Which 1.5tb Drive To Get For Data Backup ?

I'd like to get either the seagate or wd green 1. 5tb drives for backup, but both have bad ratings. Have the seagates really improved in quality? I already have a few wd10eads drives and am very happy with them, so i'd prefer the wd15eads esp since it'll run cooler and speed is not an issue. But that has even worse ratings than the seagate, and its more $$ as well.

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Seagate 1.5tb Drive Died - Restoring Data

My backup external drive (a seagate 1. 5tb 7200. 1 with the newest firmware) has gone from slow to not working. I tried scandisk and watched it fail. It was a backup of my main system as well as auxiliary storage. Windows sees the drive but cannot read from it. Is there any software out there that will allow me to recover some of the lost data?

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Data Backup - Esata Or Usb 2.0 ?

Wanted to do some automatic backups on an external drive and i wanted to know which is the preferred interface: external sata or usb 2. 0. Is it better to get an enclosure and drive separately or do i just get an external drive?

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What Hdd To Buy For A Backup To Copy The Data ?

I've got 200 gb of data in my pc that i want to back up in case my hdd fails. So, the question is: what hdd to buy, in case i just want to plug it in the pc, copy the data, unplug it out and keep it safe in some place?

I think the requirements are these, correct me if i'm wrong: doesn't have to be big (500 gb is enough). If for some other reason bigger is needed, i'll pay for it, but it's not a primary goal doesn't have to be fast, i guess. I don't care how long the copying takes and i won't be using it at all after the files are copied also, i don't care how noisy it is, since it won't be used at all

Just a note: i do have sata controller in my pc.

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Using 1.5tb Drive With Windows 7

Tonight i'll be putting my new 1. 5tb wd green sata drive in my p35 based rig, running win7 pro 32bit (see my sig for more detail). I only hope it will recognize 1. 5tb space. It is for my main pc (server) to store media, so i can play video/audio on my htpc via 100mb (wired network). What do you guys recommend to do on windows 7?

- Full format (using defaults)
- Full scan with win7 built-in scanner for bad sectors
- Go

Or should i use hd tune or any other software to test it ?

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Partitions Disappeared On New 1.5tb Drive

The scene, circa 1 week ago: i had just installed a brand new 1. 5tb wd hard drive and partitioned it into three equal spaces (ntfs, accessible natively from both linux and windows). I moved my last 10 years' collection of music, sound effects, beats, movies, tv shows, and other random media to the drive, now that it had plenty of room to breathe. The turn: a couple days ago i tried to access my media and couldn't. Got some weird linux-y error box. I figured rebooting would help, but when i did so, the drives didn't auto-mount at all. Manually mounting them didn't work either. Figuring an ntfs problem was best solved with windows, i booted into winxp pro and had a look. The drives (x, y, z) had disappeared, and the partition editor called the whole 1. 5tb drive as unallocated space. Even with a 21 mbps connection, it's going to take me bloody forever to build my media library back. I've tried norton disk doctor and deaddiscdoctor, but to no avail. Norton's like "lol *** did you do" and ddd doesn't even see the drive. Anyone know any tricks that will help me get my files back?

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Windows Automatically Partitions 200mb Off Of 1.5tb Drive

Windows automatically partitions 200mb off of 1. 5tb drive. It doesn't do this with any of my other drives. Is there something i'm missing as to why this would happen?

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Arc-1220 1.5tb Hard Drive Recommendations

The areca compatibility chart doesn't list off any 1. 5tb drives as compatible anyone running some that they recommend with this controller?

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What's The Cheapest 1.5tb 7200rpm 32mb Buffer Drive I Can Find ?

What's the cheapest 1. 5tb 7200rpm 32mb buffer drive i can find?


Right now, there's only one 1. 5tb 7200rpm drive on the market, the 'cuda 7200. 11. They're pretty common on ad specials and the like. Be reasonably patient and follow the [h]ot deals forum, they come up pretty often.

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Backup To Internal Ide Drive Or External Drive ?

My asus p5b-3 mobo has internal connections for 2 sata drives and 1 pata drive. I currently have a wd 74 gb raptor (sata) used for os and programs, a samsung 320 gb (sata) for data, and a 300 gb seagate (ide) for backup. The seagate is just about full so i'm looking to replace it. The biggest internal ide drive i see on newegg is a wd caviar blue 500 gb drive. (3 year warranty) ~ $88 w/shipping. The external drives go well beyond what i need in terms of storage capacity. But i am concerned about heat failure issues. I've had problems with drives in an external enclosure fail before. Which i think was related to heat issues. But that was a 3. 5" drive in an external enclosure. Perhaps the 2. 5" drives connected by usb/firewire do not run so warm. I don't know. My p5b-e mobo has an external firewire port. From a performance and durability perspective, would i be better served by an internal ide drive or an external usb or firewire drive? Maybe a 2. 5" laptop drive in an external enclosure? I think that would run cooler than a 3. 5" drive in an external enclosure. Or maybe a wd passport type drive? I would also like to have more than 1 year warranty too. I'd prefer to stay in the vicinity of $100 +/-. What do you suggest for a 500 gb to 1 tb storage drive? I backup several computers to it with drives ranging from 60 gb to 320 gb. It's taken me about 3 years to load up the 300 gb seagate. So i'm comfy with 500gb to 1 tb for the next few years.

