Can Intel Certified Ram Run On Amd System?

I'm putting together a computer for the first time and i have ordered 4gb of 2000mhz corsair dominator gt ram. Unfortunately, the ram is "supposedly" certified for intel processors using a xmp profile, not bemp. However, i have read some forums claiming that it does not really matter but i'm still not really sure. My current build involves a amd 1090t cpu and a asus crosshair iv formula, my main question is if the ram can still run at the same rated speed and timings on my amd system? If there are any problems, what can i do to solve them?

It would be greatly appreciated if steps or a guideline is shown so i can correctly install and run my ram if there is a problem. This is the link for the ram: http://www.Newegg. Ca/product/product.aspx?Item=n82e16820145317

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Dvd Encoding Speed, Amd 32bit Vs Amd 64bit System

I'm going to upgrade my computer after christmas and not sure what to do. That's where you fine folks come in. I'm only a medium gamer. But i'm stuck between up grading my computer from my present computer amd barton 2500+ oced to 2. 2 with an abit nf7-s v2 with 512mb of kingston hyperx pc400 and a g-force 4 ti-4400 video card. Now my choices are to go with a better video card and the one i'm thinking is the g-force 6800 gt. Or upgrading my system to a 64 bit amd. Which would be amd 3200+ socket 939-90nm cpu with maybe the msi neo 2 but not sure with the mobo. Now i'm not a real heavy every day gamer so i'm leaning towards the 64 bit system. I do alot of copying my own dvds and i use dvdshrink 3. 2. One of my questions is: with using dvd shrink 3. 2 what kind of speed increase can i expect with a 64bit system over my present system. For instance i just bought dodgeball the movie with ben stiller. I have a 8x dvd burner which is the benq. It usually burnes dvd movies with nero at 8min 20sec. And it took 28min 48sec to encode dodgeball and burn it with dvd shrink 3. 2. I'm not sure if dvd shrink includes the burn time in with the 28 min 48 sec. So all you guys out there with 64bit systems how long does it take to encode a normal dvd. I use a liteon xj-166s 16x dvd rom to rip the movie and the benq 8x dvd burner to burn them. Any info would be great. My system specs are below. Please help me decide. I do everything with my computer. Watch tv, play games, listen to music, watch dvds, do spread sheets with excel 2003. Also what 939 mobo do you recommend and why. I'm leaning towards the nforce 3 chipset. I would like the new nvidia sli chipset but looks to be way out of my budget.

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Cannot Run Game Without Intel Indeo 4

I cant run this game without intel indeo 4? I was trying to play a very old game that i have on my windows 7 computer. Im trying to play drivers education 98/99 and when i start the game it says you need intel indeo 4 where can i get this?

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Run Starcraft 2 With Intel Hd Graphics Card

Will my intel hd graphics card run starcraft 2? I have all the specs needed to run starcraft 2, except that my graphics card is an intel hd graphics card. I know that if i want to seriously game on my computer that i need an upgrade the card, but i just want to know if it'll run it and ill be able to play it.

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Intel Or Amd

Why would you buy intel over amd? I have been doing some research into processors (quad or better). Why are amds 50%-75% cheaper than comparative intel's products? Are intel overpriced or are they really worth the extra money. I am general user doing some gaming, and video/photo processing if that makes any difference.

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Will Geforce Gts 250 Run On Intel D945gccr ?

Will nvidia geforce gts 250 run on intel d945gccr motherboard?

Answer:- yes. That motherboard has a pci-express x16 slot that you will be able to place the geforce card into.

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Amd And Intel Sockets

Why are "they" changing sockets again? Why don't they make a, something like, a, socket 800, 900 or 1000 pins. And create an intel or amd universal sockets to last 1000 years or something like 2 years maybe? Updating bios only, it would save people a lot of money?

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Hp Desktop With Amd Or Intel ?

Getting a hp desktop, with amd or intel? I do not know much about computers. All i know is it has 8gb of ram or something, and basically it has an amd, and there is one with intel. Which one is better? And what is the main difference between the two? Does one preform better in another area than the other or what?

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Can Intel Core 2 Duo Processor P8400 Run Starcraft 2 ?

Can intel core 2 duo processor p8400 run starcraft ii?

Can it run sc2? Here's the stats about it: http://ark.

And here's stats about sc2:


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Hardware Solution, Amd Or Intel

I have solved my problem with regards to the thread i posted earlier, i sold my mboard and p4 chip and replaced it with amd 2000+ and gigabyte k7 triton board. . 7800 marks on 3dmark2001 with absolutly no tweaks, i have just become an amd fan. What do you guys think? Amd or intel?

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Amd Phenom Ii X4 Vs Intel Core I5

I am about to build my first computer, and as i need to pick a processor, i would like to have a quad core pc. However, i am stuck between intel and amd processors, as people say that intel are faster? Eventhough the amd phenom has a higher clock speed at a lower price than a similar intel core i5.

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Amd Vs Intel Cpu Recommendations

Intel core i5-750 2. 66ghz or amd phenom ii x6 1055t 2. 8ghz

I do a bit of everything on my pc, and am looking to build a new box. I game heavily, and also do some light video & audio encoding work and need something that is good with rar compression and high data software based encryption tasks. Which would you choose and why?

