Connect Pc To Plasma Tv Dvi Or Hdmi ?

I mean beside the sound from the hdmi, will i notice any deference when when i connect my pc to 42" inch plasma tv with dvi or hdmi?

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Dvi Or Hdmi To Connect Computer To Monitor

Should i use dvi or hdmi to connect my computer to my monitor? My screen resolution is 1920x1200 and my monitor has inputs for both dvi and hdmi. I currently have it hooked up using a dvi cable because i don't have an hdmi cable. Would i benefit in any way by switching to hdmi? Would i benefit by staying with dvi instead of switching to hdmi or is it the same both ways?

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Connect Xbox 360 Using Hdmi Dvi Into Monitor

How can i connect my xbox360 using hdmi-dvi into a monitor doesn't have dvi input? Ok i bought an hdmi-dvi cable and a dvi-vga adapter to connect my xbox360 to an lg w2242sm monitor which doesn't have dvi so i used the dvi-vga adapter to connect it, but it doesn't work.

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Connect Computer To Monitor Using Mini Dvi To Hdmi Cord

Could you connect a computer to a computer monitor using a mini dvi to hdmi cord?

Answer:- sure, if your computer has a mini dvi output and the monitor has an hdmi input.

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Connect Red White And Yellow Cable To A Hdmi, Dvi, Vga

Is there an adapter to connect red white and yellow cable to a hdmi, dvi and vga cable? I recently purchased the logitech x-540 speakers and i was wondering if i could hook them up to my monitor in anyway the inputs on the monitor are: vga, dvi and hdmi. Is there an adapter to convert the red, white and yellow xbox 360 cables to either vga, dvi or hdmi?

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Connect Ps3 To Macbook Pro Using Mini Dvi To Hdmi Video Cable

Can i connect my ps3 to my macbook pro using a mini dvi to hdmi video cable adapter for macbooks and imacs? Just so i can use my macbook as a monitor.

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Built In Hdmi Or Dvi - Hdmi Adapter

Does it matter? I have a biostar matx 939 board with 3000+ venice with 7800gt and 1 gig of ram. I'm wanting to use this pc as a very light game machine (civ 4: colonization and other strategy, probably never fps cause i hate playing from my couch) and all purpose computer in the living room. I'm looking at a 4830 or so, maybe 4670 depending on price. Want to spend less than $80 - $90 shipped. I need the card to output sound. I want to run a single cable from the pc to my 47" 1080p tv which outputs sound via optical to a surround sound receiver. Will a card with no native hdmi out output sound, making the adapter worthless? Or?

I don't see any free shipping on 48xx cards with an hdmi port built in from newegg. Needs:

Play sound through hdmi
Light gaming
Eventually be able to play bluray discs (will eventually get a blu ray drive) (cpu will probably need upgraded though?)
$80-$90 shipped

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Gtx 260 + 2 Monitors + Plasma Tv Hdmi

So last night i bought a hdmi cord to reach my plasma tv so i can play movies and games from my pc. I have a asus board ( and it has a hdmi onboard. My question is can i draw power from my gtx206 card to make games play better on my tv. Right now when i play games through hdmi on my tv it runs extremely chunky but when i go into my nvidia panel is says i'm linked up sli? I'm new to it all so i'm not even sure if its possible. Os : vista64
Mobo : asus m3n72-d
Gpu: gtx260
Ram: 8 gig dual channel ddr

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Vaio Laptop And Panasonic Tv Plasma Hdmi Resolution

Whenever i connect my laptop to the tv i cant find the right configuration for the screen resolution either i get bad quality image or larger than my tv screen i tried all available resolutions on pc and all aspect ratio on tv but still can get it right. Please don't advice to call technician because i called too many and no one knew how to fix it.

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Hdmi To Dvi + Optical ?

I have a laptop with hdmi output but no optical toslink out. I am using a dell ultrasharp that has only dvi or vga input. Would there be any way to split the video/audio hdmi to a dvi and then optical to go out to my receiver?

If i was using a tv i could always just use the optical out from that, but my dell has no such thing. The only thing i could find was a 4 port hdmi switcher on monoprice that also outputs toslink but at $50 it's more than i'd like to spend when i don't need the switching functionality. Anyone with a similar situation that could offer advice on the subject?

