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What is

The Internet Forum Message Database (IFMDB) is a free dedicated search engine, designed to focus on tracking and indexing messages by spidering internet discussion forums, message boards, newsgroups or electronic mailing lists, around the web.

What are Forums / Discussion Boards?

Internet Discussion forums are web software which allows people to post messages and comment on other messages. Internet Forums are the advance way for discussing any subject online, it can be divided into sub forums/boards dedicated to a particular topic. Some popular forum software developed in PHP are:- Vbulletin, Phpbb, Simple Machines, Invision Power Board, BMForum, etc.

Why use IFMDb?

As size of the web continues to grow, searching it for a useful particular information has become increasingly difficult, although there are good world wide global search engines like Google, Yahoo, Msn etc, so the base theme behind IFMDb is to make it a dedicated search engine that makes its search index by spidering only messages from discussion forums in a categorized manner.

How to use IFMDb?

Please see our Help page. For Copyright Notice & Terms of Services, please see TOS page.

Advantage using IFMDb?

Save search time:- There are literally millions of messages on the web for a particular subject, similarly there are hundreds of forums/sites for each subject, so to acquire your subject/topic by using these type of sources, you have to log in each forum before using its search function, and you have to do the same procedure with other related forums one by one at a time, but by using (IFMDB) advanced search mechanism, you can find 1000's of related messages for your required topic from similar discussion forums at once.

Find advise/help for your problem or find suggestions/answers for your question instantly, by searching through many highly rated and popular discussion boards at the same time.

More readable, clean messages:- Every single message in our database is checked and edited by our professional staff for it's topic/content validity, that's include relevancy of the subject to message, grammar, spellings, proper line breaks etc. Further, all irrelevant part of message (out of the topic content) are removed to stay focused on the topic, E.g. salutations (hi, hello, sir, dear, etc), closings (TIA, thanks, regards, please, etc), Signature lines, etc.