Power Supply Makes A Buzzing Noise And Wont Turn On

I was watching a movie and paused it to go get something to eat. When i came back i pressed space (my media player uses space for pause/play) almost simultaneously as i pressed the spacebar the computer shutoff. I waited a few seconds and attempted to turn it back on, but no go. When i press the power button a short 1 second buzzing sound comes from the power supply and doesn't power on. The motherboard light does turn on, im not sure what the light is but it is always on as long as the computer is plugged into the wall. As far as build up problems and signs, my computer was/has been running fine for over 3 years now. My motherboard is actually fairly new, i sent back my old one for a replacement a little over 14 months ago. I haven't got the time to check the voltage coming from the psu, but can i really if it wont power on? Also, considering that the onboard light on the motherboard comes on can this be a indication of a bad motherboard? Or other faulty hardware? Or does this sound more like a psu problem? My computer has ran flawlessly with no crashes or lockups. Until now apparently. My specs are:
Motherboard: asus a5prd1-v
Memory - 1gb (single module) ddr
Hard drive: western digital 160gb sata
Cdrom: sony dvd-rw x16
Video: ati radeon x800xl
Power supply: 350w codegen

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Psu Makes Loud Buzzing Noise

I got a new gtx280 today, i have installed it and booted up. Installed its drivers and reset the computer. Everything runs fine until i run a game; my psu makes a loud buzzing noise. I don't know why this is happening.

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Ac Power Adapter Makes High Pitched Whining Noise

I have a x2vga by neoya and it's been working great so far. However, i just noticed today that the ac adapter makes a high pitched whining noise when it's plugged in. Is this bad or good? I got a replacement from them under warranty but it also has the whine. Any thoughts or ideas?

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Power Supply Made A Loud Pop Noise

Silverstone st75f power supply. I went to sleep, woke up, the computer was off. I tried to turn it back on, unplugged the psu, power button, etc, nothing worked. Then the power supply made a loud pop noise with a giant spark. I pulled it out and its dripping a whitish liquid. Anyone ever seen anything like this?

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Buzzing Noise In Forte Headphone Only During 3d Audio

For the first time since getting my forte a couple of months ago i went to play some games with 3d audio using headphones connected to the rear headphone output. I followed the headphone setup instructions here. My headphones are shure e4g iems (like e4c but black. Specs say 29ohms. Forte drivers 1. 1, vista x64 sp1. The noise floor was imperceptible in vista aero. I'm playing the original f. E. A. R. At the moment. Immediately after launching while in the menus i could hear a digital sounding buzzing. When entering the game it changed in pitch and character wildly. My last save was somewhere fairly quiet, while standing in one place and looking around the tone was changing in pitch and character, following my movements. If i didn't move the mouse/view, it stayed constant. Cpu, gpu and hdd activity do not influence the sound (unlike what i've heard from laptops and cheap onboards). These observations lead me to believe the noise is originating from the 3d sound mapping somehow, and isn't simply rfi. I have never heard any sounds of this type with my speakers (klipsch promedia 5. 1)

I wasn't sure if the old technology in fear might be using alchemy and somehow be an issue. I fired up crysis:warhead and it was there too, although quieter and hard to detect with the increased ambient sound in the jungle scene (shore leave, i think). It was definitely present in the menu but will come and go depending on what effects are being used. I tried turning off cmss-3d and it didn't seem to change anything. I should also probably mention that with these iems i'm only setting my volume at about 6% and it is plenty loud enough. People with other cans may have this problem but simply not be able to hear it with higher output needs and/or the lack of the isolating nature of the iems. I haven't done an exceptional amount of troubleshooting but i wanted to see if this is something people have experienced in certain conditions, if its settings, or if its rma time (hoping not, just for the inconvenience factor).

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Cpu Wont Start Up, Buzzing Noise

I have an emachines t2792 cpu. It has an 2. 7ghz intel celeron processor, 256mb ram, and an 80gb hard drive. It is just under 2 years old. All of a sudden, the cpu will not power up. There is a low buzzing noise and no lights that come on or even flicker. It is plugged into a surge protector. Is there anything i can test on my own? I'm trying to avoid hefty diagnostic fees.

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Dell Monitor Microphone Buzzing Noise

How do you fix a dell monitor microphone with a buzzing noise? My monitor has a microphone installed into it. Every time that i use the mic, my voice is heard, but an annoying buzzing accompanies my voice. If anyone knows how to fix my buzzing problem, please help me out by telling me how to fix it.

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Dell Inspiron 1525 Making High Pitched Buzzing Noise

Why on earth is my 1525 inspiron dell laptop making a high pitched buzzing noise coming from my computer? This happens when ever my computers on, but the sound becomes louder and more audio able when i plug it in.

