Ati Radeon 7000 Error

Recently purchased a radeon 7000 graphic card. The card that came installed on the pc is an internal radeon xpress 200 graphic card. At first the card was working fine, the new one. (Radeon 7000). But i formatted my computer, and now when i go to watch any type of movie/video, be it on the web, or a regular dvd, the graphics don't display. I hear audio, but the visual is black. This also causes the computer to freeze up causing me to have to reboot. Some people told me that i am missing some codecs. Well i downloaded a lot, and its still not working. So i have reformatted my computer, and haven't downloaded any specific codec files. When i try to play a movie off of my radeon xpress 200 with my radeon 7000 unplugged, the movies play just fine, but when i plug in my 7000 and run my monitor(s) off of that one, the movies stall and refuse to display anything. Is there a driver update i am missing? I made sure i downloaded the latest ones from the ati website. I also ran dxdiag and its showing no problems with any drivers. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. I've also done the cmd// debug// and saw my number was 78501. So i went to the site, and downloaded the . Bin but i don't know how/where to install it.
Thats the one that i downloaded.

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Radeon 7000 64mb (64 Bit) Driver Update

I have a radeon 7000 64mb(64 bit) with dvi tv, video card, i can't find where to get drivers for it, i don't know how to get the pixel shaders, i try to play starship troopers and it says the graphics card doesn't support pixel shader, but my bro said it will work if i find the right drivers. It makes me mad, every time i get a game or download a demo, my computer can't play it cuz the video card doesn't have the drivers or something. Please help me out someone, i don't know where/how to get the drivers and pixel shader.

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Ati Radeon Hd 3650 Error

I bought a ati radeon hd3650 to replace my old. Ati x1900 and i have been experiencing a lot of difficulty since i bought it a few months ago i have realized that there is some kind of graphic error with the video card because each time i attempt to play a video file on my computer i get this huge green screen error before i thought it was a video codec problem and then i later realized i had the same error with pc games. I am not successfully able to play a pc game properly with out unbalanced graphics and a green screen covering over the entire game screen and even with pc games with requirements of low amounts of ram will not work properly with out a huge green screen over it on my ati x1900 i was successfully able to play a limited amount of games including ones that i have been trying on my new ati radeon hd3650 and when they are being played on it a green screen error covers up the graphics i have direct x 9. 0 installed and this is a direct x 10 card.

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Notebook Ati Cards - Radeon 9800 And Radeon X600 Difference

Say a 256mb radeon 9800, and/or 256 radeon x600, how much of a difference would these have compared to their desktop counterparts. I wanna assume that they would try to just port it into the lappy but i seriously doubt that. So i guess that if the desktop 9800 has 8 pipes, the lappy version wud have 4 to keep it cooler? Same applies to x600 then right?

The other thing is, how does the desktop x600 compare to nvidia. Wats its competitor card? A regular 6800? Highly doubt that. Ill look this one up. I dont know the number of pipes on the x600. . Using sapphire's x600 pro for reference. It is 4 pipes. What the , fx series then?! 5950xt or sumthin in that order?

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Difference Between Gigabyte Radeon And Ati Radeon

Is there a difference between in quality in let's say a gigabyte radeon 9600pro and ati radeon 9600pro. The reason i am asking this is because a had problems with my gigabyte radeon 9600pro and wonder if it would perform better if it were from another manufacturer. I'm thinking of upgrading soon so this is important.

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What Does Cto Mean On Ati Radeon ?

What does cto mean in computer specs? Im looking at imac i7 with specs 2. 93 quad core, 8gb, 2tb, ati radeon hd 5750 1gb / cto. Please is anybody able to help me with the cto? What is that?

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Ati Radeon 9200se + Catalyst 4.4

Will ati catalyst driver sets run on any radeon card, or do they require a certain chipset to run correctly, i have a sappire ati radeon 9200se 64mb, tv-out. Its packaged drivers are 3. 7, when i updated catalyst to 4. 3, 3dmark2001se had some problems displaying things, they came out all black. Is this a compatability issue, or is it because the drivers dont support older software?

Will ati catalsyt 4. 4 work with my card?

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Two Monitors On Same Ati Radeon 9550

I have a gigabyte ati radeon 9550 (http://tw.

And i've heard that if i have two monitors plugged (in the dvi and the analog ports respectively)
I can do some trick do split the picture between the monitors. For example i could watch tv with christv on the analog and do my work on the dvi. Is this possible with this graphic card and how? Does anybody know?

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Flash Ati Radeon 9600se

To what bios should i flash my ati radeon 9600se?

