Sound From Headphones To Microphone

I have the genius model hs-05a headset. My problem is this - every sound from the headphones goes through the microphone, too. Meaning than when i talk on skype with my friends they hear all the sounds i hear. I would really appreciate it if somebody tells me how to fix it.

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Noise Canceling Microphone And 5.1 Headphones

I keep having people say they can hear my speakers so i was looking for a noise canceling computer mic but also wanted to use the mini jack on my sound card and not usb. I have found a few no name ones but was looking for one from a name brand. I was also looking into getting a pair of 5. 1 headphones and like the turtle beach tbs-2114 earforce hpa2 but i still want the mic to be noise canceling. If anyone has a suggestion i would appreciate it.

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Amp Vs Sound Card For Headphones

I just bought a pair of hd650s and bithead and i can't believe what i've been missing all these years. I feel stupid!

Anyways, of course now i only want to get even better sound!

So whats the best way to upgrade. Should i swap my bithead for a better amp or should i get a sound card to plug the headphones in?

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Sound Comes Out Of Tweeter When I Plug In Headphones

I just got my m audio av40s and when i plug in my headphones into the phone jack, the sound just only comes out of the control tweeter and doesn't send any sound to the earphones. My audio input is via 3. 5mm aux-in for now right next to the headphone jack, could that be why? Could it be software based with the realtek audio manager, or is it a hardware defect?

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Need A New Sound Card, Headphones, Mic

So i decided it is probably about time to retire my hd485's that are falling apart, my pos on-board sound card is pretty lame, and my microphone just decided to stop working. Budget is about $300usd. Microphone doesn't need to be anything special, preferably something that i can clip-on to my headphones, as long as it doesn't sound too terrible i could care less. I like listening to bass-heavy music and playing fps games, so headphones with a good 3d layout would be ideal. I notice with my hd485's it's pretty hard to tell which direction shots are coming from, much easier with my half-broken steel-series 5h. Too bad those don't work at all anymore, piece of advice: never buy steel-series anything, it's just overpriced garbage. I have been told the beyerdynamic dt770's are pretty good, but they cost a bit more than i want to pay, unless someone can find me a deal on them (i recall seeing them on amazon a while ago for $110 ish)

Sound cards i have no clue. I've only owned an audigy 2 and audigy 2 zs, and have been sticking it out with my on-board for a while.

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Gaming Sound Card For Ad700 Headphones

Need a new sound card to complement my audio technica ad700 headphones. Primary use would be gaming. Would like to pay $100 but if everything at this price point won't really bring out the ad700's potential then don't mind paying more.

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Usb Headphones Produce Poor Quality Sound

My headphones have been working fine till just recently where i have rewired my room. It's definitely not the headphones as i have tested it on other computers. I have tried reinstalling the driver, jacking it into other ports and updating drivers; but no cigar. Do you guys have a clue on what to do? Btw, the headphones produce a really poor quality sound with static being heard. Same goes for the microphone.

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Which Headphones Sound Similar To The Krk Rokit G2s ?

My friend has krk rokit g2s hooked up to his computer and they seem to perform very well for music. Unfortunately i don't think i'd make full use of them because my neighbors are lame so i'm kind of forced to use headphones. Can anyone recommend some headphones that sound as good as these monitors?

Price is always a concern, and i doubt it will be possible to find something in the $70-100ish range that will perform as well as these but i'm willing to take a slight hit in performance if the difference is spending $80 instead of $280 on some headphones. Something under $150 would be nice but if it's slightly more then feel free to list it. Also if that price range is impossible for that kind of quality just list anything under $300. I'll mostly be listening to music, recording guitar tracks, and occasionally playing games if it matters. A good balance is much more important to me than crazy bass with washed out treble/mids.

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Forte 7.1 Auzentech Sound Card Issue With Headphones

I can't get the zalman microphone to work in windows 7. I'm not sure i have it hooked up correctly. I have the senheisser headphones hooked to the special connector on the back of the sound-card and the mic hanging off the octopus connector on the sound-card. Any help would be greatly appreciated. These 3 devices 1

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Logitech Usb Headphones, Will Sound Card Improve Performance ?

I got this very nice logitech usb headphones and i was thinking about getting a audigy x-fi sound card. However since the headphones i like so much is usb(and dont wanna replace cuz it'll cost money. So my question is , even though my headphones are usb will a new sound card improve the performance? I was just wondering because since the headphones plug into the usb ports and not directly into the sound card.

