Lcd Monitor Flashing

I got this 24" lcd monitor here and have a problem with it. When i got it, i hooked it up and i would get no input on the screen from any source (vga/dvi/component). The "no cable source" thing would come up with a weird flashing behind it (like the backlight flashing). Anyway, i (stupidly) got someone to open the screen up and saw the inverter had two blown caps, so replaced them. Now when they opened the screen up, they forgot to undo a connection and it totally ripped off (see images). As you can see, there are some pins broken completely. I managed to connect it back together, ignoring the four or five snapped pins. So put the screen back together, not expecting much. Plugged it in and guess what, i get a picture! (Probably corrected from fixing the inverter). So i can see and run windows fine from this screen. Yet i still get the constant flashing and there are blotches around the screen with different coloured pixels. I am thinking the blotches are appearing because of the dead pins. Now what gets me is the flashing. Is that a dead backlight or something?

To describe it in more depth: it flashes a few times a second, so its really quick. Its like a halogen dying. When it flashes, it doesnt flash off, but flashes to a low brightness. When i turned the brightness from 100 down to 0, the flashing almost completely stopped (flashed once every minute or so). So what i want to know:

1. Whats causing the flashing?
2. Would the funny blotches on the screen be from the pins?
3. What board is that that has been snapped (highlighted in red). What is it called? How hard are they to find?

I mean the pins dont bother me, as if worst comes to worst i can simply remove the pins completely and solder the wires straight onto the board. Its just, i dont want to do that if the flashing will still be there.

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Monitor Flashing Periodically

I'm having a problem with my monitor. The power keeps flashing on and off periodically. During the quick instance the monitor is on it flashes only a very dim image. What's wrong? And is there any way i can fix this problem?

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Monitor Light Keeps Flashing

We have purchased a new hp tower today (ex - display), which we have plugged into the monitor, keyboard etc. The monitor light keeps flashing and nothing is coming up on the screen. It works perfectly well if i plug my laptop and old tower into the monitor. There is power going to the tower and it is all plugged in properly. What could the problem be?

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Fix For 5970 Multiple Monitor Flashing

Update: please note that i found that using your stock 3d memory clock speeds is usually required to eliminate the 'flashing. ' my sapphire 5970 has a stock 3d memory clock speed of 1010 mhz, so that is what i'm using here; your card may require different clock speeds for multiple monitor stability. Problem: when using multiple monitors on the radeon 5970 and a 2d desktop environment, one or more monitors exhibit flashing and artifacts, especially when moving windows around. This problem may affect other 5xxx series cards. This specific problem goes away if you run a 3d application in a window. If so, the below fix should solve your issue. 1. Open ccc

2. Unlock and enable overdrive if they arenít already. 3. Go to options/profiles/profiles manager. Create a new profile. Under composition make sure "ati overdrive" is checked. Save and close, do not activate. 4. In windows go to: c:users{yourusername}appdatalocalatiaceprofiles (you will need to have "show hidden files" turned on for this)

5. Open the xml document with the name of the profile you just created (notepad is fine)

6. Change the values of the clock and memory speeds to look like this (these specific values are what worked for me and my card, use judgment) edit only the bold values. Please note that if you have multiple gpus, there will be one entry per gpu that needs to be altered. (Target_1, target_2, and so on. )

Feature name="coreclocktarget_0"

Property name="want_0" value="40000"

Feature name="memoryclocktarget_0"

Property name="want_0" value="101000"

7. Save and close.go back to ccc and activate the profile you just created. *I'm finding that, after a restart, i'm having to switch to a single-display profile, then back to my working multi-display profile. Just a heads up. This will make the card idle at 400core, 1010 memory. (2d clocks are the "want_0" values. ) This solution was originally posted on the amd game forums by user eventhorizon. I found that i had to increase my memory clock to 1010 (1010 mhz) to get the 2d desktop stable, but that 400 mhz core clock was sufficient. Your mileage may vary. You can test if your new 2d clock speeds are activated by opening ccc and going to ati overdrive; it will show you your gpu's current clock speeds. If your desktop still suffers from flashing using multiple monitors try upping the memory speed a bit until it goes away.

