Using Dvi / Vga Ports Simultaneously

My boss wants a new video card and dual monitor set-up. I've ordered 2 kds rad-7gs flat panel lcd monitors for this purpose, i think they use 15-pin d-sub vga connectors. Most of the video cards i've been looking at have multiple video out ports, however there are very few video cards out there with dual-vga ports. I'd rather get a better video card with 1 vga / 1 dvi out and just use a dvi-vga converter for the second monitor. I'm worried that i wouldn't be able to use both ports simultaneously. Is this possible? I've noticed on the spec sheets some of them list "dual monitor support". If that's not listed, should i assume that the ports can't be used simultaneously?

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Connect Between Monitor Lcd Dvi-d And Vga Dvi-i

How to connect between monitor lcd (dvi-d) and vga (dvi-i) ? I have a benq monitor an its input is dvi-d and vga has dvi-i input how i can connect between them if i have cable with two sides dvi_i . And can i remove some pins from one sid to make it fit to fix in dvi-d ?

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Dvi To Vga Adapter

I'm getting the 6600 gt ( bfg ) soon , but i just realized that the card have these connectors only ( connectors: dual dvi-i, hdtv / s-video out ). That means there is no vga connection. And what i have in my house is this 19' crt monitor. So shall i get a dvi to vga adapter or what ? And how much do these costs ? ( I think it's the adapter won't come with the box, here is the link for the card ). Never saw a dvi to vga adapter and i don't know if i need one and how much do they cost. Thanks in advance guys !

Edit: sorry for the rush, i realized that a dvi to vga dongle is included in the box. Anyways to not make this thread totally trash, what is the main benefit for a dvi-i connector?

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Vga To Dvi Adapter

I have dell lcd 1704fpt which supports dvi, my integrated video card only has a vga port, would there be any quality loss if i get vga to dvi adapter?

Any comments or suggestions on this matter?

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Vga Monitor For Dvi Port

I have a dell e177fp monitor that i want to set up as a second monitor. I already have another monitor using the only vga port on my system. Now there is a dvi port in my system also which could be used to connect a second monitor. Unfortunately, the e177fp monitor doesn't have a dvi port (neither does the other monitor). My question is, if i use a vga to dvi adapter to connect the e177fp to the dvi port, will this work?

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Powerbook G4 Dvi-vga Adapter

Does anyone know if the dvi-vga adapter that came with my powerbook g4 can be used on a pc (nvidia geforce4 ti) to connect a monitor?

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Vga Or Dvi To Connect To Computer ?

Vga or dvi to connect to computer? So i got a new monitor that allows me to connect with a vga, dvi, and hdmi. I am planning to use the hdmi port for my xbox 360. Should i connect the pc with the vga or dvi port?

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Monitor To Ps3 With Dvi Or Vga Connections

Computer monitor to ps3 with either dvi or vga connections from monitor and composite, component, rca to ps3? I have a computer monitor with 2 ways to connect. Either dvi or vga. I have a ps3 with just the standard rca cord. My monitor is not hdcp compliant so i cannot connect hdmi which sucks. So now i am trying to figure the best route to hook all of this up. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Connect Xbox To Monitor Using Vga, Dvi, Or Composite ?

Since i don't have an hdmi xbox, should i connect it to my monitor using the vga, dvi, or composite? Which is the best quality?

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Connect Macbook Screen To Pc Using Mini Dvi To Vga Adapter

My macbook (2007) screen broke; i was wondering if i can use a mini dvi to vga adapter to connect it to my pc? I don't know if i can just plug a mini dvi to vga adapter in to my computers and connect my macbook to my pc monitor and assume the macbook screen will just show up on the pc monitor. I really need to get some files off my mac!

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Video Card With 2 Dvi Ports

I am running the ati aiw x800xl. I just bought another monitor so that i can run dual monitors. This video card does that but it only has one vga and one dvi. I need to run dual dvi for better graphics. I have a motherboard that has pci express x16 1. 0 on it. It actually has two of the slots but i would like to just buy one video card that has 2 dvi on it. Anyway, there is new technology out there, pci express x16 v2 and v3 but i really do not want to upgrade my motherboard, chip and memory. So what video card can you suggest for the best performance on straight graphics that is pci express x16 v1 that will have 2 dvi ports?