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Dvi To Hdmi Adapter Work ?

Someone i know wants a htpc. You know me i pick quality parts:p but im wondering. His sound system will be running off the tv (plugged into the tv. Atleast thats how i think it will hoook up). I remember people saying theses new video cards were going to have hdmi built in but all i see on the 2600/2400's elc is a dvi port. I dont see how you can send the sound signal out trough the dvi(video) port.

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Ati Dvi To Hdmi Adapters

I have an ati 3870 dvi to hdmi adapter here and i noticed it has all its pins (known as dvi-d (dual link). On the other hand, looked at an ati 4870x2 dvi to hdmi adapter and noticed it has missing pins (known as dvi-d (single link). Why would this be since 4870 supports mode audio features then 3870?

http://en. Svg

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Card With Dvi, Hdmi, And Dp - Three Monitors

I need card with dvi, hdmi, and dp to use with three monitors. The following has three connectors, can you hook up 3 monitors. Anyone have something like this?

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No Sound Hdmi To Dvi Cable

Ok here's the thing my monitor which has hdmi, vga and dvi ports on the back

My pc (graphics card) only has a dvi port

The thing is when i connect my monitor to pc using dvi to dvi cable plus a 3. 5 audio jack from my monitor to pc it's fine there is sound but when i use a hdmi to dvi cable there is no sound ? Even though the 3. 5 jack is still connected i no hdmi to dvi cable does not carry sound but i think it overrides the 3. 5 audio jack cable

Please can someone tell me whats the way around this as i really want to use the hdmi to dvi cable thanks

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Connect Between Monitor Lcd Dvi-d And Vga Dvi-i

How to connect between monitor lcd (dvi-d) and vga (dvi-i) ? I have a benq monitor an its input is dvi-d and vga has dvi-i input how i can connect between them if i have cable with two sides dvi_i . And can i remove some pins from one sid to make it fit to fix in dvi-d ?

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Eyefinity 6 Included Dp To Dvi And Hdmi Adapters

Well, luckily the eyefinity 6 models look like they come with almost all the adapters you need - 2 dvi, 1 hdmi, 2 mini dp to dp. [5? Shouldn't it come with 6?]

Why couldn't ati have included one of these dp adapters with the regular eyefinity models? And these look like simple passive pass-through connectors to me, does it work just like that? What about all the fuss with active adapters we had to deal with for our regular 5xxx models? Are the mini dp's somehow different? Why couldn't ati have included one dp to dvi for their regular models when most of us will have to find $125 adapters that may or may not even work (as we have had several posts about approved list active adapters still causing blinking screens).

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Convert Dvi To Hdmi For Samsung Monitor

How to convert dvi to hdmi for a samsung monitor? I am gonna buy a samsung 24" full hd monitor which has a dvi port but not a hdmi. Sometimes i am gonna use my home-theater to connect to this monitor but the problem is that my home-theater has a hdmi conn only and no dvi conn. I asked the dealer , he said that a converter is available , what will the converter do, will it connect the dvi to hdmi, will there be quality loss?

Will this conversion have effect on the full hd 1080p movies i will watch? I have also heard that dvi does not carry sound, so then where will the sound go after conversion and lastly what all effects will this conversion make, and for how much is this converter available and which brand is good.

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Connecting Ps3 To Computer Using Hdmi To Dvi Adapter

If i connect my ps3 to my computer screen using an hdmi to dvi adapter, would it display in hd or dvi quality? Also which quality is better, hdmi or dvi?

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Do I Need To Buy An Adapter For Hdmi Cable To Plug Into Dvi Port?

I bought a cable to connect my ps3 to my desktop monitor. It is a hdmi to dvi cable. My monitor has a dvi and d-sub port. Even though the cable i got says it is hdmi to dvi it will only connect to the d-sub port (the d-sub is smaller and blue and the hdmi is larger and white). Do i need to buy an adapter to allow the hdmi cable to plug into the dvi port or am i doing something else wrong entirely. When i turn on the ps3 nothing comes up. I tried holding the on button to reset the ps3 display settings to hdmi but nothing happened. I suspect i need to buy the adapter but i wanted to confirm before i go buy it. My monitor is a hanns g hi221d. I'm pretty sure my monitor should be compatible but i'm sure someone knows alot better than me.

