9800 Gx2 Support Antec True Power True 650 Watt

So now i know that my antec true power true 650 watt should support a 9800 gx2, but now, what about 2 9800gtx's in sli, i've heard that they together are more powerful then one gx2 and are about the same price as one.

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650 Watt Antec Earthwatt Power Supply

It's worked fantastically for a 9800gtx and an intel e8400 dual-core, but i'm upgrading to an amd 965 black edition quadcore and (possibly) a gtx460. I keep getting different results from various power supply calculators, and i'd like to know if a power supply upgrade is in order. If i were to upgrade, i'd basically step up one notch to a cooler master 750 watt, since they're on sale on newegg. I don't have much other super power-consuming stuff, just 2 80mm casefans and one 120mm fan, 2 sticks of ddr3 ram, 2 7200rpm hdds, and a dvd-rw drive. So in total, i'm asking if a 650 watt power supply can run:

1x amd phenom ii x4 965 black edition

2x 7200 rpm hard drives

2x ddr3 1066 ram

1x dvd-rw drive

1x gtx 460 video card

2x 80 mm fans

1x 120 mm fan

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Geforce 9800 Gx2 Support 3 Display Devices At Once?

Will this card support 3 devices at once? Namely 2 22'' monitors via dvi, and a hd tv via hdmi?

I want triple monitors, with the 3rd being turned on and off intermittently for media watching. If not, is there any that will?

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Can Asus P5lp-le Support Xfx Geforce 9800 Gx2?

Can an hp/asus p5lp-le motherboard support a xfx geforce 9800 gx2 graphics card? I have uprated the power supply to 700w, and am currently updating to the latest bios version. The machine is an hp pavillion, running vista 32bit and 4gb ddr2 ram.

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Asus P4p800 Support With Antec Power Supply

I'm looking to replace my faulty ic7 running a p4 3. 0 northwood and 1gb of corsair xms 3200 and i'm down to the p4p800-e deluxe and the p4c800-e deluxe. Now, i was about to buy the p4p800 but i realized that it has serious problems with antec true power supplies, which i own(antec true 480 to be precise). So, my question is, is this a serious issue, should i buy the p4c800, or will the p4p800 be ok, and should i consider a refurb p4c800 even if i plan on ocing as they are much cheaper on newegg.

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Using 90 Watt Dell Power Adapter With 70 Watt Computer

Can i use a 90 watt dell power adapter with a 70 watt computer? Web searches yield many people asking about the error they receive when the hook up their old 70w adapters to their new 90w laptops. What if i want to hook up my 2 year old laptop to a new 90w adaptor? Will that hurt my computer?

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Using Antec 650 Trio With Dell Precision 380

I was browsing one of the threads regarding dell computers, and i came across some interesting info. Basically, it said that you need an adapter to connect a non-proprietary power supply to the motherboard. Will i need to get that adapter for the antec 650 trio? Im putting in the x1950 pro, and i needed a new power supply, so i really hope that it will work properly.

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9800 Gx2 Error Message Overlay In Games

For some reason my 9800gx2 started to give me this yellow message overlay int he lower right corner of all my games, does it for every game once it starts up and tells me i need to turn down details and other strange stuff and the colors in my game are messed up and sometimes the game hard-locks my computer. I tried to take a screen-shot with fraps but it does not show up int he screen-shots, why is it doing this? It also says ctrl+alt+del to toggle this info as the last line.

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Nvidia Card For 460 Watt Power Supply

I have a dell xps gen 5 with a 460 watt psu. I really want a new nvidia card but i'm unsure as to whether my current psu can handle anything that's new on the market. I would love to upgrade my power supply but dell said i couldn't. If you need my pc specs i'd be happy to provide them.

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Case For Ultra X4 1600 Watt Power Supply

Which computer case will support ultra x4 1600 watt power supply. Does thermaltake level 10 case support ultra x4 power supply?

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Athlon 3000xp Cpu With 300 Watt Power Supply

I'm going to buy an athlon 3000xp cpu soon and i'm not sure whether i need a new power supply. My current power supply is 300 watts and i don't know whether that is sufficient for a 3000xp. Also, how do you clean excess thermal paste off the cpu? I put too much thermal paste on my cpu and now the area around the square in the middle is a little bit white.

