I Can Move The Mouse But Not Click On Anything

Problem i have is with my mouse. The last time it was in use i was having some minor issues with it cutting in and out on my laptop but i figured that may have been the laptop. My problem comes when i boot the system and load in i can move the mouse but not click on anything, i got the drivers installed but still nothing. I then uninstalled the drivers this morning and after a few minutes of still not being able to click i can now. Mouse: razer diamonback (not the 3g), os: vista ultimate 64bit. I have attempted to put the mouse in a couple different usb spots and they all have the same problem on boot up and not being able to click on anything.

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Mouse Can Move But Doesn't Recognize Any Click

I have a gigabyte 7v-axp motherboard using a ps/2 mouse. Yesterday some water was spilt on my keyboard and mouse (not by me), anyway keyboard and mouse did not work a new keyboard and mouse. Keyboard works fine but mouse does not. The mouse will move but will not recognize any kind of click. The left mouse button occasionally responds and the right never does. When the left mouse button does work it does not work properly. I have tried using the mouse in a usb port and still does not work. Updated the driver from microsoft but i have ruled out it being a driver problem since i dual boot with linux and the mouse does not work in linux. So now im leaning on being a motherboard problem, but it is odd that the mouse can move fine without a problem and does light up when windows starts, etc. The only thing i could thing of is the bus that the clicks go through on the motherboard maybe shorted out?

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Mouse Single Click Does Double Click

I used different mice (one with rubber ball and another optical) and both give me the same problems. The rubber ball mouse was connected via ps2 and the optical is usb. When i click-drag, two different situations happen. It's either i'm not able to drag at all (as if the mouse button was let go before i drag, but i'm sure my finger's pressed down on the left mouse button), or i get an incomplete click-drag (aka, the mouse acts like i released the left mouse button while dragging. )

Sometimes, the partial click-drag happens, and without letting go of the left mouse button, another area is click-dragged (along the mouse pointer path). It doesn't matter what application i'm using - word, photoshop, programming language editors, even trying to highlight text on ie's address bar is a gamble. I checked all my hardware configurations in control panel | system and windows doesn't show any irq conflicts or corrupt drivers. It says "this device is working properly" for my mouse and all usb ports. There are times that when i single click, the mouse "quantum-jumps" to a different location on the screen. Then i can drag the mouse from there. This doesn't happen very frequently but it's frequent enough to slow me down in the things i need to do. The interrupted drag happens probably around 90% of the time i try to perform the task. Then there's that "evil single click" that acts as a double click. If i were in ie, clicking the back button once will take me two pages back. This evil single click is probably the cause of why i'm unable to click-drag effectively.

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Ps2 Mouse Right Click Does Not Work

I am using win xp with service pack 2. Recently i got this problem right mouse click did not work. I checked my virus guard updated it, scanned nothing doing. Changed my mouse to serial same problem exist. Reinstalled the win xp, problem didn't go, but some times it works unable to say when, can some one help me out with this?

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Mouse Cursor Click Triggering

For no obvious reason my laptop has developed a fault where if you move it slightly it triggers the mouse click and starts triggering actions (depending on where the cursor is pointing). Anybody experienced this before?

For example if you are sitting with it on your lap surfing the web then adjust your sitting position you end up navigating to different web pages - any thoughts?

It is a fujitsu siemens amillo laptop.

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On Click Mouse Highlight / Select Everything On A Page

I seriously have no idea what's been going on. My mouse seems to have become possessed today as it's doing some funky things. I have the mx duo keyboard and mouse combo and have owned them for less than a year. Problems that i are having with it are primarily with its responses. Sometimes when i click on certain links the poitner turns into a "wrong or no sign" (basically a circle with a line through it). Other times when i click only once on a page or on desktop and try to scroll down it begins to highlight everything. It's as though the mouse is lagging. I don't think it's any of my applications. The only thing i have recently changed about my setup is my monitor, but everything else has been fine up until now. Does anyone know if gel padded mouse pads can wear enough to the point that the mouse doesn't read correctly? Anyone have any suggestions?

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Make Mouse Auto Click With Out Using A Macro Program

Is there a way that i can make my mouse auto click with out using a macro program or what ever like i want to do it with hardware i want the mouse to click like after every 7 sec if this is possible.

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Noise When I Move My Mouse

I just upgraded my computer. Got new case/psu, cpu, mobo, ram, hd, currently using windows vista ultimate 64bit. Whenever i move my mouse my computer makes weird static noise. Its not coming from speaker, its coming directly from desktop. I thought it was motherboard(had asus 780v board) so swapped to a 780gxe board(asrock) but its making same noise. I tried unplugging my hard-drive while in windows but noise didn't stop. It start to make noise when booted to windows. No noise in bios. Is this mean my power supply? Or is it normal? Only thing i could think of is power supply but its weird that i'm getting this noise when booted to windows.system:-

X2 7750 kuma
Ocz 4gig 1066 mem
Antec 380 earth watt power supply.