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Ati Radeon X800 Problem

I'm in no way an expert in these things, but i do know a few things here and there, i'll try to explain my problem as best as i can. Specs:
Ati radeon x800
Dell dimension 8400
(If more than this is needed, just ask. )

Twice before, while i was playing world of warcraft (this only occurred when i was playing wow) the screen would suddenly develop squares all over the screen. Not in a checkerboard pattern, but they were aligned vertically and horizontally, with spacing in between each of them. I tried turning the monitor off and on, but the squares persisted (i'm assuming this rules out the monitor as the problem). The first time it happened, i windowed out of it, and the squares persisted on teh desktop and the text-ed areas of firefox. The second time it happened, the dekstop and firefox seemed to shake them off (i'm not sure if this is of any relevance). I just opened it up and dusted off the card and everything else, and i'm about to update the drivers, to see if that is of any help. But if anyone could shed some light on why this is happening, and whether the drivers may or may no help it, it would be greatly appreciated.

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Ati Radeon X1300 Problem

My pc has a 300 watt power supply, it is a hp media center with win xp media center. I just got an ati radeon x1300, xge, pci-e, 512 mg ddr2. I had one for about a week then my video stopped working after a reboot. I went and got another one but i am pretty sure i need to upgrade my power supply and that was the problem with the first one not working. Any inputs on my problem?

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Ati Radeon X800 Xl Problem

My old 9700pro just died so i recently bought a x800xl straight from ati. However, when tried booting it up, it gave me one long and 2 short beeps meaning video adapter error, but i checked the power and agp connections and they are fine. I also tried disconnecting the sound card, and unplugging the power off the unnecessary hardware. What could be wrong?

In the meantime, i tried inserting my old video card back in and it also made the same beeps! Then afterwards after a restart, i gave me that infamous high-low alternating beeping sound, then after a restart, back to the video card error (1 long, 2 short) then after a final restart, it finally worked!

Since the old video card was now working, i tried putting in my new x800xl card in but then it again gave me the video adapter error (1 long 2 short), after several restarts, no change. I have a p4 2. 4c, 1. 5gb ram, abit ic7, x800xl and a antec 350w psu.could it be that the psu cannot handle the extra load of the card or is the video card that i got defective?

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Ati Radeon 9600 Lags

I just got a ibm netvista tower and i installed my card, and everything installs fine, except it still lags. I dont play games but when i scroll pages, its bad. Ive tried ati drivers and omega drivers. I even uninstalled the old ones first. I have 2. 4 ghz processor with 1. 5gb of ram, pentium 4, service pack 2, windows xp. My bios has some options but i have no idea what to set them as. Ive tried messing with various options but it still lags. Edit: card is ati radeon 9600

I cant post pictures but my bios says

Active video: ati radeon 9600 pro

Shared memory: 512 [and then you can click and it says 1024k and 8192k]

Select active video: agp [which mine is]

Graphics aperture: 256mb, 128mb, 64mb, 32mb [its on 256mb now]

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Ati Radeon X850 Xt Bsod

Bought what was advertised as new on ebay, an ati radeon x850 xt pci-e. Installed in my hp pavilion a1510n without problems. As i boot up, i see something strange: the hp boot screen is heavily artifacted in vertical patterns. Even stranger, as i enter bios many of the usual letters in the menus are replaced by strange symbols and numbers. Same thing if i enter bios setup. This stays apparent until i get into windows (before installing ati drivers; stock nvidia ones are still there). Once in everything looks ok for the most part. Naturally windows loads its own default driver until i install catalyst. So i proceed to first uninstall the nvidia drivers and install catalyst 7. 1 that i had just dled from website. Installation goes through fine, i am asked to reboot, and i do, hoping i won't see the artifacts again. Same artifacts appear in bios again, but boot process is otherwise unaffected. At this point i had already changed primary video adapter from "onboard" to "pci e" in bios, so they shouldn't be affecting each other. As my computer goes past the xp load screen, it will go black for a bit as if loading desktop but instead greets me with a bsod, saying "ati2dvag" was to blame and "the device driver got stuck in an infinite loop. " Important: i've seen others describing bsod's appearing midgame, but mine came up everytime as windows was booting up. I tried older versions of catalyst, the drivers alone, and omega drivers but all of them gave me the same bsod on startup. Booting in safe mode didn't show the same errors, so i'm pretty sure at this point it's either a driver issue or a bad gpu. Can anybody advise me as to what i should do at this point? I haven't been doing any overclocking or anything of the sort with the system, it's all stock. I've only had this card for a few hours. Does anybody know of issues arising when ati cards are put on mobos with onboard nvidia?

