Usb Headset Causes Hp Computer To Freeze Until Unplugged

My problem relates to a usb headset. It appears that when i hit a heavy load on the system sound my computer freezes up. It comes back right away (most of the time) if i unplug the usb connector on the headset (logitech). If i do not unplug the headset the system will sometimes have a moving mouse cursor but it is completely unresponsive (can not click on anything on the win 7 menu bar). Please let me know if there is any additional information i can provide to help solve this problem.

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Usb Causing Computer To Freeze

I want to start off saying that i feel really dumb about posting this question. I have worked on and off in the it field for the last 14 years and this one is stumping me. I guess you could say that my skills have started to rot away. I have a slack data analyst position and have turned a screw driver on a computer is like a year. Mmmm brain beginning to mush. Here is my dilemma and i have googled it to no result. My neighbor has a home built machine that she has been having problems with since it was built last year. I didn't build it, but being a nice enough neighbor i thought i would lend her a helping hand. The computer has an asus m2n68-vm mainboard. This specific version does not have the dvi or hdmi built in. Surprising how all google searches point directly to that board. The person who built it installed a x64 5000+, a 7300 gs video card, 4gb ram, 80gb hard drive, and a cheap lite-on dvd drive. If i remember right, she paid 1k for it may-ish 2009. Ha ha, but i digress. So here is the problem. The neighbor claims that since november, the computer randomly freezes up when inserting a flash drive or when connecting her easyshare camera to the front usb ports on the front of this custom tower. She claims that she hasn't had the problem before that. So i take a look at the computer. It is not just the front ports. It is all ports. When the computer freezes it locks the keyboard and mouse. Explorer seems to be frozen completely. Its not every time a device is plugged in. Anyone have any ideas?

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Usb Device Cause Computer To Freeze Or Not To Boot

I have recently been having issues left and right with my computer freezing or not given booting. I got it mainly fixed but i found out something strange. It would appear when i had my card reader connected and my wireless usb adapter connected (with the usb cord connected) the computer would either freeze while loading the os or not even boot at all. When the card reader was connected i had a 2gb sd card in it and for some reason the card wasn't being detected at all and vista wasn't even detecting the card reader till after maybe 5min. After plugging it in. Also, the other strange thing is when i had my usb wireless adapter plugged in with the usb cord the computer wouldn't even boot or it would freeze like above. When i finally just connected the wireless adapter by itself windows loaded fine with no freeze/lock ups (and yes, i don't have the card reader connected right now). Idk but i'd hate to say this but would it be a psu issue? I was playing l4d and killing floor fine last night with my xfx 4850 oc'ed. What is going on here? Side note: has the latest ati drivers been causing anybody any issues lately? Like lock ups or anything? At first though i thought it was the oc'ing from catalyst causing the issue but i guess it wasn't.

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Usb Headset Vs Sound Card + Headset

It's been a long time since i've looked into headsets, and owning a *great* one i have to ask the question yet again. Currently, i use a medusa 5. 1 surround headset that is plugged into my sound card for positional audio in gaming. It works pretty well. That said - i have looked at some of the newer headsets, and they are all usb, pretty much eliminating the need for me to have a sound card at all.

My question is - how good are these usb headphones (specifically for gaming) if they come from logitech or razer or something? Is the cpu usage going to go up a lot (this was why i went the way i did with the medusas), and are there any real benefits to having a sound card any more?

I don't watch movies or listen to music much on the pc, and even if i do i don't care about the sound quality. I have a nice home theater for all that. Anyway, i was thinking about buying the g35 headphones from logitech but i'm hesitant because of the past information i've had, so i wanted to vet it all with you guys first .

