Caps Lock, Scroll Lock And Num Lock Lights Flash

Got a quite old dell latitude cp, need to see what is on it and would like to get it working, problem is: i cant. When the ac and battery are connected i hit the power button and it sits there and beeps at me all of the caps lock, scroll lock and num lock lights flash on then off in synchronous with the beeps. Any ideas?

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Multimedia Keyboard Num Lock Does Not Function

I have smart multimedia keyboard. I have installed driver. Every function works but only num lock does not funktion. It is not so old a few months old. I have shared my computer with a friend. After all my keyboard does not funktion. When i shared my desktop, can it be the somehow my computer settings have changed. I have tried similar new keyboard. It does not function either. Instead of numlock it comes sign from numlock.

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Aluminum Keyboard - Caps Lock Issues

Got the new keyboard. It rocks, except for one thing: the caps lock isn't as sensitive as the other keys. Turning off caps is fine, but turning it on, i have to press the key a little harder than the others for it to activate. Is anyone else experiencing this? I'm wondering if for some reason it's supposed to be like that?

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When Pc Shut Down, Keyboard Num Lock & Mouse Light Stays On

When i shut down my pc the keyboard num lock light and my optical mouse light are both still stays on. Note both are on ps2 ports. How do i fix that?

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Wireless Keyboard Caps Lock Light Not Working

Got home today and realized that the caps lock led don't light up anymore. Has anyone else had similar problems? If so, how was your situation rectified? The keyboard still works fine, don't think its a bad enough problem to have it replaced or be without it for ages.could see if apple will allow a straight swap at the shop. Just a bump to say this is still a problem with the newest hardware (apple wireless keyboard firmware 68) and software (10. 6. 2 with all patches and bluetooth updates). Requiring the user to do anything with the caps lock button for it to work and indicate other than press it is an unacceptable, apple. Very embarrassing. You'd think a status light was something that could be made to be reliable in this day and age.

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Keyboard Caps Lock Key Is Constantly 'turned On' On Mac Os

I have a wireless keyboard & mouse on my mac, and when i try to log in, nothing types even though the keyboard is switched on. The volume controls work, but the caps lock key is constantly turned on. I've take the keys off and cleaned it, i've restarted the computer, taking out the batteries but nothing works. Also, the mouse is set to 'left click' as in whenever i click on anything it acts like i'm holding down the ctrl button to make it 'left click'. I have no idea whats wrong with the mouse or keyboard. Can anyone help at all? Or has anyone ever had this problem?

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Overclock Lock

I am running a 9200se on windows me, so far i only know of ati tool that gets rid of the overclock lock, and its only for 2000/xp does anyone know of another way? (Im not sure if the omega drivers would work but the only omega drivers for winme are really old. So i dislike them)

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Hard Lock And Reboot

At stock gpu clocks machine runs fine. When oced machine locks up in cpu test of both 06 and vantage. Attempted solutions:

Reinstall os, drivers, software, etc. Tried different drivers
Running gpu fans at 100% with 130cfm fan on top of cards
Reseated everything on mobo
Upped vgpu in bios

What do i need to do to solve this?

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Computer Lock Ups

I have a pc that is is locking up for an unexplained reason. The pc was locking up originally before replacing the motherboard, and still is, even with a freshly installed xp. It now has a new antec power supply and i have checked the hard drive for errors. I have even tried different sticks of ram. I tried uninstalling the g4 440mx agp card and used the onboard video with no change. I am stumped. The motherboard is a epox p4800m3i with 1gb ram, p4 2. 4ghz cpu. I have checked the bios for improper settings, but don't see anything wrong. Any ideas? Could the cpu be buggy?

