Dvd Drive Freezing When I Put Cd/dvd's In The Drive

About a week ago, i built my new computer. When i was all done and finished, i turned on the computer and it was taking forever to get onto windows and also i noticed my dvd drive not reading cd/dvd. My computer would freeze and nothing would happen. I seriously don't know what's causing this.

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Memorex Dvd Rw Drive Cannot Record Dvds

My external memorex dvd-rw drive wont record dvds. It simply says that it is a cd-rw not dvd. This is weird becasue i have burned dvds before, but now it wont let me. I updated the firmware and everything. To make thing weirder, windows explorer says that it is a dvd-rw drive, but nero wont let me burn onto dvd-rs. Even weirder. When i insert a dvd-r into the drive windows changes its minda, and says that the drive is no longer dvd-rw, but a cd-rw drive.

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Dvd Drive In Laptop Wont See Certain Dvds

Just want to confirm my thoughts on a laptop dvd drive issue a friend has. The dvd drive in the laptop is a couple of years old. It will read 99. 9% of dvds just fine but certain ones (originals, not copies) it just doesnt see them so they dont even register under the dvd drive icon in my computer. My thought on it is -

The laser in the dvd drive is underpowered and therefore, may have issues reading dvds that might not be mastered properly or have a certain flaw. Hence they will work fine in other drives. I've looked for a firmware update and there isnt one. We could try copying the dvds to see if they then read as a copy, in that case it could confirm my above conclusion. You reckon its time to replace the dvd drive or just ditch the discs that dont work?

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Dvd+ -rw Drive Wont Read Dvds

Ok, so i just bought the game silent hunter 4 and when trying to install it, it showed the drive to be empty. Nothing showed up at all. So i started thinking that maybe it had something to do with the warning on the box about the game containing "technology intended to prevent copying that may conflict with some disc and virtual drives" and decided to wait and get a new drive. But then i started thinking, wait a second, it doesn't even show up. So i put in a dvd movie and got the same result. Anyone know how i can fix this? It's an hp lightscribe drive.

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Dvd Drive Audio Works For Cds But Not Dvds

I have a dvd drive which i have been using for a long time now but to be honest never used it to play a movie only for software and the occasional cd. I decided to slap in a dvd today and the audio is an ungodly loud static type of sound. Like ready to blow the speakers type of sound. Sound quality is crystal clear with a music cd though. Any ideas what the problem could be?

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Dvd Rom Drive Wont Read Dvds

I have a hp pavilion with two optical drives - 1 is a dvd writer, the other a reader. Whenever i copy an audio disc on the fly, the burn is fine and everything is normal but for some reason, when i exit the program, the dvd-rom is now unable to recognize dvd discs. It will read audio discs and audio discs (and the writer can read everything; it's apparently unaffected by whatever this is), but it won't read dvds. If i reboot, everything is hunky-dory again (unless i copy an audio cd again. )

I initially thought that this was software related (and it still could be) but the problem occurs no matter what burning software i use. I've used sonic recordnow, nero and roxio. Every time i copy an audio disc, something is turning off the dvd read capabilities of the dvd-rom drive. Does anybody have any idea what's going on here? It's a fairly new system and it's far from a crippling problem.

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How Much Data Can You Put On A Drive ?

Is there a limit on how much data can be placed on a 20gb, 80 gb, 120 gb, etc. Drive. In other words do you need to have a certain amount of space (say 5 gb or percentage) available. Also does this apply to both a drive that contains an operating system and a drive that only contains data?

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Put Hard Drive On Speaker

Okay to put an external hard drive on top of a mini stereo speaker? How good is magnetic shielding these days?

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Lg Dvd Ram Will Not Recognize Dvds

I installed a lg dvd-ram model gh24ns50 and when i put in a dvd+r the label on my computer turns from dvd-ram to cd-rom. When i click on the proprieties it shows zero free space. I also have a dvd-rom/ cd-rw installed on the computer. The drag and drop will not work either. I don't know what to do.could it be in the bios or what. I am running windows xp pro sp3 on a dell xps. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

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Cd Drive Turns Off When Ide Cable Is Put In

I have an old p2 system i wanted to use just for surfing, but when i plug the cable into the cd drive, the drive turns off. Any idea why?

