Does Intel G33 / G31 Express Chipset Family Have Gpu Shader ?

Does intel(r) g33/g31 express chipset family have gpu shader?


If you're asking this, you're likely trying to game on an intel integrated video card. Intel video cards are absolutely terrible for gaming, and the game will likely not work.

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Upgrade Intel 82945g Express Chipset Gpu

Upgrade an intel 82945g express chipset gpu. Can i upgrade that to a video card? I've always thought because its an on-board chipset there was nothing i could do. Can i not disable it in device manager and install a video card? Taking a trip down memory lane with a game and this gateway pc isn't the best to do it with, but i have no other option.

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Intel G31 / G33 Overheating Issues

I'm having a ga-g31m-es2l motherboard with e2140 @ 1. 6 ghz with no overclocking. When no loading my cpu was at 37 celsius and my chip-sets was at around 60 celsius with speed-fan. When it was full load, i got my cpu around 50 celsius and my chip-sets was higher than 90 celsius even more heat till the sensor give the temperature - 27 celsius. Any helps? I was on air cooling and a pci-e graphic card and case opened.

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Can The Chipset G31 Fully Support Core 2 Quad?

Like i said, i am using an asus p5kpl-am se which has the chipset g31. I want to know if this chipset can support this kind of cpu. My old p5gz-mx could support core 2 duo but only at 800 mhz of fsb max due to the chipset limitation.

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1440x900 Resolution For Intel G31 Pr Board ?

1440x900 resolution for intel g31 pr board ?


Yes, it should support it, but it seems like it's a integrated graphics board, which means that it will work better at lower resolutions.

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Notebook Gpu Intel Gma 950 Vs Intel Gma 900

I'm trying to decide on a laptop to buy, but i'm trying to get one that won't hold me back in performance. The two i've narrowed it down to are an acer and a vio that i've found. The acer is $530 and from what i can tell, is a fairly decent notebook. It's got a 1. 4ghz celeron, 512mb ddr2, and an 80gb hdd. The vio is a little more expensive at $799 and has got a 1. 74ghz pentium m, 512mb ddr2 as well, and a 80gb hdd too, as well as a little bigger screen. What i'm wander about is the gpu. The cheaper acer has an intel gma950 in it, and the vio has an intel gma900. Does the acer have a better gpu in it? If so, how much performance can i expect from either one of these gpus. I'm not an extreme gamer; probably the most gpu needy game i play is halo, which imo is more cpu heavy than gpu, but i probably wouldn't be doing too much gaming on it anyway as it would mainly be for school. But other than the price, that's really the only difference between the two. Sony has a good rep with there vios, and i know several people who have one and love it. But if the acer with the intel gma950 is better, i'll give up the vio name and save the $300. Here's the link for the acer:

And for the vio:

It's an open box on newegg, so i'm kinda worrying about dead pixels and such.

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Dual Gpu Pcie 2.1 On Intel Dg41rq

My motherboard is intel dg41rq. Can i use a dual gpu pcie2. 1 card (like ati hd5770) on my computer?

Yes you can, just make sure you have a power supply that will run your system after adding the new video card. It looks like you have a pci-e x16 1. 0 slot on your mobo the 2. 1 and 2. 0 vid cards are backward compatible. The 2. 1 will run a higher bandwidth in a 2. 1 slot. The card will work fine in your mobo but will work even better in a 2. 1 slot. Maybe you will upgrade your mobo in the future and you will already have a super vid card for it. That is really a nice video card.

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Intel G45 Chipset Support Raid Natively ?

Does the intel g45 chipset support raid natively? My current motherboard has the intel g45 chipset and i was wondering if i can set up a dual hard drive raid (type 0 or 1) with it? The board manufacturer (shuttle) doesn't mention anything about it, but intel's product page says it can handle it just fine.

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Pci Express On Intel D915pgn Board

I recently bought an intel d915pgn motherboard and cannot use the pci-e x16 on it. I'm trying to use an ati x800 pro card which has tested good on another computer. The motherboard does not give any indication that the card is not working other than the blank monitor; it even boots into windows! I know it does, i hear the xp startup sound! I can only get video from the regular pci ports on this motherboard.

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Intel 82945g Express Graphic Driver Windows 7

My graphic card is: intel(r) 82945g express chipset family. My chip type: intel(r) 82945g express chipset family (same thing), i guess that is my graphic card, because thats what it shows my when i look up my graphics card. Here is the thing. I want to "game" on my pc, but when i try to download a nvidia driver, while im installing it says it cant find any hardware compatible with it. I have windows 7 ultimate 32 bit. Before i updated my pc to windows 7 ultimate 32 bit i have windows xp. When i had windows xp i download and installed a nvidia driver, and it worked good. But now i have updated it to windows 7 ultimate 32 bit, i cant install it.

