Computer Won't Work With 2 Ram Slots

Ok, i have a problem with my computer. I had currently had 2 gb of ram (2) 1 gb sticks. Previously i had some bluscreens and had removed both rams for testing. ( The problem was a faulty hard drive)

After new hard drive, i had inserted 2 sticks, and worked fine. I later found out (after 2 days) that the system was only detecting 1gb, so i checked. One stick was not fully inserted. I remove it, clean it, and insert it properly. But now my system won't post or beep or send vga signal if any ram is inserted in that specific ram slot. I've tested both sticks separately, computer boot fine. The problem seems to occur when any ram is in that specific slot. Both or individually. Is there a chance that something had happened to that slot because i didn't insert it properly in the first place? Is this slot useless now?

Just to be clear, i was working normally with both sticks before, and the problem seems to occur only with that slot. ( Tried timing the ram correctly, cleaning, testing) i'm a computer technician, but this is a very new and rare problem; the first time i've encountered this.

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Motherboard With 4 Ram Slots

Im just wonder for motherboards with 4 ram slots

http://www.Tigerdirect. Ca/applications/searchtools/item-details.asp?Edpno=1179727&tab=2&nomapp=0

They can all hold the same ram right? Is there any reason there all different colors.

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Dual Channel Ram Into 3 Slots

My mobo has four ddr2 ram slots. I have 2 x 512mb kingston (800 mhz) and a single 1024mb corsair (667mhz). Is it possible to put these memories in to 3 slots and use it? What are the pros and cons ? :Ohmy:

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Will 64 Bit Pci Cards Work In Normal Pci Slots ?

Will 64 bit pci cards work in normal pci slots, or do you need a server class board with 64 bit slots? Cannot remember right now, hence why i'm asking.

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Connect A Ide Hdd To Computer With Isa Slots

I am wondering if it is possible to connect a new ide hd to an older computer with old isa slots. The mobo is an at style, 33mhz 8-bit bus (i think). Is there anywhere you can buy an adapter for this? Or is it even possible to go from a fast modern hard drive to a ridiculously slow computer? And if so how?

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Ram Won't Work

I had only 64 mb of ram (pc 100)in my computer so i went out and bought another stick of ram, 64 mb/pc 100. I put in the new stick in the other slot using one of those static bracelet things, and when i turn my computer on, there are a whole bunch of characters across the screen and the computer tries to keep booting. I tried to just put the 1 stick in and the computer doesn't turn on at all! Can someone please help? I am still running with the orignal 64mb.

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3 Ram Sticks Won't Work

I have an asus p4pe mother board. P4 2. 4ghz processor, ti4200 video card, and 512 mb ram as of now. The ram installed right now is kingston kvr333x64c25/512. Or 512mb 333mhz ddr pc2700 dimm cl2. 5. I just bought two more identical sticks. I know i've installed them correctly, i pressed them down till the latches click and lock in securely. With all 3 sticks installed, the computer will not boot. The monitor has power, but just shows a black screen. If i just have two sticks installed. The computer will boot and everything works fine. Is there some bios setting i need to fiddle with to make all 3 work. Or is there some other real obvious thing im missing?

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Hp Mini 210-1100 Ram Wont Work

I just bought an hp mini 210-1100, and it came with 1gb of pc3-10600 ddr3 ram. I've wanted to upgrade this to a 2gb stick, but when i purchased and installed one, it would not boot. I couldn't even get into the bios, just gave me a black screen. The new stick was also pc3-10600, and was supposedly 1333mhz. Now according to the hp service manual, the included 1gb is only 667mhz, and i must replace it with another 667mhz. How is that possible when they're both pc3-10600. ? How can one be 1333mhz and one is 667mhz?

In either case, i've returned the ram, and need to find whatever it is that is compatible with my laptop. Anybody know what i should do? Oh, and don't even try to tell me that my laptop can't handle 2gb; it was an option in the customization, i only didn't choose it because it wanted me to buy windows 7 to get the upgrade (which i already had a copy of and have installed already, 64-bit). Oh, and my bios is up to date as well.

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Slots Checking Software

I have a new agp card which won't work. I suspect the slot to be the culprit. Is there any software that check whether the slot is working proper?

