Which 20 Inch Tft Screen ?

I'm looking to get rid of my ancient 17" crt and get a nice new 20" tft for work. I've been doing i fair bit of research, i considered the option of a dual 17" setup but so far haven't seen any 17" tfts which i think are suitable. I have returned to my original plan to get one 20" screen. Here is my list:

>> Apple 20" cinema display - 699
>> Viewsonic vp201b - 648. 50
>> Iiyama prolite 551s - 643. 21
>> Lacie photon 20 blue - 627. 17

(The apple site states that cinema display can be used with pc, does anyone have any experience of this?)

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Line Across Tft Screen

I recently received a tft, today a line appeared suddenly in the middle of my screen (left to right), does anyone know what the problem could be?

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Tft Flat Screen Monitor Problem

When i switch the monitor on it switches on but the display only goes on for 2 seconds then goes off again even though the green power light on the monitor is still on. I can only very faintly see whats on the monitor as it is as dark as if the monitor was switched off. Does anyone know what the problem could be?

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Tft Flat Screen Digimate Monitor Issue

I don't no too much about monitors and im hoping some one here with more knowledge would be able to tell me the problem i have. Well to get to the point im using a tft flatscreen digimate monitor only had it for about 2 months and this morning i turned it on and noticed its made certain types of the color red and orange fuzzy and shake. If you notice around the edges of the shark its rather pixelated and well i cant explain it. How ever i dont get this while playing games unless the whole screen is one set color , such as when the game loads and the whole screen turns black, then i will get a big line down the middle and be able to see big pixels. Thanks for yout time and i await your reply.

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24 Inch Glossy (not Matte) Lcd Screen Monitor

I don't like matte monitors, and light/reflections not an issue for me. I can not find any samsung or lg glossy screen type 24" monitors. I did however find a glossy screen acer 24" . I can't post links because im a new user but its the acer p243waid and you can get it on newegg for 330$. But im willing to pay extra for quality of a bigger name brand. Any help plz? It kind of surprises me samsung wouldn't make a 24" monitor with glossy screen?

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A Single 5870 Enough For A 30 Inch Monitor ?

About to order my new rig to coincide with the release of windows 7, i got most of what i want in there already figured out:

Phenom ii x4 965 (the 955 is only 20 bucks cheaper)
Msi 790fx-gd70
4 gb ocz black edition 8-8-8-24 1600
2 640gb wd caviar black in raid 0
Sapphire radeon hd 5870
Lian li x1000
Corsair tx850w
Samsun 305t 30 inch monitor @ 2560x1600
Prolimatech megahalems

I plan on playing games at max settings crysis/crysis warhead included. I am worried that at that resolution 1 5870 will not cut it and i am already over my budget by a solid 300$ to afford the second graphic card would have to wait for the end of next november probably. If i wait till november i might as well see what the new nvidia cards look like and just buy this thing post xmas (might get a better deal!). So the way i see it i can do one of two things, buy it now or buy an xbox 360 to tide me over till january and buy the best computer i can afford then! I refuse to pay 3300$ for a computer and not bbe blown away by the performance!

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Graphics Card For 19 Inch Ws Monitor

New to graphics and monitors, so chances are it will be easy to solve. I have just been give a 19'' widescreen lcd for crimbo. I am currently running onboard graphics as i don't need anything special. The highest resolution i can get is 1280 x 1024, but when in widescreen mode, it stretches everything and look rubbish. I have looked at the papers that have came with it and the read as follows:-

19'' widescreen
Max res 1440 x 900

I cant seem to find this setting in my properties, so i assume i will need a graphics card upgrade. Am i on the right lines? Or am i missing out something very simple? I would really like to have the monitor on widescreen and have the resolution so that it fills the screen without the stretching. This will maximize the monitor and my workspace.

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Phillips 17 Inch Monitor Shrinks

One of my 17 inch monitors (phillips) starts up fine but within 1 minute or 2 it shrinks to about half of the width, with the sides concave. It is definitely the monitor, as i can plug it in to different computers and it acts the same. The buttons cannot reset it, neither by resetting to factory, nor by adjusting pincushion. What next?