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Certain Programs Lock My Computer

Some programs lock my computer up. I am not sure if it's hardware, or software based. My computer literally locking up, forcing a hard reboot. Programs like skype, crysis warhead (regular crysis runs fine), fallout 3 with an update higher than 1. 4. I also have problems with gta iv, the new red faction, and various other programs, not all being games. If anyone can help me, that would be fantastic. Specs:

Radeon 3850 (512mb)
Wd blue 640 gig (sata)
6 gigs of generic ram ddr2 800
Pentium e5200 wolfdale 45nm 1. 124v
Ocz 700watt stealth extreme
Motherboard is a "gateway fmcp7am nforce 730i rev. B1"
Bios: "american megatrends inc - r01-a0 - 10/31/2008"
Vista home premium x64

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Hard Drive Makes Computer Lock Up

I have an extra hard drive with some backups on it that i need to get to, no os anymore. Usually i leave it in a box unplugged. When i tried hooking it up last night it made itself the master drive, and so i couldn't start xp. It dosn't have a regular thing for changing from master to slave, so i don't know what to do?

I used to be able to start up xp with my main drive, then plug that one in and xp would automatically detect it, but now i scaned it with partition software and it has some errors in the fat, so i can't do anythng with it there. So when i'm in xp and i plug it in, the system just locks up untill i unplug it. It tries to detect the settings but can't i guess. So, how can i access this harddrive?

I was trying to run checkdisk on it but i think i need it on a disk i'm not too knowledgeable with dos.

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Pc Lock Up At Post Right After It Detects Sata Drive

For the past few months, sometimes after i turn on my computer, it would lock up at post right after it detects my sata drive and i am forced to shut it off then once i turn it back on everything is smooth sailing after that. However, more recently after the lock up, the system post would detect no drive until i swap the sata port that my hard drive is using and it would boot into windows again. I don't really have the funds to replace or even have anybody who can lend me a sata drive to see if it is my hard drive or if it is my motherboard; or even possibly my sata cable. My question is, are there any programs i can run to see if my hard drive is failing?

Other issues are: if i am alt tabbing out of a program and ventrillo is running, the last person talking would become a broken record until the program is fully tabbed out (which never happened before). Games and programs seem to run fine on a good day. Random moments of my computer completely locking up and i would have to shut it off and swap the sata cable into a different slot on my motherboard again. Most of the time i can boot into windows just fine, i would have to do this maybe once every 2 weeks or so oddly enough. I have reformatted numerous times and still having the same problems.

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Ati Radeon 9800 Xt Lock Ups

I just installed a new motherboard and since then i cannot get my 9800xt to run on the pc. It will freeze within 5 mins for sure. I have run the pc on its onboard video and another video card and it runs perfect for weeks. I have installed the 9800xt into another pc and no problems, it has now ran it for over 3 days, so i know the card is fine. So i am almost positive its some type of setting. I have fdisked and reloaded windows and not installed a single program. It ran the windows install fine with the 9800xt but once it got to windows it locked up within 5 mins. I am not able to even have enough time to install the catalyst driver. If i run it with the onboard video or this other cheap card i can run it for weeks. The pc i tested the 9800xt on is a really slow old pc, with no catalyst drivers, just the windows drivers it installs automatically. I have disabled the onboard video when i have tried to run the 9800xt and that didn't change a thing. The only possible thing is i think that old pc is 4x agp and the one i am trying to get it to run on is 4x/8x and in the bios there is no place to change the agp speed. My setup is. Mainboard: aopen ax4sg
Processor: intel pentium 4 3. 06gb
Memory: 2gb 266ddr
Hard drive: western digital 80gb

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Mouse Light And Nums Lock Stay Lit When Pc Is Off

I have recently fitted a k7s741gxmg-6l mobo as a replacement for my asus a7n266-vm. I am using all the original peripheral components e.g keyboard & mouse etc. Which all worked fine with my old setup. I have the usual niggles that i am working thro', but the wife thinks this one is the most important one and has to be sorted first under pain of death and the withdrawal of certain privilages, so here goes. When i switch off the pc, the light on the optical mouse stays lit as does the num lock light on the keyboard. Both plug into the ps/2 ports. The keyboard & mouse were bundled with the pc when i bought it 4 years ago and are from the logitech intili range. I have installed drivers for both but no change. I canít find anything in bios which might change this. Any ideas anyone?

