Play Crysis With High Settings At 1680x1050

Cpuintel core 2 duo e4500 (2. 2ghz)
Motherboardfoxconn 45cm/gm
Memory1gb ddr2 pc2-4200 (2 memory slots. Max 4gb)
Hard drive250gb sata
Cd drivedual layer dvd±rw
Video cardgeforce 7200gs pci-e 128mb (up to 512mb with turbocache)
Sound cardrealtek alc high definition audio

I will be upgrading my computer to:
Graphics card: zotac geforce gtx 260
Ram: kingston kth-mlg4/4g 2x2gb (4gb ram)

Since i will have 4gb ram, should i also get 64bit?

Will i be able to play with high settings at 1680x1050?

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Run Crysis With Ati Radeon Hd 5770 On Ultra High

Can i run crysis with ati radeon hd 5770 on ultra high?

My pc specs:-
Pentium d @ 2. 66 ghz
His ati radeon hd 5770 1gb grdd5
My intended resolution is 1360x768
Anti aliasing i don't need that. So can i run it on 20 - 25 fps?

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Play Crysis On Dell Studio 15 Laptop

I am gonna get a dell studio 15 laptop, will i be able to play games like crysis?

4 gb ram 1333 mhz ddr 3, 2. 4ghz, 320gb, windows 7, 1gb ati mobility radeon 5470 gpu, intel i3-370 m processor.

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Play Crysis On Dell Inspiron 530 Desktop

I just got my new dell inspiron 530 desktop can i play crysis on this? Ok, so it says it has a integrated graphic card i assume its high tech and ive seen some crysis video on youtube. It looks hot and someone said you will need a new computer to play it. So i got the new computer and going to buy the game tomorrow but i want to know will i be able to play crysis at max settings.

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Pc Crashes When Play Aoe3 Online, Gets High Pitched Tone From The Speakers

When i play aoe3 online it sometimes (most times) the pc crashes after about 30 mins, it is totally frozen and i get a high pitched tone from the speakers and all i can do is manually reset machine. I have wiped c drive reinstalled all drivers in correct ordr re-installed game (twice now) and it still happens anyone know what this might be?

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1440x900 Or 1680x1050 Screen Image Difference

Im thinking of the 19" 1440x900 or the 20" 1680x1050. Is there much of a difference in screen image between the two, at those res, and my gfx card is only a 8800gts 320mb. So i was leaning more for the 19" samy.

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Video Card For 1680x1050 And 22 Inch Monitor

After years of great gaming with an 8800gtx it finally went out and i am now stuck using a old geforce fx 5200. Since i need a new video card for my system i would like to know what is recommended. I would like to know what video card you guys recommend for a gaming res of 1680x1050. This is off topic, but i am also considering upgrading my cpu from a q6600 to a e8500 although i could swear that i got a major performance boost when i went from a 2. 4ghz core2duo i forget the model to a q6600 g0 in crysis. I would like advice on this from other gamers. Is it worth the change for game performance?

My most played games are:

Fallout 3, mass effect, and witcher enhanced.

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Using Nvidia 6600gt Card With Monitor Having 1680x1050 Resolution

I have the nvidia 6600gt card. The highest resolution in the settings goes to 1280x1024. My new monitor thats on ordered has a native res of 1680x1050. Will the 6600gt read that resolution once i plug in the new monitor.

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High Speed Device Is Attached To Non High Speed Usb Adapter

I have a usb port that i use for reading my digital camera xd card. It was working ok. Then, i installed a cable modem with a usb connection (to a different usb port). Now, whenever i plug in the xd card reader, i get a popup screen message that says something like "your high-speed device is attached to a non-high speed usb adapter". I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the usb driver, but with no results.

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Video Card To Play Play Left 4 Dead

Hello there, i was wondering what is the best video card? Because i asked a question a while ago on how to play left 4 dead on a net-book. But the gay there said i need a powerful pc to play it. Ok. I have a video card problem. Because. I think it is weak because it cant even enable the 3d acceleration in plants vs zombies! I was wondering if it has something to do with my video card? Or something wasn't installed like direct-x? And i searched here how to know video card brand. But i followed all instructions and i didn't see one! Or maybe i didn't just notice it? I think it's intel because everything i see is intel. So here is what i wanted in my question:

What is the problem of my video card?