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Monitor Won't Detect Vga, But Works Fine With Dvi

It's a hp w1707 if that helps. Today i'm getting some hdmi cables to hook my ps3 up to my monitor since all i have is a sdtv and can't afford to buy a hdtv. To make things easier on myself, i decided to go drag out my vga cables and hook that up to my computer, and hook my ps3 up to the dvi port so all i'd have to do is just switch the input back and fourth. That's when i ran into a problem. If i plug my vga cables in, it will not detect the display, but the second i plug the dvi into my video card (hd4870 1gig) it's fine again. I'm at a loss, as i said i just wanted to keep both plugged in and just switch between them, so obviously i've already tried switching input modes. I've tried restarting, i've tried setting my card to auto-detect displays (even though i know that's not the issue) i've tried setting my video card to force detection. I've tried having the screen auto adjust. None of it worked. The weird thing is the different results i get depending on the combo of buttons i push on the monitor and the cable(s) hooked up to the monitor itself. If both are unplugged from my comp, but plugged into my monitor, the screen will say no input detected. If both are connected and dvi is plugged in to my computer, it will work fine. If both are plugged into the monitor but vga in computer, it will say auto adjusting please wait, then will only have my background on the screen (no icons no mouse, and if i crtl atl and del the screen goes black) if only the vga is plugged into the monitor, it will say check video connections, if vga only is plugged into both the monitor and computer, it will go to sleep almost instantly.

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Connect Red White And Yellow Cable To A Hdmi, Dvi, Vga

Is there an adapter to connect red white and yellow cable to a hdmi, dvi and vga cable? I recently purchased the logitech x-540 speakers and i was wondering if i could hook them up to my monitor in anyway the inputs on the monitor are: vga, dvi and hdmi. Is there an adapter to convert the red, white and yellow xbox 360 cables to either vga, dvi or hdmi?

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Low Profile Card W/ 2 Dvi Ports

Anyone know where to find one of these? I have one of the crappy dell workstations that only supports low profile cards, but i'd like to drive 2 monitors without using onboard vga.

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Sapphire 5850 Issue With One Of Dvi Ports

I'm having a bit of trouble with my new 5850 - it seems that if i plug my 26" lcd into the top dvi port, it shows horizontal lines/glitches and tears whenever direct3d is invoked. This occurs in both windows 7 aero desktop (while moving windows around) and games. Also this only seems to happen when resolution is at 1920x1200 or 1920x1080, lower resolutions does not seem to have the issue. I have tried reinstalling the driver numerous times to no avail, checked power connections, and even tried different pci-e slots on the motherboard until i changed the cable to the lower dvi port and all of the sudden the issue seems to be resolved. I didn't change cables so it seems that my cable isn't the issue. I have a 720w enermax infiniti which powered a 4870 in the same config so i doubt it's a power issue. Do you have any ideas/insight on this? Is my card defective?

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Eyefinity Displayport Dvi Or Displayport Vga

This poll is for eyefinity owners who use a displayport adapter. My three lcds do not have any displayports. I will be running 3x 1680x1050, so svga should work. I will be purchasing a 5850 imminently and an adapter. Sapphire has failed in delivering their adapter by quoted timeframe (stated newegg will have it for sale by 1/9/10). I would like to know how many folks are out there using the active dvi adapter or the svga adapter. Please state the problems you're having (flickering, wake up, etc), if any. Please state the native resolution of the lcd you're using the svga adapter for and if it has any issues. There is a fellow at wsg who is having problems with the svga adapter at 1920x1080.

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Dvi-d Connector To Dvi-d Dual Link

Im looking at a graphics card that has a dvi dual link output. The monitors i am looking at list dvi inputs. I am assuming they are dvi-d single link. Can i use a single link cable on the dual link outputs? It looks like the single link just has less pins, are they compatible? I know i wont benefit from the increased resolution and such, but will it work, or do i need to look at adapters?

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Connecting Dvd Vga With Computer Vga

How do i connect dvd-vga with computer vga? I have a dvd player and it has vga port. Now i want to connect my dvd player with laptop through vga adopter. Is it possible.

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Headphone + Speaker Simultaneously

Well, i'm about to change my x-fi xtrememusic sound card. About a month ago, my sound card started to give me weird sounds in games. I reinstalled the drivers, and now is even worst. Games sound completely distorted, only works ok in regular windows. About a week ago the problem fixed itself, but i still have a problem where the sounds would distort if i play more than 1 sound stream at a time (wmp + youtube), and sometimes my videos will fast forward by themselves (all players, even flash). Also, once in a while, my friends in ventrilo say i sound like a chipmunk and i sometimes hear them as chipmunks too. I have completely clean, and reinstalled the drivers from the website and and the problem persist. I give up, and want to make an upgrade and add a feature i'm really hopeful is available by now. I'm wondering if it's possible to use an auzentech x-fi forte, and use the headphone and speaker inputs for different audio simultaneously. I currently use my x-fi for general sound, but use onboard audio for ventrilo. I'd like to hear the game from the speakers, but my ventrilo conversation from the headphones. Like a ps3 does. Is this possible with a single sound card, or using 2 sound cards is still the only solution?