Computer specifications:

Foxconn k7s741gxmg-6lp mobo
Phoenix-award bios 741m01 version 0. 5
Chipset sis741gx + 963l
Amd athlon xp 2400+ 2000mhz
512mb ram pc2100
Maxtor 6y120l0 120gb hdd ata133
Floppy drive (generic)
Atapi cd-rw 52x max
Sony dvd-rom ddu1612
Radeon 9100 agp 64mb graphics card
Softk56 data fax speakerphone carp modem
Generic 350w atx psu
Windows xp home sp2

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Mouse And Keyboard Will Lock Up For A Sec When Playing Games

When playing games online i notice a wierd occurence. For example, in cs:s or cs 1. 6, when i am running around, for a second my mouse and keyboard will lock up and continue to go the direction i was going. I think this is due to the fact that i am using a wireless mouse and keyboard and just want to confirm this. Nothing goes wrong with the graphics or the gameplay.could it be anything else?

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Windows Randomly Lock Up, Act As If Cpu Is Under 100% Load

I'll spare you the details, but my machine has become unstable recently. I was overclocking recently but one of these issues persisted before the oc. Since it's got weird my pc has gone back to stock settings which haven't fixed anything. Windows will randomly lock up, and act as if the cpu is under 100% load. It isn't. The pc will now poweroff after shutdown. The monitor switches off but the power/fan run to the cpu. When trying to image my c: drive to a backup it will always fail. I got a bsod last night trying this. I've ran chkdsk a few times and everytime it has found and "repaired" bad sectors. I booted into ms memory ram checker, no errors, the comp can still play games fine when i first boot up, it's afterwards thing get flaky, my os hard drive is pretty old, which is why i targeted that first. I've seen some abnormal temps coming from there in the past. How do i test psu to elimate that from the equation?

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How To "lock" Connection Internet ?

How to "lock" your internet connection? I want to know you can "lock" my internet connection (meaning other laptop or devices can't "steal" my internet). Is there a way of doing it without calling someone in public for help?

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Mouse With 3 Buttons And A Scroll Wheel

I need to find a mouse that has 3 buttons and a scroll wheel. I do not want one where the scroll wheel is meant to be the 3rd button. I need 3 actual buttons and also a scroll wheel (and if that happens to be a button that is ok i guess). There is some software i use that really needs a middle/3rd button, but it is impractical, annoying, uncomfortable, etc to use the wheel as a button i need to press alot. Any ideas?

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Wheel Mouse Won't Scroll

I run pest patrol on my computer in which i've got "keypatrol" which, at bootup, scans my computer for keylogging programs that may have been put on my computer. I've been using it for months with out any problems. Two days ago, as i booted up, my keypatrol program alerted me to the fact that i did, indeed have a keylogging program found and, using the program, i deleted it and went on my merry way. There was a placard that came up that warned me that deleting the program might affect my computer, but i had not choice, other than to quaranteen it and i didn't want to do that. Plus, my computer has been running perfectly up to this point. Well, deleting that keylogging program required a reboot. When it rebooted, everything came up just fine and i, again, went on my merry way until i tried to use the wheel on my mouse. It won't work. I had an ibm optical usb mouse, btw. After attemtping to address drivers and using the program, i decided to install a brand new microsoft optical intellimouse (usb) thinking that it's new drivers might fix the problem. Nope. Both mouses work perfectly and my computer runs perfectly. Yet, i can not get the darned wheel working. Diagnostics fail to reveal a problem. Can any of you suggest a solution? I'm inclined to reload windows which would reinstall the original mouse drivers or may repair a damaged or deleted file but i'd realllllly prefer not to do that. I'm useing me , btw.

