Error - The Computer Currently Has Limited Connection

I recently purchased a new acer laptop at futureshop, i went home, tried to connect to my wifi (yes password is correct) and it came up with the following: windows was unable to connect to _. So i pretty much forgot about it and just manually plugged my laptop into the modem. And i recently brought my laptop to a friends place and tried to connect to his wifi, and it came up with the same thing. Then, i manually plugged in my laptop to his modem, tried the wifi set up again, and it worked. I came back to my place, and it still came up with the same message. I changed a few settings and now it connects and says the computer currently has limited connection to my wifi. My ipod touch works fine. What is the problem?

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At&t U-verse Wireless Connection Limited Or No Connectivity

We just installed at&t u-verse yesterday. The internet worked fine yesterday, and now after i shut it down and started it back up, the wireless connection said "limited or no connectivity". I tried clicking repair and it said cannot renew ip address. I have been trying for hours trying to fix my internet. Only my desktop is not working. My 2 laptops work just fine. I am on a laptop now. Does anyone know how to fix this?

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Wireless Internet Connection Only Have Limited Access

Why does my wireless internet connection only have limited access? For a while i have not been able to get internet connection unless i am connect manually, when i do try to connect it says i only have limited connection and i should try to reset my ip address or repair it but when i do that it says it's not able to? Can i fix this myself or do i have to go to a best buy or something?

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Limited No Connectivity / Dhcp Time Out Error

I did some research on here for ways to maybe fix the problem. I went to "services. Msc" to restart it, then i went to network connection and hit repair. As the user had recommended i tried this multiple times. Did not work. Still the "limited or no connectivity notice". I tried disabling the "limited or no connectivity notice" but that didn't change anything, i could still not connect to the internet. I also tried cheating by using all the info assigned to this computer (ip address, etc) and manually filling them in. Didn't work. Finally, i went to the command prompt to release the isp (which apparently i didn't even at this point have one assigned, it was just 00. 00 or something) and then renew. After a bit i got this message "unable to contact your dhcp server. (Or connect to can't remember exact phrase) then request has timed out. So i'm guessing something got screwed up with the computer that will need to be fixed for me to get connected again? I don't understand how this could have happened when the storm did not effect our power, just the internet connection. There have been times the power has gone out and this has never happened.

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Western Digital Time Limited Error Recovery (tler) With Raid

Just wanted to write up my experiences with my raid problems. I have four of the western digital caviar se16 500 gb wd5000aaks 16 mb sata-ii 300 mb/s hard drive models. Previously i had them configured in a 2. 0 tb (1. 5 tb usable) array on my silicon image 3114 pci sata-i 150 mb/s raid 0, 1, 5 onboard controller with firmware 5. 4. 03. One day i lost came home to find that 3 drivers dropped out of the array and only 1 drive was left and that the array was destroyed. Luckily the array was used mostly for archive storage for videos that i routinely backed up to dvd's so i didn't lose any data. (I presume that only the one drive that was left in the array was the cause of the problem, timing out too long while doing error recovery on a bad sector, that actually caused the other 3 drives from being dropped, instead of vice versa as it should have happened. )

None of the utilities that silicon image provides were able to restore the array from the other 3 drives, even though the drives that dropped should have been able to be brought online as an array and the single drive left in the array should have been able to be brought back in and rebuilt. I e-mailed the vendor with a complete case report and all details but nobody responded. An understandable experience with a second-rate foreign vendor that mostly supplies motherboard manufacturers with crappy software raid chips. (The array while it was operational for many months was dog slow because it was software raid5 and the parity calculations were interrupting the cpu constantly on every write making my system slow and unresponsive any time i would perform any extended writes to the array. Learned my lesson to never use silicon image pci based software raid5 and recommend against these chips now to everyone. )

After that experience i took my drives off the cheap silicon image controller and made a nvidia raid1 (mirror) array with 2 x 500 gb and then took the other two drives to be used for external storage for on-site and off-site storage drives. A few months back i came back home to find that one of the drives in the new array with an error status. After rebooting the system and re-adding the drive to the array everything worked fine without any errors. Last week the same thing happened again and the drive dropped from the array again. I re-added it and no errors were found and the array is running again. Read more at the forum.

