Disable Found New Hardware Wizard

Is there a way to turn off the found new hardware wizard, so that windows will just automatically search its driver cache for good drivers when a hardware device is inserted, without asking for user input? I've been searching everywhere and haven't been able to find an answer. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Disable Found New Hardware Wizard For Usb Mouse

Anyone know how to disable "found new hardware wizard" when you 1st time install usb mouse & keyboard? I need to do this because customer cannot control their pc if they use both usb mouse & usb keyboard. It's annoying if want to install usb mouse & keyboard for all usb port for a pc (every time change to another usb port, i need to install again, to do this must have ps/2 mouse or keyboard). I google around but cannot find any solution. Anyone can help?

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Found New Hardware Wizard Detects Camera, But No Driver Found

I had the quickcam messenger webcam working just fine on my pc. Then the hard disk died, so i reinstalled the same os (windows xp pro) on a new hard disk. To install the quickcam messenger again, i downloaded and ran the current logitech installer (lws110.exe) from Only this time it failed. I've tried multiple times, carefully uninstalling the logitech driver and software each time and rebooting. I also tried the installer disc for the quckcam chat (which i also own), with the same result (plugging in the quickcam messenger). The installer gets to "step 4 of 4" (camera setup), without a hitch. "Congratulations "the installation and setup is complete! "Plug the device at any time to complete the installation and use your new quickcam"

At that point, i plug in the quickcam messenger, and windows xp detects it, as indicated by the bubble that appears above the task bar: "found new hardware camera"

Anyway, after displaying that bubble window, xp runs it own "found new hardware wizard". Whether i click cancel on the wizard, or run it (it fails to find the driver), or let it just sit there for 20 minutes, logitech's own installer never detects the camera. And the driver apparently never gets installed. I searched the logitech disc for a . Inf file that i could point the wizard to, but could not find anything that worked. I've checked for motherboard driver updates, but find nothing for any usb problem (and the usb port appears to be working just fine with everything else, anyway). I installed xp sp3, but that doesn't help either.

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Found New Hardware Wizard On Start Up, Always

I bought and installed a hp 4255 all in one fax/printer/scanner etc some months back, it works fine. But a really annoying thing happens. Every time i start up i get a little pop-up box beside my system clock telling me "found new hardware: printer" then i get the "welcome to the found new hardware wizard" box. I have followed the instructions, inserted the installation cd etc. Then i get another small pop-up box beside my system clock telling me "a problem occurred during hardware installation and your device may not work properly etc"

I just ignore it now, the device itself works great, no probs but the same pop-ups every time i start up has become very annoying! I have un-installed/re-installed it totally several times and still the same. Is there a way to just switch off these pop-ups? Its driving me a bit nuts!

I also have another small problem. I put a usb 2. 0 card into the back of my 'puter a while ago as it only had usb 1. 1. This was mainly for my scanner (a stand alone, separate from the hp all in one) to make it run a bit faster, but if i plug in my scanner it tells me "found new hardware: usb device" then "found new hardware: your new hardware is installed and is ready to use" so far so good, but then i get "usb device not recognized: one of the usb devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned and windows does not recognise it. For assistance click on this message" i click on the message and i can see which port its plugged into but theres a message telling me "try re-connecting the device. If windows still does not recognize it, replace the device"

Well, the scanner works fine when plugged into my usb 1. 1. The funny thing is that other devices will work on the usb 2. 0 card, my mouse, keyboard and even the hp all in one! So dont know whats up with that.

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Found New Hardware Wizard Every Start Up

I have a few usb peripherals i.e a music keyboard usb deck etc and whenever i unplug these and plug them back in or start up my pc from a turn off state the wizard appears again and again (when all devices are installed and working absolutely fine. ) It is not just one particular device that does this it is all and with all usb ports so i doubt i'm missing up to date drivers for everything, although i'm not connected to the internet (should/would this make a difference?

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Found New Hardware Wizard Problems

I moved my pc and connected everything and couldn't use it because it wouldn't install the usb keyboard but instead it just sits there showing me the "found new hardware wizard". I had to go find a ps2 keyboard to install the usb mouse and keyb before i could do anything with the machine. Scenario: plug in a usb flash drive and it doesn't automatically install, but shows "found new hardware" same goes for cameras usb mouse etc etc etc. Also it always asks me to "okay" the "unsigned drivers" even tho i disabled the **** setting a couple of times and even did a reboot. Its as if the section in the registry that deals with the installation of new hardware is completely messed up or read only. Normally if you plug a well known device like a keyb/mouse/flash drive into a usb port you should just get that lil toastie pop up at the bottom right going "oh oh oh look i found something. Installing driver. There ya go it works now". Anyone know how i can get this working again?

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How To Make Hardware To Install Automatically Without "found New Hardware Wizard"?

I am on xp professional. If i change my mouse or my keyboard for usb one, windows won't automatically install driver for these simple devices. It will ask my help to make the installation (i just need to click on "next"). I would like windows to instal alone this kind of stuff without prompting with "found new hardware wizard". Any help would be appreciated.

