Hp Officejet 6500 Vertical Line Problem

When i scan a document it ends up with a vertical line running down the center of the page. The same thing happens if i copy and use the document feeder. If i just put the document on the glass there is no line. Any idea what may be causing the problem? I have cleaned the "rollers", but still have the problem. If it were a hardware problem, wouldn't the line show up even when i put the document on the glass?

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Blue Vertical Line Across A Lcd

I have a buddies laptop and the screen has a vertical blue line in it that won't go away. I'm pretty sure its not software related. Its there as soon as the screen turns on . It has onboard graphics. It shares the system memory. Any idea what it might be and what i might have to replace on it? When it comes to hardware i'm somewhat weak. Any idea how i can even start to trouble shoot this? As its onboard graphics i can't even check the vid card.

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Laptop Monitor - Permanent Vertical Green Line

The monitor on my dell latitude d505 is currently displaying a vertical green line from the top to the bottom of the screen, about 1/3 of a screen width from the right hand side. This line fades in during the dell splash screen and persists whether i boot into linux or windows. I'm assuming this is a hardware problem, but does anyone have any definitive advice on what may cause this?

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Dell Inspiron 1501 Screen Vertical Line

I recently got a new computer and my old dell inspiron 1501 got a vertical thick line in the left middle of the screen and it's not like it's crashing it's there no matter what i do. I don't know how to fix it but have step by step instructions would be nice. And the line is not opaque you can see through it. And the line always has a remnant of the last screen my computer was on. I don't know what to do!

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Video Card Or Monitor Problem - Vertical Line On Screen

I suddenly have discovered there is a long violet-colored line running from the top to bottom of my lcd screen. It seems to be one pixel wide.could it be the monitor or the video card ? How do i test ?

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Hp Officejet 6500 Installation

Help installing my wireless hp officejet 6500? I do not have a usb cable and i don't know how to add my new printer to my wireless internet network. My computer says that i need my printers ip address but i can't find it in the manual or on hp's website. And i can't find a way to find the ip address on my actual printer or by pressing any buttons. Does anyone know or know how to find the ip address of my hp officejet 6500?

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Hp Officejet 6500 Using One Cartridge Only

On my hp office-jet 6500 i don't want to have color cartridges in my printer, as they are too expensive, and if there is only some of one left it will automatically print in one color. But when i take out all the cartridges other than the black and white cartridge, it wont print because "there are problems with your cartridges", how can i fix this?

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Hp Officejet 6500 - Lost Cd

Ok so i installed the hp officejet 6500, but i forgot to setup the scanner. Only problem is that i'm missing the disc. Is there a way i can setup the scanner without the disc?

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How To Resize On Hp Officejet 6500 ?

How to resize on hp 6500 all-in-one? My hp printer does not allow me the option to resize graphics. After endless emails with tech support at hp, everything they have told me does not work on my printer. Do i need a different driver? I am very computer-challenged, so don't know what to do.

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Hp Officejet 6500 Sound Issue

I have a hp officejet 6500 wireless all in one printer, there is a cheaper version, and them my wireless version that has wireless and also has rgb and b cartridges instead of all the colors in one. Basically my hp j6500 printer used to make a little badink sound after completing the printing job that was currently going. When it would finish i'd get the chime, and know it was done. But now it no longer makes this sound. I'm not sure if that was the actual reason for the sound, but it always did it after finishing a job. And now it doesn't. If anyone knows anything regarding this aspect of a printer, or a hp printer i'd love any help in figuring out a way to get it to do it again.

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Hp Officejet 6500 Only Use Black Cartridge

I have a hp officejet 6500. I have it set so that i only use the black cartridge, although i have it set to use only the black cartridge i find that the colors are still depleting - what else should i be doing - my color cartridges go down and i'm not actually using them?

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Hp Officejet 6500 Scan Pictures

I lost my manual and have no idea how to scan my picture from my hp officejet 6500 onto my computer. Please help step by step. Answer:- power on the scanner, put the document face down on the glass. Now, go in your start menu and look into the hp folder. Select hp solution center and open it. Once you see the menu, look on the left and you will see scan buttons. Set the scanner to 300 or 600 dpi for high quality scan.