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Intel I3 Or Amd 630 Ii X4 Processor

Which is better intel i3 or amd 630 ll*4 processor?

For most tasks including gaming, the core i3 is faster. If you're mostly doing video encoding/editing work, the x4 630 is better for that. The core i3 has 2 physical cores but 4 logical cores, which enable it to multitask better than many quads, including amd's athlon ii x4 and intel's core 2 quad lines. Passmark scores are artificial benchmarks which are weighted in favor of cpus with extra cores, which can be misleading. Passmark rankings tend to ignore the fact that in applications which aren't heavily multi-threaded, a higher clockspeed impacts performance more than additional cores which tend to sit idle. For example, the 3. 0ghz athlon ii x3 440 is a triple-core cpu which soundly beats the 2. 6ghz athlon ii x4 620 in most games. But passmark scores the x4 620 higher, simply because it's a quad. Don't be fooled- the cpu with a passmark score of 2569 beats the one which scored 3135! Actual application and game results are more valuable than artificial benchmark numbers when comparing cpus. Oh, and while the athlon is a nice overclocker, the i3 is even better in that department.

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Fan Controller For Amd 64 System

In about two weeks i'll be putting together a new amd 64 system. I already know what hardware i want to go with as far as mobo, cpu, hardrive, ram, vid card, optical drives, cables, and case. What i would like is a recommendation of a decent fan controller in the under 50 dollar range. Any suggestions would be awesome.

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Is Amd Quad Core As Good As Intel I7 ?

Is an amd quad core as good as the intel i7?


Yes and no, it depends on what you mean. For purposes of overclocking, they are actually *better* since the i7 fries it's memory controller at 1. 7 volts. (Maybe that's why the later versions have no memory controller on the die any more?)

In general use, *** yes, they're actually better than the i7. After all, they're less than half the cost for performance that is only 5-15% less than that of the i7. For high-demand gaming not a hope in ***. The i7 actually out performs the nearest amd core by a considerable margin. That being said. I'll still take the amd cores, they will fit on my am2+ mobo, where each individual i# class core requires a separate socket (even the i7 has two different socket types). Ps: the amd hex cores are supposed to be outperforming the i# class hex cores.

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Put Amd Motherboard Into Intel Case

Can i put an amd mother board in to a intel case? I have a hp pavilion dv9500, currently an intel motherboard can i replace it with an amd motherboard , and will everything on the hdd still work, ie music files etc etc.

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Amd Phenom Or Intel Core I Processors

What is better the amd phenom or the intel core i processors? I know nothing about technical computer information like graphics cards, ram (memory) specs etc. However during my research i came across these two processors. I'm looking to buy a new pc and these are on my list of potentials. Which is better? Is there much of a difference? I will mainly be using the pc for gaming but nothing *** as i already have an xbox 360. Also who provides the better graphics cards, nvidia or ati?

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Amd X4 965 Or Intel Core I5 650

Amd x4 965 or intel core i5 650, i m planning to buy a new processor? Which is the better in these two?

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Amd Processor 3000 Or Intel Pentium 4

What processor is better amd processor 3000 or intel pentium 4? Explain why is that one better?

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Difference Between Speed Of Amd And Intel Processor

The different between amd and intel processor: speed and power consumption? I don't really understand how they differ in the power consumption. Can anyone help?

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Why Amd Processors Are Cheaper Compared To Intel ?

Why amd processors are cheaper compared to intel processors?

1-for example a triple core amd processor is cheaper then dual core intel processor. I know that amd uses less power but what do u think about the performance?

2-why ati cards are cheaper then nvidia cards i have an hd5770 and i am very happy with its performance. 3-which one is better quad core, i3 or core duo 2

I have an intel core 2 quad q9650 is it better than i3 in terms of gaming?

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Intel Or Amd Gaming Computer Setup?

Im building my own gaming computer, and i'm trying to decide between and amd motherboard + processor, and a crossfire ati graphics setup, or an intel motherboard + processor, and an sli nvidia gts 250 setup. I want to decide between the two. The main things i'm looking out for is performance and value for money. Any suggestions and comments would be very much appreciated and welcomed. Also, my budget is 400, which is $632, or 483. My amd setup would be (google them as i'm short on time):

Msi-770 g45 motherboard
Amd athlon ii x2 260 processor
I'm not sure on the graphics card, but maybe a hd 5770 1gb with crossfirex, soon to be crossfire'd
Ram: arianet 2gb (1x2gb) ddr3 pc3-10666c9 1333mhz (two of these. )
Hdd: seagate barracuda st3500418as 500gb 3. 5" sata ii hard drive
Optical drive: samsung sh-d163c 16x dvd rom 48x cd rom sata black
Psu: 1940 / 800 watt black storm power supply sata pci-e (
Case: x-case saturn midi tower case

My intel setup would be:

Gigabyte ep43t-ud3l intel p43 (socket 775) ddr3 pci-express motherboard
Intel pentium e6500 2. 93ghz (socket 775) processor
Arianet 2gb (1x2gb) ddr3 pc3-10666c9 1333mhz (two of these)
Seagate barracuda st3500418as 500gb 3. 5" sata ii hard drive
1940 / 800 watt black storm power supply sata pci-e
Samsung sh-d163c 16x dvd rom 48x cd rom sata black
X-case saturn midi tower case
Geforce gts250 pci-e gddr3 2xdvi 1gb graphics card (single for now, soon to be sli'd)

So thats either side of the setup, now tell me: which one is more worth, performs better and will overall give me a better gaming experience?