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Computer Makes Clicking Noise - No Output To Monitor

I moved my computer in its original shipping box & styrofoam. It experienced freezing weather inside a moving truck along with everything else, and then spent a month in climate controlled storage upon arrival (from florida to nebraska). The pc was built by all american computers just before the company folded. It is a "purexs. "

I took it out and found the floppy drive was loose inside of it. Naturally, that concerned me. I had completely forgotten that when i installed it i didn't put screws in, just used the finger-tightness of the bay. It was secure enough to not move as i packed it, but apparently not secure enough for the long haul. I plugged everything in (dual dvi ports to the two ati x1900 xt's, power cable, mouse & keyboard) that it required to boot and powered it on. The fans all power on, and the 1st videocard fan cools down a bit as it's supposed to, but immediately there is a light clicking noise, quite rapid. The whole system lights up but the lcd monitor never registers any output - the light stays orange. The noise appears to be coming from the back of the motherboard near the power supply, which is actually inverted at the bottom of the case (due to the lian-li case's air circulation system). I slowed the back fan and tapped the cpu fan to see if that interrupted the noise at all, and it didn't. Yes, i know that's dangerous, but i've worked with plenty of computers - i don't hold the fan down a whole second, just slow it for less than a second - enough time to hear any change in the noise. While i'm a junior level pc & network technician (by trade i'm a web programmer and graphic designer - yes i draw freehand), at my old job i had tons of parts (not the caliber that is in this pc) and just swap out what's broken for what isn't, and in the worst case, repeat this several times until i find the offending part (usually i can tell).

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Hard Drive Makes Continuous Noise Pattern

I have a seagate baracuada 80gb 7200 rpm sata 150 hardrive with 8mb cache. Whenever i go to install or uninstall something the progress bar begins and goes along nicely, but somewhere along the bar it stops for around a minute or more and makes a continuous noise pattern. They are normal hardrive noises, but they just repeat in a pattern and during this time no work is done or can be done. It hasn't done this in the past, but the hardrive is getting kind of full and only has 14gb left. The hard drive is less than a year old it shouldn't be dieing yet. I have run perfect disk to defrag it, and scan disk with no effect. I have run norton, avg, spybot, and adaware se all with the latest updates several times since i first noticed the problem so its not a virus or spyware. I have a 1 gb of ram and a sufficently large page file so i don't think its thrashing. Plus it only seams to do it when i'm installing or un-installing. Does anyone have any ideas?

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Computer Makes High Pitched Ringing Noise

I am extremely sensitive to high pitched noises, and my computer has started making one that is driving me insane. It is very slight, and i can only hear it from certain angles, but it is defiantly there and it will not go away. What i have tried:

- Restarting the machine (the sound went away when it turned off)

- Blocking every fan for a few seconds to see if they were making the noise (they are not)

- Tried listening for the sound with a tube to isolate the part making it (didn't help since tubes don't bounce sound very well) though i did find which area the component is in. I believe it is a part on the board making this noise, and that is making me even angrier since i do not understand how or why a part on the board can generate such a sound. Can anyone assist me in fixing this, i know there was another person who had this issue before, but his went away magically. Hopefully mine does too, but i wouldn't count on it. If it matters, i am using a foxconn blackops board.

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Convert Power Supply Of Laptop Into Power Supply For Pc

Is it possible to convert the power supply of a laptop in to a power supply for a pc? The reason i am asking this is because i have a motherboard, processor and some ram but no power supply and on the other hand i have an old laptop (circa1996) power supply.

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Power Supply Problem

I have been messing with my two computers trying to upgrade them with the parts from one putting them into the other, since the computers are almost the same. Well, as soon as i plug in the power cord to the power supply, it sounds like it is starting up for a second, then shuts off. Then the computer wont start at all. It seems like a fried power supply to me, but i wanted to get other peoples opinions. What could it be besides fried?

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What Happens When You Overload A Power Supply?

Ok guys for ten points who can tell me what happens when you overload a power supply. Im curious for safety reasons. Can it damage other componants(if yes how likely is it).

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Which Ups Power Supply?

I'm looking to purchase a ups power system, but before purchasing i need to make sure the ups will be of the correct va power for my sytem. The only details i can give is that the power supply in my pc states (450w) my system is a desktop pc consisting of a monitor, modem, monitor speakers and the pc itself, i may also wish to add another component to the desktop in the future, given these details could anyone recommend the correct ups power system for my desktop.

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Power Supply Wattage

My brother's power supply died and he asked me to help him find a replacement. He built the computer about 3 maybe 4 years ago so it's due for a memory upgrade at the least and probably a new processor. The old supply is 400 watts, but i'd rather he bought a better one, maybe 500 or 600 watts at least so that he can upgrade later without a problem. Will a higher wattage affect his current hardware?

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Possible Power Supply Issue

I have a system i built myself i have a asus motherboard and amd sempron 2800 1. 7 ghz processor with a 350 watt power supply, 512 ram, dvd combo drive and 80 gb hard drive. I have this problem where i can run windows pro fine for a average amount of time and after i do a shutdown and the system completely shuts down i push the power button to bring back up the system and only the fans come on. No power what so ever to my hard drive or dvd burner and obviously my motherboard isn't getting power either. What have to do is unplug the power from the back of my power supply for about 15 min and plug it back in and everything on my system get all the power back to it.