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Microphone Not Supported

None of my microphones work with my realtek sound chipset. Whenever i plug it in and select (when prompted) what the device is from the realtek menu it then states that this sort of device is not supported. I know in the picture i'm actually putting it in the wrong header but i have also tried the correct one, it's just for the picture i've [ut it into one of my front connectors to show you the problem (it's identical), as i didn't want to pull my computer forward again. Any help on this would be appreciated as i need to get teamspeak working for eve online. I have tried 7 different microphones and updated to every driver i can think of.

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Microphone Wont Work

I just got a microphone with an usb plug. I want to use it on my computer, but when i plugged it in, it doesn't work. I tried looking online for a driver to update it, but i have no idea where to start. The microphone is a hama(i don't really have an idea about it's serial because i threw to junk it's box). I have it since last november and i'm so frustrated i can't use it. I tried this microphone on my brother's pc and it worked. He uses windows 7. I use xp professional. Oh, i have to mention that my computer works with a nvidia nforce drive and sometimes i've got problems with the webcam, speakers and the computer microphone. They don't really synchronize. I've got to close whatever sound for my webcam to work, so i can't use the computer microphone and the speakers either. But without the webcam, it's ok, i can talk and hear at the same time. Do you think this is a problem too?What else can i do to get this thing work?

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How To Use A Bluetooth Headset As A Wireless Microphone ?

My woman is a school teacher. She wants to give a lecture to her students over her computer speakers. She has a bluetooth headset and i bought a little bluetooth mini dongle at frys for her computer. But what software do i use to output real-time audio over the speakers? Id like to use something free and easily available. *** If i could just do it with windows media player i would.

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Usb Headset With Clear Microphone

I would prefer the audio quality be excellent as well, but the microphone must be top notch. Opinions from people with personal experience with a wide range of headsets preferred so there is a basis by which to judge. Sometimes when i am on ventrilo and hear people talking, it is as if they are right next to me, such is the clarity of their microphone. That is what i want. What products get closest to perfection?

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How To Plug Microphone And Headset Combo ?

I have windows7 64bit. I have audio jacks on the front and back of my pc. My questions is, how do i plug my mic and headset combo, which requires a mic plug and headset plug, into the front of my pc for use with vent and other voice chat while still keeping the game sound and other audio comeing through the speakers. I basically want all the voice chat to go through the headset. I know how to set it to that in vent, but a setting on my pc is making the headset over ride the speakers when i plug the headset in.

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Noise Coming From Headset Microphone

I use a voice chat program called mumble for gaming with my team fortress 2 clan. It shows me the amount of noise generated by my microphone and it seems to be a lot. Is it because of my sound-card or my headset? I have a steel series 5hv2 headset if you're wondering and i'm using on-board sound. Would getting a new sound-card help?

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Hp Mini Microphone Doesnt Work

Microphone on hp mini doesn't work. I'm trying to skype on my hp mini and i can hear my friend, but she can't hear me? This also happens when i try to leave videos on facebook.

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Why Can't A Keyboard Be Made With A Built-in Microphone ?

Why can't a keyboard be made with a built-in microphone? Honestly. All of these gaming keyboards come with microphone ports, why not just have the damn keyboard be the microphone? Im tired of trying to find space on my desk or where-ever i may be to put the stick and the skin on my ears is way too sensitive for headsets. Honestly. The microphones on cellphones are less than a mm in diameter. Why can't they be incorporated with the keyboard?

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Whats A Good Headset / Microphone For Gaming ?

I've been doing alot of gaming lately and i was hoping to get an good headset/microphone for gaming. Ill be mostly using my microphone mostly but occasionally at night might use the headset for the sound also to watch movies. Any good ones out there? For 20-30

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Monitor Is Causing Hum In Microphone Recordings

I've recently bought a dynamic microphone and mixer and connected it to the line-in of my sound card. When i'm playing back what i've recorded, i can hear an annoying hum. So i tried to track the problem and it seems the hum is gone when i turn off my monitor. I don't have grounded wall sockets in this room, so i connected everything with an extension cable to the grounded socket in the bathroom. Sadly, the hum wasn't gone, and i gained another hum in my speakers when it's grounded. Has anyone here maybe some ideas on how to fix this? Would a "ground loop isolator" between mixer and sound card help? Or some of those ferrite clamps on cables?

