Cannot Get Hp Scanner To Work

I cant get my hp scanner to work. Answer:- if you have the software to install it, power on the unit but do not plug in the usb immediately. Start the installation and let the software tell you when to re-connect the usb cable. After the setup, reboot and windows will find the new scanner. Go in control panel and select scanners and cameras to use your scanner or look in the hp folder in the start menu and start the solution center. That's it.

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Hp Psc 1110 Scanner Will Not Work

Hp psc 1110 scanner will not work on xp, i installed this printer which also has a copier, and scanner. Everything works except the scanner. I press the scan button but it does not do anything. What should i do?

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Hp Deskjet F4480 Scanner Does Not Work

I have a hp deskjet f4480 printer and the scanner does not work. The printer works fine but the scanner does not work, ti worked on my dell laptop but does not work on my hp laptop.

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Hp Psc 1210 Scanner Does Not Work

I have a hp psc 1210 all in one printer, scanner and photo copier and the scanner does not work. The photocopier and printer works and i am running windows vista basic. I understand it maybe i am missing some drivers or it is just not compatible with vista.

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Hp Psc 1601 - How Do I Get The Scanner To Work ?

I have an hp psc 1601 all-in-one printer-scanner-copier. How do i get the scanner to work? When i press the scan button, it says this: no scan options. You need to install or run device software for feature. I don't know what it's talking about. We've had this printer forever, but i just discovered it has a scanner.

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Hp 1200 Scanner Wont Work

What do i do when my hp 1200 scanner won't work. I want to scan pictures on to my computer from the hp scanner. Nothing responds.

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Scanner On Hp Printer Wont Work

A few weeks ago i tried to print a document on my hp psc 1310 all-in-one printer/scanner and it would do all the normal alerts that come up after pressing print but it just made no noise and wouldn't print, i tried absolutely everything to make it work but it just sat and ignored me. I tried it again on a different document a couple of weeks later and it worked so i tried the first document that i tried to print and this worked too. A few weeks later i tried to scan a document on to my computer using this printer/scanner and it just ignored me again and didn't respond, i forgot about it and didn't try again but now i need to scan something a. S. A. P and it won't work! I've scanned loads of pictures and documents on to my computer with this printer/scanner before but it just doesn't work! I am so annoyed because it really does seem like its working selectively!

I don't have the software for this printer/scanner so i can't uninstall it. I didn't have any software in the beginning i don't think because i got a new laptop and it just worked immediately or downloaded the software online automatically or something all i know is i didn't install anything!

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Can't Get Hp Scanner To Work On Vista

I have an hp psc 950 and the scanner isn't working on vista. It worked before when i tried to use the windows photo gallery workaround, but now it's not doing anything. When i click the scanner from the list, the window just disappears [as if it were going to load] and i'm back at windows photo gallery, except it doesn't actually load. The same thing happens when i try it on paint, except it says that it's not connected. It has to be, though, cause i manage to print out schoolwork on the same printer/scanner.

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How To Get Macbook To Work With Hp Printer / Scanner?

How do i get my macbook to work with an hp printer/copier/scanner? I have installed all of the drivers, and it prints and copies fine. But when i try to use the scanner portion of the hp, my macbook doesn't recognize that my printer is even attached. The hp will read, "usb not attached" and if i go into my hp options, it tells me that no scanner is currently available. I'm also having a difficult time trying to "view" my printer. I've set it as the default printer, and it does print. My mac just isn't registering it. Is there something i can do?

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Hp 1315 Scanner Doesn't Work

How do i make my hp 1315 scanner work? When i press the scan button, the on/resume light only blinks. The scanner doesn't work.

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Lexmark 1200 Scanner Wont Work

My lex 1200 printer works fine on vista, but won't scan. The all in one centre won't open, i have tried downloading drivers, patches, un-installing and reinstalling etc. Etc. And still the printer works but the scanner doesn't. Is there any other way i can use the scanner, with free scanning software or anything?

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How To Make Scanner Work For Hp Officejet 6310 ?

How do i make the scanner work for my hp officejet 6310? The printer itself is fine. Whenever i try to scan something, it tells me to "refer to device documentation to troubleshoot". The manual doesn't tell me anything at all. This is very frustrating.

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Scanner Doesn't Work Hp Officejet All In One

I've recently bought a hp officejet j4550 all in one printer. Although, the printer works, the scanner has doesn't recently. Every time i tries to scan its says, "there is no computer connection. Refer to device documentation to troubleshoot. " I've tried everything unplugging, restarting, it and the computer. The computer is also an hp. It worked awhile ago but i don't know what happened. I've tried following these instructions http://h10025. Www1.