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Mobile Intel 4 Express Equivalent To Nvidia 5900 Or Ati 9600 ?

Is the video card mobile intel(r) 4 series express chipset family equivalent to a nvidia 5900 or ati 9600? I need to know if my sony vaio will run a computer game that requires a nvidia 5900 or ati 9600 or above. It says the name of the video card in my computer is 'mobile intel(r) 4 series express chipset family. ' i need to know if that will meet the requirements for the game to run properly.

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Will Starcraft 2 Run On Intel Core I3 With Integrated Hd Gpu Core ?

Will starcraft 2 run on a brand new laptop with an intel core i3 with integrated intel hd gpu core? I have a brand new dell vostro laptop with an intel core i3 with an integrated "intel hd" graphics core and 3gb of ram. Does anyone know is this will be enough to power starcaft 2? Does anyone out there have any experience playing starcraft 2 on a laptop with a similar set-up? If so, could you please chime in with details about your experience and the quality settings you play with?

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Connect Pci Express 2.1 Graphics Card To Pci Express 2.0 Motherboard

Can i connect a pci express 2. 1 graphics card to a pci express 2. 0 motherboard? If not, then what is the cheapest pci express 2. 1 ddr2 and intel core e8500 compatible motherboard?

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Pci Video Card Supports Pixel Shader 2.0

I need a video card which supports pixel shader 2. 0. But my pc has only pci slots. Where can i find this kind of video cards?

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Upgrade Radeon 9000 Igp For Pixel Shader 2.0

I have a toshiba satellite p35-s6112 with an ati mobility radeon 9000 igp video card that does not render many screen-savers well (lots of 'chugging' motion) and does not support any video games or screen-savers which utilize pixel shader 2. 0. I'm not very hardware savvy, but is there anything i can do to upgrade this card (and if so, to what?) Or find a way to make ps 2. 0 run on this card?

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Gpu For 2 Screens

My boss suggested that i go grab another screen for my workstation. Problem is that i am currently using a crappy q35 chipset, including the integrated graphics core. Not only is it a pain in terms of performance, but also, it doesn't support a second screen (there simply is no additional interface to connect a monitor to. ). So i decided to get myself a (possibly) cheap dual dvi gpu, with the xfx hd 4650 in mind. The point is that i can't stick to a real low-end solution because i am a wpf developer (yes, fancy animations and lots of gpu work); and i am indeed going to need quite a lot of power at an affordable price. Would this radeon do the job for me? I'll be using 2 24" screens .

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How To Determine Chipset ?

My friend and i just installed xp x64. Running smooth until my friend couldn't find x64 drivers for his linksys wireless-g usb adapter. I've read from other forums that its possible to download drivers from the chipset manufacturer's website and it would work. How would i go about determining the chipset?

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Chipset Fan

Ok so i got this here asus a8n-sli motherboard and the chipset fan is just buzzing like crazy, it's about to die. My question is what type of chipset hs/fan combo do i look for? I don't want to get one that won't cool the chipset and fry this thing. Something off newegg if they have it. Anyone got an idea?

Edit: i tore apart the hs/fan assembly and dusted it out a little, it grinds less but i still don't trust it. So far i have had 2 video cards die , do you think the chipset overheating could do something like that?

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Psu Or Gpu Problems

I have a custom built machine, and, it has a problem where it loses power while playing games, specifically, high end games. And, only graphically intensive applications, not cpu intensive ones. I have eliminated these objects from the list of culprits:

Cpu, motherboard, ram - replaced since problem started
Os - since changed to win7. It's likely not os anyway
Hdds - unlikely. The only things i have not changed are the psu and two 9600gts (oced at factory). The psu rates 700w, and has apparently enough power to run these gpus. But, the problem only started when i put the new gpus in. It seems strange to me that a gpu, or two, themselves could ever cut power to the system, regardless of the circumstances. Do other people think, or agree with me, that the problem is likely my psu being shoddy/ underpowered/ generally crap that is causing my pc to switch off, or, something else related?

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Gpu Acceleration In Flash 10+

I wish to use adobe flash plugin 10+ with web site Au/iview unfortunitly i am currently dropping video frames. My system flat lines at 100% cpu load when i attempt to view the videos and drops video frames. My system is an:

Athlon xp 3200+
Asus a7n8x-e deluxe nforce 2 ultra
2 gb ram
250 gb hard disk
Leadtek geforce fx 5700
Windows xp sp3

I do appreciate the above is old, however if i install an agp ati hd 3650 will i gain any gpu acceleration to assist in viewing the videos as i know flash has a tick box supporting this?

