Xbox 360 Usb Hub

Anyway, the xbox 360:

-Usb ports, hubs, controllers-
-Supports usb keyboards. Just plug your usb keyboard to the xbox 360, and type away (be it to fill in data in the dashboard, to send messages to other players, or to use in psu, any usb keyboard will work with the xbox 360)

-Supports 4 wired controllers. You just need to use a usb hub (all the usb stuff can be connected to usb hubs, including the webcam, wireless adapter, etc)

-Only supports wireless microsoft controllers. That means we won't see wireless guitars for guitar hero ii, or any other similar stuff, other than the ms wireless products (wireless wheel, controller and communicator)

-You can keep charging your controllers with your xbox 360 turned off. Just turn off the console like you would any other time (with your controllers already connected), and after 2 or 3 seconds your controllers should light up, and the charging leds should turn up again (the console will keep making a very low "hum", despite all the leds being turned off). When the controllers are charged the console will totally shut off. -The 360 doesn't read usb hdds that are formatted for ntfs. Which is a bummer if you have hd downloads, as they can typically exceed the 4gb file size limit of fat32. [By bivith]

-You can use your wired xbox 360 controller on your windows xp pc. -Dashboard tricks-
-Supports custom dashboard background images. Go to your media blade, select pictures, select either your pc (with shared pictures via media connect) or a usb device, place the cursor over the picture you wish to put in the background, and press x (do not select the picture, you need to be on the directory screen). You cannot put different pictures in different blades however. -You can turn on the console remotely by pressing the guide button or the start button on the controller for 2 or 3 seconds. You can also turn it off remotely, by pressing the guide button for 5 seconds, where a new menu will pop up, asking you if you want to turn off the console or turn off the wireless controller. -Pressing the guide button when the notification for friend logging on appears will bring up their gamer-card, allowing you to message or invite them to your game. [By tiger_walts] this tip works with any notification pop up btw. Pressing when you win an achievement shows the achievement screen when you receive a message shows you the message, etc. -You can disable communication from anyone who is not on your friends list. It's hidden away in a live options menu accessed by clicking on the gamer-card. It can be found by clicking on your gamer-card in any of the blades that display it. Then click account management > privacy settings > communications - from there you can choose everyone / friends only / blocked. [By bravearse]

-Media streaming-
-Only supports wmv movie streaming from your pc (both in media center, and media connect), and does not support divx, mpeg, mov, xvid, avi, etc. -You can skip your custom soundtracks while playing games by pressing the skip button on the remote (both remotes work, the limited edition, and the media one), no need to go to the guide menu. [Windows mce remotes, or even a universal remote if you find the codes work as well; thanks valver]

-If you have a mac you can still stream content to your 360 (not video) using: [by vroom!]

-The 360 recognizes wmp and m3u play-list files, use these to create play-lists quicker and easier than with the 360's interface. [By tiger_walts & nickthegun] this is very handy. Create a play-list of the mp3s on your pc, put the folder with the play-list shared on the media connect, and that play-list should show up under play-lists in your music player screen. -If you're ripping music to your 360 hdd, it does support cddb lookups so you don't have to enter song titles manually. [By furbs]

-Hardware problems-
-Don't use a cheap surge protector/plug strip. It'll underfeed your xbox 360, and it might result in occasional crashes. -Don't ever move your xbox 360 with a disk inside. It might scratch the disk or damage the lens. Don't put it standing or lying down either, with a disk inside, much less while the console is turned on. -Avoid carpets and such fabrics. Lay the console on top of cold materials (a wood desk, stone floor, etc). Never on top of carpets because these will heat up the console considerably. Don't stack the xbox on top of other electronic devices. This goes to every electronic device actually. Avoid carpets and such, and stacking them up is usually not a good idea (specially hot stuff like the xbox 360, or a ps3).

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Xbox 360 Usb Hard Drives

I know you can buy aftermarket usb harddrives for your 360 but they are tiny like freaking 4gb. I wanna get amassive giant disk that i can use for all sorts of content. I want to be able to have more room to download demos and such from live. Is it at all possible to just plug in a usb harddrive of any size (it beingfat 32 of course) and then just have live download content to it?

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Connect Keyboard To Xbox 360 Using Usb Splitter / Switcher

I want a cheap usb splitter or switcher so i can connect my pc keyboard to my xbox 360 and be able to use is on both my pc and 360. I have found a few in searching, but their quality seems suspect or their price is way too high. Any suggestions or ideas?