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Hard Drive Freezing

After building my new pc in the last few days (c2d ) windows installs ok then after a short time it freezes then i have to reboot ! I tried a different hard drive with a different version of windows xp and the same thing is happening ? Any ideas.

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Dvd Rom Drive, Flash Hard Drive Slowing Data Transfer Speed

Issue a: when i put a cd/dvd into my dvd, the system (my computer/properties) recognizes the hardware, but it will not play. (Drive letter "d". )

Issue b: my computer will not recognize my data (flash?) Cards from my digital camcorder/camera. Issue c: my computer's hard drive (drive letter "c") once accepted my firewire uplink (1333). Now, my nle (pinnacle studio 9 plus) give the error message "drive c is not capable of capturing dv data", meaning it's date transfer rate is too slow. How can i fix these issues? Do i have to buy a new hard drive?

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Connect Dvd Drive As External Drive Through Usb Port

I have a sony dvd-rw drive which works fine when plugged directly as an ide drive. I also have an ide-to-usb cable along with an external power supply for ide devices. I want to connect the the dvd-rw drive as an external drive through the usb port. I have windows xp (sp2). When i plug the dvd-rw drive through the usb port, xp complains that "the device cannot be recognized". It shows up in the device manager as an unknown device under usb controllers. I am have a desktop (p4 1. 4ghz, 256mb rd, usb 1. 0) and a laptop (amd turion, 256mb ddr, usb 2. 0)!

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Hard Drive And Dvd Drive Problem

I am try to connect a 200 gig hard drive to an ide cable that is currently attached to my hp dvd burner. Every time i connect to the ide cable the hard drive it get would be recognize but then my dvd burner would not get detected.

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Windows Explorer Freezing When Viewing Drive Of Mp3's

Wondering why when i attempt to access my partition i created that contains my mp3 files via windows explorer it will freeze for about 2-5 minutes. My mouse is movable fine but the rest of my whole desktop screen stays froze. Had page file enabled for that partiotion

9. 94gb used
8. 83gb free
18. 7gb total capacity

3, 782 mp3
115 folders

Drive is a new maxtor 7200rpm 8mb cache (shouldnt give me this problem at all)

I had this same issue in the past on the other drive i had them stored. Recently moved them over to this brand new drive and still the same problem presents itself.

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Dvd Burner Seen As Dvd Rom Drive Only In Vista 64

I've just upgraded to vista home premium 64 and my sony dw-q28a dvd-rw drive is not seen as a burner for cds or dvds. So if i right click on it with a re-writable disk in i do not get an 'erase' option, when i right click on a file there's no 'send to>cd' option and in media player when i click onto the burn tab, it tells me to connect a burner and restart!

This drive worked just fine in xp, then i upraded my motherboard to an asus p5e3 and installed vista and now it doesn't! I seem to have everything setup ok in the bios, i've tried re-plugging the ide & power cables and the drive name is read as sony dvd-rw but it won't function at all as a writer. Any ideas?

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Liteon Dvd Drive Can't Read Dvd-rw

Pata liteon atapi dvd a dh20a3p can't read dvd-rw yet it can burn data on to them. It can read dvd-r fine and burn on to them. Is there some software missing needed to read dvd-rw or is my drive just not able to read dvd-rw. Edit:-just updated the firmware and it is still unable to read cd-rw discs.

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My Dvd Drive Does Not Read Dvd's Anymore

I just bought hitman on dvd and like half way through the movie it got really skippy and eventually froze to where i had to ctrl alt del media player classic. Now it wont even read game discs and i dont see it under my computer. Is it dead or what?

Btw nothing was overheating while watching it and my cpu was at like 3% load.

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Dvd Rom Drive Will Not Read Dvd Copies

I have an ibm thinkpad a31 with a dvd rom using win 2000/sp4. The drive will not read dvd copies. It will only acknowledge the original dvd. It does this with memorex, sony and other name brand dvd's. How do i get the dvd rom to read the copies so that i don't have to keep using my originals?

