Restoring Home Internet

I'm running off of windows vista and a quest dsl modem. If it helps the model is an "actiontec model gt701" i use mozilla firefox because windows explorer doesn't seem to work at all. When i try to use windows explorer the page just doesn't load. No prompts no nothing. Just sits there. When i try to access mozilla firefox i get prompted with a message that basically reads "unable to connect; cannot establish connection to server at en-us. Start3." then it suggests that the site is busy/unavailable and to check network connections. Then it says to make sure firefox is allowed to get past any firewalls or "proxy" (i don't know what that is). Now i have done just about everything i can think of to reconnect to the internet (i'm at a public library right now if you're wondering). The closest to a solution i have found is that apparently my modem is not compatible with windows vista. Which is bs because i was online 4 hours just yesterday. This all came about when firefox asked me to make some updates, which i did and immediately afterwards i was no longer able to get online. That's that if that's all you guys need to know great. But if you need to know what i have already done: i've restarted the computer. I've ran diagnostic over diagnostic. Apparently my modem is connected just fine to the local server i just can't get firefox or windows explorer to work. I even created an alternate user on my computer.

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Connect To Home Internet Connection At Work

How can i connect to my home internet connection at work? What i am wanting to do is connect to just my cable internet at home, i don't want to connect to a computer at home to browse the network for files or anything i just want the home internet connection. Is there anyway to set up a vpn type connection to your home connection without tying up a machine at my house? In essence i want to be able to go to work with my laptop leaving my other computer at home and my cable internet on and be able to connect my laptop to my cable internet at home. Is it possible?

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Set Internet Connection At Home As A Preferred Connection

Is there anyway set my internet connection at home as a preferred connection? I have a mac. When i'm at home i want it to automatically connect my my internet signal here (sometimes my computer tries to connect to my neighbors signal) anyone know how?

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Restoring Usb Ports

I spilled water on my pda charger and chip reader. I immediately pulled plugs out of ports. I did not safely remove plugs, as i found out later. How can i restore the ports so i can hot sync my pda and read chip from my digital camera?

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Restoring Network Time Synchronization To Dc

I have 3 dcs on my domain (dc1, dc2, dc3). One is primary (dc1), and the others are only backups, set up to failure in the event that the primary fails. I was having some issues today due to time synchronization problems. I ran the dos command "net time" on one of the workstations on the domain, and it came back telling me to current time on dc3. Now, i only have dcs 1 and 2 set up to work as time servers, so i have a feeling that my time issue was because the network was viewing dc3 as the time server, and it wasn't set up to do the job. Is there a command that i can run to restore this function to the correct dc?

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Dell Inspiron 530 Restoring

How to return my dell inspiron 530 computer to, just when it was out of the box with just the basic programs it came with n everything. Ive seen others ask how to do this with other pcs so i hope i can do it with mine. N will it erase everything else off the hard drive or will it just put it in a separate file that does nothing but take up space. Answer:- start pressing ctrl and f11 together as soon as you switch on, until the option for factory image/restore comes up on the screen.

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Limited To No Connectivity After Restoring To Factory Settings

I restored my dell to factory settings and everything was fine. I was trying to get my d-link antenna to work. I pulled out the air card while the computer was on and i'm wondering if i screwed something up. Everything seems to work fine except i cannot get onto the internet directly. I tried all the basic fixes like shutting down the cable modem and router and putting them back on. My laptop connects fine and the ethernet cable is fine. I tried repairing it going through network connections and that did nothing.

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Restoring Laptop Back To Factory Settings

I think my laptop (acer 7720g) has got a virus because it freezes everytime i click the internet explorer icon to enable me to connect to the web. I have been advised by some of my friends to restore my laptop back to the factory settings, and in this way i could get rid of the virus. I shall be grateful if some one can kindly answer the following questions -

1. Would restoring the laptop back to factory settings get rid of the virus and enable me to connect to the internet as normal?

2. If so, how do i restore the company settings?

2. I have also been advised that there is no disc/cd available by which i can restore the laptop to the factory settings and that windows vista has an in built feature for doing this? Is that true? If so, how do i go about using it?

3. Finally, once i get my laptop up and running, i am thinking of putting on norton 360 anti virus. In your opinion, is this good anti virus software?

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Restoring Whs Drive Pool Partition On 1tb

I wanted a file off of my 1tb drive, hooked drive to buddy's whs machine, told the drive manager to import, accidentally double clicked when i should have single clicked, saw formatting drive, yanked power cord and partition appears to be gone. How to i recover it? This is 1/2 drives in the storage pool, and it was completely full. Format operation maybe got 3 seconds into it, but enough to nuke the partition. I think i will likely just need a partition recovery tool, but one that can do whs storage pool drives.

