Do I Have To Format A New Hard Drive Before Installing Vista 64 ?

I just installed a new wd 1tb black hard drive into a new system. I installed vista 64 without doing any type of format. Was i supposed to format the drive before installing the os?

Or does it automatically use ntfs?

Just want to find out right away so i can redo it if necessary.

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Format Hard Drive As Ntfs Without Installing Windows Xp

I'm installing a 120 gb drive in my computer to hold backups and also as storage for pictures because i do graphic design. My other disks are ntfs and i was wondering how i can format the 120 drive in ntfs without actually installing my windows xp. I jsut want the drive for storage-i don't think regular fat will work on such a large drive-so ive been told.

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Problem Installing Vista On Sata Ii Hard Drive

I have just built my first computer and cant get vista ultimate to install on my barracuda 7200. 10 sata 3. 0gb/s 500-gb hard drive. When i get to the screen that asks you to select your hd to install vista on, it recognizes my drive but has a message on the bottom of the screen stating. "Windows cannot be installed to this hard disk space. The partition contains one or more dynamic volumes that are not supported for installation. "

Is their anything i can do to get windows installed on this hd?

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Installing Windows Vista Via Flash Drive

No tweaking, no fking around, no program installs - put the dvd in the drive, put the flash drive in the usb port and run the command. Thats it. The rest of this post is purely there because people always try and do something differently, or dont bother reading the instructions properly!

This does not work with xp, so dont ask.command for copying vista (or 7) dvd to flash drive

Open a run command - use the "windows key + r" trick to open a run menu, if its not enabled in your start menu

Xcopy x:*. * /S/e/f y:

X: being source (dvd / iso image on virtual drive)
Y: being destination drive (flash drive)

A dos prompt will open and show the files copying - it may appear to have stopped on a file (install. Wim i think), but dont worry - thats a large file so it takes a while. You can use this to install vista off a flash drive, no longer needing a dvd. Above this line is all you need to make a bootable flash drive!

As simple as this is, people always ask a bazillion questions.common ones are answered below. The drive letters x: and y: need to be substituted with whatever letters your system uses. Its obvious, but some people still miss that. I've done this with ntfs and fat32 flash drives heaps of times - havent burned a dvd for an os in years. Your motherboard is going to need to boot from usb for this to install. Many motherboards have a "quick boot" method by pressing escape or f8 while the bios post screen is still loading. Dont always assume it will show as a usb device, often it shows under the hdd menus. Obviously, you're going to need a dvd in the drive, or mount the iso via some virtual drive software, like deamon tools or virtual clone drive. If your flash drive is full, the dos prompt will just close without copying the last files. Make sure you have enough free space to fit the contents of the iso (a 4gb flash drive is not exactly 4gb - mine is 3. 83gb after formatting, and too small for a vista sp2 install). I suggest formatting and starting with a blank flash drive - you can always add your other files back afterwards. You can do this from any windows os - xcopy hasnt changed in a looooong time, so it should even work in os's as old as win95. Since this has to be clarified, i mean you can make the vista/7 bootable usb disk in older os's. That is not the same as making bootable copies of them!

And a picture guide, for those who cant live without them. 1.command line

2. Format flash drive to ntfs (16gb drive)

3. Files copying

4. Open your boot menu in the bios, or change the boot order. My media pc allows me to hit f12 and get this:

(If i had my flash drive plugged in for this photo, it would read as "usb-hdd imation nano" in the '+hard disk' menu)

5. Run the vista/7 installer as normal

Out of niceness, i quote pyeti and naelex's alternate method. This one is rather noob friendly, but requires a third party program. This method works for xp!


Plug in your usb key. Right click on the ultraiso shortcut, and click on run as administrator. Click on file (menu bar) and open. Navigate to your windows 7 iso file and select it and click on the open button. In the bottom local pane, select your usb flash key drive. Click on bootable (menu bar) and wite disk image. Make sure the locations are correct, and check the verify box and click on the write button. Click on yes to confirm writing to the usb drive. When it's done, click on the close button. You now have a windows 7 installation usb flash key.