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Antec Power Supply Failure

I've built quite a few desktop pcs systems, from motherboards, etc. And, i've also repaired quite a few machines (e.g.compaq, hp, gateway, etc). It seems that power-supplies are the failure point much more often than i had expected. Once again, a couple of days ago, on a six-month old machine i own and built, (with good fans, no overclocking, etc), i inserted a 2nd ethernet-pci card into it, and when i brought it up for the first time, it wouldn't boot. (No smoke or noises. )The little activity light seemed to indicate random action, just as though it was seeking the disk and booting, but nothing ever showed up at the console, not even initial bios output. So, i took the case-side off, and hooked up my little power-supply tester-unit. Sure enough, one of the tester's multiple green lights did not light up, and that red 'danger' light on the tester did light up! [It's a fairly nice antec 400-watt supply, which is plenty of wattage for this system. It is an antec model sp-400 'smartpower'. ]

Any advice or comments about how often power-supplies fail, or thoughts about why this one might have?

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Antec 550w Truepower Power Supply Problem

Last night i shutdown my pc and everything was fine. This morning i tried to boot it up and nothing. I believe my antec 550w truepower power supply has gone bad. The fans did not turn on, no led lights on the mobo or anything else. It was just like it was unplugged. Is there anyway to determine if it has shorted out my motherboard, hard drive, graphic card, etc. ?

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Antec Truepower 330w Power Supply Problem

Is this psu any good? I'm thinkin of upgrading my power situation , simply because my +12v rails are shockingly low 11. 19) and this antec 330w psu, is readily available in my small neck of the woods. I am currently runnin 2 psu's wired together (a 250w ibm slaved to a generic 300w). All my fans and drives run off the 250w , while the 300w powers the mobo and the vid card only.

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Antec Truepower Ii 550w Atx12v Power Supply

I am going to be building a computer soon and need help with the power supply. I am happy with the antec tpii 550w , but would like to know if the current it supplies is enough for:

Asus p5ld2 - deluxe
Pentium d 830
2x512mb ddr2 533mhz
Leadtek 7800gtx

The two +12v rails supply 19a each. On the leadtek website it says the card needs a minimum of 26a. Can the two +12v currents be combined to supply enough power to the card.

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Support Ati 9800 Pro On Asrock P4i45gv

I have the asrock-p4i45gv 2. 4ghz-1gb ram-motherboard. It has an agp slot called agi. Will my ati 9800 pro work in this slot? Because i can't get it to run right. Catalyst control center keeps showing that it is running on 0x. Whenever i move it to 4x or 8x, it reboots and goes back to 0x. Am i doing something wrong here?

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Upgrading Power Supply For Geforce 9800 Gt

I need a new power supply in order to run the geforce 9800 gt video card (400w minimum) that i plan on getting. I'm currently stuck with a 300w one. The geforce 9800 gt says it requires a "400-watt psu (with 12v current rating of 26a)", and i need to know if this power supply ( *http://www*.compusa. *Com/applications/searchtools/item-details.asp?Edpno=3092557&csid=itd&body=main ) will cut the job. The power specs, specifically the one in bold, is what i'm mainly confused about.

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Flashing 9800 Pro To 9800 Xt

I'm thinking of flashing my 9800pro to an 9800xt (it has the r360 core although it says r350 in ati tool) the main reason is that i heard that the xt uses more aggressive timings which will help in performance. + I want the temp censor. Right now i have modded a thermaltake spark 7 hs and fan and have it o'ced to 455mhz core/370mhz mem , so heat's not a prob. My noob question is i have winxp formatted in ntfs. Will a ms-dos boot disk still work when i try to flash the card or will it screw up.

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Asus Geforce 7950 Gx2 Pci-e Card On Craigslist

Asus geforce 7950gx2 pci-e card on craigslist. How much would you pay and what would you consider? Someone listed it for $40, but i've read that it won't play directx10 games or programs like vista. Is this true? I think my mobo supports it and i have enough room in the case, but how much of an upgrade is this over my current nvidia geforce7600gt?

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Graphic Card For 350 Watt Psu

Im looking for a graphic card that will run with no problems on a 350 watt psu. Im looking for a fairly powerful card. I can spend about 200$, will the 6600gt get enough out of this or should i look elsewhere?

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Overclocking Pentium 4 650

I recently built a new computer with a pentium 4 650 processor. Today i bumped the clock speed up from the stock 3. 4 ghz to about 3. 9 ghz. It was running at about 65 degrees celcius under a full load test using a program called cpu burn-in. Is this running to hot for 3. 9 ghz? Could i push it any further into the 4 ghz area? I am using the stock heatsink/fan and i have an asus p5wd2-premium motherboard. Also i have heard that asus mobos report temps about 4-6 degrees higher than they actually are, is this true?

