it is defiantly there and it will not go away. What i have tried:

- Restarting the machine (the sound went away when it turned off)

- Blocking every fan for a few seconds to see if they were making the noise (they are not)

- Tried listening for the sound with a tube to isolate the part making it (didn't help since tubes don't bounce sound very well) though i did find which area the component is in. I believe it is a part on the board making this noise, and that is making me even angrier since i do not understand how or why a part on the board can generate such a sound. Can anyone assist me in fixing this, i know there was another person who had this issue before, but his went away magically. Hopefully mine does too, but i wouldn't count on it. If it matters, i am using a foxconn blackops board.

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Computer Will Freeze Up

So i just recently built my new computer and i have this weird issue. It doesn't happen all the time, but every once in a while the computer will freeze up, the monitors will refresh, and then the background will be black and my mouse will move extremely slow. Every time i have to reboot before everything will be fine. My boot time is about 45 seconds to a minute. Is that average? Os running win 7 64 bit

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Computer Randomly Shut Off

Certain actions cause my computer to completely shutdown. Occasionaly going to a blue screen and sometimes not. The actions that cause this include playing certain video games, watching videos, and other actions. Regular web surfing does not cause a shutdown. Somebody mentioned to me that i could have fried my r. A. M or something. I really have no idea. My computer is a p4 with at least 256 ram maybe 512.

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Computer Going Into Stand By Randomly

I recently removed the old 20gb hard drive i was using and replaced it with an 80gb drive. Installed xp, my drivers, games, etc. Without any problem (also installed sp2, which i didn't have before). But then my computer started going into stand by (or it might be hibernation, it doesn't actually say) mode at random times, even when i'm using my computer. Of course first i checked the power options to make sure it wasn't set to go off. Then i checked the bios, and reinstalled my mobo and video card drivers. But none of that solved anything. My next thought was it could be the power supply, but i don't know how to check if the ps is going bad. Any suggestions on what else i could check to solve this.

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Computer Shutdown Randomly

I built my computer a few years ago and have had no problems (p4). Today it decided to shutdown randomly. I tried rebooting but it would turn on like it was going to start but bios would not post and it would shut down after about 5 seconds. My first inclination was that it was a failing power supply. Replaced that without any luck. The odd thing is that when i plug in both power components from the ps to the mobo it turns on and after five seconds turns off;

Yet, when i do not have the 12v 4pin plugged in, the computer stays running, although it does not load windows. I checked the ram, light on mobo is on, nothing smells fried, i'm hoping it is not the mobo.

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Computer Keeps Randomly Locking Up

I can be surfing the internet or listening to music and my computer keeps randomly locks up and when it does it i have to switch it off at the mains and back on again. I have tried removing the cmos battery, reinstalling windows. I have also tried a new power supply but still it makes no difference.

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Computer Randomly Turns On

My comp is possesed. (You would know if you have seen some of the other problems i have with this comp too)

So my computer more or less randomly turns on during the day or night. Sometimes when i get home from school it is on (nobody uses it, and the screen is like it should be when it first turns on)

Sometimes when i wake up in the morning it is on. The only partial logical explination i came up with is that sometimes when i turn stuff on such as my bedside lamp it will turn on. Im thinking this has somthing to do with. I dunno. A small surg of power going into the comp when turning the lamp off making the comp turn on. Only problem with that is that my comp is plugged into a battery. Also somtimes it will randomly turn on when i walk by it. Is my computer possesed?

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Computer Is Randomly Rebooting Itself

I was using my comp all day today with no problems. I started up eq2, and was ending some tasks which i always do. Now my computer is randomly rebooting itself constantly for the past 15 minutes, making a beep when it does. Any idea what the *** is going on with it?

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Computer Beep Then Freeze

My friends computer is acting weird. He says this happens on the net more than anything. He'll be surfing and then the computer gives out a single beep and then freezes. He has to shut it down and reboot and then its fine for awhile. But usually happens again in a hour or so. He's on dial-up if that makes a difference.could it be overheating? Some feedback would be appreciated. He says it happens mostly on the net but has happened during normal use.