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How Do I Format Hard Drive ?

I just got a new mobo and processor for my comp and i'm installing windows 7. I want to format my hd and start over but when i go to format the hd i get the error that windows cannon format the drive. It says i need to quit any programs i'm running. How do i quit all programs and still have the window open to format?

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How To Format An Invisible Hard Drive

My computer, one of those shuttle mini's, is getting a little boggy so i figured it's about time to formatt the ol drive and clear those pesky dll's with no place to go out. I did this every year with win95, and 98. I run win xp pro now and this is my first time formatting with it. Here's my problem: i tried to format using the bootable cd (that i own) of xp pro. Following duncans post earlier and those incredibly clear directions (kuddos). I got to the part where it asked which disk/ partitions i would like to use. The box shows 2 partitions but also said no disks found? Checking my bios for the hard drive it says no drives detected? "0's" in every value.contacted the guys who put this computer together and they wont answer my questions. I guess i should have paid for that extended warranty, sign. I cant fathom how my computer works ok and i cant get the bios or the xp formatting tool to see the hard drive. Note: i disabled the sata/raid in the bios and the computer wont boot. Or it will boot through the post then ask for a bootable cd: i didnt go any farther and returned the settings to enable. I only have the one hard drive so i thought disabling the sata/raid in the bios would be a way to avoid seeing that during the post. I'm thinking there is a way/ technique to install a hard drive and not have it show up anywhere. I've asked around to all my friends who know a lot more than i but they all say they know of no way to do this. It does show up in "my computer", it's not like i cant access the info on it or anything like that. I just cant format the darned thing. Can anybody shed some light on this so i can format my hard drive.

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How Do You Format A Hard Drive From A Cd Rom ?

Is there any software that you can put on a cd-rom that will format the harddrive of a system. The problem that i have is my laptop loads to the manufacturers screen then reloads and continues this so i think that i need to reformat the hard drive. I tried putting a windows 2000 cd-rom in it and it did not load or recognize it, sinces its a new laptop it has no floppy drive can someone please tell me what to use.

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Format Hard Drive Without Use Of Bootable Cd

Is it possible that i can format my hard drive without the use of bootable cd ? Coz i my "bootable cd " is now corrupted and i cant format right now.

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Does Format Several Times Affect Hard Drive ?

Does the format affects the hard drive badly if some one made it several times ?

When i say for example
Format c:
Format c:/q

Does this affects the hard drive badly ?

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Unable To Format Ide Hard Drive

Apart from my 80 gb sata hard drive, i was having an additional 40 gb ide hard drive. I was storing some data in it without any problem. Today i had to remove ide cable from my ide hard drive because i had to switch over one my cd drives. And after reconnecting the ide cable and booting up the pc, the hard drive labels got changes from (g) and (h) drive to (i) and (j) drive. My sata drive's labels are (c). (D) and (e). This sata drive's didn't get changed, and only ide drive's got changed and i guess its because of my cd and dvd drive were allocated g and h label's. And now the problem is, i am not able to access i and j drives. Its saying. The disk in drive i is not formatted. Do you want to format it now ? I don't mind losing the data, but even i am not able to format as its saying. Windows was unable to complete the format. I also tried to open up a dos command prompt and tried doing "format i:" and it said. The type of the file system is raw. Please use the /fs switch to specify the file system
You wish to use on this volume. One of the person suggested to do the following. If you are running xp pro, you can click start, control panel, admin. Tools, computer management, and then disk management on the left. Maximize the screen, and you can see all of your drives, partitions, and perform formats if you so desire. And when i did as above, there were 2 drives other than c, d, f, i, j which were not having any volume with status as healthy(unknown partition) and with capacity 18. 66 and 926 mb. The above 2 were from sata drive and were not assigned any partitions i think. Any idea how to assign a partition(i mean volume label) so that i can use this too ?

And coming back to my ide drive, i and j are shown under disk 0 which is the ide hard drive and c, d, f and those 2 unassigned partitions are shown under disk 1 which is the sata hard drive. So when i right clicked on i drive and formatted. After 100% of formatting is completed in say 5 mins time, it said "the formatting cannot be completed successfully"

Please how to solve this ?