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Xbox 360 Controller (connected To Pc) Causing Usb Headset Distortion

Well basically i just connected my xbox 360 controller (well, the guitar that comes with guitar hero 2, to be specific) to my pc, and while vista recognized the device and installed drivers and such without a problem, and the device seems to be functioning, for as long as it's connected (and until i reboot with the controller disconnected) the sound going through my headset (usb plantronics dsp 550) sounds completely distorted.

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Connecting Xbox 360 To Pc Using Usb Male To Male Cable

Can i connect my xbo x360 to my pc using a usb male to male cable? I do not want to connect to xbox live using this i want to connect to my pc to listen to music and have the ethernet cable plugged into my router for xbox live connection.

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How To Get Xbox Live On My Xbox 360?

So ive been researching on how to get xbox live on my xbox 360 so i can play against other players all over on my 360, and what ive heard is i need a ethernet cord and i need to hook it up to my modem and the back of my xbox 360 and then go on my xbox 360 and create a xbox live account and go through all that and get a gold pass instead of silver and after i pay with my credit card for it it should be all hooked up, please tell me if this isright or not, and if not, please tell me what i need to do.

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How To Connect Xbox 360 To Pc ?

Can someone give me set by set instructions on how to connect my xbox 360 to my pc? I need help and not good with computers.

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Ps3 Or Xbox 360

Im on a budget. I have to sell my ps2 and all my 16 games. Im selling my ps2 and 3 games to a collector for 160. Then im going to sell the rest of my games. Which after that's all said and done should leave me with im guessing 200. I know the xbox is cheaper but ive always had a playstation system. When i go to my friends house and plays his xbox360 the controls are soo weird. I want a ps3 but idk if i get it i might have to sell my ds lite to. What should i get. And if i do get the xbox will i be able to get used to the controls?

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How To Play Xbox 360 And Pc On One Monitor ?

What would i need to use to switch the video inputs for my monitor on the fly? Currently, if i want to switch between viewing my pc and 360, i have to go through the menu on my monitor, and it takes a bunch of presses.

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Xbox 360 Hardware Pc Equivalent

In my class at school. Other students say that they saw something that said it would cost up to 3000$ to make a rig that would be similar to that of an xbox360 how much exactly would it cost maybe? I told him that it would cost like 600 or so. But if anyone can enlighten me that would be great.

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Speaker Solution For Xbox 360

I'm trying to find a speaker solution for my little xbox 360 movies/gaming corner. I'm trying to not spend a bunch of cash on it or make it a big purchase because the space it's in is small. I'm using a 24 inch asus monitor with an hdmi input, but the built-in speakers are terrible. I was toying with the idea for a small 5. 1 surround sound system for gaming, the trouble being the only thing i could find that fit the bill was the logitech z-5500 and i'm certainly not up for shelling out over $300. Wondering if anyone knows of anything with an optical input and isn't going to cost me more than $150-$200. Or is there a chance that i could use an old set of creative 5. 1 pc speakers that i have with a decoder. I was looking at them but none of them seemed compatible with the 3, 1/8 inch jacks that the speakers have connecting them. Worst comes to worst and i'll just buy a 2. 1 set but ideally i'd like to know if there is a 5. 1 solution that's not bank breaking.

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Computer Monitor With Xbox 360

I'm looking into buying a new monitor that i can play my xbox 360 on because i do not have the money for a brand new tv. I found a 19" flat panel viewsonic for 430$. I believe it has 1280 x 1024 resolution. Is there any specifics i should look for before buying it? 360 games run at 720p and 1080 dpi. Can i connect it with vga box? Or do i need a monitor/tv with video connections? Is viewsonic a reliable brand? Anyone with experience playing a vg system on a monitor, your comments would be appreciated.

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Connect Xbox 360 To Monitor

How to connect my xbox360 to my pc monitor(xerox xa7-19i)? I found out i could connect an xbox360 to a pc monitor using an xbox 360 vga cable like this one: but my monitor does not have an vga cable port in the back of it it is just a cable which plugs in and has a vga port on the other end to connect to my pc. Can i buy an adapter to attach to this so i can use the xbox 360 vga cable?

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Xbox 360 Kinect Or Ps3

What is better an xbox 360 kinect or a ps3? Answer the question and why you think that. I want to know from people who have either the xbox 360 kinect and/or ps3.