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Computer Randomly Restart After About 1 Hour

I recently bought a new computer which set me back a bit. It is still covered by warranty so if i can't fix it im still safe. My computer will randomly restart after about 1 hour - 2hrs. I have checked my error logs and i get 2 errors that are consistant. I have googled for help but i can't find the exact errors anywhere. I don't think its overheating either because. Errors are as follow. Error 1

Source: system error
Catergory: (102)
Type: error event id: 1003


Error code 000000fe, parameter1 00000005, parameter2 865e70e0, parameter3 10de036c, parameter4 852b38d0. Error 2

Source: system error
Catergory: (102)
Type: error event id: 1003


Error code 10000050, parameter1 ae078c20, parameter2 00000001, parameter3 806e9b9a, parameter4 00000000.

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Computer Restarts And Freezes Randomly

I recently formatted my computer with xp and now its freezing and restarting randomly. I doubt that its a virus or trojan because there is nothing installed except the window updates. Before it restarts a blue error screen flashes, but it's too fast for me to see what it saids. My geforce 8800gtx idles at 70c, is that a normal temp? If you need any more info just ask.

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Computer Shuts Off Randomly, But Infrequently

I initially ran it with an antec 450w smartpower (pulled from a sonata ii). By march, the system had randomly shut down a 2 or 3 times on me. It's just a spare system and isn't being monitored constantly, so i haven't been able to see these crashes take place-i would come to the system, and it would be powered down. Hitting the power button brought it back, no questions asked. It seemed like the psu was the obvious culprit, so i swapped it for the thermaltake around this time. It had been rock solid since then, running 24/7 without a hitch. However, this afternoon, the same thing happened again. Does this sound like a defective motherboard, or do i just have bad luck with psus?

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Computer Randomly Shutting Off / Crashing

I've been having a bit of a problem with my new rig. I built it about 2 months ago (thanks to your guys' advice) and so far it has been working flawlessly, except for one thing. I have been getting completely random crashes, like someone pushed the power button on my rig. I'll just be doing something and "poof" the computer is off. Sometimes when this happens it will keep happening when i try to restart it at completely random intervals. Sometimes it will run for 30 seconds, and other times 5 minutes. I have reset the cmos multiple times to no avail. Here are my specs:

Evga x58 sli le int 1366
Diamond hd5850
Seagate 1tb hdd
Coolermaster haf-922 case
Antec truepower new 750w psu
Intel i7 920
Ocz ddr3 gold 6gb 1600

*** Is going on with my computer?

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Troubleshooting A Computer That Randomly Shuts Down

I am going to be troubleshooting what is causing my cousin's computer to shutdown randomly. Just looking for good ways to troubleshoot and what would most likely be causing it. Right now my main suspect is the psu, but i am still not 100% on that. The computer only shuts down when he was playing age of empires 3. Really the only game he plays, so i can't say if that game was the only one causing.could be anywhere from 5 minutes to a couple hours before it happened. I did do a few searches to see if it was just the game. I got a few hits (4500 on google), but it could just be people only playing that game at that time. I would find it odd if it was just aoe3 causing this too. Trouble shooting that i have done so far. I ran both orthos and furmark at the same on the computer for 30 minutes trying to see any over heating or if the computer crashed. I figured this was one of the most intensive test i could put on the computer. Nothing happened either. Gpu reported a temp of 75 *c max and cpu reported 50 *c max. Going to do a gaming session to see if anything happens next. Vga drivers are up to date. After running both orthos and furmark i am convinced there is not a heat issue at the moment anyway. I did not see any of the snow effect on the furmark rendering to show if the vga was dying. If the system does stop randomly on me i'll throw in my psu from my computer to see if the problem persists. Thoughts?

Intel e5200 @ 2. 5ghz no oc
Asus p5e x38 mb
8800 gts 512 w/ hr-03 cooler no oc
Ocz 600w psu
4gb of ddr2 ocz ram 800mhz no oc
Wd 640gb black hdd
Windows vista 64-bit

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Computer Restarts Randomly In Windows 7

This problem i'm having has utterly stumped me. I'm pretty pc tech savvy and i've gone through all the normal means to solve/resolve this problem but here it goes. I have a newly built (and recently rebuilt) system using 'some' of the same hardware (hd, mb and processor are the same, everything else is new) and i'm getting a restart issue that happens somewhat at random. I'll explain somewhat later but for the most part, its completely random and i do not get a blue screen of death. Anyways, the new computer specs are as followed. Specs:

