Logitech Usb Headphones, Will Sound Card Improve Performance ?

I got this very nice logitech usb headphones and i was thinking about getting a audigy x-fi sound card. However since the headphones i like so much is usb(and dont wanna replace cuz it'll cost money. So my question is , even though my headphones are usb will a new sound card improve the performance? I was just wondering because since the headphones plug into the usb ports and not directly into the sound card.

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Does Usb Connection Improve Sound ?

I bought a usb device that allows me to put my pink and green leads " from my speakers and my headset mic " i connected them in and put it in my usb device and my sound seems pretty different! I am uncertain if it is better or worse? But i normally had a hard time hearing music from my left speakers until i connected them to a usb device instead, now i hear the right and left perfectly! It appears better but i am also not sure what the story is? Is the usb connection better? I also have a sound card, is this making my sound card not being used? Since the connections are no longer plugged into the sound card?

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Will A 10,000 Rpm Drive Really Improve Gaming Performance ?

It seems that most people say that it barely improves gaming performance and drives like the velociraptor, arent really worth the extra money. Any ideas?

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Does System Performance Improve With Fast Hard Drive ?

Does system performance inprove with a small gb fast hard drive? I have a samsung f1 750gb i use for my main drive, os and all my stuff, thats quite alot. I have aload of 160 and 80gb drives also, is it worth putting the os on the smaller drives and using the 750 for programs etc?

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Amp Vs Sound Card For Headphones

I just bought a pair of hd650s and bithead and i can't believe what i've been missing all these years. I feel stupid!

Anyways, of course now i only want to get even better sound!

So whats the best way to upgrade. Should i swap my bithead for a better amp or should i get a sound card to plug the headphones in?

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Need A New Sound Card, Headphones, Mic

So i decided it is probably about time to retire my hd485's that are falling apart, my pos on-board sound card is pretty lame, and my microphone just decided to stop working. Budget is about $300usd. Microphone doesn't need to be anything special, preferably something that i can clip-on to my headphones, as long as it doesn't sound too terrible i could care less. I like listening to bass-heavy music and playing fps games, so headphones with a good 3d layout would be ideal. I notice with my hd485's it's pretty hard to tell which direction shots are coming from, much easier with my half-broken steel-series 5h. Too bad those don't work at all anymore, piece of advice: never buy steel-series anything, it's just overpriced garbage. I have been told the beyerdynamic dt770's are pretty good, but they cost a bit more than i want to pay, unless someone can find me a deal on them (i recall seeing them on amazon a while ago for $110 ish)

Sound cards i have no clue. I've only owned an audigy 2 and audigy 2 zs, and have been sticking it out with my on-board for a while.

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Gaming Sound Card For Ad700 Headphones

Need a new sound card to complement my audio technica ad700 headphones. Primary use would be gaming. Would like to pay $100 but if everything at this price point won't really bring out the ad700's potential then don't mind paying more.

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Logitech Z-5500 And Creative Sb X-fi Sound Card

Well i have the logitech z-5500 as i want to scare the neighbors! The only problem is that it only comes with a direct style connection (not sure of the exact terminology) and my brand spanking new creative sound blaster x-fi sound card has a digital in/out on it. (It has an optical option)

Now when i used the direct color coded cables that came with the speakers, i can get a 6 channel direct sound mode that is not all the bad. However, i was the best i can get with my setup. I have an optical cable, but when i connect the optical cable into the speaker system and my pc, nothing happens and it does not recognize a digital connection. What am i doing wrong? Does anyone else have a logitech z-5500 that is hooked up with a digital connection? I am so frustrated and confused with technology right now it is ridiculous!

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Forte 7.1 Auzentech Sound Card Issue With Headphones

I can't get the zalman microphone to work in windows 7. I'm not sure i have it hooked up correctly. I have the senheisser headphones hooked to the special connector on the back of the sound-card and the mic hanging off the octopus connector on the sound-card. Any help would be greatly appreciated. These 3 devices 1

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Usb Headphones Produce Poor Quality Sound

My headphones have been working fine till just recently where i have rewired my room. It's definitely not the headphones as i have tested it on other computers. I have tried reinstalling the driver, jacking it into other ports and updating drivers; but no cigar. Do you guys have a clue on what to do? Btw, the headphones produce a really poor quality sound with static being heard. Same goes for the microphone.

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How Much Xfx Ati Hd 4870 1gb Card Improve Wow Framerate ?