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Xbox 360 Connection Laggy

I have a wireless connection from my xbox to my router. The router and modem both work fine, because they're pretty new, and all other computers in the house work fine on the internet. However, my xbox connection is extremely laggy. I can connect to xbox live when i turn my xbox on, after waiting about 10 seconds. When i test my xbl connection, its says xbox live is up and running. When i play games, i have a one bar connection, (even though when i test my connection, i have full bars) and move around in 40 foot increments (basically, i lag extremely hard). When i try a wired connection, it seems to fix the problem, but i want to be able to have a wireless connection, so i don't have to feed an ethernet cable through the house. When i bring my xbox and my adapter to friends houses, it works fine. At my house, i have the proper xbox ports open, and nat is open. There is usually only one other computer in the house online when i'm online with the xbox, but when i get on by myself, it still doesn't work. Also, most times when i turn my xbox on, my xbox doesn't recognize that my adapter is plugged in, so i have to replug it in. If you are somehow able to answer my problem, i am not only impressed, but you will get best answer, if it is a solution. Oh, also, i have tried restarting my modem and router. Doesn't help at all.

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Connect Xbox 360 To Pc Monitor

How can i connect my xbox360 to my pc monitor? My pc monitor uses a vga cable. Also could i use a splitter cable to have both in at once?

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How To Connect Xbox 360 To Monitor ?

How do you connect a xbox 360 to a computer monitor? Preferably using hdmi to connect to the xbox. Answer:- if the computer monitor has an hdmi port, then you simply use a standard hdmi cable to hook it up to your xbox 360. If your computer monitor has a dvi port, you can use a dvi-to-hdmi cable. If your computer monitor only has a vga port, then you have to use the microsoft xbox hdav vga cable (sold separately). Hdmi will not work with vga-only monitors.

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How To Connect Xbox 360 To A Pc Monitor?

I own a samsung 2233sw monitor, which has two ports at the back that can accept data in analog & digital formats. I have the cpu connected to the analog port, now i need to find a way (if there's any) to connect the xbox 360 to the digital port. I currently use a vga switch to switch between the video streams from the pc & the xbox 360, but the maximum resolution it can support is 1600*1200. Is there any special adapter or cable that will enable me to connect the xbox 360 to the pc monitor via the digital port so i can view both devices in resolutions of 1920*1080? If i can't connect the xbox 360 to the digital port, then is there a way to connect the pc to it? Sorry about the long question, but i wanted to give as much detail as possible.

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Xbox 360 Hacking Problem

Xbox 360 hacking problem? As a teenager i like to play video games and the console i have is the xbox 360. I play on xbox live and have had multiple people even in the same day, even 2 or 3 times a day say they are "hacking" me and telling people my ip (internet protocol). I being somewhat of a tech savy kid (my dad is a programmer and comp technician) i have researched this and found cain and able. Apparently they use this to "sniff my ip and on some occasions use loic (low orbiting ion cannon) to ddos me (distributed denial-of-service). I was thinking somehow i might be able to set up a high anonymity proxy server if it is even possible that to hide my ip. So anyways if someone could help me do something about this rather than report them to microsoft and get new ips, i would be happy. 2 months ago (tiebreaker)

Additional details

Its not so much saying they will hack me and idle threats. They do , for some games its becoming impossible to play cause they keep ddos me. I pay for xbox live and report them but microsoft just seems to ignore and neglect. I have many friends that this happens to and they are switching to psn, and i will probability do thew same

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Xbox 360 Backwards Compatible?

First of all, are all xbox 360 models backwards compatible with the list of original xbox games they have listed as backwards compatible or is it only with certain models?

Second of all, iv heard there are certain glitches when you play the old games on the 360. Just how much do they effect the games? Original xboxs are quite cheap, so would it be better to buy the old one to play them?

In case it depends on what game you play, heres the games im wanting to play. -Star wars: knights of the old republic

-Star wars: republic commando

-Jade empire


-Gta: san andreas

-Red dead revolver

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Ace Combat Joystick For Xbox 360

At tokyo game show microsoft is showing off the hori ace combat joysticks that were announced a couple of months ago for the xbox 360. They still aren't available until november 1st overseas (and who knows when the us will get 'em), but there's nothing that manages to excite us like glass-encased $150 video game flight sticks that use old school parallel serial connections.

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Connecting Xbox 360 To Laptop For Internet

I have vista ultimate. I am using a d-link wireless router. So ive been looking around on the internet for a way to connect my xbox 360 to my laptop, my laptop has a wireless connection. Ive tried several different articles including ones from here and on other sites, but non seem to work. The main problem is, it says my xbox 360 connection, is unidentified and when i try to diagnose it just says try automatically getting new ip address. Also i cant bridge connections because it says i need to have 2 high-speed lan, that are not being used through internet connection sharing. Also every time i try and make sharing allowed for my wireless connection, it says an error occurred while trying to make this shared. I am getting so frustrated that i cant get this too work, so if anyone needs any more information that might help you solve this, ill update it right away. Any help would be greatly appreciated. *Update* i recently found that the problem might be my router conflicting with my setup so i have to change the address.

