Keyboard Keys Do Not Work

For some odd reason my keyboard is not working correctly. Whenever i try to get a capital(hold shift) it does something else. When i push l key its logs out. And more of this stuff, its almost as if i had a multi-functional keyboard from logitech which has these options. But its a keyboard without these features. Does anybody know if there is something in xp which can do this?

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Hp Laptop Keyboard Keys Wont Work

I have a hp laptop which i often used almost every day, then i went on vacation and didn't use it for two weeks. Today i turned it on to find out that some of keys also use an other letter along with it for example when i want to use the letter "h" this happens "nh", for "g" its "bg" and switch it around for "n" and "b".

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Compaq Presario C700 Keyboard Keys Don't Work After Restart

My compaq presario c700 has recently developed an annoying fault. If the laptop shuts down when not used, when you restart it, the keyboard often (but not always) has many keys that don't work. It is the same keys each time that don't work. No combination of shift, fn, alt, control, windows, or alt seem to help. The computer will still function normally if i used the "on-screen keyboard" or if i plug in a usb external keyboard. After using the "on-screen keyboard" or the usb keyboard for about 5 or 10 minutes, the internal keyboard then works again. It only fails on a restart. It never fails once the machine is going. Any suggestions? This is a stock standard machine with vista.

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Keys Wont Work

Im at work and my boss was just closin a program and suddenly the only keys that work are the windows key, caps lock, scroll lock. None of the functional keys like the letters or even enter key will work, additionally when clicking on the different icons they will be highlited and then you can continue clicking additional icons and they will also be highlighted. The computer is running on windows 2000 and i'm wondering if this is a common problem or if anyone is familiar with any practical ways to fix it.

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Keyboard, Only Able To Press Two Keys At Once

I've been playing a couple of games latly, and noticed my keyboard won't let me use more than 2 or sometimes 3 inputs at the same time. Anyone know how i could fix this, or change this? Preferably without buying a new keyboard.

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Removing Keys From A Keyboard

Removing keys from a keyboard, how do you do it? The 3 and e key on my saitek eclipse ii have been acting up. I want to try removing them and resetting them into position.

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Keyboard Keys Swapped

I purchased a new siemens fujitsu computer preloaded with winxp pro on. However a problem i'm having is that my @ and " are swapped around. But if you release the shift key
2 and ' are correct. Is there any setting or something i can do to correct this problem? I have tried another keyboard and it's still the same.

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How To Use Keyboard With French Keys ?

I was given an new laptops with a french acer keyboard and i cant even use the question mark. How do i find out how to use the keys.

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Keyboard Keys Are Not Functioning Properly

On the google website or any other site, where one has to type a query, when i type a word with the letter a, i.e. When i press the key 'a', it behaves like the backpage key. When i highlight a sentence, and press left control key and c to copy the highlighted text, just pressing the left control key, the sentence gets replaced by a open aphostrope. Is my keyboard hijacked by spyware?

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Paint Over G15 Keyboard Keys

My keys for the g15 keyboard are starting to wear. Several of the keys have started to wear the black covering off. Though this doesnt affect functionality, it looks really bad. Is it possible to paint over it with a more durable paint, and if so, what are the fonts used on the keyboard so i can make masks. On a side note, i've been toying with the idea of changing the lighting in my keyboard, from all blue, to sections being different colors, like the qwerty and standard buttons being blue, the f keys being red, number pad being something else etc. Is that possible/how much power can i draw from the usb?

And another note, has anyone ever been able to change the lcd screen in the keyboard. I like the current one, but the response rate is complete crap and blurrs too much when i run custom profiles. And id like to have a finer res screen.

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Keyboard Keys Does Not Response Correctly

This is strange, i've used this keyboard for years until recently, it acts so weird, the 'a' key and the '1' key and tab as well does not responce correctly. i.e. I have to pressed it several times in order to get a character after that it works fine, but later it happens again, really annoys me. I have just format my disk and installed windows 2000, that was not the cause right?