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Modem Connection Error

I am trying to get into the internet for the first time into a freshly installed windows 98 system using netzero. I have used 3 different modems (however the drivers i used were for win 95, one had win 98 and the other had win2k). When i try to log i could hear the modem trying to get in, then its verifying the username and password. Then i get the following message with all three modems:

Connection error (645) internal authentication error. Your computer's modem or network settings are not properly configured. The phone line works. I checked the modem in the device manager and it states there that it is working properly. I tried changing the modem to a differnt pci location but then my computer began to act us (crashing and not shutting down when i wanted to shut down). Right now i am going to install a newer version of internet explorer and try to set it up. Can you guys please give me suggestions on how i could solve this problem.

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Error: Connection May Be Using One Or More Protocols

I recently had to have my os (windows xp) reinstalled. Since then, i have not been able to disable my network connection, as i often did in the past to work strictly offline. The error i'm getting reads "this connection may be using one or more protocols that do not support plug-and-play, or it may have been initiated by another user or the system account. " I have referred this problem to both my computer repair tech and my isp and neither can help and both claim they have never heard of this before. I have a linksys wireless ethernet bridge - & have never had problems in the past. This just started when i got my computer back from repair. Can anyone advise, please?

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Error - The Connection Has Timed Out

How to fix the error message " the connection has timed out"? I can't connect to the internet at all. Is this a software issue or hardware?

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Internet Browsers Error Connection Reset

Why do my internet browsers keep giving me the error "connection reset"? It's happening on google chrome, firefox, and ie. I'm sure the internet connection itself is fine since i can play online games w/o problems and i'm ol on msn and yahoo messengers.

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Brother Dcp-375cw Printer Error Check Connection

I have the brother dcp-375cw printer and im using it on a wireless connection but today i noticed that whenever i press the scan button on the printer it says "check connection" but i have and know the connection is fine as i can print from my laptop to it fine! Im not too sure where the disk is but would be willing to hunt it out if needed! Although i would much prefer the drivers if i have to reinstall.

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Error - Cannot Establish Connection On Port World Wide Web Service

Which software gets rid of the cannot establish a connection on port world wide web service (http) error?

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Connection To Use 2 Computer Monitors On One Computer

What is the name for a connection that lets me use 2 computer monitors on one computer? So basically what is the name for a connection that shares 2 monitors for the same computer and shows the same things, etc

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Monitor On Computer Is Losing Connection

When i play my computer, it randomly loses signal like my cpu is turned off. Then i wiggle the blue plug that is in the back of the cpu that is connected to the monitor a little and it turns back on, specifically when i push it down. How do i fix this? And whats wrong?!?

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Pass Internet Connection Through Computer That Is Off

Is it possible to pass an internet connection through a computer that is off? My family bought a spiffy new tv that has internet capabilities (netflix, youtube). I want to connect a computer to the tv as well, to view additional sites. We have a router and use wired internet. The router/modem are in the bedroom. Instead of running two long network cables out to the living room, can i just connect one to the pc, then from the pc to the tv?

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No Signal On Vga Tv To Computer Connection

I have been watching my computer screen on tv for two weeks, then all of a sudden it says no signal. We changed the cable back to monitor and the screen was fine, (i disabled my screen-saver so its not that). So when i change back to the vga, it works on tv again for a while then pops up no signal, and we have to go through the process of swapping cables again before it will work. How do i prevent this please?

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Use Computer To Get Wireless Connection For Xbox

Can i use my computer to get a wireless connection for my xbox? I was wondering if i could plug an ethernet cable into my computer on one end and my xbox on the other to get a wireless connection since i don't have a plug nearby.

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Establish Wifi Connection On Computer

What do you need to establish a wifi connection on a computer? I already have a wireless broadband router, is there anything else?

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Ps3 Connection Lag When Someone Gets On Computer

Why does my ps3 connection lag when someone gets on the computer i have a fast connection? But when someone uses the computer it will lag like when i play mw2 my signal bar is red do i have to edit someone in my wifi router i use a wireless connection also.

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Ethernet / Limited Or No Conductivity

I've got 3 comps hooked up threw a linksys work group switch mod #ezxs55w. All have been working fine to get to the internet. 2 days ago all 3 would would not get on line and said this connection has limited or no conductivity. I've called the cable company, they said i'm getting full signal, it's got to be on my end. After unplugging the modem and plugging it back in, i'm able to get only one of the comps to work at a time. Even if the router box is removed all together, and only one comp is hooked up at a time, the modem again needs to be reset each time it is changed to get back to the internet? Has anyone got any ideas as to what is going on? It went from working at night to not working the next day without anyhting being changed.