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Installing Hard Drive

I want to install a new hard drive in a vaio desktop, i want it to replace the default one, however when i run the utility disc to install everything again the program says that the drive isn't partitioned and that it needs to create dos partitions, i have tried to create those partitions booting from the original drive and creating them with the xp management console but that message allways comes no matter how i configure the partitions on the disc

So how can i prepare the disc for that kind of installation?, How can i create dos partitions?

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Installing A Second Hard Drive

While i understand the physical part about how to install a second hard drive, set jumpers, and bios, the following eludes me: i want to install a hard drive that already has an operating system and data on it; i don't want to fdisk and format and lose the data. (Will call this hd#2. )

What i want to do is retrieve the document files and some software applications that exist on hd#2. I would be taking it out of a dead machine (rather than fixing the machine, which is old and has a defunct power supply). I would be installing hd#2 in a new barebones computer on which i have already installed a new ide hard drive (hd#1) and on which i have already installed windows 98se and then an xp upgrade over it. I don't need the os that exists on hd#2 but i do need the document files that exist on it. What will happen if i install hd#2 and don't fdisk and format it? I am leery of going forward on this project without more knowledge.

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External Usb Hard Drive Format Problem

I just bought a external ide to usb changer and connected a 80 gb samsung hard drive to it. When i log on to windows and i try to format it, i cannot format it. Why? I tried to format using dos as well, but i couldnt do it.

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Usb Device Problems After Format Hard Drive

I recently formatted my hard drive and now when i plug my printer through usb it says the device has malfunctioned and windows does not recognise it. In device manager it says unknown device and that there is no drivers installed but the drivers are installed. In the printer set up process it tells me to plug the device into usb port but i have already done this, i also tried it with the device unplugged then doing it when prompted to no avail.

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Western Digital Hard Drive Partition And Format

I have a western digital caviar 11200 i'm trying to partition and format but having problems. Actually i have 3 old drives that i'm cleaning up and going to sell, 2 worked fine but not the wd drive. After putting it in i boot up the computer and it detects the wd drive as the 1st drive and dvd drive as the 3rd and cdrw as the 4th. It doesn't detect my 40gig drive at all. When doing the other 2 drives it would detect my 40gig hard drive as the 1st and the other drive as 2nd. I have tried all the jumper settings, master, slave and single. Nothing works. What am i doing wrong? Is there anything else i should try. I know this drive works because it was taken out of a working machine 2 weeks ago.

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Can't Format Or Find External Hard Drive

When i plug in my external hard drive i get a message saying usb mass storage device found. I have installed drivers and the device manager says that it is working fine but it will not show up in my computer. I am told that it will need to be in fat 32 format for this to happen but if it doesn't show up how can i format it?

Os = windows 2000

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Problems After Installing New Hard Drive

My system:

- Msi k8n neo4 mobo
- Installed a western digital 400gb caviar se drive (sata)
Took out a wd 1200 caviar eide harddrive

It seems my hard drive died on my computer. It seems to spin up when turned on but the computer just continuously restarts before the windows screen pops up. So i installed a new harddrive that i had (fresh out of box). Then i installed the system software (xp pro). The problem is i can't get on the internet. I called the cable co (using a cable modem) to see if they could help. After no luck with resetting the modem he had me check the network adapters in the device manager. The only thing that shows up is the 1394 net adapter under that heading. He said there should be more. I also noticed all the yellow question marks under "other devices" and remembered i probably need to reinstall all the drivers. Is this correct?

I went to the msi web site on another computer and downloaded all the drivers i could find for my mobo. I tried to install according to the instructions but always came to part in the hardware update wizard that asks for the hardware type. And none of the things listed in the common hardware says ethernet. So i'm stuck. If msi provided a setup disk with the mobo i have misplaced it. Any help?