-Windows 7 home premium 64-bit (fresh install)
-Intel core i5 processor 750 @ 2. 67ghz
-Msi p55-gd65 motherboard (stock/standard installation, no overclocking)
-2 ddr3-1333 2gig sticks of memory (4 total)
-Geforce gts 250 1gb ddr3 (upgraded from a geforce 8600 gtx 512meg)
-250gig maxtor hd

*Description of problem/history*

This restarting issue occurred soon after i upgraded my mainboard/processor/memory combination. (I don't get the bsod) the problem typically happens when i'm downloading something, browsing the net or using the avg virus scan feature.rarely happens when the pc is just idle. Note: using large programs such as photoshop, playing games like wow or oblivion typically do not trigger this restart problem. I can play for hours perfectly fine. But i can do a cold boot into windows, open firefox and look at one page on cnn and the pc restarts after a total of 4 minutes being on. Now, when the restart occurs, it just blanks the monitor for a few seconds and i see the boot screen again followed by a "do you want to boot into safe mode" screen afterwards. On occasion, the system will freeze instead of restart causing the speakers to blare static/white noise (this happens when i'm watching a dvd, avi file, youtube video, etc. ) And a forced reset is required. I have taken the following measures thus far. -Occasionally the date/time needs to be reset/fixed from a sudden restart. I've replaced the cmos battery with a new one with no resolve. -I've had the 2 ddr3 memory sticks tested 3 times using the vista memory tester at system start-up. Tests came back with no issues/errors. -Upgraded the older 550watt power supply to 650watt ps. No change

-Brand new mid-tower case with 2-220mm fans and 2-180mm fans with great circulation.core temp is steady around 110*f no change (pretty sure it was never an overheating issue)

-Called up msi tech support (still under warranty) and we performed a main-board bios update (no resolve) and a few system tests and the tech deemed the mb to be working as intended. I'm looking for any suggestions/tips or retracing any steps that i have missed in my quest to resolve this annoying issue. One tech site suggested that it could be the hard drive causing these problems but several system scans report that there are no bad sectors. I've attempted to us maxblast 5 to make a hd disk image and transfer to new 500gb hd. Image was created just fine but restart/freeze occurs every time on "restore" process. 6 months ago additional details *update*

Forgot to mention, i've disabled the "automatic restart" under system failure option. I'm running win7 with current patches/updates. I've ran a registry cleaner and cleaned things up a bit. All no resolve. Addition bit of information is that when my does does suddenly restart, the boot up takes longer than normal as the boot text has to slowly detect each of my 4 sata hard drives. After the final one, i see for a mere split second a system recovered error message that i have yet to time perfectly with the /pause/break/ key on my keyboard. 6 months ago: aniceto* video card is brand new *2 weeks old* yet problem has been present on both old/new card for approximately 4 months. I did perform a similar suggest memory cleaning test back in early jan but as stated above, problem occurred on a brand new mb, memory, processor purchase prior to it accumulating dust. Thanks for suggestions, got any more?

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Computer Randomly Restart During Games

While playing games such as call of duty 4 and world in conflict i can play for about 5 mins to 30 mins then my computer would randomly shut off and restart. The weird thing is that it plays fine in other games like crysis on high graphics and i can play for hours and have no problems. The cpu temperature is about 50-60c while playing and the gpu is about 70-80 does anyone know what the problem may be?


3. 00 ghz intel core 2 duo
Ati radeon hd3870x2
4gb ddr3 ram
500gb hard driver
Asus p5e3 mobo
650w power supply
Windows vista 64 bit

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Xoxide Mouse Cause Computer Freeze

My mouse wont work. Its that glowing one from xoxide, and every time i plug it in my computer freezes. Same thing with my backlit keyboard, the backlite function freezes anything. I know the products are ok because ive used them on my older hp computer. Im thinking it could be my motherboard, because it has some problems with onboard sensors already. Anyone know if i can fix it? Or is it completely non-motherboard related?