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Wep - Limited Or No Connectivity

Ive got a dlink 604t and a pci card by dlink and a centrino laptop. I recently encrypted my network but only the laptop can connect to the network. My desktop says its connected but its saying limited or no connectivity. Ive checked that dhcp is on and it is, windows is assigning an ip address automatically. Ive checked the wireless network on the properties section on the d link icon on my desktop and it says its providing the key automatically and its the correct key. The desktop doesn't connect when the laptop is off line either so i don't think its a dual ip issue,

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Limited Or No Connectivity Problem

Okay so today i signed up for comcast internet. I got it all set up and whenever i plug the ethernet cord from the modem to my laptop the error "limited or no connectivity" comes up. When i plug the cord into my ps3 the internet works perfectly. So something must be wrong with my computer. I have tried repairing the connection but it doesn't get passed the "renewing ip address step", any help?

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Limited Internet Connectivity

I have a wired internet connection (ethernet) when connecting to the desktop it works straight away and automatically but when connecting to the laptop it says limited connectivity i thought at first it might be because it doesn't get the ip address automatically but that wasn't the case so i clicked the diagnose button and it said something about resetting the network adapter so i clicked on that and let it repair but that didn't seem to work either. How can i fix this problem?

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Wireless Router Connection With Computer And Laptop

I bought a wireless router linksys. I was supposed to connect it to the modem via an ethernet connection but of course i only have a usb. So i want to try and network it?. I have set up the ethernet from my computer.connected the router to this. So far i can communicate with the router from my pc. Next i have set up the laptop. I can also communicate with the router. How can i access the internet. Is it possible.

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Using Slow Computer With Fast Dsl Connection

If i am using a slow computer, and i have a fast dsl connection, would the connection be slow? Does it matter that the computer is slow? If i use a fast computer, will the connection be faster?

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Hook Xbox To Computer With Lan Connection

Can i hook my xbox to my computer like a lan connection and connect to xbox live? I have a network card in my computer and was wondering if i could hook it to my xbox to get xbox live working. How would i go about doing so?

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Network Will Not Work - Limited Connectivity

I have a net gear router that is 4 ports/wireless and has been working great since the day i got it. Until last night. It all started where a vpn window would randomly pop up while i was surfing the net and would not let me "browse" until i canceled it. It started one in a great while then became more frequent to the point last night where now all hard wired rigs and wireless can not access the internet. My router shows with it's led's that it is working properly yet when i look at connections my vpn is disconnected and my lan connection is "limited connectivity". I have tried to repair, reconnect and set up a new connection to no avail. I have tried to reset the router but w/ no success. It's weird b/c all my wireless show great signal strength but can not connect.

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Limited Connectivity Problem On Laptop

Limited connectivity problems on my laptop. I have got a gateway ma7 mt6823b laptop running windows vista, which has limited connectivity when connected with my t. Mobile dongle, the dongle connects to the t. Mobile network but i cant browse the net with internet explorer or chrome. I can not connect with the ethernet cable or wireless either. The dongle does work with my other laptop and pc which are both on windows xp, has anybody got any ideas?

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Limited Or No Connectivity When Connected To Web

Why do i always get a limited or no connectivity, when trying to connect to the web on any laptop in my house? Sometimes the message goes away and i get access the internet fine, but sometimes it doesn't. I have got a new router, and still the same problem, does anyone know why this is happening?

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Laptop Connected With Limited Access

I have a gateway laptop, and it was working fine last night, but today, i went to go online, and it said it was connected with limited access. I've tried restarting various times, and i even unplugged the router and plugged it back in. I've tried many suggested things and nothing has worked. The wifi works fine on my ipod, but not my laptop. I have windows vista.

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Checksum Error On An Old Computer

My friend's computer stopped working today. When i turn it on beeps once then it starts beeping like crazy and it gives the message "checksum error loading default checksum" and at the bottom "press f1 to continue or del to enter setup". Thing is when i press f1 or del nothing happens. It's pretty old and i doesn't have clear cmos pins so i don't have any ideas.

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