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Pci Express Slots

You know those small pci-e slots? Not the one for videocards, the small one that is like 1 1/2 inches long. What utilizes those now? I havn't seen anything that can go in it yet.

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Computer Won't Work

Computer won't turn on? Ok so i've been having problems where my computer shuts down whenever i do something like play games, watch movies, or simply sync on itunes, somehow, it started working again, after i connected the second fan, so it started letting me play games again, though they were very laggy, so i tried everything to get it fast again, i deleted 5 gig worth of stuff. Virus scans, defrag, disk cleanup, and downloaded game booster (which helped minorly) so thinking the ram was loose or dusty i removed the 4 gigs of ram and the graphics card, dusted them, put them back. And now it won't turn on! The monitor won't recognize anything at all, and the computer will stay for 30 sec and shut off, then turn on itself and repeat before staying off. Please help!

I already tried removing them and placing them back in. My video card is geforce 9500 gt btw

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I Have Run Out Of Pci Slots, Need Firewire

I've just bought an ipod and need to connect it to my pc. I've only got 2 pci slots (currently sound card & ethernet card) and one coms port (unused). I know i can buy a usb cable for the ipod but its going to be about 2 weeks to get one and i'm impatient. Does anyone have a solution on how to get firewire. Does anyone know if a 5 1/2" drive that connects to ide exists, because that would be the ideal solution. (Ps i know that the best solution would be to get a decent motherboard with more that 2 pci slots, but i was hoping for a less dramatic answer)

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Pci Slots On Asus P5e64 Ws

I was looking at a pic of the asus p5e64 ws prof mobo and thought if you were running two radeon 3870's would you still be able to use both the pcie slot or not ?

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Java Doesn't Work Right With My Computer

I've had my computer for about 6 months now and i realized that some programs will just freeze up my computer when i try to load them. To name a few, the games on the website, limewire, and a physics program called phet. I tried to install phet yesterday when my computer froze, and since then i've been thinking about whats wrong with my computer. I've re-installed windows twice since i built my computer, so it has to be something wrong with the hardware. Then i thought to myself, and i'm pretty sure all of these programs are written in java. Does the problem lie within my hard drive, or my ram?

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Need To Build A Computer For Work, $1200 Budget

I do internet marketing and it's time for a new office computer. Using a 4 yrs old dell and it's just become too slow. Looking to build a quiet, and powerful computer i can use for work for a few years. The last time i built a computer was 9 years ago so i'm very unfamiliar with today's technology and would appreciate any help. I'm also really interested in getting a ssd harddrive. 1) what will you be doing with this pc? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? Etc
Work. Websurfing, excel. 2) what's your budget? Are tax and shipping included?
1200 before shipping and taxes

3) where do you live?
Atlanta, i'm near a fry's

4) what exact parts do you need for that budget? Cpu, ram, case, etc. Please be very specific. Everything. 5) if reusing any parts, what parts will you be reusing? Please be especially specific about the power supply. List make and model. Mouse, keyboard, speakers, monitors. No computer hardware though

6) will you be overclocking?

7) what size monitor do you have and/or plan to have?
Three dell 20" monitors

8) when do you plan on building/buying the pc?

9) what features do you need in a motherboard?
Raid? Firewire? Crossfire or sli support? Etc. No clue

10) do you already have a legit and reusable/transferable os key/license? If so, what os? 32bit or 64bit?

Nope, looking to buy windows 7.

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Memory Dimm Slots In Dual Mode

I'm looking to buy an (asus p5gc-mx 1333 motherboard) the board comes with 2 dimm memory module slots that takes 4gb of ram max. My question is, is it necessary to run the modules in dual mode 2gb + 2gb in each slot = 4gb? Or could i just use 2gb in one slot and 1gb in the other = 3gb? I'm running windows xp which means it will only read 3gb anyway, so this is where i get confused. If i run 4gb windows will only read 3gb which in effect will not be running in dual mode because the modules are unbalanced, and if i use 2gb + 1gb = 3gb again! This will be unbalanced not in dual mode, sorry for the confusion but this is the only way i can interpret it. So do i have to run these modules in dual mode? Or can i just use a 2gb + 1gb and leave it at 3gigs?

