Hp Deskjet F4288 Installation Software

I want hp f4288 installation software for windows 7. I downloaded from hp website but it gives error. I have rebooted, uninstalled the hp drivers and reinstalled but it is not working. I have also chosen carefully that it should be 32-bit since my operating system is 32-bit. Still what can i do so that it works.

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Hp 6208 Scanner Installation Software

How do i download the software for an hp 6208 all in one for the scanner installation? I have an hp officejet 6208 all-in-one printer. But the scanner does not function since i have not installed the required software. How do i download the software?

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Hp Psc 1210 Printer Software Installation

I have purchased old dell inspiron 510 m. I have got hp psc 1210 all in one printer. When ever i put hp printer installation cd in the pc, after few minutes it ask me to put original microsoft windows xp cd which came with the laptop to complete the installation. As i have purchased an old laptop, the seller didn't had the original windows xp cd which came with the laptop. What should i do so that my printer installation is complete. I will like to tell you when ever i log into pc, i have to write 'admin' and then it allows me to log into pc. Please tell me if i have to change certain setting so that i can install hp printer cd without laptop asking for original windows xp cd.

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Hp Photosmart C3100 Lost Software Installation Cd

I lost the software installation cd for my printer hp photosmart c3100, what do i do? I can't add my printer to my new computer because i lost the software installation cd?

Answer:- check the following link to get software for hp photosmart c3100: http://bit. Ly/9jnskn

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Hp Deskjet F2400 Printer Installation Cd

Okay so i bought a new hp deskjet f2400 printer the other day and to my dismay the installation cd was broken! But i thought nothing of it but when i hooked up my computer it was like you need the installation cd. My cousin told me that you can download the cd from somewhere but she didn't say where so ive been spending days looking for this cd and i was wondering can anyone help me download it because i really don't feel like complaining with customer service and having to pay for another cd.

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Hp Deskjet F4272 Installation Disc

Does anybody have an installation disc for a hp deskjet f4272 all in one printer? The reason is i had to go back to factory settings on my computer and reinstalled everything again, unfortunately i have lost my installation disc. I have tr ed to download instructions from the internet , these have been okay to get my printer working but there are some things missing , ie scanning from printer to computer, low ink level level indicators etc.

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Hp Deskjet F2280 Printer Installation

I've followed all the install instructions but the new printer does not show on "my printers". My old printer hp d1470 is still there. Do i have to delete my old printer first? I am not very computer literate so please make replies in easy non computer language.

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Software Compatibility With Hp Deskjet D1520

What other software is compatible to the hp deskjet d1520?. ?

Answer:- what kind of software do you need, a printer driver software? You can have it here:

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Hp Deskjet F4283 Software Change Language

I am trying to install the hp deskjet f4283 software, but everything is in chinese. How to change the language? And i can't understand chinese. How do i change the language; i can't see any option for it.

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Hp Deskjet F4400 Printer Software Cd Into More Computers

I have a hp deskjet f4400 series printer, will the software cd download into more than one computer? I have 2 computers that both need to be able to print things, can i download the cd software into both of them and have them both print to the same printer?

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Hp Deskjet 3550 Driver Software Download

How to download hp deskjet 3550 driver software ?

Check the link and select the operating system to download drivers and software for hp deskjet 3550 printer series: http://bit. Ly/a8p05p

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Free Software For Hp Deskjet D2400 Printer

Where can i find free software for my hp deskjet d2400 series printer? I lost my cd and i don't want to use a driver.

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Install Hp Software For Hp Deskjet D1500 Series Printer

How to install the hp softwares came with my printer 'hp deskjet 1500 series' driver cd? I have a basic hp deskjet 1500 series printer. My printer is working 100% properly. But i could not able to install the hp softwares came with its driver cd. When i go to start the installation process from that cd, hp shows that all the softwares are installed in machine. But in practical, this is not. I have already checked my c:program files section. There is no item present for 'hp'.

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Ram Installation

On motherboards with three slots for ram, two are grouped together and one is seperated. When installing two sticks of ram, whitch slots do you use? This particular board (asus a7nx-x) is not a dual channel board. Would dual channel make any difference?