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Ati Radeon 5770 Problem

My machine runs an intel i5 3ghz with 8gb of ram. My power supply is a corsair 650 watt. I purchased an ati redeon 5770. It ran a little hot but it worked fine for a few days, then it went kaput. Windows wouldn't even detect the device anymore and the drivers were up to date. So i traded the card in for a nvidia ge force galaxy gts 250. Ive had it for the better part of a month and it has worked fine and the temp never climes above 65-66 even under significant load. Anyways for the same money, the radeon seems to be a much better card and i know tons of people who run them. So, i decided to give it another shot. I went and got a new one and have been monitoring the temp. I notice the temp climbs to the mid 60s pretty quickly and the fan maxes out. Now, the when its under a decent load, the temp gets between 69-72. The temp and fan also drop super quickly when i reduce the load on the card. This is with the case open and two case fans btw. My question is, since the card is a bit beefier, does it just run a little hotter? Is the monitoring software included with the card not that great? How hot is too hot for the card? The temp gauge seems to indicate that the temps its running in are still in the green zone, but its a graphic and i don't know if the colors on the gauge are for show, or are meant to be an actual indicator. My power supply seems to be fine and it should be more than enough to power the card. Ive done some research but the answers vary pretty wildly. This is my first ati card, maybe they just behave very differently from nvidia cards?

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Ati Radeon Hd 5770 Temperature

Alright so heres my question, began playing crysis among other graphic power houses since yesterday and well i get around' 72-76 degrees c' which i hear is good as long as it stays under 85. But in idle it's around the 50's ranging from 50 itself all the way up to 59, granted i do have firefox open and some youtube videos with flash and stuff turned on . But still!

I hear my card is low on temp which should be around 46 degrees c', when i got up early this morning it was cold super cold like ice, was around 30 degrees c', nice and frosty. But as the damned sun comes up bam! It settles in the 50's. But when it starts to rain for awhile it drops back down to around 48 to 49 in idle. S. Yeah what is going on? Not sure if i have a cooler so

Oh and the card in question is an' ati radeon hd 5770 - not overclocked, its in normal state. And its a single atirhd5770 card, not a dual otherwise i wouldn't be asking.

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Ati Radeon Hd 5870 Manufacturers

I have been searching for a decently priced 5870 card and found that xfx did the cheapest (on However after reviewing my future purchase i found that many people have had a problem with xfx cards and that their rmd leaves much to be desired. I also found that visiontek were the most preferred manufacturer and so set out to find how much they priced them at in the uk. And so this is were i got stuck. I cannot find a visiontek radeon hd 5870 card anywhere on online uk computer hardware stores like scan and lambdatek and started to wonder if you could get them in the uk at all. So i opted to get a sapphire one instead, however i then found two sapphire 5870 cards existed (not including the eyefinity 6 ones) and that one of them hasn't been released yet. I am wondering if i should wait for the soon-to-be released sapphire card, get the current sapphire one or is there in fact a store that sells a visiontek card. (Also if there are other recommended manufacturers other than these two i should consider that are priced around 300 to 350, or cheaper if possible, although that goes into xfx territory). Thanks in advance for any help and the sapphire cards are: Pl?Prodid=b277054&viewspec=y&showold=#producttop Pl?Prodid=b273998&viewspec=y&showold=#producttop

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Dell Inspiron 7000 Problem

I have an old dell laptop (inspiron 7000) that doesn't turn on anymore. Not that i really care since i got a new one anyways, but still, it was a nice machine. A electric guy came over and said it was because of my battery. For a while my battery was completely dead and i just left it in there. So this guy told me that my dead battery somehow short-circuited my power supply, therefore making my laptop "unbootable". So i have two questions:

1) is there anyway to fix my old laptop?

2) my current laptop has a dead battery in it and is it okay to leave it in it all the time?

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Will New Drivers Make The Ati Radeon 5850 Better ?

Will new drivers make the ati radeon 5850 better ? How?

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Ati Radeon X1300 Installation Problem

I have a brand new ati radeon x1300 graphics card. I have many different types of computers and oses, i am trying to get it to work with *any* of them! Pc store has tested the card, it works fine, but when i take it home to try it on any of the pcs, i encounter problems. First off, when i insert the card into the agp slot, (the only slot it fits in), and power on the computer, a couple things happen. 1. The fan on the graphics card is on, so i know it's getting power, and thus not a power issue. 2. My monitor, which is connected to an onboard vga adpater (not the new card, the built in one), goes blank. I can't tell if the computer continues startup or post or anything, because the monitor is black. I tried, out of curiosity to remove the vga cable from the onboard card's port and plug it in to the new card's vga port. When i unplug it, the monitor goes from a blank black screen to saying no input detected, and that screen will bounce around on the monitor. When i plug it into the new card's vga slot (it has vga svideo and dvi) it goes back to the blank screen. So the monitor detects the card as an input device, but the device isn't sending anything for it to display? So it's blank?