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Mouse Move Uncontrollably

Why does my touchpad laptop mouse move uncontrollably? I've been having this problem with my mouse, sometimes it's okay, but at other times it just keeps moving towards the right of the screen, and i have to fight to just click the "start" button. I already ran a scan and it's no virus or spyware. I googled for a bit, and i found it could be a driver problem, but i updated all my drivers already and "reinstalled" all the drivers too, but problem persists; even now, i'm having trouble with the spell check.

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Computer Turns On When Move Mouse

My mouse turns on when i move it. Just have to slide it across the table any my computer boots. I know it's suppose to do that when the computer is sleeping or hibernating. But my computer is completely turned off. I have changed my power button to shut down in vista. So the computer is completely off and still it boots when i just move the mouse or even the table a little bit, going to the bathroom at night and bumps the table, when i come back the computer is on and i have to wait to startup so i can turn it off. Any idea on what settings to change to fix it. I have tried to unchecked the wake up computer box.

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Toshiba Laptop Mouse Not Move

My toshiba laptop mouse not move how can i solve it?

Answer:- hold down the fn key then press the f9 to turn on the glide pad (mouse) if you have an external mouse plugged in then unplug it and check to see if f9 is active.

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Mouse Cursor Does Not Move And Stay Still On The Screen

I have a standard mouse ps/2, i try to move the mouse and the curser doesen't move on screen at all. All the curser does is stay still, what should i do.

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Usb Mouse Is Recognized But Cursor Does Not Move

I have installed a new hard drive and after loading windows. I can not use the mouse. I was originally using a usb mouse that is recognized but cursor does not move. The mouse isn't recognized at all when connecting to the actual mouse port.

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Strange Noises When Move Mouse Across The Screen

I'm running vista and whenever i move my mouse across the screen, i can hear my 8800 ultra start to buzz and hum, without fail whenever i move my mouse it starts whirling a little, it's very annoying. Also if i scroll over the icons in my rocket dock, my hard drives in raid 0 start to squeal and make a squeaky grinding noise. The noise is baisically constant as i use my pc, the fans aren't loud, but i can't take the constant buzzing and grinding from my video card and hds anymore. Does anyone have any idea why or what is causing it?

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Wireless Optical Mouse 2.0 Arrow Not Move

I have an wireless optical mouse 2. 0 and it has worked fine untill a few days ago when it starts to not move (the arrow: have to circle the mouse to get it to move when this happens) and the left button doesn't always work which is annoying the *** out of me. I don't understand what's wrong since both battery and signal strength seem ok.

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Mouse Issues When Move The Cursor In A Diagonal Direction

Okay so i've been trying to figure this out for a couple of days and my mouse has been really bothering me. Prior to my reformat, my razor diamondback performed flawlessly. After i reformatted my computer a couple of days ago (with a real version of winxp mind you), it would have problems when i tried to move the cursor in a diagonal direction. Before the reformat, when i moved my cursor in a diagonal direction (regardless of speed) it would smoothly move diagonally; after the reformat however, the cursor would either move down then to the side or to the side then down instead of smoothly moving diagonally like before. All the drivers have been installed (the same ones that i used before) and nothing has been physically changed. It's driving me crazy because i now have to spend extra time trying to aim the cursor to click the right button when before it would take less than a second. I've also tried to use the other usb ports on my computer as well with the same result, my logitech mx revolution also has the same problem albeit less noticeably so i'm using that for now. Any help/ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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Optical Mouse Won't Move Vertically

I just got a targus wireless optical mouse (model pawm20u) for my laptop. I'm running xp pro so the drivers were already installed. I plugged in the receiver, reset the mouse, and started using it. The mouse buttons work, and it can move horizontally, but not vertically. I tried plugging it into my desktop, but had the same problem. Anyone know why this is?

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Right Click On Menu Does Not Pop Up Smoothly

Whenever i right click in windows xp or click on a drop down menu the menu doesnt pop up smoothly, it kind of judders. At exactly the same time there is a weird sound that comes from the computer, althougth i havent been able to determine exactly what component is making it. I have also been having problems with the system totaly freezing in all games. This must be linked right? Has anyone experienced this before? How do i stop it?