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How Can I Disable "found New Hardware" For Driver ?

I'm having a problem with sound drivers. I have hd realtek onboard sound and it works fine, but ati keeps trying to install hd audio drivers aswell and when they are installed it causes problems with certain games and my pc will restart. It's definately the ati hd audio, i sorted this out after hours of research for my error codes, event logs etc. But now every time i restart my pc i get the "found new hardware" wizard and it tries to reinstall these drivers, so i click cancel and have to go into device manager and disable it every time. Is there a way to stop this driver from trying to install permanently?

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Found New Hardware - Not

My laptop has developed a new weird thing: every time i turn it on and it boots up, the "found new hardware" wizard automatically opens. (There is no new hardware installed!) It keeps telling me that it has detected an "hid compliant consumer control device. " If i go through the wizard, it detects an "hid new user input data filter (kb 911895)" and tries to download and install the driver for it from the microsoft website. In the middle of all this, it stops with a fatal error - "can't install - fatal error during installation. "

Despite this, my computer seems to be working fine - i hit the "cancel" button and go about my business. I even went into the device manager, found the "hid compliant consumer control device" and found that it is working properly. I actually have no idea exactly what a hid blah blah blah is, but having the wizard pop up every time i turn on my computer is beginning to bug me. Any suggestions?

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Found New Hardware Problem

I have a problem:i connected my card reader to copy my photos in my pc but a yellow pop up appears saying "unknown hardware" and all kinds of errors appear. I searched on google "found new hardware wizard download" or "usb port download" but nothing helped. Even though, when i connect my card reader, appears a windows which says 2 things:install software automatically or install from a specific location. The problem is that i don't have the windows cd and can't purchase it. What can i do?

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Keep Getting The Found New Hardware Popup

I keep getting the "found new hardware" popup. These are the two devices i keep seeing:



What are these two devices?

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Cannot Complete The Network Setup Wizard

I've tried to do the networking wizard on this computer which is an xp and it comes up with an error "cannot complete the network setup wizard. " I'm trying to get my 98 and xp networking. They have networked before i reformatted the xp.

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Wizard Not Detecting Camera Is Connected

Windows scanner and camera wizard not detecting camera is connected? I am having problems uploading pics from my camera. The finepix program doesn't seem to want to upload it just says not responding. I tried using the windows camera wizard but it is saying camera is not connected when it is.

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Setting Up Network Using Win Xp Setup Wizard

I am new to pc, trying to setup wireless network, have broadband and wireless router, can connect up but cant configure my main pc. Using win xp setup wizard, not sure how can you help please?

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Disable Toolbar In Firefox

How to make hp search bar go away? I just got a new hp laptop and everytime i open firefox, i have this hp bar at the top, which bothers me. Is there some way to make it go away?

Answer:- follow the following steps:

1. Tools
2. Addons
3. Extensions
4. Uninstall the tool bar. If that doesn't work, try this:

1. View
2. Toolbars
3. Uncheck the toolbar

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Disable Charging On Hp Laptop

How do i disable my charging on a hp laptop? I mean how can i control my charging on a hp laptop? For example: if the battery is charged more than 60% disable charging and enable it for when it decreases to 40%. I can't remove my laptop's battery, because it may cause damage my laptop if ac power source gets off! Meanwhile, the best battery level for removing it, is about 60%. So if a software be able to disable the battery on 60% of its charge, then it's like that you've removed it!

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How To Disable Windows Clicking Sound ?

Anyone know how to disable the annoying clicking sound everytime you click a link or just about anything for winxp? Also all the other windows default sounds. I did it before and now i can't remember.

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How To Disable Driver Restore Under Vista ?

How to disable timeout detection and recovery of gpus through wddm? This is what i found : registry keys:

The following registry keys are documented for testing purposes only. These registry keys should not be manipulated by any applications outside targeted testing or debugging. The tdr-related registry keys are located under "hklm system current control set control graphics drivers". Tdrlevel: reg_dword. The initial level of recovery. The possible values are:

Tdrleveloff (0). &Ndash; detection disabled. Tdrlevelbugcheck (1) – bug check on detected timeout, for example, no recovery.

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How To Disable Speedstep On An Intel Notebook ?

I just got a new dell inspiron 1720 with a t7300 2ghz cpu. I disabled speedsted and some other intel speed option in the bios. In windows, i have the notebook running as "high performance", however, when i run cpu-z, it shows a speed of 1200mhz with a 6 x (multiplier), coretemp shows 800+ and someties 480+ .

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Disable This Device Can Perform Faster

I have a laptop with a usb 1. 1 sockets only running windows xp sp2. Whenever i plug-in my usb flash drive or wireless card (both of which are usb 2. 0 devices), i get the annoying balloon/message pop up stating "this device can perform faster" (if plugged into a usb 2. 0 port etc). Both devices work fine at 1. 1 speeds, and i don't want to be reminded of the fact that i only have a 1. 1 socket every time i plug the bl**dy thing in!

