Total System Lockup

I built a pc around 6 months ago. It has a good spec (amd athlon xp 3200+, 1gb ram, antec lanboy case, and antec sl350pgb 350w psu) and the psu is brand new. Every since i got it i have been suffering from random lockups (i.e. In the middle of using windows, the pc will 100% lockup, no keyboard activity, no mouse activity, screen frozen, but power on the pc remains on). It is not a windows issue or a software issue (i also have linux on the pc, and it does the same). The lockups are totally random - sometimes i can go weeks without a lockup, other times i will have the pc on for a few hours and then suffer a lockup. Reboot it, and it will be fine for another 2 weeks, it's very very weird. I originally thought it must be overheating. But i literally have no more room for fans. The antec lanboy case has 2 huge fans (one at front and one at back), i have a suitable heatsink and fan, and my psu is a dual fan one! (Back and bottom). It could be overheating. But i don't know where else i could fit more fans!

My assumption is that ram could not cause a full lockup of mouse/keyboard etc. So i am (blindly) assuming that this has to be related to either the processor or the motherboard. My question is, which do you think is the most likely culprit? And have you ever experienced anything like this?

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System Lockup Troubleshooting

This system worked great for about a day. Got it up and running, set up windows, got antivirus and anti-spyware software set up. Tested it out by installing some game demos and running them as high as they could go. Dawn of war, call of duty 4, crysis, and so on. While running a f2p mmo called sword of the new world at 1600x1200 with settings maxed, the game froze after maybe an hour of play. The screen locked up with some nasty distortion, and the pc became unresponsive. While playing the full version of battlefield 2142, the game runs fine on default settings for several hours. When details are cranked and resolution is set to 1600x1200, it locks up within minutes - sometimes before the loading is even finished. The game plays great until then, 30+ fps, no choppiness. During troubleshooting i found that one ram slot on the motherboard had gone bad, as well as one module of the ocz memory. We replaced the defective memory with a patriot module (same type as the first patriot), and placed everything in the working slots. Battlefield 2142 currently works on default settings, but continues to crash at high detail levels. Once, several seconds before the game crashed, the pc speaker gave off two beeps. Now while the game is running on default settings, the speaker occasionally beeps. (Twice in about 45-60 minutes) the game has not crashed yet. Any suggestions as to what's up? I'm hoping it's not a faulty motherboard. I can live with only 3 dimms working, as xp doesn't go higher than 3 gigs. However, if there is danger of more damage or the system keeps acting up, then an rma might be in order.

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Vista Lockup / Freeze

Well i got another issue this time its with vista it basically freezes i cant move the mouse hdd led shows no activity nothing responds even if i leave it for a while nothing i have to reset it or power it down through the power button. Im currently doing a memory test to see if its the ram but i tested the ram before and it was fine. The issue started happening about 2 weeks ago before that everything was stable no bsods nothing i havent flashed my mobo bios as it was running fine, i thought it might of been the ati drivers 9. 5 because the issue started around the date they were released when i reformatted i used 9. 5 and the issue came up early in the install(so i thought it must be the driver as thats the only new driver i used and i had no other applications etc installed) then i reformatted again with 9. 4 it stopped freezing for a good while until after sp2 was installed the freezing started happening again. Heres the strange bit i noticed it happens when i open certain apps utorrent or the steam server browser thats when it 8 times out of 10 happens i have no clue what it is. My guess is its my memory or harddisk but i think its possibly the video card because whenever the issue occured after restarting the pc in the login screen my monitor wont display anything i know its the log in screen because i hear the sound effect and if i type my pw i can see the g15 apps load on the g15 keyboard screen (i resolved this using vga instead of dvi but it shouldn't happen in the first place). Ohh yeah everything is running at stock speeds.

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Catalyst 6.9 - Computer Freeze / Lockup

I still cannot get this thing stable. Once i install win64 and load mobo drivers it is fine. But when i load the video drivers or catalyst 6. 9 my computer will freeze/lockup and then will reboot itself. Sometimes i have to push the reset button cause it will freeze after it reboots. But if i remove the drivers or catalyst it works fine. I called ati and powercolor they say mobo not working right. But when i call dfi they say video card. But then i was told to run memtest. I ran memtest last night with 2x512 samsung cas 2. 5 3200 and right away i had errors then i tried my 2x512 kingston cas 3 3200 ran that all night this morning the screen was flashing white. Does that mean it passed or failed? Then i tried the test again . After 1:12 seconds an error occurred. Tried it again just found out alot of errors. Do you guys think its the memory that is messing me up or the mobo or video?