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Dvd R / Rw Drive Cause Computer Freeze

I recently changed cases to the antec 900 since it had more fans and better cooling. I didn't change any hardware except for my power supply (500w to a 550w). I connect everything back up, and my dvd drive doesn't work. The symptoms are as follows. I can put a cd or a dvd in there, and it locks up my pc. It locks up everything but my mouse. I can move my mouse around, but cannot click anything. When i eject the cd or dvd, my computer unfreezes. I do not have to reboot. While the cd or dvd is in there, i can do nothing, but once i eject it, everything else is fine again. I know it is not the ide cables, as it does this with 2 different cables. It smells like a driver issue, but i tried uninstalling both the dvd rom drive and the ide controllers and rebooting to let windows reinstall the drivers, and neither of these attempts fixed the problem. Anyone have any ideas? The dvd drive is a sony dru-800a, and it is the only drive connected to the secondary ide channel. My hard drive is on the primary ide channel. I have no other devices connected to the ide channels. The only other thing i changed when i had my computer in the old case was the 3. 5in floppy drive. I didn't feel the need to install it with the new case.

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Usb Causing Computer To Freeze

I want to start off saying that i feel really dumb about posting this question. I have worked on and off in the it field for the last 14 years and this one is stumping me. I guess you could say that my skills have started to rot away. I have a slack data analyst position and have turned a screw driver on a computer is like a year. Mmmm brain beginning to mush. Here is my dilemma and i have googled it to no result. My neighbor has a home built machine that she has been having problems with since it was built last year. I didn't build it, but being a nice enough neighbor i thought i would lend her a helping hand. The computer has an asus m2n68-vm mainboard. This specific version does not have the dvi or hdmi built in. Surprising how all google searches point directly to that board. The person who built it installed a x64 5000+, a 7300 gs video card, 4gb ram, 80gb hard drive, and a cheap lite-on dvd drive. If i remember right, she paid 1k for it may-ish 2009. Ha ha, but i digress. So here is the problem. The neighbor claims that since november, the computer randomly freezes up when inserting a flash drive or when connecting her easyshare camera to the front usb ports on the front of this custom tower. She claims that she hasn't had the problem before that. So i take a look at the computer. It is not just the front ports. It is all ports. When the computer freezes it locks the keyboard and mouse. Explorer seems to be frozen completely. Its not every time a device is plugged in. Anyone have any ideas?

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Wireless Network Freeze My Computer

When i use my computer, sometime, my computer freeze. It's not like i can only move the mouse but all my computer and it's append like 1 to 2 sec. And after it's d freeze like it never append. Before i use my d-link dwl-520+, it never append but now, it's like one time an hour, it's do this. Can someone help me?

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Catalyst 6.9 - Computer Freeze / Lockup

I still cannot get this thing stable. Once i install win64 and load mobo drivers it is fine. But when i load the video drivers or catalyst 6. 9 my computer will freeze/lockup and then will reboot itself. Sometimes i have to push the reset button cause it will freeze after it reboots. But if i remove the drivers or catalyst it works fine. I called ati and powercolor they say mobo not working right. But when i call dfi they say video card. But then i was told to run memtest. I ran memtest last night with 2x512 samsung cas 2. 5 3200 and right away i had errors then i tried my 2x512 kingston cas 3 3200 ran that all night this morning the screen was flashing white. Does that mean it passed or failed? Then i tried the test again . After 1:12 seconds an error occurred. Tried it again just found out alot of errors. Do you guys think its the memory that is messing me up or the mobo or video?

Dfi lanparty ut rdx200 crossfire amd 64 3500

1- 300 gig sata maxtor
1- dvd plextor rewritable
2x512 kingston cas3 3200 ddr memory
1- power color ati x800gto 256mb 256 interface 12 pipes
Windows xp 64 bit

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Computer Is Randomly Opening / Closing Windows

I seem to have a very annoying, blood boiling problem, my computer is randomly opening/closing windows, mainly windows media player and help (any help, depending on what program i'm using, as if i were to press f1). It also randomly types "-64" or that in different combinations such as "6444444444" like a repetitive keystroke. When these things occur my system sounds a high pitched bleep, as it would if alot of keys were pressed at once. It has even deleted text i have written, and i find myself having to copy text, so if i loose it i can paste it back in. It looked to me like a virus, but i've ran norton full sys' scan and no viruses were found, i doubted it would be a virus anyway because i reformatted my hard drive very recently and the comp has only been online for about 4 days after the reformat (only sites visted were google, gmail, ebay, microsoft). The reason i think it has something to do with my keyboard is because of the evidence i've picked up such as repetive keystrokes, key bleeps etc. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what the problem could be?

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