3. I tried changing bios settings - my bios has no way to "disable" onboard graphics, but it does have a way to change which ones are used. I can change the graphics modes under video settings to say either agp or pci. I have repeated steps 1 and 2 on both settings, neither of which work. 4. When i remove the graphics card from the agp slot, and start the pc again, it starts as it normally does. Now, when the card is not inserted, and i can start windows and get to my desktop, i am in *** resolution, and only 16 color mode. When i look in devmgmt. Msc there is no display adapter installed, and the display for the computer is set to monitor default. When i open up the "other devices" + section, i see unknown vga compatible device. This is with my new card disconnected. So i assume the drivers for my onboard graphics card (an intel) are also not installed. When i open it up, it says this also: drivers for this device are not installed (error 0). The last thing i tried, was starting the computer without the agp card inserted, just to get it started, and then once windows logged in and loaded completely and i'm idol at my desktop, i tried putting the agp card in (while the computer was running and started already). The fan turns on, and the computer stays running (no blue screen of death that normally accompanies a hardware change during operation haha) so now i assume that it's connected and everything is running. So i went back into devmgmt but could not find any other devices other then the initial "unknown vga compatible device". There is nothing under monitor, nothing under unknown devices. I tried the add hardware wizard, i tried clicking "scan for hardware changes", nothing. So i tried to install the ati radeon x1300 drivers anyway, whether it detected the card or not, i was hoping i could just put them on there, and try to restart, and maybe once the drivers where there, it would detect my card. But when i try to install catalyst, the complete error message is "setup was unable to find components that can be installed on your current hardware or software configuration. Please make sure you have the required hardware or software. "

So i assume now that i cannot even install the drivers, unless the card is recognized by devmgmt. Where should i proceed? I've read a couple things about the card, and about onboard vga graphics getting in the way. I think i read somewhere that if you can't disable onboard graphics in bios that maybe there is a jumper on the motherboard? Would that allow me to use the agp card from startup without getting a blank screen?

And how come on all the ati help tutorials and faq it says i should be able to plug in my agp card and start windows even when onboard graphics are on? I think i'm understanding that it should still start, and just recognized two graphics cards installed, but mine doesn't, it just has blank screen and startup doesn't continue. Any help/ideas?

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Ati Radeon X800xl Boot Problem

I just put together my beast a64 computer. I ran into a few problems at first with the voice genie saying that "your cpu may have a problem, " or "your floppy drive may have a problem" on boot-up but in both cases, it wasn't the cpu or floppy dirve that caused the errors. Anyways, i have the albatron k8x800 pro ii mobo and right now i have one of my old nvidia 64mb cards (agp ?X) in it and it works fine. But as soon as i put in my ati radeon x800xl (agp 8x), the screen won't come on at boot-up and a computer says, "your cpu may have a problem. " I have reset and flashed the bios to the newest version, but still, my computer only works with this crap card of mine. Any ideas?

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Ati Radeon 9500 Sapphire Overclock

My old 9500 is getting a bit old. Going to buy a new card soon quite a good one but in the mean time while i'm saving i want to look at overclock my 9500. I have seen the soft mod things but none of them are compatible with my card. Its a red pcb but it didn't work no matter what i tried. Its got bog standard cooling so cant go to mad. But i was wondering what people think i could do with the card. And if it would make any difference in games like farcry, vietcong 2, call of duty etc.

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Problems With Ati Diamond Radeon X1050

Ok so we all know that some ati cards arnt the best. I just got this new one from a friend of mine who has never used it. Before i use to have an onboard 64mb sucked really bad. I play counter-strike 1. 6 and counter-strike condition zero. Playing 2 much of both of those games my 64mb video card will freeze my comp. So i got the x1050 installed it with no trouble at all updated the drivers that came out june 25th. And then sometimes my computer will black screen while im playing one of those games or it will freeze while in game. If anyone knows how i can fix this please help.

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Ati Radeon 9250 Black Screen

I just bought myself a ati radeon 9250 agp. I am having problems on getting this thing to work. I search this forum on this specific card and this specific problem but cannot get a definite answer of getting the problem fixed. I have changed the video option in cmos from pci to agp and have uninstalled the last video card software from this computer. The only thing i see in the screen before is goes black is cmos boot screen and when window is loading before you go into the window login screen. After that it goes black. I reinstall the old video card and it works normally and does not go into the safe mode view like you first install windows xp. I appreciate all the help i can get and i would to thank those in advance for their input.

