Pc Restarts Instantly When Play Games

When i play games like quake 4 sometimes my pc restarts, just instantly. No warnings or any type of 'blue screen of death', just restarts, literally instantly when i least expect it. Now i've checked my 3500+ and the temps are fine at about 39c idle and my 7600 gt at about 51c idle. The much i can say is my antec 420 watt power supply was making really worrying noises lately and stinks of radiation. Sometimes i hear little sparks. My ram the crucial ballistix dd400 at 2-2-2-5 and i hav'nt really tested them yet for temps. My pc has been running just fine for months until my games started to bust up like this. The motherbard im using is the a8n-e rev2. The crappy power supply is the antec 420 watt. I cant even find its real name on the net so it must be cheap. It orginally came with a case. But if needs be i'm more than happy to buy an enermax liberty 500watt.

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Computer Restarts When Playing Games

I got a brand new 6800gt agp and since then my computer restarts when i play games, bf2 or css. I got a new power supply a 550watt 600watt peak mad dog thing. New big case. Do you think its my mobo? I got it with my emachines computer so its not like the top of the line. If its not the mobo/processor what could it be. I have plenty of fans. And if it is the mobo/processor can you suggest a processor/mobo for me.amd athlon with agp is what i got going now so id like to keep in the amd and agp family.

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Computer Restarts / Reboots When Playing Games

It has happened in left 4 dead mostly, and world of warcraft. Other than that im actually fine. First my computer specs. I have the gateway dx4710

Processor: intel core 2 quad q6600 (2. 4 ghz) ;
Ram installed: 6 gb ddr2 sdram ;
Hard drive: 640 gb standard
Video card: ati radeon hd3650 (updated drivers manually, cant find it on the ati website but it says up to date when i do it through hardware. ) I downloaded some supposed fix but yea that didnt workout. When im playing left 4 dead i experience no problems at all the game runs beautifully. Its just after like 20 minutes it happens at the exact same time usually my computer just shuts off and reboots. After that i press start windows normally and i can go on play dota orrr cs or anything for as long as i want. This problem happens in wow sometimes too but not as often as left 4 dead. I toned down the graphics although my computer handled the highest settings quite nicely, but i wanted to see if it was overheating and the inside seems ok. Although one time as my computer restarted i heard like a grinding from the inside of my computer and i shut it off immediately to prevent damage and i opened the case and checked for any loose pieces. I figured a wire was hitting the fan and moved it and haven't heard it since but idk. Anyways this problem is super annoying cuz i just bought the computer and the place we bought it from only has a 7 day return policy. Yes 7 days. But im sure gateway can offer some kind of thing. If you guys have any suggestions lemme know. It happens in wow too and wow is my primary game so i have to fix this. I can live without left 4 dead. Although its amazingly fun.

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Computer Restarts Playing Games, Music, Flash, Etc

My computer is restarting when i'm playing games, music, or using flash on the internet. Sometimes it can go 45 minutes to an hour, and sometimes it's only a few minutes before it restarts. Restarts in grand theft auto vice city, crimes of war, playing music in itunes, etc. It's really annoying, and my computer is a beast. I'd love to get this resolved. Also, as a note, for some weird reason i don't get bsods or anything. Just restarts or crashes. Yes, i've unticked the option in the control panel>system>error thing. I've even run windows on the boot option of "don't restart on system failure" or whatever. And it's not overheating, because my computer hardly gets over 100f.

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Msi Nvidia 6600 Freezes On Games And Restarts

I have a msi nvidia 6600, and a couple days ago i was playing video games without a glitch in sight. Than all the sudden i try to play my game, and little tiny red dots and other colors appear all over, than my computer restarts. After an hour of all these dots and glitches my computer usually goes back to normal. But i can't play computer games without it glitch up. I'm almost positive its the graphics card because i have tried getting new drivers, reinstalling old drivers, the works. I'm just not sure what to do from here.

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Computer Goes Down To 4 Bit Colour When Play Games

My modem can only connect once. If it is disconnected or the computer has been on for a while, the moden gets an error 50: request not supported. Unless i constaintly have music playing while i dial up to the internet, the sound will not work while i am on the internet, but sometimes works after i disconnect. Occasionally when i play games with high graphics, the computer goes down to 4 bit colour and has a "serious error". I would prefer not to have to re-install.