Currently i run wow on 1680x1050 with vsync off i get around 100fps give or take a few depending the area. Current configuration:-

E8400 3. 0ghz w/ dark knight hsf
4gb ddr2 800 (2 sticks)
Nvidia 512mb 9600gt

Antec earthwatts ea500 500w continuous power atx12v v2. 0 sli certified crossfire ready psu ($75 even though 500w only,

Card i want: xfx ati hd4870 1gb:

Two part question:- how much fps will this improve me, or will it just allow me to crank up anti-aliasing and other settings i don't mess with? Also, would getting a 24'' monitor and running 1920x1200 (or whatever is one step up from 1680x1050 be even better? Take psu into account please)

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Best Price / Performance For Noise Cancelling Headphones ?

I have the distinct impression that i'm making myself deaf playing my ipod mini's headphones loud enough to hear over the city busses i ride often. I'd like to buy a pair of noise-cancelling headphones that'll hopefully let me get the same signal-noise ratio without ruining my hearing. I've used a friend's bose quietcomfort 2 cans, and they were excellent, but they also cost far more than i can really afford. Another friend has a sony set, but i don't remember them being so good, but that was a number of years ago. What brand/model do you guys reccomend for that kind of portable use? I'd like to stay under $200, if at all possible.

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Usb Sound Card

I've decided i can't live with the line noise coming from integrated sound cards anymore. Looking for something that works on both my macbook pro (osx and 64bit windows 7 beta) and my 64bit vista desktop, preferably with a nice dac and 5. 1 sound. Preferably $100 or below. I've been looking at the x-fi 5. 1 surround:-


But a couple of reviews said that it lags, which is a big red flag for me. Just wondering if anyone else out there has a comparable solution.

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Sound Card + Usb Headset

I have usb headset, my old plantronics gamecom pro1 which i believe has it's own onboard sound processing. I'm using p35 mobo's realtek audio right now, and i was thinking about getting nice sound card for gaming. Would my headset's onboard processing interfere with sound card/ does it make sense for me to get sound card at all with this headset?

Don't know much about audio/sound cards.

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Supreme Fx Ii - Vs - Steelseries Usb Sound Card

I had the steelseries usb sound card on my old computer and i just built a new computer and my mobo (asus p5e) came with the supreme fx ii sound card? I know both the soundcards aren't all that good, but i just wanted to know which would give me the better sound? I am not in the market for a better soundcard yet so i will make due with what i have now.

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Usb Sound Card For Laptop Under $250

I want to eventually get a receiver and some bookshelf speakers. I would like to know the best usb sound card that i can use for my laptop which is my main computer. I really would like to keep it under $250 is possible.

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Creative X-fi Usb Sound Card Windows 7

I've had this for about a year now and its worked great. I bought it originally as a way to pass through optical from my computer to my receiver. Now my previous setup is long gone and i still use this external card with my krk rp 5 g2's. Its worked great but i never once installed the creative software. Today i was browsing creative website and i noticed an updated driver for windows 7 for this device updated sep 2nd. I decided to give it a shot and download it. First thing i noticed was the crystallizer and cmss 3d. Both add some "flavor" to the music which i actually enjoy. Second thing i noticed was hey! I can use the knob on my sound-card after a year of having it to control the sound but alas, theres now one huge annoying issue. Snap, crackle, and pop! Every so often at random during music playback (windows media player, pandora one, etc) i would hear this. Is there any available fix or unofficial drivers to alleviate this? I want to be able to use this damn knob. But not at the cost of annoying cracking.

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External Usb Sound Card Between $100 And $200

At the office i have a stereo system cobbled together from an old cambridge audio integrated amp, rega planet cd player and epos bookshelf speakers. It gets to be a drag bringing in - and taking home - a few cds every day. So, i've bought a wd terabyte hd and have copied most all of the flac-format music off my home htpc onto it. I want to use the laptop at work as a conduit (after installing foobar) between the wd hdd and the integrated amp which only has stereo analog inputs but not digital coax s/pdif, so i'm looking for an audiophile-grade external sound-card between $100 and $200 to fit the bill. I'm leaning towards an emu 0404 or something from m-audio but they both have a lot of pro-audio/musician type features that i have no need for. Are either these the best bets or is there anything else out there?

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Usb Sound Card With 5.1 Output Via Optical Or Digital Coax

I'm using an older computer as kind of an htpc. It only has stereo 3. 5mm jack output. I'd like to hook it up to my receiver to watch movies in surround sound. Is there a usb "sound card" that will give me 5. 1 digital output using toslink / optical?

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X-fi V/s Logitech G35 Simulated 7.1 On Headphones

Any advice on which simulates 3d audio better and has fewer compatibility issues, (if any), for pc gaming?

With my sb x-fi i can simulate 7. 1 on any headphones by enabling cmss-3d in the creative audio console. Alternatively, logitech g35 headphones (usb) can simulate 7. 1 with, i believe, some dolby algorithm. Anybody with experience with both?

