Hard Drive In New Computer

What happened was i built a new computer and always wanted to get my old photos and old videos from my old comp so i decided i would today so i got the hard drive out of the old comp and installed it in my new one it installed the driver just fine it works fine i can see the amount of gigs it has and all but when i tried to open my person file and photos and stuff i would have to go through this security info and i would have to (change the ownership) and all so i did thinking i would never have to use it in my old beat up comp but i cant view any of the personal files!

When i try to open it nothing comes up! So i reinstalled it back in my old comp to make sure they were still there it boots up and goes to the users screen and then when i log in it says i need to install windows? So i follow the steps for it activate via internet but it cant find a connection even though the internet connected so what should i do is there a program that can crack the info out with my new comp please don't tell me i lost it all!

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Can I Install Old Hard Drive With Its Os In A New Computer ?

I had built a comp for my fiances grandparents. They have alot of info they need from the old comp. How and is it possible just to put the old hd into the new comp if it has a os on it? Please explain.

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How Do I Move Hard Drive To New Computer ?

Im looking to unplug the hard drive from my rig and put it into a completely new build without having to reformat and reinstall windows and programs. I saw a few post talking about doing this but i cant remember how it was done. Can someone advise me as to how to go about successfully doing this and not have any issues later?

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Hard Drive Causes Computer Not To Boot

I bought a new pc and was swapping out hard drives when i put in an sata hard drive i use for backup and my new computer wouldnt boot. After a long time of trial and error i figured it was that particular drive and removed it. I sort of put it out of my mind for a few months but now i want to get my data off there. I have my older pc which it was originally in so i figured i could do some testing. The problem seems to be a short in the hard drive. The hard drive is a seagate baracude (sata). I need to use one of those sata power adapters to be able to hook up to my current power supply. Both computers i tested on boot up fine but as soon as i plug in the power cord to the hard drive and hit the power on butt the cpu fan spins like half a turn then stops. After this if i remove the power from the hard drive and hit the power button the computer still won't boot. I must then unplugg the pc from the wall and then the pc will boot. Is there any chance i accidently screwed somethign up during the move or maybe its the power adapter? I used the same adapter before so i'm hoping during the move maybe the adapter got screwed up. Anyone ever hear of this? Any ideas?

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Switching Hard Drive From Old Computer To New One

I want to switch my hard drive from my old computer to my new one. I would rather not reformat it since it has some programs that i no longer have the cd or cd key for and they are rather pricey. I know it is not as simple as plugging it in and it working. The machine is windows xp. I am going from an old amd sempron system to a newer p4 system. Any tips on problems i will have is greatly appreciated.

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Computer Crashed Now Hard Drive Gone

My computer just crashed/rebooted and now my secondary but biggest 400gb wd sata drive isn't showing up in windows or device manager. Does anyone know how i can get it back?

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Hard Drive Not Showing Up In My Computer

I have 3 drives installed in my case (2 wd black 640gb, and 1 wd green 1tb). I successfully built a raid 0 volume with the 2 blacks, and the green shows up as a valid drive to choose as a boot option. When i open up my computer, i only have one drive showing (the 1. 28tb raid 0 volume). The green is nowhere to be seen. I opened up the device manager to see if it was visible there, and it was. So, it shows up in the bios, and it shows up in the device manager, but i can't access the drive through my computer (or the command prompt. It doesn't have a drive letter associated with it). I'm sure that i'm just dumb and forgot a step somewhere, but i'm stumped right now. Any ideas?

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Putting Old Hard Drive In New Computer

I have a question, i'm building a new computer but i wanted to keep the same hard drive from my old computer, if i put the old hard drive in my new computer, will i have to re-install the operation system because i'll have a new processor/motherboard/etc?

Also, i'm keeping the same cd/dvd rom drives from my old computer as well. Old processor/motherboard:
Intel d845pt mobo
Intel pentium4 1. 7ghz

New processor/motherboard:
Asus k8n
Amd 64 3200+

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Hard Drive Is Invisible In My Computer

I have recently installed a second hard drive. Bios detects it no problem, device manager detects it no problem, but it is invisible in "my computer". I have had slave hard drives before so its nothing to do with not having enough room for ide controllers. Theres no stupid rule that the master has to have more capacity than the slave because my master is 120gb but my slave is 250gb.

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New Hard Drive Is Not Showing On Xp My Computer Folder

I have installed a new hard drive, it is recognised when the computer is started, but when i open "my computer" folder on xp it is not there, what do i do?

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How Do You Make A Double Hard Drive Computer ?

Can any one help me? And tell me how to make a double hardrive computer.

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Hard Drive Makes Computer Lock Up

I have an extra hard drive with some backups on it that i need to get to, no os anymore. Usually i leave it in a box unplugged. When i tried hooking it up last night it made itself the master drive, and so i couldn't start xp. It dosn't have a regular thing for changing from master to slave, so i don't know what to do?