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T_t - Monitor Shuts Off While Play Games

My computer now is stable from heat but when i play games the monitor again shuts off. But after a while it backs o normal. And after a short time it happens again. But my v card is brand new. Why is this happening. T_t is there a way that i can put some thermal grease on the v card i think it overheats.

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Play Two Player Games With Two Keyboards On One Computer

I'd really want to know if there was a way for the computer to recognize two keyboards as separate things. This so i can play two player games with keyboards. Right now they are noticed as two, but they both control the same keys.

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Play Older Games Using New Video Card

I have a px8500gt, and recently i have been trying to play older games using virtual pc, and they are complaining about my video card. Is there any way to make my new card look older? (About win98 old)

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Keyboard And Mouse Non Responsive / Freezes When Play Games

When i start playing a game, especially an fps, about every 1-2 mins the mouse becomes non responsive/freezes and sometimes the keyboard "joins in", for about 5 seconds. I haven't updated any drivers before the problem. Its really annoying when playing css i have fixed the crosshair on someones head an not being able to shoot. Looks like it happens randomly. - Vista 32-bit
- Dell keyboard
- Logitech mx518

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Pci Video Card To Play Flash Games

What's the best pci video card to play flash games?

My girlfriend plays farmville, farmtown, and various other flash games. Running a dell with older 478 mb with 2. 4ghz p4. Thing is pegged at 100% usage and chokes. Thinking the best idea is to stick in a card that flash can be offloaded to. Looks like the 8400 gs has some anomalies and the 9400 is a little high. Any input is appreciated.

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Screen Flicker / Strobe When Try To Play Games In Sli

I recently got a second gtx280 gpu. I now run it in sli with my other card. Thing is when i go to play battlefield 2142 i get a flickering or strobing of color. When i disable sli it goes away. I also had this problem with battlefield bad company 2 beta. I am wondering if anyone knows why this is. Is it perhaps that one card is an evga ssc and the other is a stock leadtech? I have the current driver. Not the one that nvidia messed up but the one right before it.

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Setting Up A Two Computer Lan To Play Multiplayer Games

I want to connect two computers to each other so i can play multilayer games with friends, without worrying about pk'ers, crackers, and idiots. I went to best buy and got a cat6 cable, thinking all i needed to do is plug the two computers together and start playing. I was wrong. I went back to best buy and then they told me that i needed a "crossover cable" because the kind of cord i got needed a hub and another cable. So i traded my cable for a crossover one. I then came home with the notion that all i needed was to plug the two computers together and to know each other's ips to play. Again, i was wrong. After struggling for hours on end in the network connections and calling around for people who might know, we (me and my friend) wasted the whole weekend when we could've been death matching in a halo, half-life 2, and postal 2 binge of all binges. I come to you for a very simple, very short step-by-step instruction in the connecting two computers with one crossover cable. I'm talking so short that i could print the entire thing on one piece of paper. Thrice.

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Connecting Psp To Pc And Play Games On Computer Monitor

Can i connect my psp to my computer and play games on my computer monitor through my psp? I want to play my psp on my computer monitor.

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Mouse And Keyboard Cut Out At Random Times When Play Games

This just started recently, but when i play warcraft 3 on my computer, my mouse and keyboard cut out at random times for 2-3 seconds and my master volume turns up and down randomly as well. It's really *bleep*ing annoying and i really wish i could find some way to fix it without having to reinstall the game (can't find my cd keys). I've already updated my drivers, restarted multiple times, turned the computer off and walked away for a couple days and nothing.

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Monitor Doesn't Adjust To Scale When Play Games

When i play games, my monitor doesn't adjust to scale there are certain games that while i play, do not resize and adjust to my crt monitor. This was never a problem until i installed my new ati radeon 9800 all in wonder. Before i used an ati radeon 7000 and most of my games, such as diablo 2 and starcraft would resize accordingly. Now, there are tons of games that i want to play that for some reason, wouldn't readjust to my monitor. Text would sometimes be stretched out or squashed or that the screen would stretch out completely to the point i cannot see the icons on the side. At the moment, the only games that i've tried so far that adjust to my monitor/resize is warcraft 3, diablo 2 and unreal tournament. I'm having problems with starcraft. The image tends to look squashed.

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Dos Device Failed When Play Games With X1950 Pro Card

When i play my game (r6vegas) it can happen minutes or hours i get dos device failed insufficient resources to complete the task. Then it goes back to desktop and is at a lower resolution can any one help i get into my game then this happens it well bugging me ive got a amd4200x2 asus eax1950pro 1gb ram ddr400 on xp.