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Usb Stick Stopped Working After Unplugged

I've got an usb stick here of 1gb and the guy who recently bought it, unplugged it before clicking that tray-icon (safely remove hardware). After this it stopped working. I know that data can be corrupted when it's unplugged in such fashion, but can the usb stick itself also stop to function? When he plugs it now again my computer simply "freezes" or takes ages before it refreshes and displays the usb stick. I suggested that maybe he can format it when it recognizes it, but unlike with my usb stick he doesn't go to the next dialog for formatting; it just doesn't do anything. I'm not sure if this problem sounds familiar, but is there any way to "fix" the usb stick? Maybe there's some kind of config or settings file which is default on the stick which is corrupted? I have no idea, but if you have suggestions, please let me hear them. If it means the data is lost, so be it, but he needs the stick itself. Also, if unplugging it too fast should only be harmful to transfered data, but not to the usb stick itself please let me know as well, because that could mean that he simply bought a faulty stick and can return it to the shop.

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Usb Headset Vs Analog Headset

So my beloved usb headset died on me. So i went on search for a new headset. I tried 2 very expensive, nice analog headset but their microphone just is not loud enough for everybody. I have tampered with the sound settings with all the way possible. But there are still people who cannot hear me or say i am too low. So i did a little bit of research and found out, even though gamers prefer analog headset for the sound quality usb headsets are the way to to get your voice heard. They transmit the voice digitally while analog headset convert it to digital and then transmit.

Also non-gamer people who use their computer for phone calls etc also prefer usb over analog becuase of its clarity in voice transmission. Although i heard something about usb headsets eating up cpu or something like that i have never experienced any problem from my side. So i am now declaring myself as usb headsetter for life after trying to make it work with 2 different analog jacking headsets. I will never look back again. Which one do you have? How do you cope? What settings you have if you have an analog headset? People have trouble hearing you even if you are about to swallow your mic?

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Usb 2.0 Cause Pc Freeze

I just bought a usb2. 0 pci card because i only had usb1. 0 in my pc. My mother board fully supports usb 2. 0 as i check on the manual! I installed the card in the pci slot and the drivers but as i hooked up my pen drive the pc freezed. I rebooted , all is fine until i hook up another usb device this time my blue tooth dongle. Tried a differrent pendrive and the same thing happened! I tried removing the card and drivers and reinstalling but the same thing happened! Im running windows xp pro sp2 with all the latest updates!

The strange thing is here! Im running another version of windows xp pro sp2 on the same machine. I booted on this version, installed the card and drivers and it worked fine! All the devices i plugged where found automatically and worked fine!

Whats wrong with my xp version that the usb 2. 0 is not working with ?

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Usb Headset For Under 40$

I would perfer one for under $40, it *has* to be usb. I do have a generic headset already, but i am using 5. 1 speakers. Which means i have to use a splitter if i want to use my speakers and my headset at the same time, and when i have both the speakers and headset hooked up into the splitter, audio quality drops. So i figure if i get a usb headset i won't have to screw around with the splitter and be worrying about reduced audio quality.

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Usb Headset Recommendations

Any one have any recommendations? I really need a good headset, i game alot and i dont use 2. 1 etc speakers just soley headphone/headset, needs to be usb as well.

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Hd Audio Through A Usb Headset

I've got a logitech g35 headset and was wondering how i would go about using it if i got a hd sound-card? The only interface it has is usb is there a converter to dvi or something?

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Gaming Headset Without Usb

Whats the deal with all the good headsets being usb? Im looking for a closed ear set of surround type phones. Any ideas?

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Pc Freeze, When Unplug Usb 2.0 Devices

I just bought a usb2. 0 pci card because i only had usb1. 0 in my pc. My mother board fully supports usb 2. 0 as i check on the manual! I installed the card in the pci slot and the drivers but as i unplug my pen drive the pc freezed !

I rebooted , all is fine until i hook up another usb device this time my blue tooth dongle. Tried a differrent pendrive and the same thing happened! I tried removing the card and drivers and reinstalling but the same thing happened! Im running windows xp pro sp2 with all the latest updates!

The strange thing is here! Im running another version of windows xp pro sp2 on the same machine. I booted on this version, installed the card and drivers and it worked fine! All the devices i plugged where found automatically and worked fine!

Whats can be wrong with my xp version that the usb 2. 0 is not working with ?