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Ati Radeon Hd 3870 X2 Card Compatibility

So the other day i had many power surges where i live and the next morning when i woke up i could not get any video at all. At the time i was using two sli cards in my evga nforce 680i sli board so i assumed the cards were shot. Anyway i got a great deal on and ati radeon hd 3870 x2 card, it arrived and i plugged it in to no avail. Blank screen. After some more research i came to the conclusion that it was not my video cards that went out but my slots on the board themselves cause the old cards worked fine when i tried them in my friends board, and they are recognized in device manager on my board as well. The new ati card will not show up in device manager and i get no display from it. I contacted where i got the card from originally thinking maybe it was a bad card and was sent another as replacement. Same thing, no video. Im not trying to run the 2 ati cards in crossfire as i know this is an sli board but i still would like to have one running as i am currently using a 4mb agp card which limits me to practically nothing. Are these ati cards compatible with this motherboard, i have updated to the latest bios btw.

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Ati Radeon 9600 No Signal To Monitor

I've had this computer for 3 years now and haven't had a single problem with it yet. It was built by ibuypower. It came with the ati radeon 9600 already installed and worked for three solid years. I ran this computer and another computer on a kvm switch which allowed me to use one monitor keyboard and mouse for 2 computers. This also worked for quite some time before i stopped using the switch. Today, after my computer with the ati card updated windows xp, it restarted and now i can't even get it to show anything on the monitor. Everything still runs on the computer, all the leds inside the case still work, all the connections are tight, there just isn't a display on the monitor. What i've tried: i've tried rebooting into safe mode (don't understand how that could have worked because i can't see anything from the time i turn my computer on up to the time i try to reboot it) but no luck. I've tried removing the video card and cleaning the fan (fan still runs when it is in and computer is on) i've hooked up the monitor to a different computer and it worked fine, so it's not the monitor having problems. I've tried multiple restarts.

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Ati Radeon 9800 Xt Lock Ups

I just installed a new motherboard and since then i cannot get my 9800xt to run on the pc. It will freeze within 5 mins for sure. I have run the pc on its onboard video and another video card and it runs perfect for weeks. I have installed the 9800xt into another pc and no problems, it has now ran it for over 3 days, so i know the card is fine. So i am almost positive its some type of setting. I have fdisked and reloaded windows and not installed a single program. It ran the windows install fine with the 9800xt but once it got to windows it locked up within 5 mins. I am not able to even have enough time to install the catalyst driver. If i run it with the onboard video or this other cheap card i can run it for weeks. The pc i tested the 9800xt on is a really slow old pc, with no catalyst drivers, just the windows drivers it installs automatically. I have disabled the onboard video when i have tried to run the 9800xt and that didn't change a thing. The only possible thing is i think that old pc is 4x agp and the one i am trying to get it to run on is 4x/8x and in the bios there is no place to change the agp speed. My setup is. Mainboard: aopen ax4sg
Processor: intel pentium 4 3. 06gb
Memory: 2gb 266ddr
Hard drive: western digital 80gb

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Upgrade From Ati Radeon 9800xt 256mb

Well, i have been looking at upgrading my computer's video card for a while as my games are starting to show the age of my video card. I am currently using the ati radeon 9800xt 256mb. I just saw an ad for the radeon x1650 512mb (agp) for $130. I don't really want to spend too much money on upgrading my video card, and i also want to stay in the ati family. I mostly play wow, hl2, cs:s, and x3:reunion. My question is if this card would give me enough of an upgrade to be worth the money. Pc specs:
Athlon 3400+ 64-bit
1. 5gb pc3200 corsair ram
Ati radeon 9800xt 256mb
420w psu
22" ws lcd (dvi-d)

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Overclocking Ati Mobility Radeon X1600

Gpu: 426mhz
Mem: 756mhz (378)

I can't decide do i need to overclock or not. Overclocking means more performance, but in the other way - my card isn't a standard vga (it is for notebooks) so i can't tell how it will behave when overclocked. What should i do?

Core duo 1. 6
1024mb ddr ii 533
Mobility radeon x1600 256mb (+256 hyper-memory)

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Ati Mobility Radeon 7500 Driver

I need ati mobility radeon 7500 driver, direct draw acceleration: not available
Direct3d acceleration: not available
Agp texture acceleration: not available

How can i fix this problem, i have ibm t42 laptop.

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