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Connect Philips Dvd To Samsung Plasma Tv

How to connect philips dvd to samsung plasma tv? I just bought a samsung hd plasma tv. I already had a philips dvd player that i want to connect to the tv. The dvd player has a red, white & yellow cords. But when i try & plug them into the back of my samsung plasma it keep saying " no signal ". Do i connect the cords to the side of the tv which has av in video & audio l & r or do i connect the cords to the actual back of the tv with all "component in " plugs ? This might sound very confusing & i'm sorry. I just really want this to work so i can actually watch dvd's on my plasma tv.

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Connect Dell Studio 17 Laptop To W4200 Plasma Tv

Is it possible to hook up my dell studio 17 laptop to my dell w4200 plasma tv? I tried using an hdmi cable (it's the only thing both systems accept). When i connect it, the laptop screen goes blank and the tv screen constantly flashes. If i need to adjust a setting on the laptop, could you please tell me specifically how to get to the setting to adjust it?

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Connect Advent Laptop To Plasma With Vga Lead

How do i connect my advent laptop to my plasma with a vga lead? When i connect them and switch the tv to pc, i see the laptop screen on the tv for about 1 sec, then it turns the tv onto standby.

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Vga Or Dvi To Connect To Computer ?

Vga or dvi to connect to computer? So i got a new monitor that allows me to connect with a vga, dvi, and hdmi. I am planning to use the hdmi port for my xbox 360. Should i connect the pc with the vga or dvi port?

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Connect 3 Dell 1901fp Monitors Via Dvi

I have 3 dell 19" lcd monitors (1901fp). They have a native resolution of 1280x1024 pixels. 1. I want to connect all three via the dvi digital interface to a dell
Dimension 4600 computer. 2. I want to have an extended desktop in winxp home that spans 3 monitors to
Display 3840x1024 pixels at 60hz. 3. I want to be able to view an excel spreadsheet spanning all three
Monitors. Please tell me what i need. The dell 4600 pentium 4 2. 8ghz desktop has 1gb of ram and came with an nvidia 128mb geforce fx5200 agp graphics card that has a dvi out and a vga out. I have 1 pci slot free. So far, i have been able to connect the first monitor via dvi and the second
Monitor via vga on the nvidia agp card. I can extend my windows desktop fine across 2 monitors. What about the third monitor?

Can all three be connected digitally via dvi?

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Connect Xbox To Monitor Using Vga, Dvi, Or Composite ?

Since i don't have an hdmi xbox, should i connect it to my monitor using the vga, dvi, or composite? Which is the best quality?

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Connect Pc To Tv With Vga Hdmi

How to connect pc to tv with vga in hdmi? If i only got vga and buy an vga to dvi converter and an dvi to hdmi cable, does that work if i want to have high quality?

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Connect Macbook Screen To Pc Using Mini Dvi To Vga Adapter

My macbook (2007) screen broke; i was wondering if i can use a mini dvi to vga adapter to connect it to my pc? I don't know if i can just plug a mini dvi to vga adapter in to my computers and connect my macbook to my pc monitor and assume the macbook screen will just show up on the pc monitor. I really need to get some files off my mac!

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Connect Desktop Pc Monitor To Tv Via Hdmi

How to connect desktop pc monitor to tv via hdmi ? Im trying to connect my monitor to my tv to use my tv as a monitor via an hdmi cable. I have the hdmi cable connected, but it wont display. Do i have to do anything else?

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How To Connect Computer To Tv Without Hdmi Input ?

How do i connect a computer to a tv? I want to connect my computer to my tv but it doesn't have an hdmi input thing or a monitor input thing. Answer:-
You could try s video, but the quality is not as high as hdmi or vga ('monitor input thing').

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Connect Pc To Monitor With Hdmi Cord

I try to use a hdmi cord to connect my pc to my monitor, doesn't work. Yes, both my dell computer and dell 24" have a hdmi port. I connect the hdmi cable from my pc to my monitor and i switch to the hdmi input setting and all that appears is my standard windows 7 back round and in a smaller size and no icons on the desktop or the task bar appears. Any suggestions on how to make it work, or am i doing it completely wrong in the first place?

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