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Seagate 1.5tb Drive Died - Restoring Data

My backup external drive (a seagate 1. 5tb 7200. 1 with the newest firmware) has gone from slow to not working. I tried scandisk and watched it fail. It was a backup of my main system as well as auxiliary storage. Windows sees the drive but cannot read from it. Is there any software out there that will allow me to recover some of the lost data?

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Will Restoring Sony Vaio Vgn-nr260e C: Drive Delete Information ?

Will restoring the c: drive on my sony vai vgn-nr260e delete my information? When i turn it on it gives me the black screen of death with a cursor. I managed to get to the vaio recovery center. Will restoring c: drive delete my info?

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Home Networking

Because of a recent hazardous problem with my os i was forced to format and reinstall. I have two pc's connected via switch. I have a problem setting the network between my 2 pc's. The internet connection is ok on both pc's but sharing the data is not. In some cases(i've tried a lot of them) i can't either ping one of the pc's or both of them. Can someone tell me what option to use from the networking wizard. The one that seems logic is the fourth option from the wizard(this computer connects to the internet directly or through a network hub. Other computers on my network also connect to the internet directly or through a network hub) but when i use it some warning comes out about internet connection firewall and says that this option is not recommended. I have also tried the second option but that doesn't seem to work too. Can someone tell me what's the right combination?

P. S. I use wxp

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Home Network

I got bored, and started looking at things on that i can't yet afford, and got to the switches section. I immediately got very confused by the choices i had, unmanaged, managed, and smart. Luckily, wikipedia serves, and i decided i'd get an unmanaged, but i'd like a managed. (I like getting my paws sticky with things like options menus and programming languages on computers, and building models out of k'nex from instructions. Aren't i adventurous with life?)

Now, my idea of a switch is probably far from the real life box itself; i see it as a magic box, that i can plug my router into (the ethernet port on the back of my bt homehub junk) and my xbox 360, and my printer, and my computer, or whatever, and they'll all be magically connected, somehow, and my 360 can access xbawks live through the router, and media share from my pc, and my pc can be connected to the internet, and use the printer, etc. Is this possible?

Another reason i wanna have one, would be to (please don't laugh) set up a small tournament on xboxes, where, like, seven people bring their xboxes and tvs, and plug all the xboxes into the switch, and then be all like: "host gaem lol" on one xbox, and it'll turn up in the hosts list on the other xboxes. Would that work with a switch?

Specifically for the latter, i want to know whether i should go for 10/100, or gigabit (why is it gigabit, not gigabyte? I'm a noob). I'd like lowest latency possible, in competitive environments. What brands should i avoid, too?

I forget the other questions i had. Edit: nas! That's what else i wanted to ask about. I wanna stick some nas on the switch, too. And possibly a media streamer. Would that work? Would they see each other?

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How Can I Salvage Xp Home Install ?

I have this emachine computer i'm working on for someone. I was installing a new video card in it, something i've done a million times before. When i turned the computer back on, it used the new vid card just fine, posted, then nothing. The bios all of a sudden sees no drives whatsoever. I removed the card, tried re-seating ram, cards, etc. Same thing. I'm thinking i might have bent some capacitor or something. The computer posts at first, but upon reboot does not with no screen activity. If i reset the bios with the mobo jumper and reboot the computer, it posts, but again acts totally dead after reboot. In no case am i getting any hard drive detection or activity. I also tried switching ide cables and power supply cables but no dice there either. The mobo is basically fried. The person i'm fixing this computer for isn't mad at all though, he wanted a new computer anyway. The problem i'm having is i need to swap out the hard drive from the broken computer into the new computer he'll be buying. This is a computer being used in a business and the old it consultant they had was a mess. We can't find cds and software, so i'm basically stuck, i need to run the old drive in the new computer. The old computer was running windows xp home. If it was xp pro, then i could do a repair install, but xp home does not have this option does it? At least i don't think it did the last time i checked. The other problem is that the old computer didn't come with an xp home cd, just a recovery cd, which will not run on anything but that emachine computer. So my dilemna is, how can i get the old drive that has a working install of windows xp home to boot up and run on a new computer, without any xp cds? Is there some utility out there that i can boot from, burn to a cd, that will get xp home to re-detect all devices at boot up? Right now when i try to boot the drive on another computer, a 1yr. Old hp, windows crashes before the loading screen even comes up, no matter which safe mode or normal option i try after pressing the f8 key at boot up.

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Xp Home And Maximum Ram

Running xp home sp2 and have 2gb of ram installed, wanted to add another 1gb to have 3gb total of ram, thing is i have been hearing that xp will not support ram at the 3gb amount or higher, if thats thats. Not cool, since i have an asus p5b dlx that supports 8gb. So question is does anyone have 3gb installed or higher using xp home os. And does xp recognize it? And at what amount of ram does xp home stop recognizing.