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Backlit Small Keyboard Without Num Pad - Suggestions

I'm looking for a backlit keyboard with no number pad or a separate number pad. I've seen the keyboard/mouse/surface thread and i know the deck combination keyboard/number pad is exactly what i'm looking for. But i want to see if there's anything cheaper. The deck looks like it will last a long time so i probably should bite the bullet, but, any cheaper alternatives?

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2 Leaking Caps - Socket 775

My auntie has a medion pc (p4 515, 2. 93ghz, 533mhz fsb, 512mb ddr pc 3200, dl-dvd burner, seagate . 7 80gb sata) and she got a virus so she took it to a local pc repair place. They opened it up and found 2 leaking caps and it has a virus, so they wanted $450 to to fix it, and instead of fixing it they recommended her to get a new one. So she ended up saying screw that, so she brought it to me to fix. So after opening it i found out its socket 775 so i looked around and i cant find any ddr1 motherboards that are socket 775. So should i end up getting 2 new caps and fix it? Or tell her to get a new cheap pc at futureshop that is a amd athlon at 2. 7ghz, 1gb ram, vista home basic, dl-dvd burner for $319 (cheapest one there)? Or tell her to get a $150 cpu, mobo, ram kit (a64 3800+, asus m2n-mx se plus, 1gb ddr2 667)?

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Sata / Ide Connector Caps / Covers

I am looking to purchase caps/covers for unused sata/ide power connectors in my pc case. Does anyone know where i may be able to purchase these?

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Pc Lights Turn On For A Second But Then Go Off

Computer doesnt switch on. When i turn the power on the green led on the motherboard lights up and stays lit. But when i press the power switch the fans and lights turn on for a second but then go off again and nothing works. I thought it was a motherboard problem so i tried a new motherboard. Same problem. So then i thought must be cpu. Tried a new cpu. Same problem . Then i tried a new power supply. Same problem!

The case and power supply are brand new, they were being used in a differant pc for about a week . Then everything just switched off while it was on and it hasnt been able to switch on since.

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On Power On, Motherboard Two Lights Came On

I just finished building a computer today, specs are posted below. I am about 98% sure that everything is hooked up correctly. I plugged the power supply in and the mother board has two little lights in the corner of it that come on, other than that it does absolutely nothing. When i press the power button nothing happens at all. I thought it might have been a bad psu but i jump started it with a paper clip and everything came on. Please if anyone has any suggestions let me know. Processor: intel core 2 quad q6600

Video card: evga 768-p2-n831-ar geforce 8800gtx 768mb 384-bit gddr3 pci express x16 hdcp video card

Hard drive: western digital caviar se16 wd3200aaks 320gb 7200 rpm 16mb cache sata 3. 0gb/s hard drive - oem

Memory: corsair (xms series) corsair xms2 2gb (2 x 1gb) 240-pin ddr2 sdram ddr2 800 (pc2 6400) dual channel kit desktop memory - retail

Motherboard: evga 122-ck-nf68-a1 lga 775 nvidia nforce 680i sli atx intel motherboard - retail

Case: antec nine hundred black steel atx mid tower computer case - retail

Power supply: ocz gamexstream ocz700gxssli atx12v 700w power supply 100 - 240 v - retail - 119. 99

Optical drive: lite-on black 20x dvd+r 8x dvd+rw 8x dvd+r dl 20x dvd-r 6x dvd-rw 8x dvd-r dl 12x dvd-ram 16x dvd-rom 48x cd-r 32x cd-rw 48x cd-rom ide burner with lightscribe

Monitor: acer al2416wbsd silver 24" 5ms dvi widescreen lcd monitor 400 cd/m2 1000:1

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Keyboard Lights Off, But The Pc Fan Is Still Running

System specs:

Piii 750mhz
Abit be6-ii motherboard
3 hhd's
Matrox video card
Sb audigy sound card
3com ethernet card
Promise hd controller card
512mb pc133 ram