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Using A Usb Headset Is The Same As Analog Headsets ?

I was wondering if using a usb headset is the same as analog headsets, simply plug and play? Because i only use my headset when i need to talk to people over ventrilo, so i'm wondering if it's as simple as just plugging it in and it'll automatically work? Also, does anybody know of any headsets that have the volume control on the headset itself?(Not the g35, that's out of my price range. )

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Sound Card + Usb Headset

I have usb headset, my old plantronics gamecom pro1 which i believe has it's own onboard sound processing. I'm using p35 mobo's realtek audio right now, and i was thinking about getting nice sound card for gaming. Would my headset's onboard processing interfere with sound card/ does it make sense for me to get sound card at all with this headset?

Don't know much about audio/sound cards.

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Usb Headset With Clear Microphone

I would prefer the audio quality be excellent as well, but the microphone must be top notch. Opinions from people with personal experience with a wide range of headsets preferred so there is a basis by which to judge. Sometimes when i am on ventrilo and hear people talking, it is as if they are right next to me, such is the clarity of their microphone. That is what i want. What products get closest to perfection?

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Computer Will Freeze Up

So i just recently built my new computer and i have this weird issue. It doesn't happen all the time, but every once in a while the computer will freeze up, the monitors will refresh, and then the background will be black and my mouse will move extremely slow. Every time i have to reboot before everything will be fine. My boot time is about 45 seconds to a minute. Is that average? Os running win 7 64 bit

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Bluetooth V1.2 Compatible Headset And Usb Adapter

I don't know too much about bluetooth. I'd like to get the logitech bluetooth mobile pro headset for talking on skype. I don't know which usb bluetooth adapter to get for it. I'm using windows xp but, it would be nice to get one that's linux compatible too. I'm guessing that the adapter should be bluetooth v1. 2 compatible. What's the diff between v1. 1 and v1. 2?

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Set Windows To Use Usb Headset Automatically

Is there a way to set windows so that it automatically cuts the speakers and has the usb device as default audio output when plugged in? This way i don't have to shut off whatever video/music/game that's currently played just so the audio will come out of the headset.

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Computer Beep Then Freeze

My friends computer is acting weird. He says this happens on the net more than anything. He'll be surfing and then the computer gives out a single beep and then freezes. He has to shut it down and reboot and then its fine for awhile. But usually happens again in a hour or so. He's on dial-up if that makes a difference.could it be overheating? Some feedback would be appreciated. He says it happens mostly on the net but has happened during normal use.

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Use Usb Headset As Front Panel Headphone Jack

I have a set of 5. 1 speakers, and my sound card only has 3 audio outs (my speakers take all 3), so i can't use my headset without going behind my computer, unplugging one of the leads for my speakers and replacing it with the headset, then going in the audio control panel and changing it from 5. 1 to 2. 1 so the sound isn't all jacked up. My computer (or my speakers for that matter) don't have a headphone jack. I think i could cure this issue with a usb headset. To my understanding, usb headsets act like a front panel headphone jack where when connected the sound is no longer relayed to the speakers and only to the headset.

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Xoxide Mouse Cause Computer Freeze

My mouse wont work. Its that glowing one from xoxide, and every time i plug it in my computer freezes. Same thing with my backlit keyboard, the backlite function freezes anything. I know the products are ok because ive used them on my older hp computer. Im thinking it could be my motherboard, because it has some problems with onboard sensors already. Anyone know if i can fix it? Or is it completely non-motherboard related?