By the way, my mother board has 4 orange sata receptacles and 4 blue and all are labeled sata 1. Which do i use. I can't find anything in the manual about which to use. I only have the one hard drive installed and i chose blue receptical. My mobo came with orange connectors but the hd came with a blue. Not sure if the color coding is universal or not. Second (third) question is about the old hard drive. Any suggestion as to whether i can get my data from it. A few years of accumulated stuff. I put the hd in an external enclosure and plugged it into a usb port. It sounds like it is spinning but it won't show up on the computer. Any hope?

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Usb Port Not Working After Format Hard Drive & Reinstall Xp

I am currently usin' an ibm x40 laptop. Things have been workin' fine. Since i had too many craps on my comp, i decided to format my c: to reinstall xp (sp2). However, i was playin' games on my comp last week. My comp encountered a power shortage problem or watever problems along those lines, it rebooted itself all of a sudden. Since then, none of my 2 usb ports are workin'. To further clarify myself, i can tell that the computer detects the devices, includin' mouse, flash key and cd-rom, however, i can access none of these usb devices successfully. I tried to delete all the usb deivers from the device manager and let xp reload them, nothing seems to have changed. And i also checked my bios, usb ports are all enabled. I am wondering what is wrong with my computer. Do u guys have any clues what's goin' on or wat i should try to do to fix my computer.

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Installing With A Serial Ata Hard Drive

A friend recommended i buy a sata hd with my new computer. Now i can't get my operating system floppies and cd to recognize it. In my bios it says my primary master and primary slave ides are blank. My secondary master is my cdrom and my secondary slave is my zip drive. The 120gb sata drive is at third master. It recognizes it in bios as a hard drive when i did a hd detection. I am trying to install like this: i have a win98 boot floppy that i put in first. I run fdisk to create a dos partition and then put in a win98 cd and install win98. After win98 is installed, i put in my win2000 upgrade cd and upgrade the os to win2000. So it seems like it's not creating a dos partition on the right drive but when i ran format c:, it formatted a 120gb hd. And i have no idea what other drive it would be creating a dos partition on. But when i put the win98 cd in the drive and run setup.exe, it says i need at least 735909909 bytes of space to install windows.

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Installing Windows Xp On A New Sata Hard Drive

I'm trying to do a fresh windows xp installing on my pc with a new hard drive: western digital wd2500ks sata-ii. (This is the only hard drive in my system) in the setup process when it comes to the partitioning part, i have created two partitions, then the setup asks me to format the drive using the ntfs file system, i choose that option but the format progress bar just hangs on 0%. A few notes:

1. The hard drive is shown in the bios and also in the xp setup so i don't believe its sata drivers. 2. I tried more than 1 xp installation cd (with sp2) and more than 1 optical drive. 3. I did a memory test with goldmemory which went out just fine. 4. I tried to connect the drive to the other sata connectors in my board and also tried with another sata cable (new one)
5. My bios have the latest update available. Update: i've created a very small ntfs partition (6gb) using a linux tool called "cfdisk" (used it from a slackware10. 2 cd i got), than when i try to format this partition from the xp installation with ntfs or fat32 file system it still hangs but this time on 1%. I also searched google for this problem and for sata drivers for my board and there is nothing except sata raid driver which i don't even have raid support in my board. I've tried to format c: drive from the win98 boot disk, than it starts formatting and after a few seconds it gives me the message: "trying to recover allocation unit" and there are running numbers in the side, sectors or something, i'm not really sure.

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Installing 250 Gb Sata Hard Drive

I have been using a seagate barracuda iv 20gb ide drive and i replaced it with a western digital 250gb sata drive. When i go to bios the wd shows as a 250gb drive but in win xp it it showing as a 19gb drive. How do i make the system see the drive properly?

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Sata Hard Drive Not Detected When Installing Windows Xp

I decided i'll reformat it. When me and my friend tried to reformat my computer (through installing with the cd, since i can't find a way to reformat otherwise), the screen that asks where you'd like to install windows showed nothing. As in, it said i had no hard drives, and after a while, it freaks out and just restarts. I think i heard of some way to make that work, because it has happened to many people before. If anyone can help me make my computer detect the hard drive, i would be grateful. I heard there's a way to do it without a floppy drive as well (for some reason, apparently you need one, despite the fact that most computers don't use them anymore).