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Using Old Laptop As Home Server

I have an old laptop with windows xp on it and would like to use it as a print server, music server and a network drive for backups and to store photos on. We have a wireless home network; a printer (currently wired to one laptop); three laptops including the old one (one is a mac); apple tv and an iphone. It would be awesome if we could plug the old laptop into the printer and then print from the other computers. It would also be cool if i could plug an external hard drive into the old laptop and use it as a network drive (for backups, photos and torrent downloads). The main hard drive on the old laptop seems ok but i don't really trust it. Finally it would also be great if we could install itunes on it and access it from the apple tv and the other laptops. I believe this is possible but have no idea how to do it. I've seen a few useful guides on the internet but nothing that explains the basics of the project in simple enough terms for an idiot like me to understand. For example- how do you keep the laptop on 24/7 with the lid closed? Or will it sleep and wake needed? How do we stop the neighbors from accessing any shared drives? At the moment we just turn the computers on and they go; there are no passwords or accounts.

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Does Xp Home Supports Dual Core ?

Does it? I heard that it will only run as a single core, what a waste.

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Home Server Hardware Requirements

I am looking to buy a server for my home and i dont really know what hardware i really need to do this. Here is what i want to do. I want a central location to store all of my files. I am a photographer and i end up with about 750gb - 1tb per year of data. I really only need the last 2 years of data available to share. The rest i would archive. From this central location i want to be able access these files from any one of 3 machines - all running xp. I want all of my application to reside on these 3 machines such that the server is really just a storage device. I would like the server to act as a print server also, so i dont have to install printer software on each machine as i have now. I have no interest in accessing any of these files outside of my little home network. I do not want this to be a web server either.

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Guide To Networking Xp Pro And Xp Home

Guide to networking xp pro and xp home. I've seen many posts with people having problems networking xp home and xp professional computers. After reading a request in a recent thread, i figured what the ***! Why not!? I tried to make this as graphic as possible so n00bs can see the full picture. If you have any questions, comments, or criticisms, please let me know!

Windows xp home and professional have a mindset of their own when it comes to networking. While xp pro has many advanced networking features, it may cause some problems when trying to network the two editions of windows together. In this tutorial, you will learn how to quickly and effectively network the two editions together so you can share files and printers with ease, regardless of which edition you are accessing. To start on the right track, make sure you are familiar with the following terminology:

A workgroup is a simple grouping of computers designed to help users find computers, files, printers, and other network resources with ease. Workgroups do not offer any centralized user or computer management as found in domains. For example, you could have three workgroups labeled: finance, marketing, hr. All computers performing finance tasks would be in the finance workgroup, marketing computers in the marketing workgroup, etc. This makes it much easier to narrow your search for a particular resource. In addition to naming workgroups, computers are also given names . A computer's name is a relatively short label describing that computer. If your name is tom then you might call that computer "tomspc". Try to avoid meaningless names like "pc1" or "computer" as it may cause some confusion when searching for a particular computer (like when browsing a workgroup). Try to avoid using the same computer name on your network as it can cause communication problems. A firewall is a piece of hardware or software designed to permit or deny connections to or from remote computers. Firewalls are primarily used to prevent traffic from accessing a network resource. For example, if you have a firewall enabled on your computer and you want to allow other computers to access your computer, you must configure your firewall to accept those connections. Otherwise, none of the remote computers will be able to connect. Windows xp has a built-in firewall for your convenience. An ip address is similar to a computer name except it is composed of four sets of numbers: 192. 168. 100. 25 (for example). Like computer names, ip addresses are unique to that individual device. If your computer is connected to a router, then you computer will receive its address automatically from the router. Should you want to, you can manually change a computer's ip address. Part 1:

Now that we are a little familiar with those terms, it is time to start sharing files! Before we do anything else, make sure you are logged in as an administrator on each computer. On each computer, do the following:

Go to start then click on the control panel icon. When the window opens, double-click the system icon. When the system properties box open, click the computer name tab. For this example, i am naming the xp home machine "home" and the xp pro machine "pro"; but, you can use any names of your choosing. I will also be a member of the workgroup "test". To change a computer's name and/or workgroup, click the change button. When you are finished making the necessary changes, click ok. You will be prompted to restart the computer in order to apply the changes. Just click ok. Now, click ok on the system properties box. You will be prompted to restart the computer. Click yes on each machine.

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Why Are Uploaded Home Videos So Dark ?

Why are my uploaded home videos so dark? I love to upload home videos of my son onto you tube and facebook. They are so dark when uploaded, you can't see anything :( anyone know why? It's making me sad. I want to share my videos, that's why i got the camera.

