Connection Problem - Internet Explorer & Firefox Doesn't Work

My laptop is about 2 years old now and about a few weeks ago firefox stopped working but i stilled had explorer so i was ok but now both of them both don't work. It says its a connection problem but i've able to go onto aim and yahoo message ( both have been download on to my laptop ) and im also able to go onto tunes store. Which both need internet access to get into which i have so why doesn't my internet explorer and firefox work ?

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Connect To Home Internet Connection At Work

How can i connect to my home internet connection at work? What i am wanting to do is connect to just my cable internet at home, i don't want to connect to a computer at home to browse the network for files or anything i just want the home internet connection. Is there anyway to set up a vpn type connection to your home connection without tying up a machine at my house? In essence i want to be able to go to work with my laptop leaving my other computer at home and my cable internet on and be able to connect my laptop to my cable internet at home. Is it possible?

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Internet Explorer Doesn't Connect To Internet

My internet explorer doesn't connect to internet?

Answer:- nowhere near enough information to give any meaningful suggestions beyond, "have you tried turning it off and on again?" Try it with both computer and modem/router. Other information you could've included would be:

Do other browsers work on the same computer? Operating system? Ie version? Has this always happened, or is it something that's just started happening?

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Connect To Internet Other Than Firefox

I'm having a few connection problems at the moment. In general, i can't connect to the internet using any programs on my computer other than firefox. An example of a message i've gotten is "could not connect to server. If your internet connection is up your server might be down".

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Firefox Untrusted Connection

What to do when firefox says "untrusted connection" on Im on firefox, my facebook has worked before , and a few minutes ago for the first time, i saw this message: "this connection is untrusted, you have asked firefox to connect, securely to login., but we can't confirm that your connection is secure. Normally, when you try to connect securely, sites will present trusted identification to prove that you are going to the right place. However, this site's identity can't be verified. If you usually connect to this site without problems, this error could mean that someone is trying to impersonate the site, and you shouldn't continue. " Ive tried logging in like 5 times, and this always keeps popping up!

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Internet Is Connected But Not Working In Explorer

My internet is connected but not working in explorer. Answer:-
Meaning other applications are working fine? If it's only explorer, go to your file menu and check if you are not accidentally working offline.

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Why Isn't Internet Explorer Working ?

Why isn't my internet explorer working? I have vista home premium as my o/s. I've just brought the system down to factory settings. I have internet connectivity. My isp has verified that and i've been able to download and install all updates. But when i try to go onto the internet through ie - i can't pull up a site. Any ideas?

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Internet Connection Speed - Hardwire Ps3 To Internet

So my internet modem only supports on internet cable what do i have to buy so i can hardwire my ps3 to the internet instead of wirelessly or is their something where i can do both.

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Set Internet Connection At Home As A Preferred Connection

Is there anyway set my internet connection at home as a preferred connection? I have a mac. When i'm at home i want it to automatically connect my my internet signal here (sometimes my computer tries to connect to my neighbors signal) anyone know how?

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How Can I Get My Internet To Work?

That's not to say it's completely dis-operational. My firefox browser works fine, but all my other browsers are no longer able to connect to the internet. This situation has come about since my computer was affected by a malaware anti-virus program that installed itself and cut off my access to all programs. I used safe mode with networking to use my antivirus to quarantine the infected file, but internet explorer, google chrome, opera, the itunes store, my antivirus update systems, skype, etc. Still cannot connect to the internet.

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling chrome, but to no avail. Perhaps firefox still works because of its unique security. I'm not sure. I've tried to do a system restore twice (two different restore points) and it has failed both times. I cannot do a complete operating system reinstall because i don't have the right disks (my laptop came preloaded with windows vista). Maybe when this has been sorted out i'll be smart and upgrade to windows 7.

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Internet Doesnt Work

I'm so frustrated. My desktop computer internet doesn't work. No its not the connection, no its not the settings. Its been like this for weeks. I have no protection on it ( yes i know dumb, and i don't need to hear it), and when i go to my protection settings it says that my malware crap is unprotected and my anti virus crap is unprotected/out of its trial. And i think that's why i cant get internet! I need help! I have connections and everything, my comp even says i have internet but every time i open internet explorer it just says " internet cannot display this page". This is so frustrated! I just got this asus desktop and its works fast and great but this is just killing me!