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Monitor Price Of Samsung, Lg 15.6 Inch

What is the price if samsung, lg and different other brand 15. 6 inch monitor?


Are you looking to purchase an lcd or a crt monitor? Crt monitors are really hard to find now and taking into consideration the current prices, it no longer makes sense because they are pretty much outdated and have been replaced by lcd monitors. And even if you look at lcd monitors, it won't be easy to find small monitors in the market now. A dell in1910n which is an 18. 5 inch monitor with a maximum resolution of 1366x768 pixels will cost you 6, 000 rupees according to the website under source. It's better you purchase a 20" monitor which will cost you around 6, 500 to 7, 000 rupees. Here's a small list of 20" monitors: http://www.Priceguide. In/monitor-size/20-inch/

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Correct Resolution For A 19 Inch Widescreen Monitor

What screen resolution do i use for a 19 inch widescreen?

Before i had a regular sized screen i think 17 inch, and i had it on 1280x1024. I want to correctly scale it up to my new monitor, i want to try and have the same pixels to inch ratio (as close as possible) just with more pixels on my screen

Right now i have it on 1440x900 but it feels kind of weird (maybe im just not used to the widescreen expierence) edit: bassicaly id like to keep the same height, the height shrunk abuot 100 pixels and i think thats whats causing the weirdness. Btw my video card is an ati pci-express (i forget the model) and im using the dvi port thing.

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Video Card For 1680x1050 And 22 Inch Monitor

After years of great gaming with an 8800gtx it finally went out and i am now stuck using a old geforce fx 5200. Since i need a new video card for my system i would like to know what is recommended. I would like to know what video card you guys recommend for a gaming res of 1680x1050. This is off topic, but i am also considering upgrading my cpu from a q6600 to a e8500 although i could swear that i got a major performance boost when i went from a 2. 4ghz core2duo i forget the model to a q6600 g0 in crysis. I would like advice on this from other gamers. Is it worth the change for game performance?

My most played games are:

Fallout 3, mass effect, and witcher enhanced.

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Wireless Picture Frame 10+ Inch Range

Can anyone point out a digital picture frame, say in the 10+ inch range that actually works, when feeding the stream from a pc wirelessly? I have a kodak w1020, and it is terrible, and other reviewers have confirmed it, it just doesn't work wirelessly.

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Using 32 Inch Samsung Lcd Hdtv For A Monitor

Using the 32inch samsung lcd hdtv for a monitor? What do ya guys think? Sure an arm and a leg needs to be sacrificed for it, i certainly cant afford it, but lets just assume you could afford it. How would it fare as a monitor? Staring at this enormous screen in front of you, playing call of duty 2 on that would make me drool.

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Best Sli Setup / 30 Inch Monitor / Psu Questions

I am about to buy a new computer, that includes a dell 3008wfp. My budget is 3000$ and buying that monitor leaves me with ~1700 (assuming i buy the monitor refurbished). I have a few questions regarding some of the components. Cpu: intel i7 920
Motherboard: asus p6t
Memory: ocz platinum triple-channel kit 2gb/stick pc3 10666
Hard drives: ocz apex 60gb ssd wd 640gb 7200 rpm 32mb cache
Graphics card(s): 2 bfg geforce gtx 280 ocx edition in sli
Psu: corsair 850tx 850w

Since i am running this on a 30 inch monitor, i wanted something powerful enough to support 2560x1600. Since the gtx 295 seems to be at its eol (it is not being sold anywhere) i decided to go with the gtx 280s in sli for now. First question - do you think the gtx 280s in sli are best? I am pretty partial to nvidia but it seems that 4890s in crossfire performs just as well and are cheaper. Second question - dell 3007wfp-hc or dell 3008wfp? The cheaper the better, but i do not want to risk major loss in performance for price. After reading the hardocp thread about this exact same question (listed here) i am still somewhat confused. The 3008 has more inputs and a onboard scalar. Having this scalar allows you to read a lot more resolutions regardless of what resolution may be coming in (because the scalar scales the resolution coming in)? In the case of the 3007, not having this scalar means that sending a resolution to the 3007 that it does not support will not work? This is a very important question to me, because if i were to buy the 3008, the only way it would work, is if i were to buy it refurbished, and even then i would still break 3000. Third question - am i pushing it too close with running a 850w psu with the gtx 280 sli setup?