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Connected Pc To Tv But Monitor Wont Stop Flashing

I connected my pc to my tv and my monitor wont stop flashing, how can i fix it? My computer is a alienware auora and i connected it to an hdtv with a vga cord. For some reason the monitor works for a while then it goes black and refreshes itself. Is their software to fix this or is their something wrong i should know about?

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Geforce Fx 5700 Ultra Monitor Flashing

I just upgraded my video card to the 5700 ultra and am having some problems. I have updated all of my drivers (agp, chipset, vid card, etc. ), But still have this problem. When i get to my desktop, the "my computer" icon is black and the screen will occasionally flash. I have tried different resolutions and refresh rates, but with no success. When i go into madden 2005, the game starts fine, but once i get a game started, some lines start to appear off of the players . It's very weird. All of this is kind of new to me, so any suggestions would be appreciated. Only other things i can think of is that the card may be bad (though it ran previously in another computer or the power supply isn't sufficient (i believe it's 460w).

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Flashing Laptop Monitor When Unplugging Power Cable

I have an acer travelmate 3260. I have only had the computer for about two months so the battery is still relatively new. When i unplug my power cable the monitor flashes (black screen black screen very fast) but when its plugged in its fine. I have tried setting the battery usage to to maximum battery life (i.e. Lcd functions at min) but the same problem occurs, i have also tried leaving it flashing (about 5 minutes) nothing changes. Im pretty sure its a battery problem but hopefully you guys have a solution or some tests i could run to find one.

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Lcd Monitor Or Tv

Which one would provide a higher quality picture and overall performance, a lets say 24" wide screen lcd monitor with a tv tuner, or the same size lcd tv, high def most likely, and no tv tuner. The monitors tend to be more expensive, is that because they provide over all better resolution, if not, then which is better? This is because i was looking on either buying a tv tuner and nice monitor or a tv and hooking up my pc to it and want to know which one would be better.

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Cleaning Lcd Monitor

I was just wondering what the best solution (liquid cleaner) would be best for cleaning an lcd such as an lcd monitor or laptop. I have some expo white board cleaner, but it doesnt really say whats in it, and i know lcd's dont like ammonia, so i wont use standard glass (windex) cleaner. Its hard to find a solution thats specific for lcd's and the only one ive seen so far is in a pack of like 3 microfiber cloths (which i have been one using to wipe it off) but their some stuff on it that a cloth wipe just wont get off.

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Lcd Hdtv Used As Monitor

I am considering buying a lcd hdtv to use as both a tv and a monitor. Recently bussincess depot had an acer 32" tv/monitor for can$1, 300, but they have discontinued it. So i have gone to other stores and were introduced with a variety of lcd hdtvs which the salesman said can also be used as monitors. I wanted to ask your opinions on whether there is any disadvantages on using a lcd tv as a monitor and switching back and forth between tv and monitor. Also do these high definition tvs (hdtvs) have a sharper image quality?

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Is 3d Possible At 30 Hz ? On A 60hz Lcd Monitor ?

I've seen a number of articles popping up regarding the use of 3d in various games, but they all state that it requires a 120hz monitor for it to work (the newer samsung display i believe). Is there any real reason why it can't be done on a normal 60hz lcd monitor? Ie the vid card calculates two perspectives at 30hz each, alternating each perspective each frame?

Yes i know the effective image frame rate would only be 30fps maximum, but you're still seeing 60hz refresh from the monitor. How can this be any worse than simply playing a game that sits around 30fps anyway?

Possible problem with potential ghosting? (On lower/older spec lcd's)

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Xbox On Lcd Monitor

I'm in the market to get some kind of lcd monitor. The problem is. The ones i've looked at don't have the red, white and yellow inputs that the xbox uses to hook up to tvs. So far, the only options to remedy this, that i know of are. A vga box, which i have absolutely no idea what that means. And a tv tuner box. Now, from what i understand, with the tv tuner, if you get a really crappy, cheap one, the resolution goes to crap and you can only really use a tiny portion of the screen with any amount of clarity. Does this go the same with a vga box? Are there any other option? I'm not really looking to blow alot on this piece.

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Using Samsung Lcd Tv As Monitor

I am in the market of getting a new computer. Though, i'm not a huge computer head, im getting one built for me that is going to be "decent". What i want to spend most of my money on is a monitor. I'm interested in this samsung lcd tv that has avg ( i think thats what its called) therefore it is able to be used as a monitor. My problem:

My friend who works at dell told me that the resolution won't be very crisp and it'll hurt my eyes. All in all, i need your opinions!

