Video Lags Behind Audio

I hooked up my first ever home theater last evening and the video noticeably lags behind the audio on concert dvds.components:

Sony dvp-s9000es
Cary cinema 6 pre/pro (toslink digital audio input feed)
Bryston 9b sst amp
Jm lab utopia in-wall loudspeakers
Yamaha dpx-1300 dlp projector (component video input feed)

Any and all troubleshooting suggestions are deeply appreciated.

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Video Lags Every 20-30 Seconds

I am having a small problem with video playback. I noticed it for the first time last week. I don't remember exactly, but i think it was after installing a windows update for directx 9b. But i was also having some adware problems for the first time in months (which i recently took care of). The basic problem is that when i'm playing a movie, the video lags every 20 to 30 seconds. It'll suddenly slow down and then skip to quickly catch up with the audio. It's only a second long glitch but its quite annoying, quite often, and it just bothers me that its happening when it shouldn't be. It happens with no matter what sort of file (avi, mpeg, wmv, mov, etc), and no matter what video player (wmp, winamp, quicktime, realplayer). To try fixing this problem i've updated my latest video card driver and critical windows updates, got rid of every trace of spyware, virus scanned, downgraded back to directx 8. 1 with a directx downgrade program, upgraded back to directx 9a, rolled back to my previous video card driver, installed a program called "reclock" that someone told me might help, and went through a number of codecs, which eventually just screwed up the video even more, causing me to use system restore. Unfortunately, however, i cannot use system restore to go back before the lagging problem.

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Video Lags When Play Mkv Files

I prefer to use one player for all my videos. So far i have had no trouble using windows media player for everything. I have the k-lite codec pack and the matstroka lite codec pack. Sometimes when i play mkv on my wmp it works except the video lags behind the audio. It will occasionally speed up to catch up to the audio. If i restart my computer it will work fine. I just want to know if there is anything else i can do to fix this so i dont have to go through the trouble of restarting my computer. Additional details:- ok so i also tried using classic media player and cccp codec pack and it still doesnt work. Is there something in the settings in my computer that i have to change?

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Sony Vegas Pro 9 Video Lags And Skips

I have sony vegas pro 9. I recorded hd videos with my new hd capture card and i can import into sony vegas but whenever i play the video back, only the video lags and skips. With my old easycap capture card i didn't have any of these problems. Also when i play back the video the cpu usage is around %75-%100. My computer has 2 3. 0ghz pentium 4 processors and 2. 50gb of ram. The capture card is an avermedia avertv hd dvr. I know people have had problems with the caputre card, but when i play it back in windows media player it is fine. I also only have a 128mb graphics card (minimum requirements for capture card).

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No Video And Audio On Ps2

Been reading the articles in this forum and i couldn't really find anything relating to my problem. Would anyone be able to suggest what problem my ps2 would be having internally;there is power going to the ps2 but when i turn it on there is no video or audio. Even the sony main screen doesn't come up. Its not under warranty, and i had this problem about 2 weeks back. Gave it to a t****r to fix it, who said the ic motor had gone, he fixed it, but it only lasted a week. The model no. Is scph-50004.

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Pc Audio And Video Stutters

So recently, i noticed some stutters occurred whenever there's a sound on my pc (even the 'pop' sound when we safely remove flash drive) and the flv videos also have the same problem. As if somebody clicking pause-play-pause-play at an enormous speed. My pc system:

Windows xp
Intel(r) core (tm)2 duo cpu
E4500 @ 2. 20ghz
2. 20ghz, 2. 00gb of ram

I don't play video games on my pc, i only use it for work (adobe photoshop), i tunes, streaming videos and internet browsing, and my pc handled all of that activities at once flawlessly, until now. The 'stuttering' just happened 2 days ago, i was listening to my i tunes and all of a sudden to sound starting to crawl. There are things that may (or may not) have caused this problem that i had done prior to the problem:

1. I upgraded my kaspersky anti virus from 2009 to 2011. At first it was fine, but after i ran the full scan, the kaspersky started to wear down my pc, therefore i removed it with kav remover (but after i finished the scan)

2. I downloaded a file via torrent (vuze), and things started to slow down in the middle of the process (i did this the same time as kaspersky full scan was just minutes away from finish)

After i removed the kaspersky, my pc is back to it's normal speed but leaving the sound and videos un-repaired. Here's the list of things i have done in order to fix this:

1. Did a disk cleanup and free about 20gb of space. 2. Uninstall vuze

3. Did a full scan with 'lighter' antivirus (eset nod32) which also scans spyware, malware etc. 4. I used startup cpl 2. 8 and disabled all start up programs (not the programs entirely, just disabling them to start they same time windows starts)

5. Cleaning the dust inside my cpu. Although the speed of my pc is now back, the audio and video still stutters. The stutters' getting worse when im listening to i tunes while doing another process (like browsing the web for example). What might have caused this? And how do i fix this?