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Dvd R / Rw Drive Cause Computer Freeze

I recently changed cases to the antec 900 since it had more fans and better cooling. I didn't change any hardware except for my power supply (500w to a 550w). I connect everything back up, and my dvd drive doesn't work. The symptoms are as follows. I can put a cd or a dvd in there, and it locks up my pc. It locks up everything but my mouse. I can move my mouse around, but cannot click anything. When i eject the cd or dvd, my computer unfreezes. I do not have to reboot. While the cd or dvd is in there, i can do nothing, but once i eject it, everything else is fine again. I know it is not the ide cables, as it does this with 2 different cables. It smells like a driver issue, but i tried uninstalling both the dvd rom drive and the ide controllers and rebooting to let windows reinstall the drivers, and neither of these attempts fixed the problem. Anyone have any ideas? The dvd drive is a sony dru-800a, and it is the only drive connected to the secondary ide channel. My hard drive is on the primary ide channel. I have no other devices connected to the ide channels. The only other thing i changed when i had my computer in the old case was the 3. 5in floppy drive. I didn't feel the need to install it with the new case.

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Wireless Network Freeze My Computer

When i use my computer, sometime, my computer freeze. It's not like i can only move the mouse but all my computer and it's append like 1 to 2 sec. And after it's d freeze like it never append. Before i use my d-link dwl-520+, it never append but now, it's like one time an hour, it's do this. Can someone help me?

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Catalyst 6.9 - Computer Freeze / Lockup

I still cannot get this thing stable. Once i install win64 and load mobo drivers it is fine. But when i load the video drivers or catalyst 6. 9 my computer will freeze/lockup and then will reboot itself. Sometimes i have to push the reset button cause it will freeze after it reboots. But if i remove the drivers or catalyst it works fine. I called ati and powercolor they say mobo not working right. But when i call dfi they say video card. But then i was told to run memtest. I ran memtest last night with 2x512 samsung cas 2. 5 3200 and right away i had errors then i tried my 2x512 kingston cas 3 3200 ran that all night this morning the screen was flashing white. Does that mean it passed or failed? Then i tried the test again . After 1:12 seconds an error occurred. Tried it again just found out alot of errors. Do you guys think its the memory that is messing me up or the mobo or video?

Dfi lanparty ut rdx200 crossfire amd 64 3500

1- 300 gig sata maxtor
1- dvd plextor rewritable
2x512 kingston cas3 3200 ddr memory
1- power color ati x800gto 256mb 256 interface 12 pipes
Windows xp 64 bit

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Cyber Snipa Usb Headset Is Not Working For Voice Chat

The problem is downright odd, and i'll go through a list of things i've tried to get this to work, as well as the problems i've encountered. First of all, as the post title would demonstrate, the said product that isn't working is "cyber snipa sonar 5. 1 usb headset": 1-gaming-headset.php

Now onto the more dire points:

I've tried to voice chat with this headset in an extensive amount of programs and games:

It records perfectly in windows sound recorder. It records perfectly in paltalk. Acts weird in google talk. Doesn't work at all in xfire. Bsod in skype when i actually try to start talking. Doesn't seem to work in any fps game that i have that supports voice chat, quake wars included of course. Now, what steps have i taken? Here you go:

I have the latest drivers for all my hardware, including the headset. I have tried moving the headsets usb plug to every usb slot i have. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the headset drivers several times, even reverting to older versions. I've tried it with no drivers at all. I've checked the volume settings, made sure everything is un-muted etc. (Which as i said it works perfect in some things, loud and clear). I've removed sound card from my system altogether (usb headsets are independent of a sound card). So it is my one and only sound system. I have done an exhausting search for other people having problems with usb headsets not working right for voice chat, and have found quite a few interesting things, but still nothing quite like the problems i'm experiencing. Here's some other stuff that is weird:

When i first installed the headset/drivers, and i did the recording test thing in quake wars, it would bsod and reset my computer. I un-installed the drivers, reinstalled and that fixed it. But of course it went from bsod to just not working. Wee. I also bsod in skype as i mentioned earlier as well. When i press the button to voice chat in quake wars or battlefield 2, it acts like i don't even have a recording device at all, it won't even pop up an icon to indicate that i'm trying to voice chat. But yet, in battlefield 2 the voice testing program thing exterior to the game detects me loud and clear. And quake wars detects the device as being the controller for my microphone, but it acts like it isn't even there. It is nothing short of mind boggling to me. So in conclusion, i know the headsets microphone is fine and working as intended. But it obviously has some serious conflicts with certain software. I'm asking for any help or advice that i can get, no matter how big or small. Anything you guys can give me would be greatly appreciated. I'm just beat on this thing. I'm really sorry about the long post, but i really want to be able to voice chat in quake wars.