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Laptop Bag For 17 Inch Dell Laptop

Where can i find a laptop bag to fit my 17 inch dell laptop? Ive been searching everywhere and on tons of websites but i cant find any bags that will fit and actually look decent.

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Computer Displays Post Screen Then Went To Black Screen

My computer has been running sluggish for about two days now. Was searching the web the other day and computer just came to a halt and froze. So i rebooted the computer and then it wouldn't start up. It displays the post screen but after that it went to a black screen with a white bar at the bottom of the screen. Looked like a progress bar. Rebooted again but same thing. Popped in the os disc and tried a check desk and fdisk and it came up with some errors. Got to stage 4 of 5 on them and then stopped at 50% for hours. So today i started it up again and it finally booted to the windows logo and then finally to desktop. Took around 30mins to do so. Hard drive light indicator is always on for the most part and takes forever to load applications. Okay, i guess my question is this about to be a hard drive failure? Never had one so clueless of what it is but would think it would have something to do with the hard drive. Also before it froze the other day, applications started being really slow. For example it took 10mins just for the save file dialog box to pop up to save a file.

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Half Of Screen Appears When Connect Macbook To Tv Screen

When i connect my macbook pro 2. 66 nvidia geforce 9600m gt to lgtv screen via mini displayport to vga cable i get half of the screen appears, i tried to play around with the options but nothing works. It seems like the 9400m graphic card reads the tv not the 9600m.

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If Disconnect Laptop Screen, Will External Screen Still Work ?

If i disconnect my laptop's screen, will an external screen still work? I have an acer aspire5315 laptop. What i am doing is i am putting it into a custom case that will not fit the built-on screen. The laptop does have a vga output (so i can connect it to another monitor, or hdtv. ) So, if i disconnect the laptop screen completely from the motherboard, will an external one connected via vga still work?

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Pc Goes To Xp Load Screen Then Into Blue Screen

I have a laptop that when it boots it goes to the xp load screen for about 2 seconds and then a blue screen of love. I ran a linux boot disk to try to trouble shoot it but we couldn't get it to see the drive. I bought a sata 2. 5 drive enclosure and hooked it up to my other computer with the laptop drive in it and it can't see it. The drive gets warm but thats all. I pulled my other laptop drive out and put it into the drive enclosure and it worked fine. What can i do? What options do i have to see if this is still a good drive? Does this mean the drive is dead? Do i need to load drivers? Can i force mount it? Any thoughts?

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Screen Goes Black After Splash Screen

I recently installed latest nvidia graphics drivers on my computer and now whenever i boot the screen goes to black after the windows loading screen. I can boot into safe mode and the device manager has the correct version listed. Uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers a couple times now and tried reseting the card but still goes to a black screen. Intel e6750
Abit ip35 pro
Nvidia 9800 gtx

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Screen Shot Key 'print Screen Sys Rq'

My key says 'print screen sys rq'. Does this imply that it will print, should i attempt to take a screen shot? And if you need to know, it's by acer or something along those lines.

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Artifacting All Over The Screen

I'm stupid i ran my rig on a crappy 350w powersupply dell gave me, after around 22-23 months it started crapping out on me. It wouldnt display monitor when i booted, after around 6-10 tries it would run fine, but i would blue screen once or twice a 24 hour cycle. I figured something was wrong with the powersupply and it wasnt up to the task. Now it boots, but after i get past the windows xp pro loading screen and i get to what should be my desktop i get artifacing all over the screen like black horizontal bars across the screen, which seems like a video card crap out, also its not reading my two dvd rom drives, which could just be cause a connection got loose or it could be cause the mobo is f-ed up. So what does it sound like, i realize i need a new power supply so ill buy that, but is my 6800gt fried too, or is that a mobo problem?

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Black Screen

I turned on my pc this morning and there is nothing on the screen, but i can hear winxp starting up. Is my monitor or video card dead?

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Screen Shaking

I have a ati radeon 7500 video card. Sometimes when i play a game, the bottom of the screen vibrate back and forth horizontally. Does anyone know what the problem might be ?