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Vista Audio / Video Lag

Recently i have been having a very interesting and frustrating problem with my version of windows vista ultimate (32 bit). Everything was great until a few days ago when the audio started lagging significantly during any and almost every sound. I decided to look at the process window to try and find out the reason for the massive cpu usage surge, and resulting lag in all audio. I found the problem to arise about every 30 seconds and every time, the file "audiodg.exe" jumped in cpu usage from 0% to around 30-40%. I also know that this file cannot be ended or there will be no sound at all. I've tried everything that i know of. I've scanned the computer with norton 360v2, i've shut down all background applications, and i'll still get lag even when i'm only using about 60% of the processor during a spike. I've also tried disabling all audio effects, upgraded my drivers for the integrated sound, and when that worked, plugged in a creative audigy 2 sound card, updated it's drivers for vista and disabled any and all effects and it still lags, i've almost given up! As a side note, this does not happen when i run xp on the same machine. (It's on a seperate partition)

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His 4670 - Hdmi Issue, No Video Or Audio

This is a really strange issue and i have no idea how to fix it. Maybe someone out there can help me. I recently bought a new his 4670 hd ati video card, installed it in my computer with the latest drivers from ati's website and had the connection running on vga to a monitor. I decided to connect my flat panel tv up to it via the hdmi port. It works when the computer is booting up and gets all the way until the windows loading screeen and then the tv loses signal. I decided to uninstall the drivers and try to reinstall them. For some reason, the tv will boot into windows when the ati drivers are not installed and it is seen by windows as a generic vga adaptor. Whenever i try installing an ati driver, the tv will lose signal when booting into windows. I installed the drivers around 3 times to ensure they were installed correctly. I am running windows 7 on this computer and i have never used this hardware with another operating system. Please give me some more options if you have any ideas.

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Leadtek Winfast Audio / Video Encoding Problems

I've been using leadtek winfast for quite a while now and experimenting with various codecs. I for the life of me can't get the video and audio to line up properly. If i record a hour show or even short music videos the audio on playback moves faster than the video. Eventually at the end of a hour show the audio has finished playing but the video still remains playing for nearly a minute or so. I used virtualdub to seperate the audio and video. I then checked to make sure they were both the same length and they were. I tried merging them back together with tmpgenc but it does the same thing. Any hints?

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Dell Studio 15 - Gmail Audio And Video Chat Not Working

I am trying to use gmail audio and video chat but the webcam is not working. I have a dell studio 15 , and i have problem with the webcam, i am trying to use gmail audio and video chat and under verification settings i have a blank screen.

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Pci Audio Card Or Onboard Audio, Which Gives Better Benchmark ?

Would i get a better benchmark score if i bought a 2nd party pci audio card opposed to an onboard one. Which one is recommended if so?

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Window And Scrolling Lags

I just recently installed a new hard drive. Seems like that wasn't my only problem. Everytime i move a window or scroll a page the window lags lazily behind. I'm guessing it not to be the hard drive. I don't know how my computer got into such bad shape, probably should have trashed it.

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Ati Radeon 9600 Lags

I just got a ibm netvista tower and i installed my card, and everything installs fine, except it still lags. I dont play games but when i scroll pages, its bad. Ive tried ati drivers and omega drivers. I even uninstalled the old ones first. I have 2. 4 ghz processor with 1. 5gb of ram, pentium 4, service pack 2, windows xp. My bios has some options but i have no idea what to set them as. Ive tried messing with various options but it still lags. Edit: card is ati radeon 9600

I cant post pictures but my bios says

Active video: ati radeon 9600 pro

Shared memory: 512 [and then you can click and it says 1024k and 8192k]

Select active video: agp [which mine is]

Graphics aperture: 256mb, 128mb, 64mb, 32mb [its on 256mb now]

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Asus N61jq Webcam Lags

I just bought an asus n61jq-jx002v laptop and the webcam is shocking. Not only is the picture quality pretty average it lags pretty bad (doesn't matter if it's on asus lifeframe or skype. Etc). Even if the resolution is on the lowest it still lags. Does anybody know if there is a way i can fix this?

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Warcraft Lags On Dell Inspiron

Warcraft lags on my brand new dell inspiron. Has nothing to do with my internet because it does it offline too? Like i said. I just got a brand new dell inspiron and installed warcraft onto it. Whenever i play the game i hit huge spikes and the game freezes for a few seconds then returns to normal. This has nothing to do with my internet because i have the same problem offline. I figure there is something that needs to be fixed on my computer.

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Dvd Rom Drive Lags Computer

I got a lite-on dvd rom drive and when i copy or burn files from a cd or dvd from the drive it lags my computer like crazy. Not sure what the problem coz with my old dvd rom still using at the moment in the same rig it doesnt lag but as soon as i use the lite-on everything slows down. Task manager says im using about 52% of my cpu. With the old dvd rom the cpu usage is basically still in idle.

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Hard Drive Spinning Up And Lags The Computer Every Once In A While

About every 30 seconds to a minute, i hear one of my hard drives spin up, at which point the computer begins to choke for a few seconds (videos get choppy, can't click the mouse, can't type, etc. ) Is one of my drives on its way out? How can i find out which one it is without physically unhooking them. The way my case is arranged, it's a pita to get to the hard drives.