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Xbox 360 V2 Code Named Zephyr

Ever wonder why microsoft hasn't released an hdmi cable for the xbox 360, or whether the av port was really capable of digital out? Well, here's your answer: we landed pictures of what appears to be the second xbox 360 - the xbox 360 v2, if you will - codenamed zephyr. (The original xbox 360, if you recall, was codenamed xenon. )

The long rumored about and awaited update to the console won't just feature a new, cooler 65nm processor, it's also finally added an hdmi port for full digital 1080p pleasure, as well as a 120gb drive, just what the doctor ordered. The 120gb drive may or may not come bundled with the kit, we don't yet know, just as we also don't yet know how much a zephyr 360 is going to run (we imagine it'll go for the same price as currently so they can keep up a little on their expanding margin). But our very kind xbox insider seemed happy to let us know we'd be able to get them "soon. "

Good thing i haven't bought a 360 yet. Announcements.

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Connect Xbox 360 To Pc Monitor Through Composite

Is it possible to connect my xbox 360 to my pc monitor through my pc then to my monitor? My pc has front composite and audio (l+r) in ports and i was wondering if i could connect my xbox 360 to these and then get image on my monitor. Answer:- why bother with composite? Composite is the worst possible connection. The image quality for composite is absolute garbage. Fuzzy, blurry low-definition crap. You can connect your xbox 360 directly to your computer monitor, using the purpose-built microsoft xbox hd av vga cable, and it gives you up to 1080p high definition (if the monitor can go up that high). You do have to buy the hdav vga cable separately though:

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Xbox 360 Connection To Monitor With Speakers

My monitor is a hp w2448hc hdmi, i am using an xbox360 elite, the current cable i am using to go to my monitor is a hdmi to hdmi cable which makes the picture show up on my monitor and play audio through my monitors speakers. Now the problem is i want to play the sound through my speakers. They are an old brand of harman/kardon. They only have a green connection audio jack input thing. I plug that into my monitor and they will not work. How am i able to get these speakers to work through my monitor so i don't have to listen to my crappy audio from my monitor, but listen to the better quality from my speakers. What cables will i need, or is it simply something i am doing wrong?

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Connect Xbox 360 To Live Using Wifi

How do i connect my xbox 360 to live using wifi. Do i need a wireless network adapter. ? My wifi is down right now, but can i use my neighbors to connect to live. It is a pretty strong signal. If so how do i do it. Can someone give me step by step instructions on how to connect it to live?

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Connect Pc Hard Drive To Xbox 360

How can i connect my pc hard drive to my xbox 360?

Answer:- u have to take it out and put it in the xbox hard drive compartment because the special connector on the x-box. And probably u have to do some formatting and other stuff to your drive to even use it! So it's not very useful to do.

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Connect Xbox 360 To Computer With Hdmi

Can i connect my xbox 360 into the back of my computer tower with hdmi-hdmi? I have a hdmi-hdmi cable, but my monitor doesn't have a hdmi port. Can i plug my 360 into the back of my computer tower instead to play the xbox 360 on my monitor?

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Can I Connect Xbox 360 To Lcd Monitor?

Ok well i have a 20 inch hp lcd monitor and i want to hook up my xbox 360 to it so i can play on it because i have a small tv and i would prefer to play on my lcd monitor. I heard that you have to buy the vga xbox 360 cable to play but the thing is i have an hdmi cable but the cable is like not the one for the computers its kind of hard to explain but if you were to search this exactly "insignia hdmi" without the " and look at the third picture that's sorta what i have. And yeah i want to know if i would still have to buy the vga xbox 360 cable or is there a way to do it.

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Xbox 360 Nat Type Problem

Im currently with telstra and i have cable broadband. My modem is a motorola sbg900. Now. When i wanna play xbox 360 with friends my nat type is moderate and theirs is open. Sometimes or most of the times i cant connect and it can be quite annoying. I know how to turn off my nat type but when i do that it stops my laptop from having a successful internet connection and i cant go on the internet at all. Yet my desktop computer can. My xbox is running wireless and ethernet at times. Desktop computer is running ethernet and laptop is wireless. Is there a way to keep them all connected if i disable nat?

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