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Keyboard Malfunctioning, Some Keys Stuck

My keyboard on my tower seems to some stuck keys on it (namely z x y c v), and i really need it to work. I never needed any drivers or anything, and it's a generic ps/2 keyboard i got for 10 bucks. Whacking it against the desk worked last time this happened, but so far no beans. My other option is to use my original apple imac keyboard. I tried plugging it in, and it works for about 10 seconds, cuts out, and comes back again, and this keeps on repeating. What are my options? I really need to get this working again, so i can use my pc.

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Keyboard Keys Changed / Switched

My keyboard keys have kinda switched. I havent done anything to it, and it's not all the keys, here is some examples:

" Is now @
@ Is now "
# Is now |
| Is still |

I have lost a pound sign, and the button next to the 1 key. Can someone help me?

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Keyboard With Lighted / Glow Keys

I'm looking for a keyboard that has the keys or number/letters glow so i can use it in low light situations ?

Anyone know of a good cheap one ?

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Setup Keys On Extra Keyboard

This may be a challenging problem, but i am trying to set up a second keyboard (usb) that does functions as if the entire thing was a new set of function keys (f-keys). They must still stick to normal keyboard interrupts though, so using a com port or a game port would not work for me here. I was wondering if there's a good way to add on a control+alt to whatever i press, only on the second keyboard. For example, if i hit the 5 key on the second keyboard, i would like my computer to receive control+alt+5. A hardware solution here would be just as good as a software solution, but it must work for a usb keyboard.

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Change Keys On Hp Ku-0841 Keyboard

How can i change the f1 - f12 keys on an hp keyboard (ku-0841)? I want to change the different keys on top (f1, f2, f3 etc) to open different programs. There's a fn key on the bottom, and i thought it might have something to do with it. It's a basic keyboard that came with a new pc, but no instructions or cd, and there's nothing on hp website about it.

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Keyboard Keys Press At Same Time Limitations

I've played games on cheap keyboards where i can only press so many keys at the same time, etc: go forward, duck, walk, strafe, jump etc. On a cheap keyboard i can only walk forward & strafe & duck, so if i try to jump, i can't because i'm pressing too many keys at the same time. Is there a program that will light up the buttons (like winxp joystick calibration) so i can see how many buttons i can hit at the same time? Or what keyboards will allow me to press more buttons?

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Keyboard Keys Are Sticky And Hard To Press Down

Well green tea to be exact. And now the e and s keys are sticky and hard to press down. Literally just a few drops. I immediately turned the keyboard upside down and started banging on it to get it out, but i guess it just wasn't good enough. It's a saitek eclipse ii. Should i attempt to take it apart? Or do the keys pop off somehow, and if so, what tools would i need to pull them without damaging anything? Or am i just completely screwed?

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Certain Keyboard Keys Not Working After System Bootup

Once i start my system and after booting up, some keys (especially the backspace key, the 'n' key, the arrow keys) don't seem to work. After a couple of minutes all keys start functioning normally. This problem is occuring for the past few days only. What might be the reason for the occurence of the problem and how can it be solved?

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Pushing 2 Keys At Once In Games - Keyboard Problem

I just got a saitek eclipse 2 keyboard and for some reason it doesn't register pushing 2 keys at once. Like in xfire it requires you to push 2 keys to talk in game. And like in fear to slide tackle someoen it requires you to use 2 keys. And i cant do that. Is that just the keyboard or is there a way i can fix this?

Edit, actually i jsut noticed i can push controll alt delete and it have task manager pop up. And i can push alt tab to get out of games. So idk whats wrong. It still doesnt work in game.

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Sidewinder X6 Keyboard And Media Keys Problem

Im having a slight problem with my keyboard's media keys. Basically it went like this:

- I had winamp installed.
- I installed intellitype software 7. 0 (the driver for the kb)

- All worked just fine, i could skip tracks, and play pause anytime, anywhere, just like i should be able to.

- I upgraded winamp to the latest version.

- Now the media keys work only when winamp is the active window. Any other than that, and they don't work at all. Though mute and the volume knob work just fine. When i go to winamp > preferences > global hotkeys.