Dfi lanparty ut rdx200 crossfire amd 64 3500

1- 300 gig sata maxtor
1- dvd plextor rewritable
2x512 kingston cas3 3200 ddr memory
1- power color ati x800gto 256mb 256 interface 12 pipes
Windows xp 64 bit

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Troubleshooting Pc Freeze - Lockup Occurs Randomly

I'm having problems with system stability. I've tried what would seem like everything, yet i can't even narrow down the possibilities of why my system locks up. Lockups occur somewhat randomly, varying in time since booting. Lockups are sometimes caused while playing music, either through media player or winamp. Sometimes network activity such as copying files from one machine to another causes a lockup. Sometimes i would leave the pc idle and come back to find its frozen. One sure program to lock up is stronghold. The game is patched but it always freezes without fail. - I've updated all drivers. - I've updated all software. - I've torture tested the pc with prime95 and it was still going after 29hrs. - I've tried exchanging the video card and the problem remains. - I've tried a fresh format and install of windows and the problems remains. What can i do now?

Computer specifications:

Athlonxp 3200+
1gb kingston hyper x ddr 400
Msi kt6 delta
Geforce 4 mmx440
Windows xp pro sp2

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Total Pc Failure

Copying cd and computer went blank with no video signal. Re-boot no effect- no boot sequence noises and no video signal. Swapped video card checked connections, swapped monitor - no go. There is power to components. Motherboard failure?

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Disable Hp Total Care Advisor

Hp pavilion w/ vista os - can i disable hp total care advisor? When i boot up, i wait forever for it to finish? This is an hp pavilion dv6000 laptop running with vista o. S. I wait forever for the hp total care advisor to finish its thing. Does it have to run or can i disable it on boot-up somehow and then open it if i need it?

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Harddrive Showing Up 127gb In Total In My Computer

But the total capacity on the hdd is 250gb, but why does it says 127gb in total?

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Dell Dimension 2400 Total Ram Issue

A friend of mine started having issues with their computer after they installed a new hard drive (things going really slow), so i told him i would take a look at it. It's a dell dimension 2400, and looking around, it looks like the specs of it should be pc2700 1 x 512 mb ram. However, looking at the bios it says there is a total memory of 97280k, also, when xp boots up, and i right click "my compter", it also says their is 97 megs of ram. Another thing i noticed is when it boots up and detects the ide devices, it says it's ddr333 (pc3200), however, when i enter dell's service tag, it says i need ddr466 (pc3700). So i'm a little confused, did dell mess up and put wrong memory stick in, or are bios and xp wrong? Also, why would it start acting slow after replacing the harddrive? I've tried running memtest, but for some reason it didn't work for me. It wouldn't boot from the cd (it would just hang).

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Total Loss Of Control - Computer Freezes When Play Game

I just recieved a new computer and it seems to do normal things like desktop work or internet browsing fine, but if i try to play a game, it locks up. I do not over clock anything. When it does this, there is a total loss of control, the sound goes into a loop, and the only thing i can do is a hard shutdown. It did this with everquest2 within the first 10 to 15 mins. I lowered all the graphics way down, and it then happened while zoning my character in. The computer came with age of empires 3, so i tried that. It lets me play for maybe 20 minutes and then would do it. Now, it will not even get past the intro movie. I installed the drivers for an amd dual core processor on a 32 bit windows system from amd and this did not help. I reduced the power management settings to the minimal settings per amd's website. I did all the windows updates it would give me, i upgraded dot net to 2. 0. I upgraded directx to the newest version 9c. I ran the dxdiag and it didnt show any issues. I ran a memory test using the windows program and it did 2 passes with no errors. The video cards were set for crossfire mode when i recieved it. I have tried to install the most recent radeon driver for xp multimedia edition with no luck. Right now i have set it back to the driver that came with the cards, which says it is 8. 24. I tried one of the omega drivers too, and it had no effect (was 6. 7 i believe). I tried updating the sound driver because the sound was looping during the freeze, and that didnt help so i installed an audigy gamer card and disabled the onboard sound. This gave me the same result so i uninstalled it. I called the tech support and he said it sounded like a video or hard drive issue and wanted me to try one card at a time, moving them to different pci-e slots and seeing if it would happen then. I tried each card alone in each slot and age of empires would go for about 20 mins and then freeze. (One of the pci-e slots looks slightly warped, but even if i dont have a video card in there, it still freezes, and i was also able to play agoe of empires for 20 mins with a card in that slot) i have tried playing with the side cover off and a fan going as well to see if it was heat related. The cards seem to hover in the 45-51 specifications:

Gamer fire 1600 (from ibuypower)
450 watt power supply
Athlon 64 x2-3800+ [am2] oem
A cm aquagate mini 80 mm liquid cooler
System board is ecs ka3 mvp crossfire-3200
Video cards are [pci-e}sapphire x 1600xt 256mb
Western digital 250 gb js [8m sata-2]
Os is windows xp media ctr 2005
It has 2 [ddr2-800]corsair 512mb pc6400
Sony dw-120 dvdrw

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Usb / Flash Memory Not Showing Its Full / Total Space Of 4gb

I have a 4gb flash memory. Recently a virus affected my usb and i was compelled to format it to get rid of all viruses. After formatting it shows only 1 gb memory now and not full / total space of 4 gb. It doesn't allow me to copy any files to it once it reaches 1 gb limit. Also if i copy any song or video in it, i cant play it directly from it. I have formatted it many times but the same problem is there. Can anybody guide me please how to fix this?

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System Keeps Restarting

My system keeps restarting i beleive it is to do with the memory as i have ran memtest and it found 12 errors on the ram. The system is also crashing alot. I have turned automatic resart on crash off and now i just get the blue screen of specifications:

2800+ xp
256mb ram

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System Turns Itself On

Alright, i've got a weird question and i'm sure the answer is right in front of me. Sometimes when i turn my system off (for bed, or peace and quiet, or whatever), it will turn itself on after a seemingly random amount of time. Would this be a software/hardware issue, or possible a flaky power issue (i doubt this, as it does it in my dorm, but also our house which is new - so the electrical system should be solid)? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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System Does Not Post

Yesterday i disconnect all peripheral cables to work on another desktop. Today, when i reconnect everything(monitor, mouse, cat5, keyboard), the system would not post. It boots, the fans spin, the hard drive spins up, the psu fans are going. When the computer comes on(display comes up), it freezes. This assumption is based on the fact that it does not post(no devices list), i cannot enter bios and i have to hold the power button down for ~5 seconds instead of instantly for it to power off. :Edit: there are no system beeps at all. I disconnected the cd-rom with no change. I disconnected the hdd with no change. I interchanged the two sticks of ddr ram with no change. I tried a single stick in each of the two different colored dimm slots. I took the agp video card out and it still took 5 seconds to power off. Note: there is no onboard video. :Edit2: i took the heatsink off, cleaned out all the dust, cleaned all the thermal compound and appliked as5 and reinstalled the chip. No change.

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System With Xp Crashes

I've noticed that the crashes occur mostly (lately it seems only) the first time i boot the system on a daily basis. It starts windows xp without problems, but give it 15 minutes or so. Sometimes much less, sometimes a lot longer. And *poof* blackscreen and reboots. I deactivated the "reboot on system crash" option in windows xp to get some sort of blue screen. It gave me one of those 0x0000000 stop errors, but the error i got didn't give me any reasonable results with google. Tons of errors that "looked" like it, but not the same code. The blue screen made some "suggestions" which brought me to the memory and the video card. "Maybe it's this. Maybe it's not"; nothing conclusive in the blue screen. Tried to access adress; page fault kinda error. But the tests gave me pass as result! What tests?

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Is Ground Necessary For A System ?

I do not have an available case right now and i do not plan on buying one no matter how cheap it is because im just gonna keep it this way for a couple months before i make it into a server for a network. Then when i make it into a server, it'll be modded. For now, im not too worried about the future of this case but as of now, its gonna be caseless inside a wooden desk and would have a cardboard fixture holding the motherboard, cards, hdd, and cd drive

This desk has an outlet thats the closest to it but it doesnt have ground. The next closest outlet that has ground would be all the way on the other side of the room. Do i need to ground this computer?. This is pretty much just inside a drawer-like compartment of my table and everythings either wood or cardboard inside so i dont think anything will short. Is it still important to have ground?. I understand grounding a chassis to prevent getting electrocuted but theres no chassis and no one would be touching this computer except me and when i do, chances are, its gonna be off

Everything works, i already tested this as a system in another room so i know theres no stray wires sending hot power to the psu chassis or something

So yea, thats my situation. Is ground really necessary as of now?. This is a computer that no one would touch for a few months. The monitor has a plastic chassis so minimal chances of getting electrocuted touching the monitor. What do you guys think?. In a situation like this, what is there that needs to be grounded?. Or am i good without ground?. I dont wanna pull an extension to the nearest grounded outlet because that one already has a computer on it and i dont want an overload or anything.