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Using Lcd Monitor In A Car

My friend is heavy in custom cars and such and asked me if it is possible and how to run a normal lcd monitor in car, for cheaper reasons and such cause someone said he was doing that cause from the 110 to monitor it's converted to 12v like the car. So could a lcd be ran off the existing power source of the car and if so how. What makes the lcd solded for vehicle use different than normal lcd monitor.

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Connecting Lcd Tv As Monitor

I am seeking help in connecting my lcd tv as my second monitor. Let me explain the scenario and specifications. My specifications

One lcd monitor 17 inch (samsung)

One lcd tv 22in hd ready (samsung)

Inbuilt video adapter with hdmi and vga port (ati radeon)

Nvidia graphics card with vga and dvi port. The scenario:

Right now i connected my 17 inch monitor to my graphics card with vga port since the monitor does not have dvi port. And the display is with resolution of 1440 x 900. Since i am a web designer it is difficult for me to work in a 17inch monitor. What i want :

I am planning to connect my 22 inch lcd tv as second or maybe primary monitor. It has both vga and hdmi port. The tv is just hd ready (720pi). The problem

I wanted to connect my lcd tv with my computer (win 7 x64 ). I already was using it by buying a hdmi to dvi converter and connecting to my graphics card but the resolution was not standard. If i remember it is 1280—720. While my second monitor is 1440 x 900. The possibilities. Since i have on inbuilt graphics adapter as well as my graphics card. Is it possible to connect both in different graphics adapter and use ? For example 17in in graphics card and 21in using hdmi in my inbuilt. What do you guys suggest if you are in my legs. I badly need two monitors and i think its waste to buy a 22 in lcd monitor for this as the tv sits idle in my room without anyone watching it or should i use the both in same graphics adapter with the available resolution.

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Lg 55lh90 Lcd Tv As Monitor

Using 55" led (lg 55lh90) as monitor but it only recognizes 60hz refresh rate. ? I bought the tv because it boasts 240hz refresh rate and i'm extremely interested in purchasing nvidia's 3d vision kit however, when i go to my display settings it only allows me to select up to 60hz. I have the tv hooked up through hdmi into my nvidia gtx 260.

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Clean Lcd Monitor

Does anyone know a way i can clean an lcd monitor, because im not sure what will work and what could hurt it.

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Liteview Lcd Monitor Drivers

I have a liteview lm15w lcd widescreen monitor. Its capable of going up too 1280x800 resolutions but because i do not have the drivers for it, windows see it as a standard lcd monitor which means that my video card cannot apply widescreen resolutions to it. I have googled for the past couple of weeks trying to find drivers for this thing and maybe some work around, but nothing. I can't even find liteview's manufacturer website!

Any ways to get some generic drivers or trick my card/windows into thinking its an lcd so i can apply the widescreen? I can't stand being stuck on 1024x768 on a 15 inch!

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Synaps 15 Lcd Monitor Issue

I bought this monitor at walmart (i know), it did not come with a driver, and the display looks really bad, i have used all the adjust buttons, and i can't get the display very legible, it would appear i need a driver, does any one know anything about this monitor?

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24" Lcd Monitor Recommendations

Been looking for a nice 24" lcd monitor. Mainly used for internet, word projects and some gaming. So many monitors and brands to choose from i am getting confused! Any recommendations? These are the ones i am looking at right now: 6%22_lcd-_-24-116-401-_-product

What would you choose?

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Lcd Monitor Power Problem

I've have a problem with an lcd monitor. The on/off button will freeze in the on position (green light on), such that when i push the button, it will not turn off. Most of the time i'm not even aware that it's happened, until i reboot the computer. When the screen goes black, just after the windows xp logo and just before the "welcome" screen, it remains black with the power light still on. When i unplug it and plug it back in, the screen comes up just fine. This seems to also happen randomly when the screen goes black just before switching to a screen saver. I've tried to disable all running programs with msconfig to see if a program was causing this. I was almost convinced that my trend micro anti-virus was doing it, as i seemed to be able to replicate and stop the problem by enabling or disabling the program. So i uninstalled the program, but now i noticed that it's happening again. Although i can't pinpoint the problem, it seems to be just predictable enough that i'm reluctant to think that it's an electrical issue. Any ideas?

