Cable To Connect Imac To A Pc Monitor For Dual Screens

What cable do i need to connect my imac to a pc monitor for dual screens? I have herd different things on what to get but i am not positive on what cable to buy all i know is that it is very cheap.

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Connect Windows Laptop To Imac Monitor

Can i connect my windows laptop (toshiba) to my imac monitor? I use the pc for admin stuff and my imac for graphics, etc. Would like to save some space and frustration by toggling between the two operating systems on one monitor.

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Cable Connector To Connect Ps3 Av Cable To Pc Monitor

Can i use this cable connector to connect my ps3 av cable to my pc monitor? (More info)? So i wanna play my ps3 on my pc monitor since we have an extra one and no one is using it because my sisters keep hogging the tv so i cant play my ps3. So i was wondering if i could use this box thing to play my ps3 on my monitor, its like a converter from the vga or something to the ps3 av cable, here is link

http://amzn. To/asq4my

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Connect Hdmi Cable To Monitor

Can you connect an hdmi cable to a monitor? I am trying to connect a ps3 to a monitor using an hdmi cable. Can i use and hdmi to vga converter and still get the same hd effect or will i lose quality.

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Cable To Connect Macbook With Dell Monitor

What cable will connect my macbook with a dell monitor? I believe my computer has a mini vga port, unlike the new macbooks that have mini dvi.

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Connect Hdmi Cable To Monitor With D-sub Port

I bought a ps3 and can only be connected with a composite cable or hdmi cable. Problem is that my monitor has only d-sub port. Tried to connect it directly to the tower but it doesn't display nothing on the monitor. What can i do?

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Hotkey For Switching Dual Screens

Im just wondering is there a hotkey from ati catalyst control center that allows you to go from one screen to the other while programs are fully maximized. For instance, i have wow on my main screen, while i want to be able to press a hotkey to switch to my other screen. This way i don't have to minimize wow to check email, etc.

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What Cable To Connect Aw2210 Monitor With Ati Hd 5870 ?

I have an aw2210 monitor and i have a dual ati hd5870. What cable to use to connect them? I can't find the right cable on the internet. You can send me some links to websites or explain what i need to look for.

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Cable To Connect Pc Audio Output To Monitor With Speaker

What kind of cable do i buy to connect pc audio output to monitor w/speaker? I have a "cool" monitor because it has speakers, but not so cool because now, instead of the relatively simple task of buying $8 speakers at walmart, i have to figure out how to connect the pc audio output, to the monitor speaker input, by cable. I was in walmart the other day, and i couldn't seem to find a cable that was obviously just a audio on both ends. What do i buy? Where? How much should i expect to pay for it? I expected it would be a very simple cable - where both ends looked basically like the end that you normally see plugged into the back of a pc. But no i found no such thing.

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Connect Pc To Monitor With Hdmi Cable To Increase Image Quality

If i connect my pc to my monitor with a hdmi cable will the image quality increase? I am wondering if this will help look games, pictures and films look better, although i am planning on changing my graphics card as well.

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Connect Dell Monitor To Time Warner Cable Box

How to connect a dell e228wfp 22" lcd monitor to a time warner cable box? A friend recently gave me an dell monitor which has dvi-d and d-sub(hd15) connections i want to use it as a tv. I've been to a pc store 3 times now looking for the right cords. 1st they sold me a vga to vga witch was useless i only could watch dvds on my laptop on the monitor. 2nd time they sold me an vga to rca(red, yellow, white) adaptor (females) i had to by the male parts also. Useless. I tried to plug it up 2 my dvd player and it didn't do anything. 3rd time they sold me an hd15 male to rca (red, I got basic cable right now so no box plan on having a box buy this friday. What time warner box should i get?