I used to be able to start up xp with my main drive, then plug that one in and xp would automatically detect it, but now i scaned it with partition software and it has some errors in the fat, so i can't do anythng with it there. So when i'm in xp and i plug it in, the system just locks up untill i unplug it. It tries to detect the settings but can't i guess. So, how can i access this harddrive?

I was trying to run checkdisk on it but i think i need it on a disk i'm not too knowledgeable with dos.

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New Hard Drive, Computer Runs Slow

I have a dell inspiron 9100 and last spring my hard drive crashed. It was a 7200 rpm 60 gig. I replaced it with a 5400rpm 80 gig, and reinstalled all of the aplications and got everything set up. It has less apps running now than it did before, but when i load things it can tend to go really slow, or when i play music on itunes it goes extremely slow and the music skips constantly, which in turn makes the computer almost unuseable with more than 2 programs running. I did search but couldn't find a good answer. I never installed a driver for the hard drive, as i thought it wasn't needed but maybe i do. Oh, and i already ran scandisk and defragged it(which took almost 2. 5 hours).

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Is There A Max Capacity For A Hard Drive On P3 Computer ?

I have a 600mhz pentium iii computer sitting here at home, with a 40 gb hard drive that failed in it. I was thinking about getting a new hard drive for it, but i was wondering if there's a limit to the capacity the computer could handle. I remember that older systems had limits to the size of their hd's, but i'm not sure about "newer" systems.

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Hard Drive Spinning Up And Lags The Computer Every Once In A While

About every 30 seconds to a minute, i hear one of my hard drives spin up, at which point the computer begins to choke for a few seconds (videos get choppy, can't click the mouse, can't type, etc. ) Is one of my drives on its way out? How can i find out which one it is without physically unhooking them. The way my case is arranged, it's a pita to get to the hard drives.

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Sata Hard Drive Disappeared From My Computer

A couple of days ago my computer rebooted by itself, i was sat behind the computer but not actually using it. I didn't think too much of it at the time. However, i discovered that my second sata 250gb hdd had disappeared from my computer (xp). I looked in device manager and it appears to be there still. I have opened it up to check the connections and dusted them off but it just gives me the same thing. Would i be right in thinking that the hard drive has had it's final day?

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Computer Does Not Turn On When Hard Drive Is Connected

I recently bought a new master hard drive for my computer. It's maxtor 300 gb ultra ata/133 with 16mb cache and 7200 rpm. Anyways, the weird thing is that when i connect the hard drive, my computer doesnt turn on at all, i tried with different power plugs and the same thing happens, the thing is, when i dont connect the hard drive at all, and the computer turns on like nothing. Does anyone have any idea that might be causing the problem?

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Computer Wont Recognize Second Hard Drive

I am trying to install a second har drive in my old computer to stream mp3's from but the bios won't recognize it. It is an old 400mhz celeron machine the har drive is a 40gig western drive ide. When i run the tools that came with the drive it says that the bios isn't controlling it and i have tried all kinds of settings in the bios and they don't help. I have also checked the jumpers and they are set right. I have a western drive 20gig as the main drive and i just want to use the second for my files. I want to use this computer as a file server. Is the motherboard to old to recognize a drive that large? Also if i buy an ide control card will that fix my problem?

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No External Usb Hard Drive In My Computer Folder

Yesterday i connected an external usb hard drive to my computer (xp sp1, amd athlon processor) the icon that appears on the taskbar in the bottom right hand corner appeared to say it was connected. So i went into 'my computer' folder and there was no other drive there? I checked in device manger and everything was ok in there. I tried rebooting with it connected and still get the same problem. So i disconnected it and connected my card reader for my mobile phone and i get exactly the same problem with this. Nothing appears in my computer. Only a couple of weeks ago i was using the card reader fine, so i'm thinking it might be a setting in the computer somewhere. Has anyone got any ideas on what could be wrong?

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Computer Doesn't Recgonize Hard Drive

I've been trying to get an old slot 1 computer up and running recently. The first motherboard i had wouldn't work, so i got another one on ebay. It works fine but it hangs when it tries to detect my hard drive (40gb seagate). If i leave the hard drive unplugged it works fine. I've tried different ide cables, no change. I have it set to master on it's own ide channel. I have an ide cd burner hooked up with an 80 wire cable set to master on it's own channel as well and it works fine. It doesn't matter which ide channel i use, same result.could the hard drive be borked or is is possible that the motherboard/bios is just too old to use it?

Also, it doesn't detect my 750mhz p3 properly. It says something about a 98mhz processor then hangs. When i plug my 300mhz p2 in, it works, but it reports it as a 233mhz processor, but i can go in the bios and manually raise the multiplier to where it should be (the fsb was in the right spot) and it works fine after that.

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Computer Reads 500 Gb Hard Drive As 127 Gb

I use my maxtor 500 gb external as a os in a new computer and the computer only reads it as 127 gb. Can some one help?

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Computer Power Problem After Check A Hard Drive

I opened up my computer last night to check a hard drive, then in my stupidity/laziness left it open overnight. Nothing touched the computer/went inside of it, but it was open for awhile. Today when i put it back together again and tried to turn it on, it no longer powers on. I have led lights in my case and they flash for a second before they turn off. My power supply fan will spin for a second as well.