I can see that the actions the media keys should be bound to, have a red x next to them, and even though i tried setting them manually, nothing happens. If as if the keys are not registering properly, or something. I realize i could use the global hotkeys and just be done with it (which is what im doing in the meantime) but its kind of pointless to do that, seeing as i have the media keys right there, id really like to sort this out and use all the potential of the keyboard.

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Keyboard With Dedicated Macro Keys And Backlighting

What keyboards are out there with dedicated macro keys, backlighting and good macro software for under $50 new? I already know of the common ones like the razer's, logitech g15, sidewinder x6, etc.

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Keyboard Keys Are Messed Up - Get Unknown Letters

When i use my keyboard some of the keys are messed up. For example when i push the colon, semicolon button i get these unknown letters / characters '. When i want this & instead of shift 7 i have to push shift 6. This has just recently started. Is there a way to fix this?.

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Dell Sk-8135 Keyboard Keys Not Working

I bought one of these keyboards a while ago. Dell sk-8135. When i got it, a number of keys barely worked. I say barely because if you held them in for a while, or just bashed them around a alot, you would eventually get a keystroke out of them. So i got a replacement sent to me, and it played happily for 2 months or so. Now, the new one is doing it too! It's doing it to these keys:
E, r, i, o. On the old one, i remember it doing it to the d and l keys as well. It's such a pain. If you bear with it for a while, eventually it will fix itself. I don't get it, as trying other models of keyboards, i have no problems, but this model just doesn't want to play nice. There are no drivers available for it, and i've tried re-installing the current ms drivers. Also tried another usb port. Any suggestions?

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Keyboard Keys Stick When Playing Games

Since i upgraded to service pack 3 (winxp), i've been having some issues regarding my keyboard. I must notice that when i upgraded to sp3, i also upgraded my whole cpu. Whenever i'm playing, sometimes the keys "stick", but not physically. Example: i'm playing battlefield 2, and i'm moving around as usual, but then i release the left key, and my character keeps going to the left, when the key itself is in it's idle position. I need to press once again left to "unbug" the character. It happens with different frequencies. Although it's not constant, it does happens a moderate ammount of times whenever i'm playing. For some reason, this doesn't seems to happen in windows (messenger for example).

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Laptop Keyboard Keys Stop Working

Has any one come across a problem with laptop leyboards were 4 or 5 keys on different rows just stop working? The laptop in question is a samsung vm8000 series.

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Keyboard Keys Need To Be Pressed Down Hard To Operate

I'm trying to find out whats wrong with my keyboard. A small section (keys 0 p - [ ' ; namely) have become temperamental. Sometimes they work ok sometimes they need to be pressed down hard to operate. I have bought a new keyboard and that seems to have done nothing to correct the situation, so can't be the keyboard itself. Is this a hardware or software issue? Any help with this would be much appreciated!

Ps. Laptop is 3 years old hi spec, hand built cl - 51. Dual boot, for music applications. Worked fine til a few months ago.

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Hp Pavilion Dv9000 Keyboard Keys Not Working

Hp pavilion dv9000 keyboard keys not working. So i got my sisters old laptop because she bought a new one. This is an old model but im just gonna use it till i get a new one. But i took it apart to look at the fan because the fan isn't working properly, and once it was together certain keys aren't working. If you can help please let me know. It was fine before i took it apart. But it is back together perfectly!

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Keyboard Scan Codes Are Wrong - Keys Are Switched

My keyboard is really messed up. Keys are switched or not working at all. I downloaded keytweak and have come to find out that some of the keyboard scan codes are wrong. For instance, the "n" key should have a scan code of 51 but it scans as 7. So when i press the "n" key it types the number 6. Anybody know how i can fix this?

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Small Keyboard For Games With Customizable Macro Keys

Need suggestions on keyboard to buy, i recently brought back to the shop the microsoft natural ergonomic keyboard 4000 'cause i hated the keys separation for the zoom function (totally useless for me). I play alot of pc games, so if possible, customizable macro keys could be a nice addition. But i don't want a big keyboard, nothing like the gigantic g15 which is 21 inches. So, i'd like your advice on what "gamer" keyboard to buy, one that is small, well, less then 20 inches.

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