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Router Wont Connect To Imac

I have a linksys wireless g router which worked fine until this morning. Now my imac and my iphone will not pick up any wireless signal from the router. When i plug the computer directly into the modem with the ethernet cord it connects just fine. Last night i did install a new modem since the old one got "fried" but the router worked fine with the new modem last night now this morning the wireless signal is not being detected. The only lights that are green on the router are power, dmz, and internet. The wlan and the 4 port lights are off.

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Can I Use Usb Wireless Card To Connect Imac To Internet ?

I have no airport card for imac g5 10. 4 installed. Can i use a usb wireless card to connect to the internet?

Answer:- if the card is compatible with mac, and your mac has usb port then it should work.

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Connect Multiple Screens With Windows 7

How to connect multiple screens with windows 7? I have a dell studio 15 laptop running windows 7, which has the multi display capabilities, and i can hook up my laptop and 1 monitor and stretch across my laptop screen and the other one. But what i would like to do is have my entire screen (tool-bar and all) stretched across 2 external monitors (that would be not including my on-board laptop screen. I have one vga output, 3 usb, and 1 hdmi. However i would be using 2 15" vga monitors. Any more questions, feel free to leave comments. Let me know what you think.

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Connect Lcd Projector To Laptop - Two Screens With Different Views

How can i connect my lcd projector to my laptop in such a way that the two screens have different views? I want to connect the lcd projector to my laptop to run my powerpoint presentation but i want it in a way that what you see in the screen of the projector is different from what i see in the screen of my laptop. Example. If i run my presentation my notes appears in the screen of my laptop and what appears in my projector screen is the presentation itself.

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Dual Monitor, Dual Gpu Questions

I have been looking around for info about running two monitors on either sli or crossfirex and found conflicting opinions + old sources and i need a little bit of clarification. You must be able to run two monitors on either technology, it would be ridiculous if you couldn't. But does it matter where you plug the screens in? Do they assign a primary card and you plug only into that one?

Also what happens when you enter a 3d full-screen application on either setup, does the second screen go black or does it stay on?

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Dual Monitor, Dual Sound Cards

Dual monitor, dual sound cards?

I'm going to setup dual monitor with geforce 8500 t or 8600 gt card. Both support two dvis. 1. How does the audio output work when i have 2 monitors?
2. Can i assign which audio goes to whichever sound card/speaker?
3. Do i need to get two speakers (one for each monitor)?
4. Do i need to get two sound cards (one for each ld monitor)?

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Connect Pc To Tv Using Vga Cable

How do i connect my pc to a tv using a vga cable ?

There are vga to tv converters (svga cables(*) are only usable if ur computer has a svga-out (*), and i believe (only 90 percent sure) they don't carry high def video) but they are rather expensive:

Try aiming for hdmi when u buy a new device. Hdmi is a great connective system, it carries both hd-video and sound and is easily switchable by using a hdmi-switch. Hdmi is also used in all types of modern home-entertainment appliances and also in computers and monitors so it's the best (wired) connectivity system available today.correction: svga is a video-standard, not a connectivity standard. Sometimes svga is confused with s-video. S-video is a connectivity standard (cable) that only carries normal density video just like for instance scart:


The only high definition connectors a comp can have for as far as i know are:
- Vga-out
- Dvi-out

This might be a cool solution if u have a hd-tv with hdmi in, see the video:

Although u would need to find a way to keep using ur monitor, if u would want to do that, like a vga splitter or something. Or just buy a new monitor because those converters and cables and stuff are quite costly. Or upgrade ur graphical card to have 2 dvi outputs (there are cheaper dvi to hdmi adapters) (*) should be s-video.

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Dual Monitor

My problem when im on the internet on one monitor and watching tv on the other everything slows to a crawl and the monitor im wathing tv on gets green when i browse the net. My ? Is will a better video card fix the problem or is it that the cpu just doesnt keep up. When the screen get green the cpu is working at 100%.

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Which Cable To Connect Printer To Computer ?

Which cable is needed to connect the printer to the computer? Need to know the name of the cable which links the printer to the computer.