And im sorry if i sound mad, im just angry that this is happening because it shouldn't be. Ps- and i cant get on the internet from my desktop. So if someone has a suggestion of " go on the internet" i cant do it! Because it doesn't work!

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Will Router Work Without Internet Connections ?

Will a router work without internet net connections? I just want to print wireless without an internet connection is this possible using a router and print server or not?

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Hdmi Connection Not Work On Monitor

Why doesn't my hdmi connection work on the monitor? My motherboard and lcd have hdmi ports. I used an hdmi cable to connect them, but it doesn't display anything. I have a video card installed, but it doesn't have an hdmi port. Any suggestions?

I figure it doesn't work because i have a video card installed. I hope i'm wrong.

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Install Router To Work With Dsl Connection

How to install a router to work with my dsl connection? Ok so i just bought a linksys router , but how on earth do i install it and make it work? Will i need to be on the phone with the verizon for like hours?

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Remote Desktop Connection Wont Work

Why wont rdp allow my connection? When i try to use microsoft's rdp i am getting the following error: to log on to this remote computer, you must have terminal server user access permission on this computer. If you are not a member of the remote desktop users group or another group that has these permission, or if the remote desktop user group does not have these permissions, you must be granted these permissions manually. Ok, first things first. Just want to get this out of the way. It's not a firewall issue, port 3389 is open and that's what were connecting with. I *am* a member of the remote desktop users group. Through my sign on - and also through an admin group used in active directory. I have tried not using my domain account and just using the local admin on the system (they are also added to remote desktop users) and still no success on that. I have ensured that remote connection is enabled through the computer -> properties -> remote tab. I have ensured that all the services rdp/terminal services uses are on the system and started. I have checked the group policy and all users are allowed through that. I have checked the remote control tab in active directory and that is also enabled. I have made changes to the following registry keys so as not to deny access, fdenytsconnections has a value of 0. Tsuserenabled has a value of 1, allow remote rpc has a value of 1. All other registry keys under local machine -> system -> current control set -> control -> terminal services remain untouched. What could i possibly be missing here?

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Macbook Pro Says Its Connected To Internet But It Wont Work

My macbook pro says it's connected to the internet but the internet wont work? I just got my macbook pro and it says that i have wireless internet connection, connected to my netgear wireless in my house which works perfectly fine on my other computers, but the internet won't work on my mac.

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Mac Won't Work When Connected With Internet Cable

My mac wont work when i connect with an internet cable. I'm at my aunt's and she doesn't have wireless but has internet cables. I have the new snow leopard and when i tried the internet cable it said 'ethernet has a self-assigned ip address and will not be able to connect to the internet. ' which means that it is plugged in (and the light was there too).

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Lexmark Printer Will Not Work After Install Norton Internet Security

I just installed norton internet security 2010 and now my wireless lexmark printer will not work. What settings do i need to change to allow my printer to work?

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How To Get Better Internet Connection ?

How can i get better internet connection? I would like better connection when i play xbox live. There are 3 floors in my house my router is on the first and my xbox is on the 3rd, i used to have my xbox on the second but moved it to my room. I've always had bad internet connect but since i moved it up there it's been worse. I know it's supposed to be close to the router but my parents don't want me to move it. I don't really know what to do.

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How To See Who Is On Internet Connection ?

How can i see who is on my internet connection and how to block mac address? How can i see who is using my internet connection ? Plus there is someone that i want to block from getting the access but i don't want to put a password on the connection. I was told that i can block there mac address but don't know how.

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Internet Connection Has Timed Out

When i try to log in my facebook account always the connection has timed out. Answer:-

Your facebook is fine, this just means your internet connection is gone. But that's nothing to do with facebook. It just means you've lose internet connection, which i don't really know much about. So maybe ask a question in computers section of yahoo answers asking what you need to check and get fixed and so on to get your internet connection back. ?

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Why Internet Connection So Slow ?