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Sound From Headphones To Microphone

I have the genius model hs-05a headset. My problem is this - every sound from the headphones goes through the microphone, too. Meaning than when i talk on skype with my friends they hear all the sounds i hear. I would really appreciate it if somebody tells me how to fix it.

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Sound Comes Out Of Tweeter When I Plug In Headphones

I just got my m audio av40s and when i plug in my headphones into the phone jack, the sound just only comes out of the control tweeter and doesn't send any sound to the earphones. My audio input is via 3. 5mm aux-in for now right next to the headphone jack, could that be why? Could it be software based with the realtek audio manager, or is it a hardware defect?

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Logitech Z-cinema 2.1 Surround Sound

I am looking into a new set of speakers that deliver something special compared to my current ones. I have a great sound card and really need to replace the ones i got to make better use of my sound card. I can only get a 2. 1 system as i do not have enough space for a 5. 1 setup. I had a look on komplett. Ie and found these to be the most expensive 2. 1 i could find:

http://www.Komplett. Ie/k/ki.aspx?Sku. Ed#producttabs

It seems great! But it says its a usb speakers, does that mean i can't connect it up to my sound card? Or will it have the usual green lead to put into the sound card? " Noob alert "

Or could anyone recommend a better set of speakers?

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Which Headphones Sound Similar To The Krk Rokit G2s ?

My friend has krk rokit g2s hooked up to his computer and they seem to perform very well for music. Unfortunately i don't think i'd make full use of them because my neighbors are lame so i'm kind of forced to use headphones. Can anyone recommend some headphones that sound as good as these monitors?

Price is always a concern, and i doubt it will be possible to find something in the $70-100ish range that will perform as well as these but i'm willing to take a slight hit in performance if the difference is spending $80 instead of $280 on some headphones. Something under $150 would be nice but if it's slightly more then feel free to list it. Also if that price range is impossible for that kind of quality just list anything under $300. I'll mostly be listening to music, recording guitar tracks, and occasionally playing games if it matters. A good balance is much more important to me than crazy bass with washed out treble/mids.

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Usb Headset Vs Sound Card + Headset

It's been a long time since i've looked into headsets, and owning a *great* one i have to ask the question yet again. Currently, i use a medusa 5. 1 surround headset that is plugged into my sound card for positional audio in gaming. It works pretty well. That said - i have looked at some of the newer headsets, and they are all usb, pretty much eliminating the need for me to have a sound card at all.

My question is - how good are these usb headphones (specifically for gaming) if they come from logitech or razer or something? Is the cpu usage going to go up a lot (this was why i went the way i did with the medusas), and are there any real benefits to having a sound card any more?

I don't watch movies or listen to music much on the pc, and even if i do i don't care about the sound quality. I have a nice home theater for all that. Anyway, i was thinking about buying the g35 headphones from logitech but i'm hesitant because of the past information i've had, so i wanted to vet it all with you guys first .

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Sound Card Or Onboard Sound

Do you have a a sound card or do you just use onboard? I have had issues with both and i can't figure out if i want to buy one or just use onboard. Some people claim onboard slows down the processor, is that true and if it is will you really notice it? I always hear about issues with sound cards not working with certain games and i had my own issues so i've stayed away from them. Any other pc gamers out there use a sound card?

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Usb To Ps2 Performance Loss

I was thinking of moving my mouse and keyboard from usb ports to ps2 ports. Would i experience any performance loss from doing so ? I use the logitech g15 keyboard and the razer lachesis mouse if that matters. I was thinking of doing this to save some usb ports.

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How Much Of A Performance Loss By Using Usb Hard Drive ?

Ive lost a important connector on my laptop mobo i was thinking of buying a usb hard drive for it, i have seen you can get a 7200rpm hard drive but i think ill get a 5400rpm as the fact that its usb connected will mean that will be the limit of the speed! Am i right? Also how much of a performance loss will i have? I am only using it for running the internet and utorrents!

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Usb Headphones With Mic

Since i started playing games that require voice chat recently i need a new usb headset, since i cant be bothered to switch between speakers and headphones while playing (and my old headphones are pretty greasy after nearly 9 years )

Are headphones without a mic + a clip on mic the better alternative right now or will the sound quality suffer if i use a clip on microphone. I'm pretty much open to any idea. Price range would be 100$-150$.

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Mic To Usb Converter Headphones

I recently bought a sennheiser 350 which has a mic, unfortunately for my sound card, it only has a digital line in/mic jack which is shared. I am already using the digital line in jack so there is no room for my mic to be plugged in. Enabling the mobo sound-card causing some weird sound issues to make the mic work. So i am wondering if any of you know a good mic to usb converter or some sort of y adapter to share the two. Thanks in advance!

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