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Connect Two Routers On Same Home Network

Can i connect two routers on the same home network? I have a computer with the router right next to it. Then i have an xbox 360 console on my second floor. I am having trouble connecting my xbox to the internet because of the walls and floor in between them. I have a few old working routers and wanted to know if i could connect both routers together, but keep them on the same home network. If so, is there a way i can connect them wirelessly? Like i said, the router and xbox are on different floors.

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Port Forwarding - Windows Home Server

One thing about windows home server is really starting to tick me off. The ip address of my whs is 192. 168. 1. 50. I'm sitting in my living room, open a browser window and navigate to the address. It seems that i must enable "remote access" in order to be able to access the server's web page, which makes sense. However, when i enable remote access, it goes through a setup wizard, making sure that it's reachable from within the network, then performs a upnp check on the router, then attempts to open ports in the router so that it's available to the outside world, then starts to set up a domain name. No way in *** do i want that. I want to be able to reach the page from within my own network, but i don't want anyone on the outside to be able to see my information. So now, even though i check the box to ignore the warning, i'm periodically warned by the network health panel that it was unable to set up port forwarding in my router. Good, because i don't want it to. How do i get it to stop trying to configure my router while still maintain the ability to access the web interface from within my network?

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Using A Usb Irda Interface For Home Remote

I don't know if this actually belongs here because it's more of a hybrid question/application. I bought a usb-1510 (cables unlimited) usb-to-infrared device to play with. My idea was to possibly use this device to control some sound equipment in the same room as my computer. The s/w that came with the product appears to be specifically designed for doing irda communications (works well with my palm. Does anyone have any experience or know of any s/w or shareware that would allow me to use this (kind of) device in an ir remote application?

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Audiovox Dvd Home Theater Problem

My audiovox home theater dvd player won't play some of my dvds. On it's little screen it goes to 0:02 and then stops. I put a different disc in and it goes to 0:02 and then says bypass and starts playing. It does this on 2 that i can think of chicken little and the wild. I have a lot that do this. I put them in my computer and the work fine. Any ideas?

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Connect To Home Computer From School Using Vpn

How to connect to my home computer from school using a vpn? I currently have my home computer set up on windows 7. The computers at school also use windows 7. My home network doesn't have a server or anything so i can't set up access through that. What i would like to know (because i have read some saying you can and others saying you can't, and tried unsuccessfully) is if i can connect using just a vpn, i would prefer not to use any software. If this can be done without any a detailed explanation would be loved, and if not a good trustworthy download would be much appreciated.

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Hp Printer Wont Print Through Home Network

I have a hp pcs 1400 series printer, it's set up through my home network and was working fine for me every time before. The printer is on but for some reason the status is "offline" the computer its connected to is on and running and all the cords are connected.could it be that i just have to reconnect the printer? And i already tried turning the printer on and off, and it prints fine from the desktop computer but not my laptop.

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Secure Connecting To Network While Working From Home

What are the secure options for connecting to the work network while working from home i.e. Teleworking? I would like to telework from home permanently. This would require me to be logged onto the network at the office all day so that i can get mails, work on files etc. What are the secure options for doing this. Would i connect directly to a computer physically at the office using one of these programs like logmein or could my computer at home log onto the network at work like any other computer at the office.

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Ipod Wont Connect To Home Network

My ipod won't connect to my home network. Let's say the name is "toby" well, i always used our old connection that doesn't have a passcode cause it wouldn't let me enter our home network. Like it wouldn't even let me try to type the password. So then about a month ago it let me type in the password for toby, and it allowed me in. I was using the internet on my ipod last night, and then it stopped working this morning. After i type in the password for "toby" it says "unable to join the network 'toby'" what do i do?

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Http / Https Home Server Problem

I recently bought and tried to set up the hp media smart home server lx195, only to figure out that my isp blocks port 80 incoming connections. My isp is cox communications in arizona. I spent days trying to figure out how to work around port 80 blocks. I finally found this article which helped me. It had me assign a static ip to the homeserver, port forwarded port 80 incoming into the hs, assigned a static ip to my router, and set up a dyndns ip redirect from my custom domain. Everything ended up working great! There's just one problem (as usual). Whenever i got into my home server, the address was http:*mydomainname*.net. So far so good. When i clicked log on for remote access to home server, the address changed to https:*mydomainname*.netemote. It should have been ok except for the fact that it changed to https and locked me out and i lost connection to the website. I tried changing the adress to http:*mydomain*.netemote and it said that "this website requires secure (https) connection". That's my story. My question: is there a way to fix the https to go to http? If there is another fix for the port 80 block workaround or something else, feel free to tell me.

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How Important Is Ecc Ram For A Home File Server ?

I'm getting ready to upgrade my servers hardware and was wondering how important is ecc ram for a home file server? Does it even matter?

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