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Hp Officejet 6500 Printer Is Not Printing

My hp officejet 6500 printer isn't printing. Ok, so i have the officejet 6500 that scans, prints, copies, and faxes. My family and i have been having trouble making it print for the last month. Its connected to the computer. It seems to receive the data that i want to print, but it just says "idle" and doesn't do anything. I do not feel like flipping through the owners manual, so i would appreciate a how-to answer.

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How To Uninstall Hp Officejet 6500 Printer ?

How can i uninstall hp officejet 6500 e709n series all-in-one? I bought this all-in-one printer approximately 3/3/10. We bought it because we need a fax machine. We were never able to connect the fax. We had to have hp's "special" 2-wire" cable. I asked hp where i could buy this cable, and they could never figure out what we were asking. Our questions were basic easy. We got sick of it, and returned the printer today. I didn't uninstall the software prior to returning this product-i did not know if the store would take this product back yet. Now that i no longer have their software cd, i cannot uninstall all hp software from my computer. Windows uninstall program cannot uninstall the software. Does anyone know how i can get this software off of my computer?

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Send Fax Using Hp Officejet 6500

How to send a fax using my hp 6500? Officejet 6500 has no fax function. Either get a multifunction printer w/ fax capability, or just print and send document via fax machine.

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Hp Officejet 6500 Scanning Software For Linux

Where can i get the scanning software for the hp officejet 6500 for linux? I bought an all in one fax printer and need linux software for scanning.

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Hp Officejet 6500 Will Print But Has Scanner Error

Hp officejet 6500 will print but says scanner error. I have reinstalled 4 times and rebooted? I did have a network scanner loaded on computer from work do i need to uninstall to use another scanner?

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Canon Pixma Mx860 Or Hp Officejet 6500 ?

Which multifunction printer is better canon pixma mx860 or hp officejet 6500?

Answer:- i'm not sure how you define better. They are both good printers. My definition of better is a better warranty and cheaper ink. In my opinion, the best deal in a photo printer is the epson artisan 800 direct from for $130 after $170 instant rebate. It's a wireless copier/scanner/fax/photo printer with 6 individual ink cartridges for high photo quality. The best warranty in the industry. For two years, epson will fedex a replacement and pick up the old one should you need it. If that's beyond your budget, the next best deal is the nx415 at officemax for $50. It's a copier/scanner/printer with 4 ink cartridges. It's not wireless and the warranty is one year. If you sign up for maxperks, you get back a $20 visa card so it's like paying $30 for the printer.

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Hp Officejet 6500 Paper Jam Error

Fyi this is a brand new printer fresh from the box, i have not print a single thing. After i turn it on, it just prompt me "paper jam"? I followed the step by step online guide from hp support site but to no avail. I even tried the "partial reset" and "semi reset". Still the same thing. But upon start up the roller make some weird sound, but i check everything is intact and rolling smoothly.

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Download Drivers For Hp Officejet 6500 Printer

Where can i download drivers for my hp officejet 6500 printer? The stupid link on the hp website won't do anything. I need the driver quick, what is another place i can download it?

Answer:- go to the following hp site link to download drivers and software for hp officejet 6500 printer. Select your operating system, then click 'next': http://bit. Ly/mchqz

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Hp Officejet 6500 Compatibility For Windows Vista

I have the hp officejet 6500, and i was wondering if there is any way possible that i could do something to somehow make it compatible with windows vista (urgh), without having to buy windows 7?

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Hp Officejet 6500 Printer Doesn't Print From Internet

My hp officejet 6500 printer doesn't print from the internet. I purchased a hp printer officejet 6500 2 mo ago, and it worked for about 3 weeks. It copies ok but it will not print from online or wordpad, etc. I returned it and replaced it with another one, and it doesn't work either. I have spent numerous hours with the geeks in india who work for hp, but they can't help me either. The installation cd that came with it doesn't work either. The geeks said it probably needs a new driver! It will not install that either.

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Hp Officejet 6500 Printer - How To Set Default Settings To Use Least Ink ?

On an hp officejet 6500 wireless printer, how can i set the default settings to ones that use the least ink? I keep having set it for fast draft, black ink , etc. Manually each time. I want to set the default so it uses the least amount of ink without having to change the settings every time.