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Installation Of Motherboard

Well, i got it and hooked it all up. Obviously, i did something wrong, because its not exactly working. I have hooked everything up, however when i turn on the power by hitting the power button, everything comes on for about one second and a blue light on the motherboard lights up. Then, everything shuts off with a single, short beep and a steady amber light on the motherboard lights up next to the blue one. I am fairly sure the motherboard, power supply, etc is good, because it all worked yesterday in the other case. I am thinking that the problem lies within my hooking up of various parts. I followed the directions on the kit/motherboard manuals, but obviously something is wrong. I am hoping that someone might be able to narrow down the possible causes, based on the amber light, beep, and fact everything comes on for a second before shutting off.system specs-
Mobo = nvidia 680i
700 watt power supply
2 nvidia 8800gts cards

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Windows 7 Installation

I have a lenovo n500 and i had installed windows 7 on it. And after a half year, i would install windows 7 again, because i had a malware problem i could not resolve. I just moved all the files that i wanted, movies, music, and other documents to another computer. So i did not make a back up. I tried to install from a usb device, and it worked fine, until the first reboot in the installation. When it started again i could choose:

-Windows 7

-Windows installation rollback

-Windows 7

And i thought that was really strange, so i selected windows installation rollback

And it said the installation was not success full. And then it tried to undo the installation, and that was another failure. So when i select

- Windows 7

- Windows installation rollback

Cmd opens. With a windows 7 theme in the background. And if i choose the -windows 7 at the bottom, "start up repair" starts, and that cant solve the problem either. So what should i do now?

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Keep All Data - Xp Fresh Installation

I have 80gb hd with 2 partitions c and d. I have all programs installed on c and all data such as web pages, emails, mp3, pictures etc. On d. I have windows xp pro an i need to make a fresh installation to clean everything. Is it possible to keep all data that i have on disk d?

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Failed Installation Keeps Trying On Bootup

I recently tried to install a program and the computer restarted in the middle of it. Now everytime i boot up my computer it searches for that file when windows loads. How do i prevent this from happening?

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Harddrive Installation Problems

My friend and i were putting in a new hard-drive yesterday. After we put it in, it showed up in bios. We made a fat32 partition, but then made a ntfs one instead (we wanted to use win2k). We tried the 2k disk in the drive, and the cd-rom drive worked just fine. We then formatted the hard drive, and then rebooted. This time, the hard-drive did not show up on the boot scan. Dos made a ram drive, and then we tried to use the 2k disk. No luck, the cd-rom drive isn't working. The only thing that's working is the floppy drive. We've checked everything, and i think it has to be some setting in bios or something simple.

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Winxp Installation Froze

The motherboard on my pc died (wouldn't even post) so i went out and got myself a new motherboard, cpu and memory. Ended up getting an asus p5p800-mx motherboard, intel pentium 4 3. 0ghz (630) and 512m generic ddr400 ram. That's where the problems started. When i put it all back together and went to re-install winxp pro the installation froze part way through. I rebooted, tried the xp install again and it froze at a different point. I've tried the xp install dozens of times since and every time it either freezes (at different points in the process) or just spontaneously reboots itself. Thinking it might be some incompatibility with windows i tried installing suse 10. 1 instead. I managed to get suse installed okay, but once i tried running it the pc would regularly freeze before i even got 30 minutes of uptime. I'm guessing there is something faulty with either the motherboard, cpu or memory, but i don't know which. I don't have spare a motherboard, cpu or memory to swap in so i can't do fault isolation that way. Has anybody got any suggestions on how to rectify the problem or alternatively how to isolate the faulty part?

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Hp Officejet 6500 Installation

Help installing my wireless hp officejet 6500? I do not have a usb cable and i don't know how to add my new printer to my wireless internet network. My computer says that i need my printers ip address but i can't find it in the manual or on hp's website. And i can't find a way to find the ip address on my actual printer or by pressing any buttons. Does anyone know or know how to find the ip address of my hp officejet 6500?

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Hp Officejet 4315 Installation

I have an hp officejet 4315 and it doesn't let me install it. I have windows vista. It does come with an installation disc, but when i run the set up it stops at the 2nd step and a message pops out saying it cannot be installed using the "run as. " Command. And that i have to log off and then log on as a user with administrator privileges. And if there is no system administrator, to have the primary user of this computer install the software. Then it tells me to restart the installation by removing and re-inserting the installation cd. But i've done that around 7 times and the same message pops out.