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Usb Devices Do Not Work When I Wake Computer From Sleep

Periodically when i wake my computer from sleep my usb devices do not work. In most cases even when they do it takes 15 seconds or so, but not always. Sometimes they begin to work if i unplug then plug them back in. My computer goes into an s3 power state for sleep. This has been the strangest board i've ever owned in regards to sleep. I cannot turn the wake from usb option on. The computer goes to sleep and immediately kicks out of it if i do. Its all completely random, and i hate to have to do a hard reset when it does occur.

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Random Shut Down, Computer Doesn't Work Now

About 15 minutes ago my computer just randomly shut down. I preceeded to reboot it and when it got to the 2nd bios screen it says boot record ide-0. Ok or something like that, and from there on nothing else boots or goes or works for that matter it just stays there. Did my drive die?

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Case With Dual Psu Support And 8+ Expansion Slots

I'm looking for a case that has at least 8 pci expansion slots and that can house two power supplies. I have only managed to find cases that are no longer sold. All tips are welcome.

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Asus P5kpl / 1600 Motherboard Ddr2 Slots

Does anyone know how many ddr2 slots asus p5kpl/1600 motherboard have? I searched on the internet but didn't find anything.

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Tried To Switch Out Video Card - Now Computer Won't Work

So yeah, for whatever reason i thought my old psu had two connector ports for my new 260, but unfortunately that was not the case. Anyways after finding this out, i went back to resetting my old vid card. I went to fire up the pc and what do you know. Nothing (no fans, lights, nothing). Anyone have any idea why this must be? Any suggestions as to what i could try to get it working again?

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Ram Not Working For My Computer

I bought 2 1gb sticks of ram and they re not working. Heres the specs of the ram i bought and my system below. New ram info:

Model: f1-4000usu2-2gbhv

Item package quantity: 1

Hardware platform: pc

Ram memory technology: dram, ddr sdram

Form factor: dimm 184-pin


G. Skill extreme series f1-4000usu2-2gbhv - memory - 2 gb : 2 x 1 gb - dimm 184-pin - ddr - 500 mhz / pc4000 - cl3 - 2. 6 - 2. 8 v - unbuffered - non-ecc

My system info:

Maximum memory capacity: 2048mb

Currently installed memory: 1gb

Available memory slots: 0

Total memory slots: 2

Dual channel support: no

Cpu manufacturer: genuineintel

Cpu family: intel(r) pentium(r) 4 cpu 2. 40ghz model 2, stepping 7

Cpu speed: 2399 mhz

Gateway tower

Each memory slot can hold ddr pc2700 with a maximum of 1gb per slot. *

*Not to exceed manufacturer supported memory. Q: how much memory can my computer handle?

A: 2048mb. Adding the maximum amount of memory will improve performance and help extend the useful life of your system as you run increasingly demanding software applications in the future. I have two slots. Both can upgrade to 1gb per slot. I have 512mb in each right now. Can anyone tell me why this ram wont work?

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Use Slave Drive As Computer Ram

I have an old 60gb hard drive that i made into a slave drive and works good. But i only have 512mb of ram and at the moment i can't afford to buy more ram. So i was thinking: is there a way to make say 5gb of my slave drive and make my computer use it as ram?

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Computer Won't Recognize Ram

I recently installed a 1gb stick in my brother's computer. He currently has 2x1gb sticks. I tried the other 2 slots on his mobo, but the computer won't recognize it either way. This is on an hp computer, not sure on the specific model though. Let me know if any other info is needed, but what do i need to do?

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Installed Ram Computer Wont Boot

I recently bought a pair of "corsair 4gb (2 x 2gb) 240-pin ddr2 sdram ddr2 800 (pc2 6400) dual channel. " I'm upgrading from my 2gb ocz ddr2 ram from last year. So when i went to install the new ram, i took out the old ocz ram and put in the new corsairs. I started the computer but the monitor will not display anything! So i decided to move things around and i was finally able to boot the computer up after removing one of the ram sticks. It will not load with both and i have no idea why. It's really frustrating not being to load both since one is 2gb and the old ram were 2gb together. Also, the old ocz rams won't work anymore either. Can anyone help me on this please? How can i get both of my ram working together?

Here's some info on my computer:
Mobo : ecs g31t-m
Vidcard: xfx nvidia 8600gt
Two hdd 120gb & 250gb
One dvd-ram drive

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How To Find Out Maximum Ram Capacity For Computer ?