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Dvd Drive Wont Play Dvd Movies

I have a dell latitude laptop with a dvd drive. I'd like to play dvd movies on it, but they won't play. Does media player not support dvd movies? Do i need some sort of encoder or driver to make the drive play them? If so, where can i download them? The thing had win2k on it, but i removed that and installed xp.

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Ide Sony Dvd Drive Not Reading Some Dvd

I switched off the power and switch and connected my new ide lg and it got connected and i switched on the power and a screen came saying"reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device" i pressed the button on the lg drive and it opened but whats the use, it is working but windows doesn't start, so i restarted the pc and went into bios and my master drive which was set to samsung 80 gb hdd was not detected and my slave drive lg dvd drive was not detected either. So to get access to windows i removed the cables connecting the lg drive and now the computer is working fine but plz help me abt my disk drive.

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Dvd Drive Shows Dvd Disc As Cd

Everything working fine until yesterday when after visiting a site that threw up a page that started trying to load viruses (which i stopped asap and ran adaware after to clean), the dvd drive suddenly started switching to a cd one when i put in a dvd - and nothings thus getting recognized at all. I've tried sys restore but it says it can't do it (least not the time frame i desire), and i've run all the utilities i can think of but not succeeding easily. Can't find better drivers than what's already loaded to install although no doubt could do so online if i knew what i needed. Running xp sp2, with a liteon dvd/rw drive. Although i'm blaming this possible 'virus' just wondering if it could be down to anything else?

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Upgrading Cd Rom Drive To Dvd Rom Drive In Old Laptop

I have a friend who wants me to upgrade his compaq presario 1267 laptop to have a dvd-rom drive. Currently it has just a cd-rom drive. So are cd-rom/dvd-rom drives for laptops a "standard" size across the board? Or do i need to find one to specifically to fit the laptop i'm installing it into?

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Sata Cd / Dvd Drive

So i have been surfing around the web trying to find a cd/dvd drive that has tabs on the tray so a disc could stay in place when being loaded vertically or at a angle. If some one could direct me to a company still putting tabs on their trays that would be a huge help to me.

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Dvd Drive Not Recognize

I bought a new disc drive, and it arrived today, i installed it with all the correct cables, it ejects and closes fine, but it just wont read anything, and the computer act's as if it's not even there, i thought this could be a firmwire problem, so i downloaded a new firmwire, but since my computer cant even recognize the dvd drive, i cant even update it! Oh, and in device manager, under dvd/cd drives, it only shows my old cd drive, not my new dvd drive!

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Dvd Rw Now Showing As Cd Drive

I'm not sure exactly when it happened, but i noticed yesterday that when i put a dvd into my dvd drive it suddenly changed to say it was a cd drive, and 'incorrect function'. I have 2 drives, one is a cd-rw/dvd and the other is a cd/dvd-rw. As far as i can see the cd-rw is working fine because i can still burn cd's and read cd's and dvd's. I've tried rolling back my drivers, updating drivers, uninstalling and re-installing, and checking my windows registry didnt have any errors (it did but they have now been fixed and it didnt make any difference to the drive problem) all to no avail. I also checked the start up priority on the bios screen, my cd drive is first priority, but it doesnt seem to have an option for the dvd drive.

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Dvd Drive Troubles

I decided to drop in an old dvd drive for one of my builds and for some reason it will not work. I'm really puzzled. The blue end of the ide cable is plugged into the motherboard and the master side is plugged in with the jumpers set accordingly. If anyone has any ideas what the problem might be i'd love to hear from you.

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Dvd Drive Keeps Ejecting

My dvd rom keeping on ejecting once it is pushed. I have to hold with my hand in order to keep inside either with cd or with out cd, so i unable to read. I even ejected from windows explorer in order to reset. But still i getting the same.

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Dvd Drive Issues

When i switched over to xp pro, i went to reinstall my games. I started to notice certain games giving my drives issues about reading games it would previously run. I really want to play fallout3 (which the drive should recognize) and c&c the first decade (which i've run several times before). I thought new drivers might help, but i can't find any(i find download links from sites that seem a little suspicious). Are there any alternatives?

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Dvd Drive Not Working?

I'm trying to burn something, and it acts like there isn't any blank media inside the drive, but i've been putting a new dvd-r disc in. What could be causing this? I've used clonedvd2 and convertxtodvd.

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