But i wasn't able to because for some reason the hp solution center does not work. I tried reinstalling it but it says that i need to plug the printer to the computer property. I plugged them in again & again property, but not working out. Please what should i do. ?

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Deskjet 1400 Scanner Wont Work

I am trying to scan pictures onto my computer, but when i turn on my printer (i have an hp 3 in 1) and push the scan button, it won't do anything. When i push the scan button, the green light on the power button starts blinking. I also try pushing the photosmart essential button that's below the scan button, but that won't do anything either. I used to have photosmart essential installed on my computer as a program where i could scan pictures and crop and edit them, ect, but i don't know where it went. In the past. Whenever i turned on my printer, the computer would say that my device (deskjet f1400 series or whatever) was ready for use, but it doesn't say t hat anymore. I tried going through all my programs to see if i could find an option where i can reinstall my printer, but i couldn't find anything. I used to be able to just push the scan button and it would scan, but it does nothing.

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Can't Get Epson Stylus Cx6000 Scanner To Work

I have an epson stylus cx6000 scanner. I don't have any of the original discs so i had to download the driver online. When i ran the driver installation, the installer itself worked with no errors, but the windows driver installation (via the "windows has found new hardware" message on my taskbar) won't complete because it claims it can't find the drivers. However, i do have the printer icon and options on my taskbar, and epson status monitor works. Is it installed or not?

Since i don't have the original discs, i don't have the epson scan program that would normally come with the scanner. I tried downloading 2 scanner programs, silverfast and softi scan to pdf. Neither of them can find the scanner, so it seems like the installation didn't work. How can i fix this? Is it an issue with the driver or is there a way to get the epson scan program for free somewhere? (I've checked the epson website)

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Hp Psc 1200 Series Scanner Doesn't Work

I have an hp 1200 series 3-in-1 printer/copier/scanner. My problem is that the only time i need the scanner part, it doesn't work. I have used the scanner frequently when i first got it, and now when i tried to scan something, it didn't work!

* I've unistalled/reinstalled the cd it came with just in case something was deleted
* I've been clicking that damn button for like an hour! It blinks, then suddenly stops.

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Benq S2w 4300u / 3300u Scanner Wont Work

I have a benq flat bed scanner (s2w 4300u/3300u) that uses a software called mira scan v4. 03 which i installed. I have the installing cd which i also installed. The computer recognizes it and all, but it says that it need to install drivers in order for it to work (even though i installed it using the installation disk under numerous occasions). I installed it on a xp and it worked, i am wondering if it just can't work on vista.

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Dell Aio 962 Scanner Doesn't Work

I had a new hard drive installed on my computer. When i got it home, i had to install the driver for the dell aio 962. I keep encountering the error device manager encountered a problem and needs to shut down. The scanning function still does not work although the printer/copier are fine.

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Pc Will Work For A Little While Then It Freeze

Trying to fix and old pc with about 512mb of ram. I removed all pci cards and the only card in use is an agp 8mb vga. Windows xp home edition. Pc will work for a little while and then it will freeze. Sometimes it freezes @ the welcome screen, or the video signal goes missing, other times, it will make a horrible noise (kind of like a modem dialing) and then it freezes or loses video signal. I installed xp pro to a different partition and different hd and the same problem occurs. Replaced psu, hd, ram, vga, and removed all pci cards, floppy, cd-roms. Cleaned cpu and re-applyed cpu thermal paste.cooler runs "cool" to the touch, same thing. Weird thing is that the computer will allow me to install windows, which takes @ least 1 hour in this system, but it will crash when trying to run for the first time, @ the welcome screen, or a bit later after loading. With the old installation (hd), i cannot even make it to the welcome screen anymore. It just dies there and reboots again!

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How Do Computers Work ?

I'm looking for a good article or explanation on how computers work. I've always wondered how a big box of silicone, plastic, and wires plugged into a wall socket can produce. Well. Anything. For example: what happens when i hit a letter on my keyboard? How do the letters i press create images of those letters on the screen? Its such a fascinating field i know so little about.

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How Does A Headset Work ?

I want to get a headset so i can talk to people online while in game, instead of having to type. So i want the mic on my head, but i still want to hear the ingame audio from the external speakers, not from a headset. Do usb headsets allow this, or do i have to find one that has both mic and line-out connectors? I spoke to a person at fry's and i did not get a clear enough answer.