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Computer Hang After Click Restart

I just got finished reassembling my computer after doing an overhaul and it is doing some weird stuff. I thought it might be the fact that i have 8gb of memory installed and i am still running 32bit vista ultimate (i am about to install windows 7 64bit ultimate)

The computer would hang after i clicked restart. The computer would go to the shutdown screen and then it would go blank, but the computer would not reboot. The odd thing is that it would shutdown just fine, but it would not restart. I just installed an update that it wanted to do at shutdown and it seems to be restarting now. However, now it is giving me a cpu freq. Of 1. 33ghz and fsb of 1333. I have not changed any cpu settings in the bios and intel speed step is disabled. It should be at 2. 66ghz for a q9450, which is what it was when it would not restart on its own. Any ideas?

Overhaul of asus rampage formula motherboard x48
1) installed intel x-25m 160gb g2 drive (secondary drive right now & empty)
2) installed 4gb of ram (brings total to 8gb installed)
3) installed heatsink backplate for ocz vendetta 2
4) unmounted and remounted processor
5) installed new psu corsair hx750 professional series

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Keep Hearing Click Sound From Hard Drive

First of all i have a problem with my new pc lets see i have a seagate 7000. 9 250gb st3250824as

1. I keep hearing it click every now and again since i bought it, thats okay as i can actually use the pc. 2. When i go to play a game it after a while goes blue screen and restarts especially in civ 4 but it also does this in supereme commander and age of empires 3 i think its all games really. 3. Its failed the seatools for windows short and long self drive tests but passes generic tests (it used to pass all the tests). I use windows vista and it runs fine only when i go to play a game it goes blue screen and crashes lets see it also stops on fire fox sometimes and other progras but it always lets me use my os fine. Ive defraged the hard drive and also i have done chkdsk scanned for a virus and reset the ram repositioned the hard drive and checked all the connections new sata cables hmmn also tried using ubuntu live disk that worked fine i didnt format it tho as it was already formated at first use.

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What Are Right / Left Click Buttons On Laptop Touchpad ?

What are the right click /left click buttons on a laptop touchpad called?

Answer:- it's called a left and right touchpad button or touchpad buttons because you can click or let's say press it.

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Usb Flash Drive Error When Double Click To Open

I have a kingston usb flash drive and formatted it to ntfs on vista. Now my question is related to xp. Every time i plug it into a xp machine it will run the auto-play but whenever i go into my computer and try to double click it, it gives me an error saying windows cannot find g:m.exe. But if i right click and select open it will open up. I am wondering why it would be giving me an error with the double click method and not with the other one. I don't even know why it would be looking for an executable file on a usb flash drive. If anyone can give some insight please let me know.

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How Do I Move Hard Drive To New Computer ?

Im looking to unplug the hard drive from my rig and put it into a completely new build without having to reformat and reinstall windows and programs. I saw a few post talking about doing this but i cant remember how it was done. Can someone advise me as to how to go about successfully doing this and not have any issues later?

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Move Pci Card To A Different Slot

I want to move my hauppauge pvr 250 to a different slot, will i have to reinstall the software to see it?

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How To Move Pictures From Hp Mediasmart Webcam ?

How do you move pictures from hp mediasmart webcam? Okay so i've been taking pictures with my laptop & i don't kno how to move the pictures to a folder so i can upload them.

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Move Pictures On Samsung Rogue To Sd Card

How do i move pictures on my samsung rogue internal memory to the sd card that i have inserted in my phone?


With my sell phone it works like this: you go to the media , you click your phone's internal memory , you click the files you wanna transfer and go to options transfer , then you go to the sd card memory and you place it there by clicking a suitable button/

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Will Playstation Move And Kinect Kill Wii ?

Most likely, yes, because the popularity of the ps3 and xbox 360 are far more than that of the wii.even though it is official that the wii is the best selling seventh generation console, it gets extremely boring after some time. And with exclusive titles for the ps3 and xbox 360, such as grand theft auto and call of duty, if new games from either series for the playstation move or kinect, they will pretty much crush the wii's lack of best selling series's. Also, sony and microsoft are rising in profit, while nintendo is frozen with the wii.

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Move Text In Sony Vegas Pro 9.0

How do you move text in sony vegas pro 9. 0? Ok i know how to make the text zoom in and out but i don't know how to make them scroll from one side of the screen to the other. I would like to know how to do it with pictures too, even though it's probably the same process.

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Laptop Touchpad Cursor Doesn't Move

When i got my new laptop it was fine, and then it happens occasionally but when i go to do something on the touch pad the cursor doesn't move and it stays in one place and moves up and down and i have to press firmly on the touch pad to stop it, is there any other way to stop it because i don't want to break the touch pad.

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Using 'middle Click' Option On Compaq Presario Laptop

How do i use the 'middle click' option on my compaq presario cq60 laptop? I'm downloading a game on my computer and it says that the middle click option will be needed. Does anyone know how to activate it? Or is it already on my computer? If not, please tell me how to make it like that.

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