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Monitoring Gpu Operation

I have plenty of tools to tell me if my cpu cores are doing anything and if so, what. I am struggling to find something that tells me what gpus are doing. Right now, if i absolutely want to be sure that hardware acceleration for 1080p playback of some media is happening, i can't unless i trust whatever codec or player i use to throw some icon somewhere. Likewise if i download some folding client or otherwise, i don't have much idea whether it's gpu accelerating or not without a significant amount of experimentation. And if i need to know if a game is cpu or gpu limited, i have to benchmark multiple series at different resolutions and game settings to infer the bottleneck. It would be nice to see a "task manager" for gpus - obviously it would not look or behave the same way, but i think it's something that's needed. Does it exist?

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Monitor Gpu Utilization

Is there a software that allows gpu utilization like we can see cpu utilization in windows task manager? I'd like to be able to check on graphical tasks the computer is performing is being handled by video card or not. For example, if i'm playing back h. 264 item on youtube, and have flash 10. 1 installed, i'd like to be able to check hardware acceleration utilization.

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Video Card - Pixel Shader Vs Video Memory

My pick are these two video cards for my old computer for my basic needs(don't need to burn my expensive laptop). Asus radeon hd 3450 256 mb ah3450 8x agp low profile


512mb pny geforce 6200 vga/dvi/hdtv agp vcg62512aeb

>Both almost the same price(not buying from the links above)

>Gf6200: twice the video memory of the radeon hd 3450. Supports directx 9. 0, shader model 3. 0 and opengl 2. 0 support

>Radeon supports directx10. 1 and shader model 4. 1 enables stunning and complex special effects opengl2. 0 support

I might not use that that old crap to play games that needs directx10. 1(shader4. 1) but i might consider someday. Gf6200 has twice the video ram though. Any suggestions?

I will be playing games that only needs directx 9. 0c(shader3. 0), so i'm assuming direct10. 1(shader4. 1) will improve graphic qualities? But it has halve the video ram than the other.

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Highest Performing Chipset

Xp end of the linewhat is the highest performing chipset? Iíve read articles at and am more confused than ever to take advantage of the price drops in amdís xp processors. Socket a via kt400, 600 & kt880? With comments about the kt600 single ram modules, being increased in performance against the dual ram of previous chipsets, and dual ram being limited to fsb; as well as running 2 modules of 400mhz ram side by side creating probís; then the release of the kt880 back to dual ram ect, i have no idea any longer on what is the best chipset to finalize a system for the xp processors?

Sure i have to consider the extras in a board like serial connectors for hard drives and the like, not to mention this or that factor always seemingly overriding the latest tech, ect ect. Essentially, i am looking to get the most performance possible out of the xp processors while all the glitches can be worked out of the 64bit series and its following chipset, software, ect. Seriously; what would you guys recommend for the best platform, for an end of era xp processors and what considerations would you give to ram, or any other config issues that should be addressed. I do apologize if i have made no sense. I used to think i knew something about computer hardware, but now looking back over the last 18months; its become very overwhelming when considering what goes with what to get the most out of ones system.

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Chipset Straps For Overclocking

Understanding chipset straps for overclocking? I would like it if someone could tell me why & how chipset straps affect your overclock so that i may choose the correct chipset strap of [266], [333] and [400].

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4850x2 Gpu Assignment Per Monitor

How do you change this. Its assigning my secondary monitor to gpu 1 and my primary to gpu 2, and it wont let me change them. No amount of changing dvi ports i'm plugged into etc is fixing anything or changing anything.

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Red Screen - Gpu Defective ?

Lately when i play c. O. D mw2 after while i get red screen with blue-greenish dots and nothing works then. I cant go back desktop with crtl + alt + esc, to check what could possible be wrong. I have to force shutdown the whole pc and restart to get back to normal. Cant play the game more than 10-15 min before this happens. Is something wrong with my video card maybe? Its nvidia xfx 260 gtx. Is there a software to check gpu health ?

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Ati Drivers On Nvidia Chipset Ok?

Just want to make sure, i am thinking about going with maybe a hd 4890, but am kind of scared the ati driers will mess with my nvidia 680i chipset. But its fine using ati drivers with a nvidia chipset right?

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Amd Gpu Clock Tool And Rebooting

Is there a way to not have to set this after every reboot? I've overclocked my card using this, and msi afterburner to up the voltage to 1. 115, msi tool can run on startup, but i dont see a way to do it with amd gpu tool.

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Overclock Gigabyte Geforce Gt 220 Gpu

How much can i over clock my gigabyte geforce gt220 gpu ?

My specs are:
Intel core 2 duo e6600
4gb ram ddr2
365w psu
There are 2-3 fans inside the case i think for the airflow
160gb hard drive

I just wanna know how much i can over clock my gigabyte geforce gt220 gpu? Even a lil bit oc would be good to know, how much can i over clock?

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