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Connecting Sata Drive And Backup Current Drive

My motherboard is k8t neo2 series atx mainboard and i am having 80 gb sata hard drive. There are 2 sata ports (sata1 and sata2) and my current hard drive is connected to sata2 port. I want to backup my existing hard drive (mirror image) into a new sata hard drive using ghost or any other imaging application. So i can connect my new hard drive into sata1 port and will it work? After connecting my new hard drive paralleled into sata1 and booting windows from my old hard drive, will the new hard drive be recognized? Should i need to format my hard drive and then use ghost application or directly i can use?

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How To Backup A Sata Drive With An Os On It Out Of Another Pc ?

My cousin has a 250gb wd sata drive from his old comp and he wants me to back-up all the itunes music he paid for. It was in his old comp, but the motherboard blew out on him so he brought the drive over today to see what we can do with it. Am i going to have to pick-up something like a sata to usb adapter, or is there another option?

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Backup A Flash Drive

Just wondering how other are backing up the data on their flash drives. I do not mean backup data to a flash drive. But backing up a flash drive in case of lost/stolen, flash drive failure, etc.

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Best Way To Backup An Entire Hard Drive ?

So up till now i've been backing up everything on my hard drives by simply copying new files, file by file to another hard drive at the end of every week and replacing any file that has been updated since the last backup. This is getting ridiculously repetitive however, so i was wondering if there was any better way to do this. I've tried using acronis in the past but i don't really like the way it compresses everything into a single acronis accessible only file. Is there any program that will backup data (and also update files if they are changed since the last backup) automatically without any form of compression?

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Usb Backup Drive Not Recognized By Ps3

I formated a backup drive to fat32 from windows vista. My vista computer and xp computer recognized the drive but my ps3 will not, does nor show up anywhere. My usb 8g flash drive works fine.

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Xp Install Wont Recognize My Backup External Hard Drive

I know i have to assign the external hard drive a drive letter but i don't know how to do it without formatting the drive. I obviously don't want to format the drive because it has all of my backup information from my old hard drive. The hdd is a western digital oem 320gb ide put into an external enclosure. The external enclosure worked perfect on old computer, but it was formatted on it. When i turn on the hdd my computer recognizes it as a usb mas storage device, it just doesn't assign it a drive letter. When i run western digital's data lifeguard tools it wants to set up the drive and make it additional storage, but it also must partition and format the drive before it can do so. For some reason i assumed this would be easy, i almost feel like im taking crazy pills. When i go into windows disk management all i can do is partition and format the drive, maybe im missing something.

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Raid Drive Failure, Can't Get Backup Image To Work

Having trouble getting my backup cloned drive to work. I initially had a raid setup: two wd 250gig sata in raid 0, one drive started to go nuts, i luckily was able to make a backup image to a single wd 640gig sata. The raid was from the motherboard controller epox ep-8k9a7i. I unplugged the two 250gig drives then proceeded to plug in the single 640gig, the mobo controller recognizes the drive, but it wont boot into windows. I then did a successful boot sector rebuild in the xp recovery console on the 640gig drive, still no go. I used driveimage xml from the raid0 windows install for the clone process to the 640gig, would this be causing a bad clone? What programs might others suggest i use? Am i missing something? Could use a few more ideas to get this backup drive to boot!

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Dvd Rom Drive, Flash Hard Drive Slowing Data Transfer Speed

Issue a: when i put a cd/dvd into my dvd, the system (my computer/properties) recognizes the hardware, but it will not play. (Drive letter "d". )

Issue b: my computer will not recognize my data (flash?) Cards from my digital camcorder/camera. Issue c: my computer's hard drive (drive letter "c") once accepted my firewire uplink (1333). Now, my nle (pinnacle studio 9 plus) give the error message "drive c is not capable of capturing dv data", meaning it's date transfer rate is too slow. How can i fix these issues? Do i have to buy a new hard drive?

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Program For Copy All Data Off Old Drive Onto New Drive

So i'm in the market for a new drive and i was wondering is there a program that would allow me to copy all the data off my old drive on to my new one? I need more space but i really don't feel like re-installing me os, updating all my drivers again, installing all my games again, and transferring all my music, movies and pictures to my new hard drive. So does anyone know of a program that would do this? Or if this is even possible?