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Connect Two Laptops With Ethernet Cable

Connecting two laptops via ethernet cable is troublesome. I tried creating homegroup, it got connected in laptop with win7(ultimate) but in win7(home basic), it asks for enabling ipv6 protocol ( but when i go for enabling it, it is not happening). When should i do? Can i connect them via bluetooth and transfer my data through?

Answer:- more then likely you will use to computer requires a crossover cable to connect the two. Not the more common straight through. I would user a network router. Or if you already have one then look into a switch (home routers should have switches built it).

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Connect To Computers Together Using Firewire Cable

Can you connect to computers together using a firewire cable? I am getting a macbook pro next week and i have a lot of songs and pics on my p. C. That i want to transfer over. I know you can do this with portable hard drive or disks but can you do it using a usb to firewire cable to connect the two computers?

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Cable To Connect Pc With Sanyo Lcd Tv

What type of cable do i to connect my pc with my sanyo lcd tv?

Answer:- depending upon what you have on your computer and tv it would be best with either hdmi, dvi to hdmi, or vga.

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Connect Vga Cable From Laptop To Tv

Can i connect a vga cable from my laptop to my tv? Okay, i have a vga port on my laptop and a video in on my tv - red, white and yellow phone type input? Its a company laptop and i don't have admin rights. Also the tv has component and hdmi inputs, my laptop only has vga. Whats the best way to connect to the tv?

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Monitor Displays Signal Cable Disconnected

My monitor displays signal cable disconnected what shall i do?

Have you tried plugging in your monitor to a different system unit? If by doing this solves your problem, then i would assume a graphics card problem, or maybe a contact problem of it to the main board. Then, you can try cleaning the graphic card contact. If this didn't work, you probably have a faulty card. Or you may try plugging in a known good monitor to your system unit? If after doing so resolves the problem, then the problem is on the monitor. Signal cables of monitors are the common cause of it, you may try moving the cable while connected to your pc. Replace the cable if possible.

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Lg Flatron Monitor Check Signal Cable

I have an lg flatron w2043t monitor, only a few months old, and i'm getting this error. What does this mean and how can i fix it?

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Connecting Gateway Monitor To Cable Box

How do i connect gateway fpd 1530 15'' monitor to my cable box for watching tv? I need it for computer use. Cable out to vga line or cable out to rca converter + rca to vga line or something else.

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Connecting Laptop To Tv Monitor By Vga Cable

I have a laptop (with display at 1366x768) and i have a vga cable connecting to a tv monitor. When i have the settings at 1366x768, my laptop display is great, but the tv monitor displays the screen small and centered to the right, and doesn't show the full screen. If i put the settings at 1280x768, my laptop screen gets a little fuzzy, but shows good on my tv monitor. Is there a way i can have it so the tv monitor is in its best display setting while having my laptop at a different display setting? Or any other help fixing the problem? I want both laptop and tv monitor to show the full screen, i do not want it as one extended screen.

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Dual Monitor With Plasma

So i want to set up a dual monitors on my rig. My gpu is a gtx 260 with two "dvi's". Well it would be easy to plug two monitors and be done but the thing is that on one "dvi" i have my plasma connected (dvi to hdmi). What i would like to do is to set two monitors and still have availability to run my plasma if i want to watch some movies. My question would be-will "dvi splitter" be enough i.e on on the dvi which the splitter is i would have one of my monitors and the second plasma and on the second dvi monitor it self. Sorry if i'm making this confusing, just want to make sure what i need exactly to run two lcds and plasma.

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Dual Monitor Using Splitter

I have a intergrated graphics card in my motherboard and only 1 vga port in the back of my computer. I do not want to get another graphics card, is there some sort of a splitter where i can connect 2 monitors to and then those 2 monitor to the vga port?

Basically, i won't to have dual monitor without having 2 video cards. Just using the 1 vga port i have.

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