For the past 4 or more weeks my internet has been moving very slow if not at all. I clocked my speed at anywhere between (1. 13kbs) , and for about five minutes a day i can get up to (597. 56kbs that's about a half a megabits per second. So why am i paying for (5mbs) and lucky to squeeze in any internet at all. Its not my computer i've used 4 laptops and a desktop computer it also disconnect my xbox 360 & ps3 from online gameplay. I tried two different wireless routers , i even removed the router but it's still to slow to do anything with

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Establishing An Internet Connection

I called verizon tech support about getting a new computer. I'm concerned about establishing adsl connection. They told me all i had to do was hookup the computer. The connection is already established. Just gotta go online. That doesn't sound right to me. Can someone help me? My old verizon disk is no good. So i have no software to do this and they say i don't need it. I think the tech dude doesn't have a clue?

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Internet Connection Keeps Going On And Off Every Hour

My internet connection keeps going on and off every hour or so using a realtek wireless adapter. I connect to the internet wirelessly using my realtek rtl8187b wireless 802. 11b/g 54mbps usb 2. 0 network adapter and it seems to somehow just disconnect for no reason. The only temporary solution ive found is to re-install the driver in device manager, it fixes the connection but then goes off again later. It seems to happen when im doing things that require lots of bandwidth like downloading music, videos etc. Is there a solution?

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How To Get Working Internet Connection ?

How to get working internet connection ? Recently, i was having problems connecting my computer to a wireless network. I eventually got connected to the network, but the problem is, i can't figure out how to set up an actual internet connection. I have checked and made sure that the mac address and ssid are correct. Any suggestions?

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How To Redirect Internet Connection ?

How do i redirect my internet connection? There are certain websites that i access that cannot be connected to because of poor connections somewhere in the middle. I am wondering how i can redirect my connection from its usual pathway to a different one via different servers or ip protocol.

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Dropped Internet Connection

I have charter internet, a linksys cm-100 modem, and an airport extreme simultaneous dual band wireless base station. Whether i am playing xbox, watching hulu on my macbook pro, playing an online game on my ipad, or browsing the web on my imac, the internet just randomly stops working, but i don't lose connection to the router and the router doesn't go from a green light to an amber light to signal a problem. If i leave it long enough, it will fix itself, but when i am mid game or video and i lose my connection it really aggravates me. To try and troubleshoot the problem i tried out a linksys wrt54gs v7. 2 to see if that would have similar problems, and it has. The modem lights all stay lit up as usual as if there is no problem there. It cannot be that 3 routers (i bought a new airport extreme when my old one was having this same problem thinking it was that router) have the exact same problem. What is my next troubleshooting step? Plug something straight into the modem and see if it happens?

On any given day i lose my connection at least 20 times, if not 50 or more. It is not wireless interference as i have tried turning wireless off and plugging straight into the router via ethernet cable. My thoughts were to try plugging directly into the modem to see if the problem persists, and if it does, try a different modem, and if it still persists have charter test the lines in my house. Any feedback or anyone had similar problems?

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Internet Connection Keeps Cutting Out

The other day my dad reset the router, and i couldn't connect to the internet. I found out it wasn't just my computer, it was all of them in my house! I have a wired connection, and all of my other computers have a wireless connection, so i know that the problem is nothing to do with the wireless connection. My dad thought it was the router that was the problem, and went out and bought a brand new wireless netgear router. He got it home and managed after a while to get it going. It turned out that we still had the same problem as before, we still didn't have any internet. My dad checked with our neighbors, and they didn't have a problem, so we knew that the line wasn't the problem. Yesterday my dad found a loose connection outside the house on the line connecting to the main line, and this helped alot when he tightened it up. Tonight, the internet crashed twice in a row, and i had to reset it both times in a row. We've been on the phone to bt (our service provider) for along time now, and we've had an expert it to look at everything and he couldn't find anything wrong. Our internet keeps crashing 4-5 times a day. I cannot deal with it doing this, and it will start to drive me mental if i dont sort this out soon! What could be the problem?

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Cant Use Internet Sharing Connection

Why cant i use internet sharing connection? So, i'm trying to get internet on my xbox through isc, so i plug in an ethernet cable to the xbox and laptop. And i have a wireless internet connection on my pc. So, i right click on the connection and go to properties and enable isc, but i get an error that says "an error occurred while internet connection sharing was being enabled.

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Have To Repair Internet Connection

I have to repair my internet connection everytime by right clicking the icon in the tray near the clock. I have to right click the icon and select "repair". My net connection goes off in every 2 min. What should i do?

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