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Ups For System

I want to pick up a ups for my system. There's a apc bx-800 ups on sale at a nearby store, it says it's rated for 540 watts / 800 va. Will it be sufficient for my system? See sig for details, but basically 3 hard drives, a dvd burner, 21 inch monitor, x800xt vid card, p4 2. 4c eating up power off a 550w power supply. I don't really care about how much time i can run without any power, it doesn't take very long to shut down cleanly. I just want to make sure that the ups won't be underpowering things connected to it.

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System Fried

I disconnected my system to replace some fans and connect some on a top panel. I have a zalman fan controller and it had been working perfectly fine with all the fans. All fans were working except 1 top fan, so i turned off the system, unplugged it and connected it to the mobo. I turned on the system, and there was some kind of sound, i cant recall off hand how it sounded, but i smelt something burning or burnt, so i quickly unplugged the system from the wall. I took off the fan from mobo, tried to boot, and system would flash for 1/2 second and nothing. So i then took out the psu to see if it was ok, i didnt even smell anything burnt from it at all. I cant believe plugging a fan to the mobo would fry it, if thats what happened. Opinions please. Fried mobo? I looked for burn traces on the front of the mobo, but didnt notice anything out of the ordinary, unless its on the backside?

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Help With Hp System Recovery

I recently had an issue with one of my hard drives in raid 0, so i had to order recovery discs from hp and reinstall the operating system. I just finished running the discs, and everything seemed to have completed successfully. After finishing, it instructed me to reboot the computer. When it loaded back up, it didn't boot windows, just opened a blue hp screen, opened command prompt and started running some codes. After this, it went to a plain yellow screen and shows two little folders with files going across. This screen has been up for about an hour, and i'm starting to get worried. Should i just wait it out? Could a bad hard drive have caused the raid failure, then somehow survived the recovery and is now causing issues? If that's the case how do i know which hard drive is bad?

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Is My System Bottleneck?

I have a

Amd phenom ii x4 925 (2. 8ghz)
2gb ddr3
Ati radeon hd4350 512mb
320gb sata harddrive
500watt psu
Windows xp media edition

I bought this a few days ago upgrading from my old **** athlon 3200+. I was expecting to be able to play like gta4 and all the good games but for some reason most of the games im playing is lagging badly even on low settings. Gta4 is the worst even all set on low it lags really bad, cant even drive the car. And most of all the other games i play is like when i move the mouse say left or right it will do it . 5 secs after, like a late reaction. Thats in games like far cry 2, bf bad company 2, bioshock 2. What is the problem? I thought this system would be good. Is there something wrong with it?

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Boot System From Usb

I am trying to boot from my usb flash drive. I followed the instructions step for step that are in the article on this website. I downloaded the hp program and the usb image zip file. I ran the hp flash program and pointed it to the folder where i unzipped the usb image files to. I then copied all the files over to the usb memory stick as instructed. When i restart my computer and press f12 to go to the boot menu i have 3 options: sata hard drive, cd-rom drive, or usb device. So i choose usb device and when it reads the usb memory stick all i get is the error "non-system disk, replace and hit any key" its like the usb memory is missing some system files or it doesnt have the master boot record or something. I want to flash the bios in a new video card and i have to boot to dos and i dont have a floppy drive and i have win xp so a usb boot is probably the best option i have.

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System Reboots For No Reason

I dunno know why my system reboots for no reason. I have installed vista as soon as i am done with assembling and it run fine but reboots in between and gives a message stating that it recovered from a serious error, so i formatted the hdd and installed it again and tried but no luck it would do the same, so this time i installed winxp in another partition and installed everything all drivers but my system shutdown instead of rebooting so i thought the processor got too hot (i havent overcloked the cpu) and shutdown so i waited and rebooted again and left it to see what happens by morning it again rebooted. One more problem that i faced earlier was instead of 512mb pny geforce 7600gs i got ati radeon x1300 512mb graphics card but it wouldnt display anything when i first booted so i changed the graphics card to pny geforce and it worked. I dunno whether the motherboard chipset has anything to do with the gpu since the motherboard chipset is nvidia and my graphjics card is nvidia too and it works. But it didnt work with ati graphics card, if thats shouldnt be the case then there is some problem with graphics card or motherboard. Since i already replace graphics card, i am exchanging the cpu as well as mobo for new ones and will try again if things repeat the same i dont even know what to change more.coz i believe hdd has nothing to do with this pbm or even dvd burner.