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Floppy Driver Not Working On Amd 64 System

Ok so i have one of the socket 754 amd athlon 3200+ processors and an asus k8v se deluxe mobo. Now for my system since i use sata hdd's, when installing windows i have to hit the f6 key and scsi (or something similar) controller using a floppy. But now for some reason my floppy drive wont recognize any floppies, i bought a new floppy drive of newegg and installed it thinking the old one might have gone bad, but even the new one wont recognize any floppies.

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Intel Core 2 Duo E7500 Processor Doesn't Run At 2.93 Mhz

My intel core 2 duo e7500 processor doesn't seem to be running at 2. 93 mhz consistently. I just recently installed my new e7500 processor on a new gigabyte (intel p45 chipset) motherboard. When i run cpu-z my core speed hovers around 1600mhz x6. 0 multiplier, but will occasionally jump to 2. 93 mhz x11 multiplier, though not for long. I've tried looking in the bios settings (im not sure what to really look for) and searching for answers online on how to configure this to run at normal speed, but can't seem to find anything.

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High Performance Workstation Cpu Amd - Intel

What are some of the most powerful, high-performance (speed and multitasking) workstation cpus (32bit, 64bit) present to end-2006? Most of my time is compiling software source code on windows and unix/linux platforms. I would really appreciate cpu(s) coupled with various necessities that will allow for maximum performance when developing and compiling multiple software projects simultaneously. For instance, nice to have cpus that will produce maximum performance when compiling windows, linux, and watch dvd all simultaneously. The key is maximum performance especially multitasking. Is the 64bit opteron from amd the answer? From my experience, the 64bit opteron dual core is very impressive especially multitasking multithreaded applications. My only concern is cpu speed/price. My workstation is running on 750 athlon from amd. 64bit opteron dual core from amd multitasking is impressive. Intel p4 em64t dual core speed is impressive. (Is em64t true 64bit architecture?) What is most important: more bits (64bit, 128bit) or maximum cpu speed (present and future)? How much does this cpu cost? What is its longevity in terms of not needing to upgrade? What are some high-performance workstation cpus (32bit, 64bit) for multitasking multithreaded applications on windows and unix/linux platforms present to end-2006?

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Amd Athlon 3800+ Or Intel Pentium D 805

Excuse me, i'm not really that good on computers. I was wondering which processor was betting, an amd athlon 3800+ or an intel pentium d 805 and i was also wondering. Does ram affect the overall speed of your computer?

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Amd Phenom Ii X6 Or Intel I5 On A Dell Xps Desktop

What do you suggest, amd phenom ll x6 or intel i5 on a dell xps desktop im personalizing on their website? I don't play crazy huge games or do anything way fantastic with my computer so i don't need alienware like stuff, but for the same price, which one is better, faster, more reliable? I have amd anthon x2 right now on my current inspiron 531s, can't complain with it at all, but i can't help hearing a lot about the new intel i3s, i5s, and i7 processors. $1, 000 is the budget that includes a $200 monitor, and i'm definitely going to get a pretty good graphics card!

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Putting Intel Motherboard And Processor On Amd Computer

Can i put an intel motherboard processor into an amd computer? I have a compaq presario sr1675cl which has an amd processor. I wanted to upgrade it and know i can't just stick an intel processor in it, but if i changed the motherboard to would that work.

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Cebit 2005 Dual Socket Mobo Intel And Amd

The possibilities this opens up are enormous and with plenty of features on-board, ecs are confident they have every hardware need covered for the next two years. The mainboard itself features an sis965 southbridge and sis656 northbridge for full intel p4 1066 fsb support on the intel lga775 platform. What makes this board special is that by using a converter card you can slot in your amd 939 athlon 64 chip and have that running on the board instead. The converter features a sis756 chipset to utilise the amd k8 architecture, and is so new, it has no name, not even a codename at the time of writing. The mainboard has 4 slots for ddr2 667, a 1066fsb, sata2, gigalan and 1394a firewire. When in place, the sis965 southbridge is shared with the converter card which is based around amd socket 939. The card has its own dedicated sis756 northbridge, 2 slots of ddr400, power management circuits and a fsb2000t. These are all needed to run the amd k8 technology.

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Which Processor ? Intel Core Duo T2050 Or Amd Turion 64 X2

I'm trying to choose between two laptops and i'm wondering which one of these two processors is better? Intel core duo t2050 (1. 60ghz, 2mb l2 cache, 533mhz fsb) or amd turion 64 x2 dual-core mobile technology tl-56.

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