What is the best video card brand?

Can someone tell me all the video card products of intel? And which is the best of it?

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How Much Ram To Max Out Crysis ?

After reading this article on vram, and seeing the following chart. I'm wondering how much vram crysis can occupy at 2560x1600 with 4xaa? The graph above is pretty hard to extrapolate, but if i had to guess, at max res and 4xaa, crysis saturates 1 gb of vram. I'd try it myself but don't have the resources to do so. That hypothetical question is related to the higher-end cards with their 1 gb of vram granted, most games aren't as demanding as crysis, but could 1 gb be a performance bottleneck for those 5870s in crossfire (with one gb of usable vram) at higher resolutions? Just something i was wondering about and possibly keep in mind when purchasing my next cards.

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Crysis Ram Requirements

Which out of these two desktop computers should i buy

Wondering do i need 2gb ram or 4gb ram

Or do i really need 2gb if a am only going to play that game at medium settings or lower

1: acer aspire m3201

* Processor - amd phenom 9550 quad core 2. 2ghz

* Operating system - vista home premium

* Ram - 2gb ddr2

* Hard drive - 320gb sata

* Optical drive - super multi dvd rom with label flash

* Graphics card - nvidea geforce 9500gs - 512mb vram

* Lan - 10/100/1000 mb/s

* Other - multi card reader

* Front ports - 5 usb ports

* Rear ports - ps/2 keyboard and mouse port, hdmi, vga, dvi, 4 usb, firewire

* Form factor - desktop mid-tower

Details: Hpe77. U7p/version.asp

2: acer aspire m5201

* Processor - phenom x4 9550 quad core

* Ram - 4gb ddr 2 ram

* Hard drive - 640gb + 640gb sata hd

* Optical drive - super multi dvd

* Graphics card - nvidea geforce 8600gt 256mb

* Operating system - vista home premium

* Warranty - 3 months warranty

* Keyboard & mouse not included

Details: Lprf7. Ubp/version.asp?Pid=495

Is it really worth £20 more for 2 more gb of ram or will crysis play on medium fine with only 2gb

Or does it need 4gb of ram. The system requirements say 2gb ram recommended

Dont worry about the graphics card i am going to buy one.

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Get Choppy Play Back When Play Dvd

I have a mini-itx based small form factor machine that i'd like to make into a multimedia box. The motherboard is ~1ghz with 1gb of ram. The machine can handle audio, and video files without a problem. Whenever i try to play hulu or dvds however i get choppy playback. (Youtube, even on hd, is fine however). If i get a decent pci video card (only 1 pci slot on the board), would that clear up the chop when i'm trying to play?

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4870x2 And 9.6 Catalyst And Crysis - Bsod

I get a bsod on the contact level during the plane cutscene. First time it happened when the camera flew by the first engine, the second right after jumping out of the plane. I get an error related to atikmdag.sys. Running win7 rc1, 4870x2 factory oced to 800/1000, win7 beta drives 9. 6 from ati website

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Running Crysis On Dell Vostro 1510

Can i run crysis on my dell vostro 1510 nd i using xp?

Answer:- if you opted for the 8400 gs while buying and you run the game on the lowest settings at 800 by 600, it will be playable.

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Beeps 3 High 2 Low

Pc out of order giving 3 higher pitch 2 lower pitch beeps. With help from a colleague, display card certified. But after inserting another displaying card, same beeps. What else can goes wrong? Monitor is ok. Pc bought in 2000. P3. Problem surface not long after upgrading from win98 to winxp and replacement of cdrw and new tablet. Problem remain the same even if i switch to another hard disk to start up.

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Why Would A Very High Fsb Become Less Reliable ?

1. Why would a very high fsb become less reliable?

2. Also what core do you suggest the prescott or the lga775?

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How Can You Tell If Ram Is High Density ?