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Cheap Gaming System

I'm looking for a cheap, dual-core system with sli to play some games that i can't play on my xbox 360. I already have the case, psu, hdd, ram, monitor, keyboard and mouse. I'm thinking of maybe seeing if evga has anymore of the amd 590i motherboards listed on the b stock, picking up a cheap x2 and two 9600gts to push 1920x1200 resolution. If anybody has a better solution let me know.

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System Automatically Shut Down

The problem i am having was at first the computer would boot up but there was no picture on the screen, but after a few minutes fideling about i pressed a switch that has "clr cmos" wrote on it and then it booted up fine with the picture, however into about 2 minutes of it beeing booted up it will automatically shut down. I have like 5-6 fans in my pc running on highest speed but still shutting down. Anyone have any ideas or solutions, would be great.

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All Of A Sudden, The Whole System Shuts Down

I have a strange problem with my new home-built computer and i can't find anyone who knows what the problem is. The problem goes as follows: i flip the switch on the psu and the computer comes on immediately instead of after i press the power button. The fans come on except for two fans i have on the chipsets that are powered by the mobo. All of a sudden, the whole system shuts down, including the light on the mobo. After a couple seconds, the whole system restarts but stays on until i shut it off. The whole time nothing appears on the screen. I think it may be a hardware problem, but i'm not sure which part it is. I've had this computer working great up until now, and i've already reset the cmos. It doesn't seem to respond to anything and is really frustrating.

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System Abruptly Shut Off

So i was playing "call to power" on the system in my sig, and it abruptly shut off. I tried hitting reset, and then the power button; no dice. The led on my mobo is still lit, and my usb ports are still getting power, so i don't think its the psu. Damn thing won't turn on at all, no post, nothing, so it's no the hdd. I have two sticks of 512mb ram, so i switched between the two, still no dice. I'm fairly certain my cpu burnt up, so i ordered a replacement, but did i make the right call?

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System Became Dead Slow

I wonder why my desktop suddenly slowed down. I used to play commandos, project igi over it for hours without any problem, but now a days it takes nearly 5 minutes to boot. I'm using windows xp
My system configuration is:

Hard disk 40 gb
Mother board celeron 733 mhz
Ram 256 mb

I'm using all tools to make my pc run faster , but it is not helping. Is there any way that i can make my pc faster so that i can play my " commandos" again.

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Internet System Requirements

I don't really know how else to put it but at what point would the quality (or lack thereof) of a pc's components hinder it's ability to surf the web assuming connecton speed is not an object (t1 for instance). I ask this as the schools computers, which are under a t1 connection barely seem to utilize the bandwidth, and most the the time it feels like dial-up. Now i imagine this is because a ton of them are networked together but late in the afternoon i'm pretty much the only one on in the entire school and it's still bloody slow. We're talking about p2's around 233mhz, 4mb's or vram, and probably about 96mb's or memory, not entirely sure about that figure but would that be a problem? Just wondering update: oh and their running 2000pro and ie (whatever version that would be, 4?) Assuming that has a lot of bearing on this.

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System Unstable After Reboot

I've a quite strange hardware problem on my system. After reboot system becomes quite unstable, so in windows i usually get a blue screen of the death. If the system survives about 24h to 48h running, it becomes stable. It's not a software issue since i've reinstalled xp, and have also the same trouble on linux (ubuntu). Memory test (with memtests) says no problem. And video card changed and problem persists.

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What Could Be Causing System Lockups ?

My system has been locking up once in a while, usually only if i get up and leave it for several hours. But it can do it while i'm still siting there, though it's rare. Basically, the entire system would freeze. I wouldn't even be able to move the mouse. And the hard drive light would just be on. Not blinking. Not off. Just on, like the power led. Once i press the reset button, it just restarts just fine, like nothing happened. The most recent hardware changes were a new processor (athlon xp thoroughbred 2600+) and a new hard drive (120gb seagate). Windows xp was also recently reinstalled.

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