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Plug In Sata 2.5 Hard Drive While Computer Is Running

I was wondering if you can plug in a seagate momentus 2. 5" 120gb 7200. 2 sata hard-drive while the computer is running? I have windows vista ultimate and my motherboard is evga 780i sli. I tried plugging it in like normal. Bios detects the drive but when i try to get into windows, the bars go across the screen and then hangs at a black screen and doesn't go the into windows. I was able to get into safe mode with the drive connected, but even that went really slow and wouldn't respond to trying to acces the drive from "my computer. "

The harddrive was in my laptop and the dog ran across the cord and yanked the computer out of my lap and onto the ground (carpet) and windows wouldn't boot anymore, said a file was missing/corrupt. The computer was running like crap before this. Was this a coincidence?

I thought this drive was suppose to have a free fall sensor or something.

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Computer Doesn't Recognize External Hard Drive

I have a basic wd external hard drive. Suddenly, when i plug it into my computer, the computer isn't recognizing it. I also plugged it into my husband's computer. Not recognized. It was working about 3 days ago. Anywhere i can find this, other than my computer? I am not that computer literate, but i know that there is a problem here. Has my 4 year olds' pics on it since they were born (and everything from my hp laptop that died after only 2 years).

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Computer Don't See Usb Ports After Reformated Hard Drive

I reformated my hard drive, now my computer don't see my usb ports, why? How to fix? Using windows xp.

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Is Usb Hard Drive Safer Than Normal Hard Drive ?

At the moment i have about 2t of data over 5hard drives, most of then films i have converted to avi from home as i live in uni halls the rooms are small, i am worried that leaving my pc on all the time will lower the life of my hard drives with data on, do you think it would be a good choice to put them into a usb drive and that way i only use them when i need? Is usb hard drive safer than normal hard drive ? Or am i just being silly?

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Hard Drive And Enclosure For External Hard Drive

I'll be buying a western digital caviar black sata hard drive and i have a question about the enclosure. These are the enclosures i'm thinking of:

1. Nexstar 3 onyx black
2. Antec mx-100, or a
3. Rosewill rx-358-s blk (black) 3. 5" sata to usb & esata

Can anyone recommend one or the other? Or one not listed?

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Transferring Data From Old Hard Drive To New Hard Drive

I have a dell dimension 2400, and according to the dell disk monitoring system, the drive 0 on the primary ide channel is operating outside of normal specifications, and it advises me to back up my data and get a new hard drive. I currently have a maxtor diamondmax plus 8 (6e040l0) which is the failing one. I plan on getting a hitachi deskstar p7k500 250gb ide hard drive. However i don't really know how to transfer all my data and my system files including my windows xp system files to the new hard drive. I've burnt my whole hard drive on to dvd's (about 24gb -> 6 dvd's). However i've also heard of disk imaging, although i don't really know much. If i install my new hard drive, and turn the computer on, how far will the computer boot?, Since there is no system and os files on the new hard drive. Will the opening dell page load, and will i be able to get into setup?

And if the computer won't boot far enough for me to get into the user accounts, how do i transfer my dvd data and system files to the new hard drive?

Then there's disk imaging. If i create a disk image of my entire hard drive, where do i store it, and will it be as big as all my files i.e. 24gb, and is the only way of storing it on a external hard drive?

Finally i was wondering how am i supposed to restore the files in my disk image if my computer won't boot far enough for me to actually do anything. I'm sooooo sorry that i've asked a zillion questions, but i really have to know before i make the purchase.

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Are Two Hard Drives Better Than One Large Hard Drive ?

I got asked a weird question by someone i know, are two hard drives better than one large hard drive, i really don't know if the difference can be seen because i have 2 hard drives so. I have a 75gb raptor and a 400gb ide but i've never thought of that before, the lady who asked me said she was going to buy a new pc and does alot of work editing videos and had the choice of a pc with 2 sata hard drives or 1.

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Hard Drive Enclosure That Supports A 2.5" Drive From Hp Cq70 Laptop

I need a a hard drive enclosure that supports a 2. 5" drive from my hp cq70 laptop; will any do?

Answer:- although the majority of pc end users buy 3. 5" based enclosures there are some excellent 2. 5" caddys around and the good thing about these is they don't require additional power. Mostly they can run with just the power from the usb port. I have bought a few 2. 5" enclosures and they are all pretty basic in both construction and build and heres a few i can recommend to you. The cit 25m2s 2. 5" sata external usb hard drive enclosure / black costs under 8 and is a great little enclosure. It takes around 5 minutes to put together and then its just a case of plugging into a spare usb port ( 2. 0 recommended ) and your good to go . It also comes with a leather carry case and all cables not bad for the price

Next theres the "icy box 2. 5 sata hdd case with usb 2. 0 interface and smart ap software, this is a awesome looking enclosure and its probably one of the best you can buy. The enclosure looks good and well made. And the software supplied will alert you if the drive gets too hot.

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