I normally run my pc 24/7, this ones been going good for about 2 years now with no problems. The other day i come home and move the mouse to get the monitor out of standby but nothing happens. Then i notice there is no power to the mouse or keyboard (lights were off) but the pc fans and stuff are still running. So i reboot thinking it just froze, everything boots up as normal but after a few mins the monitor goes into stand-by mode, and the power to the mouse and keyboard turn off. But the pc remains powered (at least the fans do). From then on this happens every time i use it. Randomly it just switches off. So, i make sure i didnt have any weird power seetings set, then i view the system logs and see that an acpi (advanced configuration and power interface) error occurs at the time this happens. So i disable acpi in both windows and in the bios, and try again. Still the same thing happens, only now no error is logged. I also tried looking for any info on this error but couldnt find any that related to my problem. (Most of them were problems with brand new motherboards, but i've been using mine for quite some time now)

Now, after having this happen over and over, some other strage things happen. I would try and power on the pc and the fans and hdd's would start up, then you would hear them loose power or speed, then gain it again like the power flow to them were being fluxuated, until they finally stopped for good. The monitor would also not even come out of stand by mode during this. So i unplugged everything besides 1 hd and 1 fan and after a few tries the system was able to boot up. Sometimes it'll start to boot then just run out of jucie, sometimes it'll make it into windows then freeze with glitches all over the screen, and sometimes it'll boot all the way up then shut down randomly. Now the weird thing is, i have not made any hardware or software changes lately. Nor have i ever had probems with freezing before. I'm currently in the middle of a big web design project for a client so i havnt had time to install anything new on my system or change any settings or anything because i've been busy doing that. Also, you dont have to be doing anything to make the computer shut down. It could be sitting there doing nothing and it will happen. I've tried booting up with nothing but a video card, ram, and 1 hd installed to see if something was conflicting but no luck. One solution i tried was buying a new power supply becaues i figured mine had failed, but that wasn't the case, then same thing happens with this new more powerful power supply. I'm assuming since this just happend out of the blue (and while i was away) that some piece of hardware like the motherboard has messed up? I just wanted to know if anyone had any ideas on how to fix this, if it is a piece of hardware that needs to be replaced such as the mobo then thats fine, i just want to know if thats it for sure before i purchse one (which i'd probably buy a new processor and ram for too). I just now tried to boot up the broken pc and the fans came on, but the monitor didnt. Then the hdd started powering up and spinning then started making a high pitched noise like it was struggling to move. ( I also have tried booting from other hdd's, they all do the same). I have had a few friends look at it, and they suggested things that have to do with changing bios settings or flashing it. I've tried a few but none have worked. The only problem with these fixes are that they involve doing something thats changing a wrong setting, but since the settings are all the same since day 1. I dont see how they would just now start causing a problem.

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No Display , No Beebs, Just Fans And Lights

I put the entire system together, power on, the lights, fans etc all come on , but no display and no beeb or anything. Next i remove everything from case, try on mobo box, with notthing accept cpu and hs/f and theres no beebs. (There is nomobo speaker but if i plug in speakers shuddnt it come out of that? If tried with a differnt psu same issue. Im using a amd x4 950 be with a asus m3n78-em.

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Samsung S5560 Display Lights Not On

I purchased samsung s5560 few days ago when anyone calls me display lights not on until i not press lock key?

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Monitor Lights Up Orange And Displays Nothing

When i turn the monitor on it says no signal, but when i plug it into the radeon 9600 the button just lights up orange and displays nothing.

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Modem All Lights Are On But Internet Not Working

My laptop is connected to the internet but wont let me onto the internet. I have firefox and wen i click on it to use it, i get a message saying: "server not found". Also, i have a gateway laptop and qwest internet. It is wireless. Also, all the lights are on the modem.

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Toshiba A300d Satellite Keypad Lights

My toshiba a300d satellite laptop keypad lights(led near the touchpad, led glows in satellite, and led near woofer)

Is not glowing. Actually in a hurry i switched off the led lights, but now i can't find the options to make it glow. It's not in the user manual too. I asked many of them but none of them can't able to answer it.

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