I'm looking at buying a stick of of ebay, but the seller doesn't know if it is high density or not. It's a 512 stick of centon pc133. Is there a way he can tell?

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High Pitched Squealing Noise

My motherboard is an asrock p4vm890 and is "supposed" to be able to run at an 200mhz bus speed. It's a socket 478 motherboard and is compatible with williamette, northwood & prescott up to 3. 4ghz. The motherboard is based around an via northbridge: via® p4m890 & southbridge: via® vt8237r plus, but that's another story . So anyway, i decided to swap out my old p4 2. 8ghz, 533mhz bus processor for an old p4 3. 2ghz, 800mhz bus processor. I also replaced my 2 sticks of 512mb ddr333 with 2 sticks of 1024mb ddr400 memory. Sound simple so far? Well it should be. After installing that lot and switching my computer on, i was greeted by an high pitched "squealing noise". Not pleasent by any means. I went straight to the bios and noticed that while my processor was recognised as an 200mhz bus, the memory was set to 166mhz (or ddr333). Ubuntu could boot fine and there were no stability issues except for some reason the inbuilt nic would not work correctly. It would not obtain an ip address and the minute i clicked on networkmanager the computer would freeze. I thought i might have been sold the wrong memory so i went back to the shop and replaced those two sticks with some more ddr400 memory of a different brand. However the exact same thing happened! At this point i realised it would be very unlikely (or unlucky?) To have been sold two more sticks of the incorrent memory twice. In the bios i forced the memory speed from the "auto" setting to ddr400. I rebooted my computer but the high pitched squeel remained. Ubuntu launched and again everything fine except the nic. I decided to go back into the bios and i slowly underclocked my processor (but leaving the memory set as ddr400), from 200mhz bus, down to 195mhz and finally to 193mhz where it is at now. At 193mhz the squeeling goes away and the nic functions correctly. The memory clearly is ddr400 because my computer would not run stable at 193mhz if it wasn't

I have even flashed my bios to the latest version but this solved nothing. So this leaves me puzzled! If my motherboard can support a 200mhz bus and the processor and memory run over 200mhz, what on earth is the problem! Why can i only achieve 193mhz? Can i blame this on via ?

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High Capacity Usb Drives

I need a high capacity usb drive and i know tpu has reviewed a bunch so do you guys recommend any?

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High Pitch Noise / Screech

I just recently noticed that my old comp will make these high pitch sounds for like 3 seconds. Dunno where it is coming from (somewhere in the case i think ) but i have the sides of the case off so maybe that is why i can hear them? I hear it like once a day at most.

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Cpu 2.66ghz High Temperature

The reason why im posting this is because about 15 mins ago the cpu temp got so high, that the machine switched off automatically. Now i don't know about anyone here, but me thinks 112 degrees for a cpu doesn't sound too healthy -in fact this all started yesterday, when suddenly i booted up my machine, and suddenly whenever i tried to start internet explorer, the mouse began to hang and stop and start an the cpu usage shot up to 100% and stayed there permanently. At first i though it was something to do with the board, as i had a previous gigabyte board before this (same model), and suddenly one day i came to the machine and the mobo didn't even boot up as a component on the board blew and therefore wouldnt power up. They repaired the board for me for 15 uk pounds (about 24 usd). So, the question is can someone please informe me of the following:

1) is this cpu definately fried?
2) does it sound like the mobo might be at fault?
3) what about the heatsink? Could it be at fault?
4) is this normal, as i've only had this processor for literally 2-3months brand new?
5) does anyone know whether intel have any warranties out on their chips -like hard drive manufacturers?
6) recommendations?

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Pc Making High Pitched Noise

Theres a really anoying high pitched noise coming from my pc, i think its from my psu, i recently got a new case and psu exactly the same as my old one, and my old one didnt make this type of noise!

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High Performance Reliable Psu

I am building a high-uptime xeon server, which requires a minimum of 300w to run, however i would be looking for a psu rating of around 350w. The psu is to be installed in a 4u rackmount chassis and needs maximum airflow, so i will want a psu with dual fan's. However, at the moment i will only need the single psu, but later on i will be buying a quad redundant psu (around 460w), but in the mean-time, i will be using the single psu, so i need a high quality psu which will work well under light load and the less likely to damage the motherboard. Are there any out there which you can recommend ? Btw, it would be good to have temperature controlled fans on the psu also.

