Loopback Test For Serial Ports

Does anyone have, or know where i can find schematic/pinout + software source code (any language) to go with it for the loopback test for the serial ports?

As i understand it, there are several ways to do loopback plug for serial port test, and therefore software must be specific. I found a lot of pinouts for loopback plugs for various existing commercial diagnostics software tools, but i couldn't find any free software that do these tests. And i was sure i saw basic source years ago, but now when i need it i can't find anything

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Usb To Serial Adapter

I bought this adapter, usb to serial, now the program i was using gives me an option of ports com1 thru com4. But using the usb port it will not recognize a com port. Is there a way to direct the usb port to act as a com port and assign it to 1 thru 4?

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Any Way To Use Serial Port In Safe Mode ?

I have an older ibm (thinkpad 500?) Using windows 2000 that crashes randomly. I only use this computer to run an automatic key machine in my truck that uses the serial com port. The computer runs fine in safe mode, but i can't link it to the key machine because the serial port is disabled in safe mode. Is there any way to enable the serial com port in safe mode?

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Serial To Usb Adapter / Converter

Does anyone know whether it is possible to get a serial to usb to converter. I have got a pc which has no usb ports and i basically want to have a usb port through either my serial port or my parallel port.

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Serial / Com Port Device Managing

Ok i have an old old ibm thinkpad laptop that has one physical serial port. I have a program that uses the serial port but the program says it is in use. Now in device manager under com ports in the adavanced port settings there is a list of com port numbers listing 1 through 256. This is where i get lost. If i have one physical serial port then why is there a list of 256? Can i share this one port with whatever is using it currently and how? I just want to disable whatever is using this com1 port and use it just for this program. But if i cant then i need to share it somehow. Ive messed with the list of com ports changing them to higher numbers but when i go to chose that particular com port in the program it says that one is in use.

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Serial Ata And Optical Drives

I was wondering if a motherboard supports serial ata hard drives, then what kind of interface does the dvd and cd (optical) drives use?

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Serial Port Usb Conversion

I have a microsoft sidewinder ffb pro joystick but it is the older serial port version, it way seem a little pointless to do this but is there such a thing as a serial to usb converter? If so how much are they and will i need to download any later drivers to support the joystick under this port?

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Garmin Usb Serial Driver

I bought a usb to serial adapter so that i can plug in my garmin forerunner 201 (only has a serial connector) to my new computer (doesn't have a serial port). So i bought this kind of nondescript adapter online, and it arrived without any drivers. I thought all usb-to-serial drivers would be the same - but apparently not! I googled for drivers, found 1, 001 different drivers available, and the 2 or 3 that i downloaded did not work. How do i go about finding the right driver?

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Serial Port Communication Issue

I have two identical mb's both using xp pro w/sp2
They are the foxconn n570sm2aa. With two different serial devices (a fta receiver and a rf signal level meter) i have to first disable the serial port, then re-enable it to be able to communicate with either device. If i don't, i get a error message. My previous mb had a nforce2 chipset and used 2k. I had no issue with two different fta receivers using the serial port. With another piece of test equipment, there is a different problem. The software locks up after 5 seconds after hitting the 'start' button to try to connect with the device (after the s/w is opened). I believe this is aseparate issue since the disable/enable doesn't help. (There was no issue with the previous mb and o/s. )

Any ideas about why i have to disable, then re-enable the port everytime?
Btw; no conflicts in dm and it is the stock windows driver that is loaded.

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Hp Survey Asking To Use Printer Serial Number

How do i know if an hp survey is a real hp survey, they're asking to use my printer serial number? The best way for you to go, is to just do not do the survey. And, by the way hp surveys do not ask for your printer serial number nor any personal questions, as they play no part in the questionnaire.

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Serial Connection On Server A Catastrophe Risk ?

I have a time-clock that communicates to the host computer via serial connection. I was told by the vendor that it is not recommended to have the serial connection connected to our server. He mentioned such things as lightening, and the card being connected directly through to the motherboard, not a serious concern but an added risk and vulnerability to the server. How correct is this assumption? Is this dangerous in any way?