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Cant Get Into Pc, Only To Login Screen

I got winxp installed last night on the family pc. I set up an "admin" and "family" accounts. The family is "restricted" while admin is not. I wanted to try to disable installation of software on the family account so they cannot mett it up with trash but while doing so i somehow messed everything up. I was using "administrative tools", "local security policy" and added "local policies" because i thought thats how i could disable installation. Im an idiot. Everytime i boot up now i can enter the password (at xp "welcome" login) for either of the accounts but it only flashes the screen and takes me back to the login. I cant get anywhere! Is there a way to get rid of this somehow?

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No Screen Output

My system won't output to my monitor. At first i thought my video card is dead so i placed the vga card into my other computer, and of course it didn't work. However, when i placed a working vga into the troubled system, it still didn't output anything to my monitor. Any suggestions of what components might be in trouble? I can't remember the mb, but its abit supports up to 800mhz cpu (p iii), sdram 133mhz etc.

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Screen Problem

I just built a computer and the screen does not work. I plugged everything in including the monitor but it just stays black. No screen pops up. I purchased these through newegg. I made sure the video card was connected with the power. The power switch on the back is on. I connected the front panel switch properly cause i tried them all. The fans are spinning (cpu fan) and the fans that came with the case. I tried both ports for the monitor on the back and i used an old computer and the monitor works fine. Im using a corsair 450w. What is the paper-clip trick? I don't have any ddr2 memory. My friend suggested it might be my monitor. I tried connecting the monitor to a laptop but it doesn't work but i'm still unsure which part is wrong. I tried the monitor on an older computer as well but it works fine.

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No Picture On Screen

I haven't made any changes to my hardware, it is as below. Recently when i boot-up i don't get a picture on screen, even though the pc is running - the d bracket 2 on the back of the pc shows the top right led as green, and the other 3 are red. I have checked on the msi site and it says the following for this combo of lights:

Memory detection test - testing on-board memory size. The d-led will hang if the memory module is damaged or not installed properly. I have fiddled with the memory and it seems to be installed properly - is there anything else i should check? I cant afford to upgrade just yet, need to wait maybe at least another 5 or 6 months - anyone have any clues as to what i can do to check for other issues?

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Nothing Appears On Screen

So my friend dropped off a rig from around 2005 that he said died and he wasn't about to fix. After this thread working out the 20 to 24 pin power issue, flogge so nicely mailed me a 20-24 pin adapter. I plugged it in and pressed the power button. After some beeps (the kind that you might hear on a perfectly functional system), everything received power and i heard some hard drive activity. The problem was that nothing appeared on screen. A little too comfortable with this system already, i opened the case while it was on and put some pressure on my 6600gt. Nothing. So i turn it off, take out the card, and carefully reset it. Reset being a relative term, as his back panel has been more or less mutilated, and i had to bend away the metal dividers to get it to seat in the first place. The second time, it seemed as though all the pins were in the pci-e slot, but still nothing on screen. I turned it off and tried pushing in the card a little more, and this is when i freaked out. Stupidly, i was putting pressure on the heatsink, and i felt the thermal contact break. In a hurry i got a pair of pliers and took off the heatsink, i hadn't crushed the die. When i get home i'm going to reset the heatsink with some arctic silver, i really hope i haven't ruined my faithful 66gt. In any case, or i should say, in any other case, i think this hardware would work. My current plan is to run the mobo next to the case like a testbed, to see if i can push the video card in all the way. I also need to acquire a pci video card to see if the slot is dead. I also have the feeling that i should look up beep codes for this mobo, but they really do sound pretty normal. What does [h] think about this situation?

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Screen Flicker

I just got a brand new asus m6b00n laptop with 15. 4" wxga screen. When plugged in to ac power, there is an intermittent flicker on the screen. It happens infrequently, and it is very slight. I worry that there may be a problem with the inverter or backlight. But i wonder if it may simply be related to the quality of ac power. (I am not running it through a ups or line conditioner. )

Is it possible for a laptop display to be sensitive to the ac power source, causing the screen to flicker? Or is there a good chance that i simply have a defective laptop? I am hesitant to send it back because the problem is so intermittent, they may never see it.

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