Is there any way of making a registry entry/edit or some other way to stop this popping up? I've found plenty of info on how to turn pop-up balloons/messages off altogether, but i only really want to stop this one.

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Disable The Video Card Driver

I've been trying to set up my display drivers off of a fresh windows install, and i accidentally 'disabled' the driver for my video card. So the pc boots up and i see all the dos stuff and the windows loading menu, but then monitor is blank [no display adapter in xp]. Now i'd normally remove the card and put it back in but it doesn't work. I don't have another monitor slot on the motherboard so when the card isn't plugged in neither is the monitor and all i get is beeps [windows doesn't start w/o a monitor]. I tired booting with a vga mode but that didn't help. Is there any other way around this aside from plugging in some other video card and then the old one?

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Disable Built In Chicony Webcam

How can i disable my built in chicony webcam? For toshiba. I am trying to disable my built in chicony webcam and have tried looking for it in control panel but cant find it. I don't want to uninstall it i just want to temporarily disable it.

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Disable Windows Messenger Live

My dell inspiron came with windows messenger live and i cannot remove it. Help?

Answer:- you can solve this issue by following the steps below:

1. Sign on to windows live messenger

2. Click the down arrow that lets you select online, busy, away, etc. And go to the bottom and select "options"

3. Choose the "general" tab

4. Uncheck the box beside, "automatically run windows live messenger when i log on to windows. 5. Click the 'accept' button. . But that, for some odd reason, doesn't work

B: instructions

1. Press the windows button on your keyboard, or launch the start menu using your cursor. 2. Select the "run" option. 3. In the prompted box, enter "services. Msc". 4. Press the enter button on your keyboard, or click "ok". 5. Search for "windows live messenger" ("windows messenger" if you are a windows xp user) located in the list that will have just appeared, and double-click it. 6. Select "disabled" from the "startup type" menu. 7. Click the "stop" button. 8. Press the enter button on your keyboard, or click "ok". 9. Press alt+f4 on your keyboard, or close the "services" window using your cursor. Alternatively, you could uninstall windows live messenger which would remove it from your computer completely to disallow any temptations that you may have.

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Disable Hp Total Care Advisor

Hp pavilion w/ vista os - can i disable hp total care advisor? When i boot up, i wait forever for it to finish? This is an hp pavilion dv6000 laptop running with vista o. S. I wait forever for the hp total care advisor to finish its thing. Does it have to run or can i disable it on boot-up somehow and then open it if i need it?

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Disable Sound In Device Manager Without Rebooting

Asus xonar dx (i'll never buy asus for sound again btw, terrible support experience) . Anyway, once in awhile i'll have a sound lockup ctd. No big deal but i remember i used to be able to disable/enable sound without rebooting in the device manager. After formatting/reinstalling, i can' did not yield me the answer. Point me in the right direction please.

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Disable Windows Xp Pro Logon Screen

This is probably a really easy problem to get around but im unsure how to do it. I want to disable the windows xp pro logon screen, as theres only one user it can possibly logon to (me the "admin"). I just want to turn on my pc and it to just load straight onto the desktop without me having to click my name on the stupid logon screen, which by the way dosent even have a password. If someone could tell me how to fix this annoying problem i would greatly appreciate it.

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Make Power Key On Keyboard Disable

I have a pc with a asus m2n32-sli. I want disable the key power in keyboard, but i don't found this option in my bios. I see somethings about acpi:

S1 (pos)
S3 (str)

Acpi is always enable. I am very stupid or the option for disable this key don't exist in this motherboard?

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Disable Ethernet Connection Without Disconnecting Cord

Don't tell me to disconnect the cord i already know that. Does anyone know how to disconnect an internet network from a ethernet computer? I have a 2wire wireless modem but i don't like that it is being used through an etherntet cord, i want to block the computer that has a ethernet connection. Is that possible? If it is how can it be done? I want it connected. I want to know how to block it even though it's connected with the ethernet cord. Answer:- disable the ethernet or lane by doing this: right click on the "local area connection" icon on the taskbar of your desktop, that will show you the menu then select "disable".

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Can't Disable Lg Phone Camera Shutter

Ok i know this is the wrong forums but people are smarter here, anyway i just got a brand new lg optimus gt540, but i cant disable the camera shutter, it only has 4 options, which are tone 1, 2, 3 and 4. There is no off button even when the phone is silent, because some new eu law is coming out where phones in the european union must have a camera shutter because its against human rights or something (im in bulgaria), i saw some tutorials online on lg phones that u have to go in media to remove the sound, but it wont let me do that because i don't even have those files there, any ideas?

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Disable Onboard Graphics Of Asus P5kpl Motherboard

How to disable onboard graphics of asus p5kpl-am/ps mother board ? Its not really clear in the bios setup, i want to install nvidia 9500gt video card.

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