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Lags When Play Starcraft 2 On Ultra Shaders

How come it lags when i play starcraft 2 on ultra shaders? I have everything besides the shadows lighting and shaders ( which have to be on low for me to get good fps) so i was wondering why cant i run it on ultra?

My specs are:
1tb hdd
6gb ram
Dual quad core
Nvidia 8500gt

And could a power source of 450w hold a new graphics card?

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Use Video Input On Video Card For Streaming Or For Webcam

Is there any program to allow you to use the video input on a video card for streaming or a webcam?

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Use Dell C810 S-video Port To Capture The Video

I have a dell c810 with an s-video port. You can hook up the s-video cable and then view the laptop on a tv. Well, i have a normal hi-8 video camera, and i wanted to capture the video. If the s-video port can be used as output for the laptop, can it also be used as input? I have adobe premiere but it says that it can only capture from dv sources. I was wondering if there was some way i could have my laptop capture through its s-video port.

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Video Card - Pixel Shader Vs Video Memory

My pick are these two video cards for my old computer for my basic needs(don't need to burn my expensive laptop). Asus radeon hd 3450 256 mb ah3450 8x agp low profile


512mb pny geforce 6200 vga/dvi/hdtv agp vcg62512aeb

>Both almost the same price(not buying from the links above)

>Gf6200: twice the video memory of the radeon hd 3450. Supports directx 9. 0, shader model 3. 0 and opengl 2. 0 support

>Radeon supports directx10. 1 and shader model 4. 1 enables stunning and complex special effects opengl2. 0 support

I might not use that that old crap to play games that needs directx10. 1(shader4. 1) but i might consider someday. Gf6200 has twice the video ram though. Any suggestions?

I will be playing games that only needs directx 9. 0c(shader3. 0), so i'm assuming direct10. 1(shader4. 1) will improve graphic qualities? But it has halve the video ram than the other.

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Integrated Video Card Can Use Ram As Video Memory?

I want to know more about my video card(intel integrated extreme graphics 2 [circa 2003]) cause i don't understand, i tried googling for a while with no result:

1) how much exactly video memory does it have?

2) i heard that if it's integrated, i can go to the bios and make ram be shared with my video memory in case my video ram isn't enough? Is that true? Is that true with my integrated card too?

3) i'm of course going to buy a video card(agp type) capable of handling at least pixel shader 2. 0. If question 2 is "yes", can the new graphic card also be shared to use ram if necessary?

Depending if my integrated video card can use ram as video memory, this will help me decide whether i should get more ram or an agp video card that has a lot of video ram

I can't test the bios because i just ordered the old desktop and it will take a while to come:

Compaq evo d510 cmt

Windows xp professional

Intel pentium 4 2. 4 ghz single core

512mb(768ram) 80gbhdd agp slot

Integrated card extreme graphics 2 (circa 2003)

http://h18000. Www1.

If anyone should know, i have a powerful laptop already and i don't want to kill it by hours of basic stuff this old desktop can do.

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No Audio Device

My power supply went bust for my e-machines, i replace the 250w with a 500w supply. Everything came up fine excepting my sound. If i go to control panel -> sounds -> i see "no audio device" and audio default device is set to "modem #0 line playback". I did googling and did a system restore, but that did not help. I cannot play any sound files, it says no audio device installed. Did i miss any sound card connections.

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Connect Tv To Pc And Use Audio From Tv

If i buy a 52" sharp lcd tv that has a pc port and connect it to my pc can i use the audio from the tv? While watching blu ray movies in my disc drive, or would i still need pc speakers.

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Mp3 To Audio Cd Burn

When i burn a bunch of mp3s to a cd (as an audio cd, not as a data cd) and put said cd in my player, the track listing comes up as "track1, track2, track3" etc. Etc. This is kind of confusing, as all the appropriate track info appears for the files in the burning program. How do i fix this so the audio cd i make retains all the same info?

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Audio Lag / Skipping

Whenever i am playing songs or watching a movie there is a little lag or skipping every couple minutes. Im not sure where to start looking, but i know my pc can handle it. Any suggestions on where to start looking?

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How To Get My Audio Ports To Work ?

I have the system in my spces and i cant get the audio to work on the mobo in the back. I have the cmstacker832 and i accidentally cut the realteck 97' audio wires on the mobo but the hd audio wires are still fine and i have the pluged into the sound connector on the mobo. The front ports do not work nor do the back. The system does recognize tho if somthing is plugged in the realteck sound device manager.

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M-audio Q40 Headphones

Has anyone tried these? How are they in comparison to something like the ad-hd700's from audio technica?

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Headphones - Lossless Audio

So, i've put . Flac and . Mp3 side-by-side and probably to no surprise to any audiophiles here, i did not notice a difference with my "gaming" headset (turtle beach, xbox360 junk). If i want to take advantage of lossless audio formats, what is the bare minimum hardware i need? As far as my soundcard goes, it's on-board realtek hd audio (something-800 or 8888). Do i have to break the bank?

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Hd Audio Through A Usb Headset

I've got a logitech g35 headset and was wondering how i would go about using it if i got a hd sound-card? The only interface it has is usb is there a converter to dvi or something?

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