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Usb And Firewire Simultaneously

I just bought a western digital 1. 5tb my book and want to know can i hook it up to 2 pc's at the same time, one with usb and one with firewire. I have read that this could cause the drive to fail so i want to ask before i try anything.

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Difference Displayport-to-dvi And Normal Displayport-to-dvi Adapter

What's the difference in the 100$ active display port-to-dvi adapters and a $15 normal display port-to-dvi adapter ?

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Burning Two Dvds On Different Drives Simultaneously

I remember back in '99 i had to live in fear of touching just one mouse button on my pentium ii pc and it would wreck my 4x cd burner. Nowadays, how about burning two dvds at the same time? I'm using a pentium d and a gig-o-ram if that matters.

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Hd Wiping Program To Use With Multiple Drives Simultaneously

Is there a good hd wiping program i can use under windows to wipe several hard drives simultaneously?

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How To Connect 2 Maxtor 300gb + 1 Mac + 1 Pc Simultaneously ?

I have been searching for a solution on how to simultaneously connect these four pieces of hardware. Here is what i have:

2 x maxtor usb/firewire 300 gb external hard drives
1 x ibook with 1x firewire 400 port
1 x toshiba laptop with 1x usb 2. 0 and 1x 4pin firewire port
2 x 16 ft. Usb cables
2 x 6 ft. 6 pin to 6 pin firewire cables

My current set up is
I have to keep switching cables when i need to connect from from another. I have two 6ft's connected going to ibook so i switch back and forth and when i need to connect to my toshiba i do the same thing but the drives are in the entertainment unit with my other stuff. I need a solution, and need your suggestions. -If i buy a firewire hub can i connect two hard drives to the hub and one cable to ibook and one to toshiba, will they be able to see both hd's at the same time? I don't need them to be on at the same time, so i can turn off mac and turn on toshiba but i really don't want to keep switching cables. So all connected so cables are not lying around

-If i buy a firmware switch, i saw one at compusa they are expensive but if i can use everything at the same time it could be worth it.

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Connect Dell Studio 15 With 3 Monitors Simultaneously

I have a dell studio 15. It has a vga out and a hdmi out. Is there a way to have both output running simultaneously. I have them both connected, but i have to choose between vga or hdmi along side with my laptop screen. So its either laptop+vga or laptop+hdmi or vga+hdmi. I would like to have my laptop screen, and the 2 other monitors running at the same time. Is this possible?

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Dvi-i Vs Dvi-d Support

From what i understand, the "d" in dvi-d stands for dual link. It can transmit higher bandwidth. (Ok) i recently bought an alienware with 1920x1080x120hz resolution. This is connected to my custom tower, with an ati 4870x2 video card. Internet browsing looks real good, & games like cod-mw look great. Bf/bad company-2 is still having high-end compatibility. (Getting better )

Question: how do i know i'm getting "full" bandwidth, & not just running on dvi-i from the 4870x2 video card? I'm not concerned with the 3-d affects. I just want great graphics. If i was to buy a new video card down the road, i wonder would the ati 5970, or the new nvida 480 series work better with my monitor ?

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Sound Card That Outputs Coaxial And Optical Simultaneously

I want a card that can output to both coaxial (receiver) and optical (z-5500) at once. Unless there is a splitter that can split 1 coaxial into 2 outputs? Looking to run my regular speakers which have terrible bass and my z-5500 for the great bass at once.

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How Many Computers Can Standard Sky Router Handle Simultaneously ?

How many computers/laptops can a standard sky router handle simultaneously before the connection is effected? By this i mean the quality of the connection such as speed and responsiveness. I am wanting to run 3 desktop computers, 4 laptops and xbox live. If a router cannot handle this simultaneously then what can be done in order to support all these connections?

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Simultaneously Connected External Usb Hard Drive Is Safe ?

External usb hard drive connected simultaneously to laptop and usb powered hub: safe? I have a external 2. 5" hard drive (in enclosure with usb port ). It has a "y" usb cable (to connect to 2 usb ports in my laptop, if more current is needed). Can i connect the "y" cable to the laptop and to a powered (external power adapter) usb hub? The intention would be to get from the usb hub any extra power the hard drive may need. Is this safe? Does it make sense? The hub is not connected to the laptop - will it work properly?

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Male 25 Pin Dvi To Male 29 Pin Dvi Adapters Or Cable ?

I can't find this, male 25 pin dvi to male 29 pin dvi adapters or cable i need for my lcd to my video card to use the digital display on it. Can anybody tell me where i may get this please?

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