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Program Just Closes Instantly

Basically, i have started having apps and games crash to desktop, usually w/ no error message, no system freezing, audio looping, or anything like that. Basically the program just closes instantly, and system is back to running normally. This has happened in dream-weaver 8, left 4 dead, and demigod so far, though i suspect it would happen in other games and programs, too. I am using vista ultimate 64bit, install isn't too old, and have recently updated my vid card driver to the newest, 190ish i believe. I'm thinking it may be the problem, though the way the error happens makes me think that it is a memory problem. If it was a vid driver issue, why would it crash in dreamweaver?

The other thing w/ this issue, is that all the crashes may be unrelated? Dreamweaver is an older version, i have recently thrown mods at my l4d install, and demigod has always been crash prone, though i thought it was fixed after the last update. I ran memtest overnight on my system and it came up empty, so probably not a ram issue? Also, i'm going to roll back to an earlier nvidia driver and see if the problem persists. If the problem continues, i may wipe my system and install win7 64bit pro, but i was hoping to put that off for a bit. Any thoughts or ideas would be welcome,

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Create An Instantly Hard Disk Backup

I know that raid can create an instantly backup . Can i buy an external harddisk and have the same functionality as raid ? Any other ways to have 2 same copies at the same time ?

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Video Card To Play Play Left 4 Dead

Hello there, i was wondering what is the best video card? Because i asked a question a while ago on how to play left 4 dead on a net-book. But the gay there said i need a powerful pc to play it. Ok. I have a video card problem. Because. I think it is weak because it cant even enable the 3d acceleration in plants vs zombies! I was wondering if it has something to do with my video card? Or something wasn't installed like direct-x? And i searched here how to know video card brand. But i followed all instructions and i didn't see one! Or maybe i didn't just notice it? I think it's intel because everything i see is intel. So here is what i wanted in my question:

What is the problem of my video card?

What is the best video card brand?

Can someone tell me all the video card products of intel? And which is the best of it?

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Get Choppy Play Back When Play Dvd

I have a mini-itx based small form factor machine that i'd like to make into a multimedia box. The motherboard is ~1ghz with 1gb of ram. The machine can handle audio, and video files without a problem. Whenever i try to play hulu or dvds however i get choppy playback. (Youtube, even on hd, is fine however). If i get a decent pci video card (only 1 pci slot on the board), would that clear up the chop when i'm trying to play?

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Continuous Restarts

My machine has just today started totally freaking out - it will restart unexpectedly, and it is constantly giving me the ms "program xxx has encountered an error and must close" window for any number of programs (atitool, ccc, system restore, firefox, all sorts of things), and then restarting again, this started after i tried to turn off the machine (via start menu) and it would just restart instead. I can't find any odd processes running, and i even defragged just yesterday. I tried safemode and ran avast virusscan to look for viruses, and it even restarted then. I can't get through a scan w/o a restart. I'm totally perplexed - i build this system from scratch in january and this is the first and only thing that has gone awry that i haven't been able to pinpoint within minutes. Any ideas? Hardware failure? It's currently up and running for ~ an hour w/o issues but i'm not at all convinced the gremlin has departed.

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New Pc Auto Restarts

Was hoping to get some insight on why my new pc i just built, automatically restarts from time to time. . Um, i think that's all the relevant info, let me know if i'm leaving anything out. Anyways, it runs beautifully 95% of the time. But occasionally, at ostensibly random times, it will just restart. Sometimes, it's in the middle of playing a game. Sometimes, it's at night when i'm asleep, and there are no tasks running at all. Sometimes, it's when i'm reading e-mail. It restarts, then i get the simple windows error message, "the system has recovered from a serious error. " And this happens maybe 2-3 per week, since i built the pc a month ago. I doubt this will help, but if anyone can interpret the error signature. Its "bccode :

100000d1 bcp1 : 1000a8dc bcp2 : 00000002 bcp3 : 00000000
Bcp4 : ba5bfa4f osver : 5_1_2600 sp : 2_0 product : 256_1"

Also, i have speedfan, which is supposedly a temp monitor, but i sort of doubt its accuracy. It has my system temp average at about 40-42c, which, right or not, gives me a good idea of the relative temp. My specs:

-Core2 6600 @ 2. 4
-2 gb crucial
-Windows xp pro sp2
-Msi 975x platinum board
-Turbolink 500w ps
-Gforce 7950 gt 512mb
-Raptor 10k rpm hdd

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Computer Self Restarts

My computer self-restarts about 3 seconds after power down every-time unless i throw the switch on the power supply. I only have to turn off the power supply during that one 3 second moment; i can turn it back on immediately after without the computer turning on. This only happens after a normal soft off, and not if i hard off the system (holding the power button 5 seconds or whatever). Also happens if the system tries going into suspend mode, putting it into a zombie-like on-but-won't-wake-up state. All wake-on-(x) options are off in bios. Problem persisted before and after a new case build. In the old case build, i would hear an audible click from somewhere at the restart moment 3 seconds after power off, whether or not i had turned the power supply off. Any ideas?