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Hp Officejet 6500 Won't Print Picture Document

Why wont my hp officejet 6500 print my picture document? I have a dell vostro 1510 vista laptop that is usd connected to my hp officejet 6500 and i want to print a picture document for a project due tomorrow. I really need help on this people because i am frustrated.

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Dual Vertical Monitors

I just upgraded from dual 19" 1280 x 1024 to dual 22" 1050 x 1680 (vertical). Before i turned them 90 degrees, everything ran very smoothly on my 8800gt. As soon as i put them in portrait mode, things didn't work out so well. When watching videos, there are obvious scan lines and when scrolling down web pages quickly, it can't load the information fast enough. My refresh rate is stuck at 60hz, though i am honestly not all that sure of if that would have any effect. It seems i might need a new video card, but was also thinking there might be a way to rotate the screen 90 degrees by some other means that the gpu might be able to handle better. Since that is probably not an option, i was wondering what would be a good upgrade from an 8800gt that would definitely be able to hand my monitor set up. Specs:

Windows xp pro
Asus p5q pro
E8400 @3. 6ghz
4gb ddr2800 ram

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Horizontal And Vertical Lines On Screen

The other day out of nowhere my screen starts going nuts. It has a bunch of horizontal and vertical lines on the screen and they kind of move when the mouse is over them. When i open a new window, for example an aim window or notepad, parts of the program will display fine, without any lines, and other parts will continue the line pattern on the screen. When my computer starts up, it has weird gray images that almost look like japanese letters on the windows xp splash screen. I checked a different monitor and the picture is still weird, so it isn't monitor, so im guessing its video card. ? Anyone ever heard of a problem like this?

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Red Vertical Lines On Monitor

How can i find out whats wrong with my dell monitor? My dell 17' inch flat screen monitor has red vertical lines in the middle of my screen. I'm wondering if its a bad cable connection problem. After i boot-up the system up its not there, but within a few minutes the red lines appear. I've tried it with my other systems and the same thing happens. I purchases the monitor directly from dell in 2006w my dell dimension e310 system.could it be that the monitor is wore out, or could it be just a bad cable connection? The cable i have attached to the monitor came with the monitor. If i purchase another one of the same kind would that clear out the red lines on the monitor? Need answer asap before i throw this monitor away & purchase another one those red lines are driving me nuts!

Also which monitor would you recommend for a quad system windows 7?

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Vertical Stripe When Use Printer As Copier

Why do i get a dark vertical stripe when i use my printer as a "copier, " but not as a "printer?"?

Answer:- you most likely have something blocking the scanner from seeing the paper that's scanned. You didn't say what make and model it is, so can't be very specific about what to look for, but if your printer/scanner pulls the paper in to scan it in a continuous motion, you should open up the scanner and look for anything that shouldn't be there around the scanner window glass or feed area just above it. It could be paper, plastic, tape, junk of some kind etc. Try cleaning the glass with some alcohol on a cloth or paper towel. If you have a flat bed scanner, where you place the paper on the glass then close the lid, there could be something wrong on, or under, the glass, or more than likely something on the scanner bar that moves from end to end that is blocking the light or sensor or the light in that area is out. If you can't find the problem, or figure out how to fix it, you can have it checked out by a tech to see if they can give an estimate, but it may not be worth it depending on what you have, and may be cheaper to buy a new one if you want the scan capability without the line.

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Screen Display Is Odd - Vertical Dotted Lines

When i start up my pc the display is odd like a chess board. Sometimes vertical dotted line's show up. This continues until i reach the login screen for windows. When i reach the login screen for windows all seems ok.initially my hard disk wasn't being detected. I removed the ide cables and than reconnected them did the same with ram also re-inserted my pci slot display card. Now my hard disk is being detected but the initial startup display is as i have described above.

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Hp Deskjet F340 Scan Vertical Black Stripe

Hp deskjet f340 all in 1 scanner problem. No matter what i scan or copy i get a vertical black stripe about 1 inch wide from top to bottom, on the right side. The glass is clean, and i can see no loose or broken belts inside the glass.

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