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Computer Freeze At Bios And Screen Goes Black

Last friday the computer stopped working correctly. On start up it boots normally which it goes past the bios screen and can even enter the bios utility as would any normal working computer would do. Though this is the catch. Once the computer past the normal bios and begins to enter to the hard drive to boot from windows. The screen goes black, i think it freezes there, though i'm not sure because my friend only told me this stuff over the phone. These are some things that i told him to try over the phone. One make sure you test each ram (512mbx2) test each ram stick by itself. Make sure that you have only one in at a time, and alternate from each ram stick you have. So that you can test the memory because it might be damaged. After doing all that work. Testing the memory didn't do anything the computer still crashed with 512mb or 1024mb it didn't matter what it had, it still crashed. So i'm asking what you guys might think about this problem, and if you have any suggestions at specifications:

Intel core 2 duo 1. 86ghz
Asus ai series motherboard
512mbx2 (1024mb)
Ati radeon 1600 series pci-express video card
320gb hard drive

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Mouse Cursor Makes My Computer Freeze

My computer is almost brand new, and quite the powerhouse, but for some reason, using the mouse will make the computer freeze up no blue screen of death, no error messages, it just dies and dosen't respond to anything. I can't ctrl+alt+del at all, and even pinging this machine from another (business intranet) results in lost packets (100% loss everytime. )

The solutions i have tried are numerous. First i thought if i changed drivers, nothing. New mouse, went from a ps/2 mechanical mouse to a usb optical mouse, complete with new drivers, no change still. Irq settings, seem ok, but i didn't look too deeply into that. Dma channels, seem ok. So, if this was some simple issue like a bad ps/2 port, i can understand, but using the keyboard to navigate my whole machine is getting a little annoying. Any suggestions from anyone?

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Blue Screen Of Death - Computer Freeze

Ok. My pc just went through a bsod (blue screen of death) and i turned it off. When i try to turn it back on the light is on and everything but there is no signal to the monitor. I tried checking the cables and everything is fine. Is there anything that can cause this like a virus or something?

I just closed sro (silk road online) and moved my mouse over a shortcut icon and then the computer froze for about half a second and the bsod popped up. I have avg and just did a scan this morning so i dont think it was a virus. I'm just going to cut the power and go to sleep and hope that god loves me and fixes the computer. Im sort of freaking out now because i just got the computer. For christmas and my dad just got me a new graphics card (look for my other topic and you will know) and its coming in the mail. And my dad wont get me another one. This is why i stick to macs. I got about $110 from christmas and if my computer is dead im going to have to wait about 4 or 5 more years.

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Keyboard And Mouse Freeze - Must Unplug Computer

Nearly everyday my iq504 will suddenly just freeze up. The mouse and keyboard are completely unresponsive as well as the touchscreen. Ctrl-alt-del does nothing. The only choice i have is to unplug the computer (basically crashing eveything i may have had open at the time) and then restarting it up. Sometimes this happens while i am in the middle of using internet explorer, sometimes using microsoft money, sometimes using ms-outlook, etc. I have also had instances where everything was fine, i get up to get a soda, come back and i am frozen up. I wasn't even touching the computer and only left it for a couple minutes and this happens. Is this happening to me uniquely or do others here experience this as well. If so, has anyone found a solution? I've already downloaded the latest drivers from the hp website. I don't know what else to try at this point.

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Inserting Usb Hard Drive Freeze / Locks Pc With Blank Screen

I a friend of mine has a wd 160 gb usb externel hd. He reinstalled his pc a while back win xp pro and patched it with autopatcher juli for security fixes because hd raid config gave some problems. Now sometimes when he insertes his usb drive the pc freezes and screen goes blank. He tried all usb ports on his pc. Has anyone have these problems before?

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