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Dell 350 Watt And Pny Geforce 9600 Gt 512

Just received my pny geforce 9600 gt 512 card. Spoke to a tech at pny and said needs 400watt with 26 amp. Read somewhere that it runs fine on a dell 305 source. My power supply is a dell l35on-00. Says 350 watt can't read amps. It does have a six pin adapter to fit the card. Does anyone know if i will have any problems? Not a gamer. Appreciate the help.

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Theatre Pro 650 Tv Card Problem

I have never been able to get my theatre pro 650 tv card to install. Previously i had the x1950 radeon installed with it, now i have the hd4350. I must have rocks in my head to have bought so many ati cards after seeing that ati would not help vista users with this problem. As i don't have any way to record tv, it sure would be nice utilize what i paid for.

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Visiontek Tv Wonder Hd 650 Memory Parity Error

Seems like if i use the first two options (display adapter and problem report) in the maintenance section of the catalyst cd that came with my tv tuner, i get a bsod which reads:hardware malfunction nmi:parity check/memory parity error call your hardware vendor for support the system has halted. This seems to happen only when i install the drivers for this tv tuner. If the drivers are not installed and i use maintenance options i wont get that that bsod. I have been with dell on the phone for hours and all they could come up with was to install the os (vista) again and to make sure to download and install the chipset drivers first. All that said and done and i still get the error. Tv seems to be working fine under vista media center etc. I only get that screen when trying to access the maintenance section of cd. Anyone has any ideas to why this is happening?

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Amd X4 965 Or Intel Core I5 650

Amd x4 965 or intel core i5 650, i m planning to buy a new processor? Which is the better in these two?

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How Fast Is Connection On Intel Core I5 650 Processor ?

How fast is connection on intel core i5 650 processor?

Answer:- intel core i5 650 has 2 ddr3 channels that can run at ddr-1333 speeds. If your real question is "how fast is the connection to the northbridge", the answer is that the dmi connection is 10gb/s each way. Note that the path to memory is now completely separate and not shared with any other data. The core i5 650 also has its own gpu/cpu connection that is not shared with any other connections. There are also 16 pci-e 2. 0 lanes directly from the cpu that are not shared with anything. So the cpu has the following links:

1) two ddr3 memory channels
2) a dmi channel to the southbridge. 3) a cpu<->gpu link. 4) 16 pci-e 2. 0 lanes.

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Dell Precision Workstation 650 1gb Ram Trouble

I have a dell precision 650 workstation with 2x256 mb memory sticks of pc3200u ddr 400 of infeon company, recently i tried to upgrade the memory to 2. 5 gb so i added 2x1gb sticks of the same but different company and i found from my computer properties the memory is 2. 5gb but when i turned on the computer it showed me the memory lines failure for the two sticks and then it booted up and when i started to work then suddenly it crashed by appearing a blue screen. So i tookout the old 2x256mb sticks out and started again and again same memory failure but this time it dint got boot, i need some help to fix this problem, that what went wrong, every thing is same, i already spent quite a bit money.

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Philips Crystal 650 Won't Accept Ink

I have lost the card to my philips crystal 650 and the machine wont accept my ink where can i get a new one?

Answer:- try asking the company that supplied you that printer. They most likely have it.

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Antec Psus

I've been hearing things about these "fan only" molex connectors that come right off the psu. People say that when you plug them into a fan the computer automatically regulates the speed by the temperature inside the case. Do these work well? And if so, what psus do they come with? Is it just the antec truepower psus?

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Why Is Cheap Psu Better Than Antec ?

Two motherboards. Both abit ic7, except one is ic7-g. Ic7-g at work, ic7 at home in rig in sig. At work, i am stress testing a processor on the abit ic7-g using a cheapo psu. Nothing else but the motherboard, cpu, video card, hdd, fdd, cdrom, and memory are on the psu. Using speedfan to monitor the voltage and power lines, i get the following:

Vcore = 1. 65v
Vdimm = 2. 82v
3. 3v = 3. 25v
12v = 11. 49v
5v = 5. 08v

At home, with the rig in my sig, using the same cpu and under a stress test, and with my antec true480w, i get the following voltages:

Vcore = 1. 62v
Vdimm = 2. 78v
3. 3v = 3. 18v
12v = 11. 39v
5v = 4. 89v

For all the stuff in my personal rig, is it normal to get voltage drops like that? I'm not understanding it, because the psu at work is a cheapo no-name brand. I would think the antec would hold up much better.

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