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Partition A Drive With Data On It

I need to install windows on a drive that already has a significant amount of data on it. I don't have access to any other computers so using partitioning software is not an option. Can i safely create a second partition for windows through the windows setup without harming the data already on the drive? If i can't, is the only option to get a new hard drive for the os?

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How Much Data Can You Put On A Drive ?

Is there a limit on how much data can be placed on a 20gb, 80 gb, 120 gb, etc. Drive. In other words do you need to have a certain amount of space (say 5 gb or percentage) available. Also does this apply to both a drive that contains an operating system and a drive that only contains data?

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Get Data Off A Raid 1 Drive

I have a raid 1 set up with the onboard via vt6410 ide raid controller of my asus p4p800 deluxe mobo. Sadly, i think the mobo is dead (might be the cpu . Not sure). In any case, i can't access the data on my drives with this pc. The question is, how do i get the data off my drive?

Would it be possible to just plug one of the raid 1 drives into another pc ide port as a slave, and access the data? (My guess is i can't, but want to make sure there's not a really simple solution here. )

If this won't work, can i buy a different raid controller, install it into another computer, plug my two drives into this controller as a slave, have it recognize that the drives are already in a raid 1 configuration, and allow me to remove the data?

Does the raid controller need to be the exact same as the original (this would suck b/c as i mentioned, it was the onboard controller of a long since discontinued mobo). Is there any way to determine which raid controllers would be compatible with my raid 1 drives?

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Repair Drive - Recover The Data

I have a 20gig hd with two partitions one 5gig for os and the other 15gig for data and programs etc. The other day i turned my machine on and the d: drive (15gig partition) was missing. It just didnt show the partition at all. Now somehow i managed to get it to display the partition but every time you go to open the drive it says it isnt formatted and needs to be. Now i am not sure what has happened but i am guessing it has got something to do with the file system. I am sure that the pc hasnt wiped all the data of my drive so it should be recoverable, i just would like to know if anyone knows how to solve the problem or if there are any programs available that will help repair te drive/recover the data.

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Corrupt Data From Drive Recovery

I have a big problem. I accidentally formatted and reinstalled windows vista on my wife's laptop and lost all of her data. I was able to get the most important data back (55gb), using getdataback, however, when i go to open any of the files, they are all corrupt. Is there any program i can use to fix these files?

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Delete Data From Hard Drive

I have to rma a drive back to western digital. It is still functional so i would like to wipe the thing clean of data first. What do you guys recommend for doing such a thing? I would prefer a windows based solution. I would hook the drive up to a working pc as a second drive and go from there. I don't really want to make a boot disk and go that route. Any suggestions?

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1tb - 2tb Data Drive

I was planning on getting a new 1-2tb storage drive for my next build (primary will be a ssd). 1tb should be enough, but i am willing to spend more for a 1. 5 or 2tb if it makes sense. Assuming the ssd may only be an 80gb, i will be running some games off the storage drive, so i would like some performance. I'm really not too familiar of the world outside of wd, as i have been burned by almost every other companies, but am willing to listen. Right now, i'm planning on getting the wd1001fals for ~$100. Is there a better option? It doesn't have to be silent, but i don't want it sitting down there rattling either.

Any other recommendations?

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Destroying Data On Ssd Drive

I've got a 60gb ocz agility drive that i have been using for a few weeks. I decided to upgrade to a larger drive and sell this one off. What is everyone using to clear the data off an ssd? Do i still need to use something like dban or will a secure erase suffice?

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Flash Drive Data Recovery

I have a flash drive that is no longer recognized by windows, nor does the led come on. I'm guessing it is physically shot, its pretty old, its not recognized in the bios either. There are files on it i would very much like to get back, does anyone have any good experience with data recovery labs they can recommend and about how much is cost? Its only a 512mb memorex memory stick.

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Recovery Of Hard Drive Data

I need help to retrieve the data from my western digital hard drive (40g). Last week my power supply burnt and damaged my mother board. So i tested with another existing system unit with my wd hard drive, it hang in the bios stage after the memory test finish. Cannot do anything. Is it the hard drive problem? May i know anyone can tell me how can i recover my data inside this bad hard drive? I need to recover my data since wd technical support only can give me a replacement of hard drive. I heard a lot of information about freezing the hard drive but i dont dare to do it cos i am afraid it will lead to totally un-recovery stage. I have a lot of useful information and some financial excel format that is shared with my roommate.

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Data Recovery From Dead Hard Drive

Are there any softwares to recover data from a dead hard drive. Please help me in this situation since, my hard drive is giving some noise for almost 10 seconds while booting and not even detecting.

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