I'm trying to add a little memory to my in-laws computer. It's an intel board, model d845glly. It's got two slots, 133mhz fsb. I would post a link to intel's page on the board, but apparently i'm too new of a member. So if you go to, slash support, slash motherboards, slash desktop, slash d845glly slash sb, slash cs-012825.htm, you can see it ;-). On their info page it states that the maximum memory capacity is 2gb, which is what i'd like to stick in it. But on the chart on the same page, it lists 512mb as the maximum capacity per slot, and there are only two slots. Alternatively, i went to crucial's site, and did their evaluation, and it says the same thing. It states that the board can take 2gb of memory, but each slot can only hold 512mb. So what's the deal? Can i put a 1gb stick in each slot, or am i stuck with only being able to put 1gb total in it? It needs more memory desperately, currently it has 256mb total. Or do you think that 2gb of ram would be overkill on this system? It's got a 1. 7ghz celeron in it, so would there be much of a noticeable difference from 1gb to 2gb? Maybe i shouldn't bother trying to get 2gb in there?

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Computer Doesn't Recognize New Ram

My computer will not restart after installing new ram. I keep getting the screen with the options of "start windows normally" or "last known configuration that worked", it doesn't matter which
Option i choose it keeps returning to this screen. When i am prompted to press f11, i get a blue bios screen, one which says that some new hardware or software is not compliant, and that windows will shut down to prevent damage. I have checked and rechecked to make sure the new sticks were installed correctly, and unfortunately the only way for my computer to start normally is to revert to using the factory installed "single" stick. What do i have to do to get this new ram to work?

Listed below are the specs for my computer, along with the new ram:

Gateway 530mx, intel pentium 4, processor 530, 3ghz, 160gd hd 7200rpm. 512mb ddr dual channel memory
*New memory: (2) 512mb pc2100 ddr266 266mhz.

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Ram And Graphics Specs For A Gaming Computer

I plan on building a custom computer. How much should i spend on ram and my video card to have good performance on games?

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Getting Detailed Analysis Of A Computer Cpu, Ram, Hdd

Is their any way of getting detailed analysis of a computers cpu, ram, hdd etc. Without using any extra software. I want to do this on 98, me, 2000, and xp.

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Install New Ram, Computer Starts Loading Up Very Slowly

My computer has one stick pc2700 512mb and one stick pc2100 256mb. Total of two slots for memory. Today i bought a stick of pc2700 512mb ram to replace the pc2100 256mb one with. I installed it in my computer, and switched it on. For about thirty seconds after booting, everything was fine. The memory showed up under the "my computer" information window and everything. Then, everything went haywire. The computer started loading things up very slowly, taking several seconds to open/close windows, call up the start menu, and so on. Eventually it simply froze (mouse still moving, but no clicks having any effect). I switched it off then back on, and it got through the windows xp loading screen then before the login menu just froze to a black screen. Switched off then back on again, started in safe mode, and got to the login screen, but upon logging in, was told explorer.exe had encountered an error and was being closed, so, no desktop. I was looking in the ctrl-alt-delete window for the "run programs" button (i thought i remembered there being one there) when the computer spontaneously reset itself. After the winxp login screen, it flashed a bunch of text for a split second and spontaneously reset itself again. At this point i shut it off, took the new ram out, put the old ram back in, literally shaking with nervous tension as i switched it back on. Well, i'm now typing this email from the computer i'm talking about, so as you can see, everything turned out okay. What do you think the problem was? I suspect it was a wattage problem. Does this sound accurate to you guys? (Old computer. 250 watt power supply. )

Taking a look, installation of a new power supply looks actually kind of complicated. It looks like i"m going to have to unhook everything inside my machine. I am not at all mechanically inclined, so this is not an inviting prospect. So if there are any other theories/suggestions how to fix this, i would be quite grateful.could it just be the fact that i'm mismatching brands of ram? Someone told me that's not ideal-but it's not that bad to do so, is it?

(Also, btw, do you think i'll see any performance gain in games by (as i tried to do) moving my ram from pc2100 (266mhz) to pc2700 (333mhz) and adding 256mb? Or would it be undetectable?)

Amd athlon 2000+
Geforce fx5700le
768mb pc2100 ram

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