Here's some more info. Microphone (shure pg48) is connected to mixer (behringer xenyx 802) and the mixer goes to the line-in of my sound card, and from my sound card output an amp with a pair of speakers. Monitor is a sgi gdm-fw9011 24" crt

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Microphone In Skype Stopping To Work While Playing

Basically the other day i formated my computer from windows 7 rc to windows 7 professional. One of the first things i did was installing skype again, but this time the new version that is download-able from the site. So i started a skype conversation and everything worked as it should. But when i start playing heavy full-screen games, in this case call of duty modern warfare 2, people can't hear me anymore while we are playing. Sometimes they can hear parts of what i'm saying, but mostly nothing. But this is only when we are actually playing. When we are just in the menu in the game everything works fine again. And the weird thing is that other programs like steam sound, ventrilo etc. Works fine while playing. But skype don't. Any idea what the problem could be? I am asking here because i'm only having problem with skype. I have tried to run the program as administrator. I have downloaded the newest sound drivers and windows updates. Basically it seems like skype wont record my sound when the pc is under heavy load in the fullscreen game i think.

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Compaq Cq60 Laptop Microphone Problem

Compaq cq60 inbuilt microphone problem. I have compaq cq60 202el laptop. I have install proper driver for sound card and able to hear sound but inbuilt microphone not working. I checked device manger & all drivers are installed. My os is windows xp. Please help me resolve this.

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Dell Monitor Microphone Buzzing Noise

How do you fix a dell monitor microphone with a buzzing noise? My monitor has a microphone installed into it. Every time that i use the mic, my voice is heard, but an annoying buzzing accompanies my voice. If anyone knows how to fix my buzzing problem, please help me out by telling me how to fix it.

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Dell Mini Inspiron 10 Microphone Not Working

How can i get my microphone to work on my dell netbook? So, i just got my dell mini inspiron 10 today but when my friend and i were trying to video chat, she couldn't here me. My microphone isn't on or isn't working. What can i do?

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Logitech Ak5370 Desktop Usb Microphone Drivers

I have a problem with my ak5370 logitech usb microphone. Normally under xp it should auto detect the drivers, but i'm running a stripped down version of xp and for some reason the native usb drivers for this aren't included. I've checked all around and don't see drivers for this thing for the above obvious reason, there are none. Anybody have any idea as to how i'm supposed to get this working with no native usb driver support?

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Medusa 5.1 Surround Sound Headsets With Onboard Sound

Im considering buying a set of the medusa 5. 1 surround sound headsets, but i was wondering if they were worth the cost due to my lack of an expensive sound card. The headset: medusa 5. 1 surround sound headset

My motherboard: dfi lanparty nfii ultra

I do currently use the onboard sound, which i understand is the nforce2 chipset used for audio. Will this audio chipset be sufficient enough to warrant me purchasing this headset or should i wait until i upgrade my motherboard? I do plan on purchasing a new motherboard before the year's end, to upgrade to amd 64, but until then, will i get the same clarity that these sets boast? Any and all help is welcome! Thanks for taking the time to check out my post.

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Sound Card Or Onboard Sound

Do you have a a sound card or do you just use onboard? I have had issues with both and i can't figure out if i want to buy one or just use onboard. Some people claim onboard slows down the processor, is that true and if it is will you really notice it? I always hear about issues with sound cards not working with certain games and i had my own issues so i've stayed away from them. Any other pc gamers out there use a sound card?

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Headphones Under 50$

Raid card causing reboots. They will mostly just be used for music while i'm out with my laptop. They don't need to be loud and they don't need have any special noise canceling.

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Headphones For Pc Use

Well, my pc is the most used thing. And i use headphones a lot with it. I have been gaming a lot more on pc recently as well as editing video and such. Really love the sennheisers i have, but i think i need something a bit better, and with a mic (not required). So, i've been looking (don't have a huge budget), and found these.

Are they nice quality? They are "virtual 7. 1 surround sound" which would be nice. They also have a microphone (do wish it was detachable), and look good. Is the microphone very clear as well?

Any other recommendations?

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Looking For Some New Headphones

I've been using the, sony - studio monitor series headphones. They were cheap for $19. 99 back in the day. Well they have been broken once before, nothing bad, i gained the ability to take the ear pad side off. Anyways, my friend sat on them and broke the holder for the ear pad. So, i super glued it back on, however i don't know how long that will last. About time for a new pair i think, after 3 years. P?Id=1051806135345&skuid=4503923&st=sony&cp=2&lp=1

I've always liked skullcandy's skullcrusher headphones. Looking at these,

However, i'm open to other ideas and suggestions. They have to be full headphones though, i hate those ear buds. Preferably around the same price range ($70).

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