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Installing With A Serial Ata Hard Drive

A friend recommended i buy a sata hd with my new computer. Now i can't get my operating system floppies and cd to recognize it. In my bios it says my primary master and primary slave ides are blank. My secondary master is my cdrom and my secondary slave is my zip drive. The 120gb sata drive is at third master. It recognizes it in bios as a hard drive when i did a hd detection. I am trying to install like this: i have a win98 boot floppy that i put in first. I run fdisk to create a dos partition and then put in a win98 cd and install win98. After win98 is installed, i put in my win2000 upgrade cd and upgrade the os to win2000. So it seems like it's not creating a dos partition on the right drive but when i ran format c:, it formatted a 120gb hd. And i have no idea what other drive it would be creating a dos partition on. But when i put the win98 cd in the drive and run setup.exe, it says i need at least 735909909 bytes of space to install windows.

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How To Install Pci Serial Port Card ?

My pci serial port cards were fried by a lightening strike.couldn't buy the same combo (1 x 3 port card and 1 x 1 port card) so i installed two 2nd hand cards - 1 x 2 port card and 1 x 1 card and decided to used the onboard serial port to make up for the other lost port. Windows 2k detected the cards and tried to install them.couldn't find any drivers on the c drive or installation disk. Dial up is a total nightmare for this machine. I can't find any detailed tutorials or step by step info on how to install a pci serial port card. Do you need to obtain and install drivers (can't seem to located them as negligable info on card itself) or aren't they needed and instead you cancel any automatic attempt to install new device and just go to another area of the computer and configure that?

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Connect Computer To Tv Through Serial Port A/v Cable

How will be the performance if we connect computer to tv through serial port a/v cable?


Probably pretty bad. Both rs-232 and composite video are antiquated and considered legacy standards for computers. You don't say exactly what you're doing, but try to avoid using those deprecated connections if possible.

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Where Is Serial Number Written On Dell Studio ?

Where is the serial number written on dell studio xps 1340?

Answer:- on the bottom on one of the stickers below the windows sticker.

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Dell Inspiron 1420 Serial Bus Drivers

Where can i download the serial bus drivers for my dell inspiron 1420? None of my usb ports are working, neither is my sd card port. When i look at the device manager, all of my drivers are corrupted. I cannot find my back up cd, so i need to download them all. I need: sda standard compliant sd host controller. Intel(r) ich8 family usb universal host controller - 2830, 2831, 2832, 2834, 2835

Intel(r) ich8 family usb2 enhanced host controller - 2836, 283a

I also don't know what i need to do to install them without the cd.

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How To Test My Motherboard ?

I need to test my mainboard whether, it works or not? I only pluged the main board cable from the power supply to the mainboard and didnt see any lights burning on the mainboard? Does this means that my mainboard is defect? Or is there any other solutions to test it?

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How Do I Test My Psu ?

What tools/apps do i need to see how many amps my psu is giving me. I have a cooler master 430 w that's supposed to be at 19. However, whenever my video card starts to go, the power fails. My lights flash. When i try to install the non windows driver ( ), my computer reboots. I have a c2d. How do i measure the amps?

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What Can I Use To Test The Stability Of Computer ?

I'm looking for a software game of some kind to run on my computer overnight or something like that to see if my computer will remain stable. I know what i'm looking for but i just can't think of the stores use it to test video cards and such. Does anyone know what i mean?

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Best Hdd Error Test

Is the oem test the best to use or are aftermarket/3rd party apps better? I have a samsung spinpoint that may be on it's way out. Started clicking during defrag and now it seems to get "lost" periodically - just quits showing up in my hdd listing/my comp. Just changed the cable but i would like to do some testing. I really need to get this squared away soon as this is my storage drive and has a lot of irreplaceable stuff on it. What do you guys recommend?

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Best Way To Test A New Hard Drive ?

What do you guys normally use to test a new hard drive out for errors or to sniff out future problems ?