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Installing Xp Over Vista

I am not a great computer geek or techie please give me a solution for my problem. I recently got 1tb external hitachi simple drive and connected to my dell inspiron 1545 running vista on it and i wanted to install ubuntu and windows xp both on my external hard disk and i successfully partitioned 20 gb(ext4 linux file system) for ubuntu and 40 gb(fat 32) for windows xp. Somehow i installed ubuntu successfully and now i am trying to install xp but i get that blue screen error and after reading few forums i did changes in the bios sata operations and changed from ahci to ata and installed xp successfully and again when i booted i get that blue screen error after windows xp loading screen (after 2-3 bars loaded) and again i read few forums and found that i need to update some drivers in win32 and my question is already my windows xp files are in external hard disk which is clearly visible when i connect it to vista. Can i change it directly? Will it work? If not what should i do to get rid of this low graded vista?

My advice to everyone is, i am not against microsoft because i was a serious 98, 2000, nt and xp user but this vista and 7 are really **** for their security issues.

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Installing A Second Hard Drive / Don't See In File Manager

I just bought a second hard drive (western digital caviar 250gb, ide ata100). I set the jumpers to slave, while the original (80gb hitachi) to master. After rebooting i had message 'found new hardware. ', but i don't see it in file manager. I bought it as oe replacement from Do i need to format it, or it came preformatted, but something is wrong? The original drive works fine. I have two dvd drives, is this a problem?

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Moving Vista To New Hard Drive

I have vista basic on my dell. I am going to install a second hard drive. I found on western digital web page that says i can right click the old drive and use cut and it will remove the whole drive from the old western digital and then select the new drive and copy the entire drive to the new hard drive. This sounds too simple. Will it work?

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Hard Drive Monitoring For Vista

Can anyone recommend a free utility that can actively monitor the health of a hard drive. I would also like it to give some kind of alert if it detect any kind of problem. I did some searching on [h] and the internet but was not able to find much in the way of freeware.

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Esata Hard Drive Not Recognized In Vista 64

Esata hard drive not recognized in vista 64, well it does, as long as i do a "scan for hardware changes" in device manager every time i want to use it. But if i just plug it in and turn it on it doesn't get recognized. Any ideas why?

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Hard Drive Not Recognized On Vista 64 Bit

I physically installed the wd1600ys western digital 160gb caviar hd into the computer. Pata and sata cables. However it is not recognizing it. I had the old install disc for xp version which will not work on my vista. Now that being said i am unable to find the drivers needed for my computer to recognize it. I believe it needs western digital tools. I called the tech support at western digital and they stated the drivers are only available for vista 32 bit. My vista reads 32 programs. He couldn't tell me where those drivers were. He was pretty aggravated when he picked up probably because someone called him and complained that their cup holder( disc drive) was broke when it spilled the drink. Please direct me to a website where i may download the driver to recognize my hd.

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Best Way To Format Drive

Whats the best way of formatting a hd that has windows 2000 on it. I am wanting to load windows xp professional on this laptop but the problem is this laptop does not have a cd-rom drive on it. I am looking for a simple way of formatting from a floppy disk.

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Cant Format F: Drive

1. Formating with windows :

Quick format error : windows was unable to format this drive. Full format: windows was unable to format this drive

2. Formatting with cmd :

C:>format f:/q/fs:ntfs

The type of the file system is raw. The new file system is ntfs. Warning, all data on non-removable disk

Drive f: will be lost!

Proceed with format (y/n)? Y

Quick-formatting 90224m

Volume label (enter for none)? F

Creating file system structures. The second ntfs boot sector is unwritable. The first ntfs boot sector is unwritable. All ntfs boot sectors are unwritable. Cannot continue. Format failed. 3. Formating while booting :

The volume cannot be formatted the drive may be damaged or check ur scsi device if its connected properly else check ur scsi specification manual. I anxious about my memory . Please help me. Do i have to format all drives/hdd? I don't know how to do that & then setup file system again?

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