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What's The Best Thing To Look For In A Lcd Monitor ?

Whats the best thing to look for in an lcd monitor? Im going to be using it for gaming. I think 17" will be enough. Possibly 19". Wont spend more then $340. I prefer lcd technology.

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Good Brand Lcd Monitor

Well my dad needs a new monitor. His old 19" crt had broken down so he downgraded to a crap crt 17" that had been laying around and been using it for the last 2 months or so. I figured with christmas coming around the corner it would be a good opportunity to buy a new lcd for my dad. Now what my dad is using it basically as typical user but just add casual gamer to the list. He plays anything from flight simulator to silent hunter iii to counter-strike source/hl2, with a hint of trucking sims on the side. A few others but mostly cs:s/hl2 and flight simulator that i have caught him playing lol. Basically i need a good brand monitor about a 19" or 20" with gamer type specs. Widescreen is good for flight simulator but optional. Anyone got any good recommendations?

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Staples Vs Samsung 19 Lcd Monitor

So yesterday i had money in hand and all ready to buy the samsung 931b 19" lcd monitor on sale at staples but then right next to it i saw their own brand and it looked better to me than the samsung. Before i would have never considered buying a staples brand monitor, after all what do they know about electronics they sell office supplies for christ sakes but it looked really good. The colors were very deep and rich the background was brighter and the text was darker easier to read.

In comparison the samsung looked faded, dull. Plus the staples comes with built in speakers (which i know must sound pretty bad but hopefully when you hook up your own you can turn those off) and it comes with a dvi cable which the samsung doesn't. And it looks like the specs are the same and when on sale it will be $30. Less than the samsung. So am i crazy for considering the staples 19" s9106 lcd monitor? I read on here that most monitors are made by lg. So maybe the staples one is too and therefore it might be ok. Anyone have any personal experience with the staples monitor or know anything about them?

Here are the specs. Staples 19" sp9106 lcd monitor. Staples own monitors combine high-end features such as an ultra clear screen, built-in speakers, dvi input and even three usb ports to offer a superior viewing experience.

19" active matrix tft lcd
1280 x 1024 native resolution
Contrast ratio 700:1
Brightness 300 cd/m2
Response time 8ms
Three built-in usb ports
Dvi cable included
3-year mfr. Limited warranty

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Lg 32" Lcd Monitor Pixelated

I just bought an lg 32" lcd computer monitor and everything looks extremely pixelated, how to i fix it. ? I'm using a mac mini that does not have an hdmi output, but the net isn't hd anyways right? How do i adjust the screen to fix the resolution?

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Lg Lcd Flatron Monitor Problem

I've recently purchased a lg lcd flatron w1943ss monitor. Problem with it is that when it's plugged into pc the monitor goes straight into sleep mode. The motherboard in the computer is new and all specs are compatible with the monitor on paper. There's no obvious explanation for it. I've even check the monitor works by connecting it to my laptop. Anyone know how to rectify this?

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Panasonic Lx80 Lcd Tv As Monitor

I have a 32 panasonic vierra lcd lx80 as my pc monitor and i can't seem to configure it to show the right image. I'm using hdmi and i already tried changing resolutions. The image is still blurry but, when i use a vga connector everything is okay except i cant play new games like starcraft 2.

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Is Anti Glare Necessary On Lcd Monitor ?

Is anti-glare really necessary on an lcd monitor?

Yes, if you are working in bright light or outside.

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Connect Playstation 3 Into Lcd Monitor

How do you connect a playstation 3 into a lcd monitor ? I know this is possible because i've been doing that for 3 years on my xbox 360. My sound is connected into my pc so i can use a turtle-beach headset. Recently, the ps3 price went down to 299$, which i can afford now. But i want to be able to play on my monitor. I want my connection to be a vga ( not a dvi ).

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Lg W1943c Lcd Monitor Drivers

Where can i get xp drivers for the lg w1943c lcd monitor? Thing is, i just formatted my pc and everything on my lg w1943c lcd monitor is stretched out! I've lost the cd, so does anyone know where i can get the driver for the monitor?

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