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How Does Usb Work?

Answer:- the universal serial bus gives you a single, standardized, easy-to-use way to connect up to 127 devices to a computer. Just about every peripheral made now comes in a usb version. A sample list of usb devices that you can buy today includes:

Flight yokes
Digital cameras
Scientific data acquisition devices
Video phones
Storage devices such as zip drives
Network connections

The usb process:

When the host powers up, it queries all of the devices connected to the bus and assigns each one an address. This process is called enumeration - devices are also enumerated when they connect to the bus. The host also finds out from each device what type of data transfer it wishes to perform:

Interrupt - a device like a mouse or a keyboard, which will be sending very little data, would choose the interrupt mode. Bulk - a device like a printer, which receives data in one big packet, uses the bulk transfer mode. A block of data is sent to the printer (in 64-byte chunks) and verified to make sure it is correct. Isochronous - a streaming device (such as speakers) uses the isochronous mode. Data streams between the device and the host in real-time, and there is no error correction. The universal serial bus divides the available bandwidth into frames, and the host controls the frames. Frames contain 1, 500 bytes, and a new frame starts every millisecond. During a frame, isochronous and interrupt devices get a slot so they are guaranteed the bandwidth they need. Bulk and control transfers use whatever space is left. To know more in detail with illustration:


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How Can I Get My Internet To Work?

That's not to say it's completely dis-operational. My firefox browser works fine, but all my other browsers are no longer able to connect to the internet. This situation has come about since my computer was affected by a malaware anti-virus program that installed itself and cut off my access to all programs. I used safe mode with networking to use my antivirus to quarantine the infected file, but internet explorer, google chrome, opera, the itunes store, my antivirus update systems, skype, etc. Still cannot connect to the internet.

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling chrome, but to no avail. Perhaps firefox still works because of its unique security. I'm not sure. I've tried to do a system restore twice (two different restore points) and it has failed both times. I cannot do a complete operating system reinstall because i don't have the right disks (my laptop came preloaded with windows vista). Maybe when this has been sorted out i'll be smart and upgrade to windows 7.

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How Do I Use Hp Scanner?

It's a hp deskjet f2480 all in one printer, scanner, copier and i'm not familiar with scanning. When i put what i want to scan under the thing all it does is copy it on to paper. I want to scan it onto the computer not copy it. How would i scan it? There are 3 buttons. One is a red cross next to it it says cancel, a white square next to it it says black, and i blueish green square next to it it says color. What do i need to do to make it scan onto the computer and not copy onto paper?

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Headset Mic Does Not Work

I got the new logitech pro headset with mic. When i use it in cs it doesnt work. I checked all the settings and nothing. Can somone who has there mic working tell me there settings.

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Keys Wont Work

Im at work and my boss was just closin a program and suddenly the only keys that work are the windows key, caps lock, scroll lock. None of the functional keys like the letters or even enter key will work, additionally when clicking on the different icons they will be highlited and then you can continue clicking additional icons and they will also be highlighted. The computer is running on windows 2000 and i'm wondering if this is a common problem or if anyone is familiar with any practical ways to fix it.

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Work Offline Or Try Again Message

I get the message if i don't do anything for 5-10 min on my computer. If i click try again it connects right away, is there an option to change to keep it from doing this?

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How To Get My Audio Ports To Work ?

I have the system in my spces and i cant get the audio to work on the mobo in the back. I have the cmstacker832 and i accidentally cut the realteck 97' audio wires on the mobo but the hd audio wires are still fine and i have the pluged into the sound connector on the mobo. The front ports do not work nor do the back. The system does recognize tho if somthing is plugged in the realteck sound device manager.

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Keyboard Keys Do Not Work

For some odd reason my keyboard is not working correctly. Whenever i try to get a capital(hold shift) it does something else. When i push l key its logs out. And more of this stuff, its almost as if i had a multi-functional keyboard from logitech which has these options. But its a keyboard without these features. Does anybody know if there is something in xp which can do this?

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Backup System For Work

Would like some advice on getting a new backup system for work please. We are updating are current sever and it will now have a 150gb hard disk, our current system only has 15gb and we are backing it up onto tape. Having had a look into large tape drives they seem to be quite expensive, so have been thinking about external hard drives. Can anyone suggest a good one to go for and where i can find some information about how they work etc. It will be running on a windows 2003 server.

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