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Memtest Test #7 Errors

As the title of the thread suggests test 7 in memtest fails with flying colors, every other test passes without a hitch! Now i've tried this chip in two motherboards (p4p800 e-deluxe '865' & ic7-max3 '875') with the same results. At stock timings memtest passes, clock it up and test 7 fails. I'm using ocz 4200 plats and with my 2. 6c @ 3. 25 these babies have no problems keeping up! I've even used dividers to no avail! I know its not the ram and it cant be the motherboards, so it must be the chip! The vcore is at 1. 475 and it seems stable, although i'm yet to prime the setup. I hear 1. 55 is the true max for prescotts is this true?

Anyway anyone got any suggestions other than pour petrol on the chip and set it on fire?

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How To Test Laptops Fan ?

I've been using a ibm thinkpad t22 since my computer's motherboard gave up on life and i've noticed the cpu runs at 100% almsot all the time, i believe this to be from a virus or something as the task that consumes it is task manager most of the time, although explorer, and svchost get to about 30% each at times. Because of this my cpu gets i would think very hot. It's a piii and i've had no problems. However usually the 1 system fan blows very strongly, very hot air when it's under heavy load, lately it hasn't done this speed increase i'm used to, and i feel almost no air coming out. So in turn the bottom of the laptop is getting very hot, to the point of minor burns. How can i test to see if the fan is operating, or if it has failed?

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Overclock Test Program

I want to overclock my geforce fx 5500oc even what is a good program to test it with?

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Mem Test Errors What To Make Of It ?

Comps been real naughty lately so i decided to check my ram! Im running a asus p5k black pearl board and patriot extreme 1066 ram 2x 1gb. I think my rams like dead. Havent even given it much voltage tested it @ 2. 4v before its rated for 2. 35v but initially patriot had this ram on thier website stating 2. 6v :o. Also what are soem pointer for taking pictures of the bios screen? I think i was to close to the screen, the picture looks crappy and haves waves in it.

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What Programs To Test Hard Drives ?

I have three new wd oem hard-drives, and wanted to know, what programs i can use to test them out? To test of bad sectors, write errors, seek errors, and any anything else needed.

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Overclock Test - How To Read Results ?

I've ran prime95 all day and night "not sure what it did". And now i just downloaded cpu-z to get my results. First all i have done is change my cpu from 200-205 and the vdimm to 2. 85. Now i am trying to figure how to read this. These are my results. Under clocks:
Core speed - 3045. 3
Multiplier - x15. 0
Fsb - 203. 0
Bus speed - 812. 1

Not sure if i need to add anything. Also my temps on speed fan reads:
Temp 1 - 33c
Temp 2 - 40c
Temp 3 - -48c
Hd0 31c

Can someone explain how to read this?

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Cmos Ram Test Failed

I have a pentium 4 computer by gateway. To make a long story short, it's been giving stop messages, firefox has been crashing along with other apps. Took me about ten times to reinstall windows because of the stopping and restarting. I interchanged and switched and only used one memory stick and got windows back on the machine. But it is still running slow. I disconnected the second hard drive, cd roms pci cards. Ran virus scans, trojan scans, rootkit scans. Did a test on the two memory sticks with memtest 86 and nothing. I finally downloaded a utility called "fix it utilities" and it said the cmos ram test failed. I more or less know what the cmos ram is but how do i fix my problem?

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Hp 5150 Keeps Printing A Test Page

My hp 5150 keeps printing a test page every time i print. ? For example, i'll print a 3 page report, then a 4th page will come out being the test page. I tried reinstalling drivers, same thing, how do i remedy this?

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Hp Printer Always Printing Test Print

When i start my desktop pc my printer (hp) is always printing test print, how to stop test print?

Answer:- you didn't mention the exact model of the printer you have, so it will be difficult to say for sure what needs to be done. If your printer is an all-in-one or multi-function printer that has a scanner, you probably need to take that test print and scan it immediately after it prints out. This is a common way for printers to perform and finalize a printhead alignment needed for the best print quality. This is common and needs to be done when the printer is new or printhead cartridges are replaced. Otherwise there is probably an option in the printer's control panel menu that allows you to turn off initializing test prints. Check your user's manual for any more info or supply the exact model number of your printer.

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