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Hp Photosmart C4280 Installation

I lost the cd for hp photosmart c4280to printer. I went to the hp website and downloaded the drivers. What's the next step i need to take to be able to print?

If you have downloaded the drivers then now run setup.exe file, when it prompts for the connection of printer, do so. Let it finish installing the drivers, and you will have your printer installed.

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Hp Officejet 4255 Installation

How can i install my hp office jet 4255 all in one printer?

Answer:- if you do not have the disk for your printer, then you can download the software and driver for your printer by going to the hp website. Check the following link, once you are there click on support and drivers. Choose 'download drivers and software. It will ask you to enter the name of the printer. Then it will ask you what operating system you are using. Finally you will get a list of downloads available for the printer. You want to download the 'full software' make sure you save the file you are downloading (do not run it). Once it is downloaded to you pc just run the file and the installation will begin. Follow the instructions on the screen and you should have no problems. You only have to do this if you don't have the installation disk. http://bit. Ly/bstwtd

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Lexmark Z600 Installation

What i've tried doing is to find the driver by clicking on the "new hardware found" option in my desktop tray. I followed the instructions to install automatically but it couldn't find it. I went to the lexmark site and found a few files for z600 but didn't know which to download. Or what to do with it after it's on my computer. I also have a lexmark x2480 still installed but i only use it as a scanner because the printer stopped working. Please describe in layman's terms because my computer knowledge is very limited.

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Windows Xp Finish Installation

I have 1 maybe 2 problems. #1. I bought these two old computers from a lady off craigslist. She said we could upgrade them to windows xp. We took them home and she left a xp upgrade disk in the drive of one of them. You have to have a product key to finish installing and i got back with the lady and she has no idea what the product key is. Note: its halfway installed because when i turn it off then turn it on it boots up to that installation part of the set up process

#2. I dont know how to make a disk that will make the computer install it and please dont mention because im not buying anything for 4 bucks if i can figure out how to do it on my own. Its a pride thing. Well it ask's for the disk with xp service pack 2 and the i836 or a folder close to that name and im not going to put in the disk that makes me put in a product key i dont know so if someone could tell me or give me a link to a web site to tell me how to make one i would appreciate it. Note: im using my parents xp and it doesn't have a floppy drive to make floppy disks.

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Windows Xp Pro Installation

My friend recently deleted something from my computer i wanted, so i wanted to do a system restore where i would get my item back, so i went to: start>all programs>accessories>system tools>system restore and proceeded to do so. My computer was then searching some items and then it told me to not turn off my computer while it was restoring some items. But then i remembered that i was setting the computer back to a time it wasn't working, so i quickly shut it down. Then i turned it on and i was already scared it wouldn't work, and guess what? It didn't. It would boot up, and when it got to the page with the windows xp logo and the black background, it restarted. Now i started panicking. I took the window xp disk to try doing a chkdsk /r /p repair, and it didn't work. So i decided to repair install windows, and by the way, if your repair install windows does it format your computer? So everything was going until now, where installation is trying to install the network, and it says it will be done approximately 32 minutes, but i've been waiting for longer, plus it hasn't made any development at all! Please help me, because if my dad finds out he's going to kill me (yes im a kid)!

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System Hangs On Windows Xp Installation

I have two seagate barracudas, my main c drive and my secondary hard drive, drive x. Whenever i have drive c plugged in, the system hangs. It hangs when - [*]windows' xp installation disc says 'examining 500gb hard drive 0 at id 0 on bus 0 on atpi'. [*]When xp is at its splash loading screen (where it shows xp logo and the blue loading bar) the blue bar will continue to scroll for five minutes then the screen goes black. When drive c is unplugged the system doesn't hang at all. My bios recognizes both hard drives.

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Operating System Installation Problem

I build a computer with a mb asus a7v8x-mx, a amd 1800xp, a maxtor diamond9 80gb, generic ram 266mhz. It start ok, in to the bios but then nothing impossible to install an operating system (os) even the soft for the maxtor hd to format, partition, nothing work, it recognise everything in the bios and during the boot it start the floppy or cd but stop before doing anything and does not give me any error it just bug. Any idea ?

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Make New Installation And Keep Important Data On The Hd

I have 1 hardisk on my pc and i need to reinstall windows xp to clean all the mess! Is it possible to make a new installation and keep my important data on the hd as well?

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