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High Pitch / Whining Noise

So, it worked fine for a couple days and i even overclocked the 7750 for a bit and it was running fine. So i shut it off, when to families house for christmas and when i got back i noticed it was making a god awful noise. Very high pitched, but not very audible. Still enough that gave me a headache

Now, it only happens when vista loads up about half way through the scroll bar thing. In the bios or the first half of loading vista, it doesn't do it but it. Also, it is only there at idle. If i put a load on the cpu it goes away instantly

I've tried it with cool and quite both enabled and disabled and neither helped. It's not the 260gtx because i took it out and it was still there, and it's not the hard drive (i thought it was originally) so if anybody has any ideas, im all ears.

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How Much Are Old High End Computers Worth?

I thought since this was a general question and not a specific for sell ad it would be nice to hear what others find as a good price when selling their older systems. Of course i realize it depends on the type of build and parts, but i was wondering a kind of general rule to go by. Mainly, i only custom build high-end computers that are at the top end at the time created. So, say i have a computer from 2004 that has most high-end parts at that point but i have maintained it and still is in excellent condition. Also, what about custom high-end paint jobs from folks like smooth creations? I have a couple of cases and parts that were hand air brushed by their master artist. Most cost at least $1, 000 or more for just the art work done and one of a kind. Is this good to sell alone on auction sites or should they be sold with the parts as well at time of sell?

I know you can browse ads all day long, but the problem i find is most are not selling high-end type used computers or they are not in that good of condition. It is hard to post ads at much higher prices when generic ones are cheaper but vastly inferior in quality. My systems are all fantastic, i just need to keep them rotating and refreshed for my work. Thanks for any thoughts on prices, selling, etc.

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Portable High Capacity Storage

I'm leaving in 30 days for the us air force and i'm most likely going to be moving overseas, or around a bunch. There will be many times where i will be waiting 2 or so weeks to get all of my stuff shipped to a new place, so i'm looking for something that i can take on a plane with me or keep close to me so that i always have it whenever i move. I was thinking of getting a 500gb archos mp3 player but am looking for more options. I already have multiple external hard drives but i'll not be taking them with me, so i'm not looking for an external hard drive. Can anyone point me in the direction of some other or better options for me?

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High End Workstation Hardware

I am trying to help a workmate put together a computer that will last him a decade or so in the workstation industry (autocad/3dsm). This is what he has:
* 800w psu
* Three identical ssds (will raid5 work with this quantity?)
* Full atx chassis

This is what is needed:
* Raid cage
* Raid card
* Ram
* Motherboard
* Cpu (he wants a quadcore at the minimum)
* Workstation card (hold off on this)

What do you recommend? Would server hardware be better for this, or is regular gaming hardware no worse? As far as the workstation card, we'll go with an nvidia, and since it's mostly based on price for power, we'll determine which one to get based on the remaining funds. Originally, before i intervened, he was planning on spending up a few grand. So what's the best configuration we can put together? (Money is basically not a bottleneck. )

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Laptops With High Battery Life

I was wondering if anyone knew of any 6+hr battery life laptops? I haven't been able to find anything even close, and i'm pretty sure i remember once seeing a line of laptops designed for extreme battery life. I just can't figure out who sold them. Toshiba portege To?Seg=hho&poid=380434&coid=-33781

http://asia., 39050488, 40954253p-0, 00.htm

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Shaky Picture At High Resolution

Just purchased nec accusync 900 which is 19" crt monitor supports res greater than 1600*1200 and freq up to 75 hz. My pc is new & pretty good i'd say. I set my monitor to 1600*1200 with 75 hz, but i get shaky picture. I updated from plug&play monitor driver to nec as900 driver & video card is newest (88. Something). Why am i having this problem?

Ok i just upped it to 75 hz and now no shake. When i wake my pc from screen saver theres a shake. When i reboot sometimes i get a shake. How do i lock the settings?

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