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Computer Often Restarts Itself

But there are few problems with it. It often restarts itself, and very often just crashes and give me black screen, and i need to press reset, also pc turn off it self for a few times. My supply unit is 400w, maybe it not enough? So i hope you know solution to this problem.configurations:-
Mainboard: msi am2 nf570 sli
Processor: amd athlon 64 x2 5000+
Ram: 2gb ddrii ram
Hdd: 320 gb
Video: gf 8800gts pci-e 640mb

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Pc Boots And In The Xp Welcome Screen It Restarts

When i start the computer it boots and in the xp welcome screen it restarts. I have narrowed the porblem down to my graphics card abit geforce2 t400, i have tried to start it with my second card ati radeon ve and it goes into windows fine.

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Random Restarts, Freezes

I was loading up a game of il-sturmovic and the monitor turned black. So i restarted and nothing happened. I tried to boot up w/o a video card just to see if my mobo would beep, but it didnt. I switched the cpu to another computer but same thing happened, fans turned on, still black screen. No burnt smell, no smell, nothing. I put in a 1. 2ghz t-bird in my new machine and it ran fine. So since i have bought a xp 1800+. But now, even after restarting, my monitor goes black and the light on the monitor goes from green to orang. Sometimes if i press escape, it comes back. And other times it just restarts for no reason. This all happens while i am doing something, nothing big, usually just surfin, on mirc, or talkin on msn. Did i hurt anything in my sys when my 2000+ died? I tried my video card in another machine and it was fine.

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Computer Restarts While Gaming

My friends comp restarts while gaming or whenever there is excessive load (like burning cds, ripping etc. ) We think the problem could either be with the ram or power supply. How right are we? Besides we ran memtest and it showed nothing faulty. Wat could be the other possible causes for this to happen?

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Random Restarts When Idle

My last hard drive died, a maxtor 80gb sata, so i got a nice wd caviar 120gb sata (aajs). My other two hard drives are the first generation ide caviar 120gb. This is a complete fresh install of everything with the most updated drivers, service packs, and updates. Anyway, after the install, i've had issues with the computer randomly restarting, sometimes when it's idle, sometimes after continuous tasks (virus scan, seti@home). I've had problems with the ram before (crucial ballistix) and i've rma'd them 3 times, generally once each year, with the most recent rma in september. Only once had it been caused by overclocking. I've reset all timings to automatic, and they're running 3-4-4-8 2t @ 2. 7v. I've run memtest for an hour with no problems. (I'll run it throughout the night tonight and update). It had previously been overclocked, but when i started having problems, i reverted back to stock clocks on everything. I also installed a fan to sit on the ram to keep it from overheating. All of my temps are pretty good, with the exception of my northbridge, which hits about 54c on high load tasks like seti. I tried applying artic silver to the northbridge, but i don't know if a thermal pad would be better as the nb fan that came with the motherboard doesn't sit snug on top. I've got very little dust. I've got high flow air through the case. Any ideas on what i can try to figure out the problem? All along i've figured that the motherboard was faulty and causing the ram to die, but i don't know how to test for that.

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Computer Restarts Before Post

I have a computer i built almost 2 years ago and it's been fine without any issues until now. The other day i was on it and it just turned off. Whenever i try to restart it now it'll turn on for a second or two and then shut off and automatically keep repeating that till i flip the switch on the psu. It doesn't turn on the monitor either. I tried a different psu, i tried to unhook my graphics card, i took out my me ram, i even unhooked my reset switch. None of that worked. So then i tried to clear my cmos. If i have the jumper on the setting to clear it then it won 't turn on at all and clearing it didn't work. But if i put the cmos jumper on before it turns off it stays on it just doesn't turn on my monitor. My specs are

Gigabyte gap35ds3l
4 gigs of ocz ram

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