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Atx Power Supply Question

I need a psu, but the server i need it for has a strict 24pin atx connector (not a 20+4 or any other variation). That's compaq for you. Check the pin config and let me know which psu i should purchase. Links to newegg or tigerdirect are appreciated. I really couldn't find a decent 24 pin atx psu @ newegg. I'd like to get a quality psu like an enermax, because this is a server after all and it will be on all the time. The original is beginning to die (fan starts going nuts).

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What Use Is An Adjustable Speed Power Supply?

Why would i need one of these, versus a standard power supply? Wouldn't i just leave it on the high speed?

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Power Supply Problem / Spark

Today i had my second antec 300 watt smart power go boom on me. When i say boom, i mean boom. Sparks and loud noise then the air smells funny like burnt wire. I have no clue what can be causing this. I have my other machine (with an enermax power supply) plugged into the same power strip(which may be the problem). Any ideas of what can be causing this? Could the motherboard be causing this some how or am i just really unlucky with power supplies?

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Problem With Case / Power Supply

I bought a case and put some older components into it to build a new system. When i powered up the monitor would never come on so i tried replacing each component. I add new motherboard, new processor - all with the same problem. I do not even get a signal to the monitor or bios info or anything. The only thing left to replace is the case/power supply. Is there something i should be taking into consideration when buying a case/powersupply - i had thought that was fairly straightforward?
The case is: jnc 4ja h7650 blue type 3 atx midi tower case 300w psu front usb firewire & audio, my motherboard (msi km2m combo) has on-board graphics & ddr and sdram (i've tried both) bought as i thought initially the graphics card might be a problem.

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Power Supply With Pentium 4 System

Anyway, i am planning on building a pentium 4 system and was wondering what power supply to use. I have used psu "calculators", but is it okay to go with more wattage than it says. I don't want to fry my motherboard. Is there any danger to giving it say, 400 watts, if it only needs 315? I might be upgrading later.

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Computer Shuts Down Power Supply

My randomly shuts down after about an hour or so and when i try and turn it back on it lasts about 1 minuit then it switches off again. After about 3 times trying to turn it on it beeps about 4 times then it says "cpu overheated" then some windows restore stuff then it switches off, at first i thought that it could be that the processor fan wasn't working because when i took the cover off the metal bits around the fan were very hot. I dont know what to do about this and i have no idea what is not working. I don't know why the cpu is overheating because the fan that cools the processor is spinning. If there is a fan on the power supply i dont think it is spinning because i cant feel any air coming out. My motherboard is an asus p5gdc and there is a a nvidia geforce pcx 5750 plugged into the pci-e x 16 slot and there is a modem which i have never used in one of the pci slots and two 256mb sticks of ram in the blue slots and thats all. There is a fan in the back of the case, a fan covering the processor i think there is meant to be a fan in the power supply and there is a fan in the side. Does anyone have any idea what this problem is and what can i do about it. It normally shuts down when im playing games. The only games i play are the sims 2 and halo, my problem first started when i was playing sims 2, the first times it happened it didnt shut down, it only restarted. Then it started to shut down and keep shutting down with the cut out time becoming shorter and shorter. Anyone had this problem before?

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Computer Power Supply Died

The power supply on my wife's computer just died and in dying it wiped out the memory and may have damaged the motherboard or the cpu. Has anyone heard of this before?

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Antec Power Supply Failure

I've built quite a few desktop pcs systems, from motherboards, etc. And, i've also repaired quite a few machines (e.g.compaq, hp, gateway, etc). It seems that power-supplies are the failure point much more often than i had expected. Once again, a couple of days ago, on a six-month old machine i own and built, (with good fans, no overclocking, etc), i inserted a 2nd ethernet-pci card into it, and when i brought it up for the first time, it wouldn't boot. (No smoke or noises. )The little activity light seemed to indicate random action, just as though it was seeking the disk and booting, but nothing ever showed up at the console, not even initial bios output. So, i took the case-side off, and hooked up my little power-supply tester-unit. Sure enough, one of the tester's multiple green lights did not light up, and that red 'danger' light on the tester did light up! [It's a fairly nice antec 400-watt supply, which is plenty of wattage for this system. It is an antec model sp-400 'smartpower'. ]

Any advice or comments about how often power-supplies fail, or thoughts about why this one might have?

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Power Supply Failure Rate

According to be hardware these are the power supply failure statistics for the previous year, like all statistics they should be taken with a pinch of salt. They confirm though what most hexites knew already. Fortron: 0. 7%
Hiper: 1. 2%
Seasonic: 1. 4%
Thermaltake: 1. 6%
Tagan: 2. 8%
Enermax: 3. 0%
Antec: 9. 5%

Follow the link for details:-

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Power Supply For Dell E520

Can anyone recommend me a good power supply for the dell e520. I'm looking to upgrade my video card to nvidia geforce 7 series, so i guess something around 400w with be sufficient? I'm a total new when it comes to power supplies so any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Power Supply That Has Two 20-pin Connectors

I'm looking to replace a power supply on a magma chassis that is used to supply power to 7 hd cards for a pro tools system. The current power supply is just loud as crap and i need something quiet. The current model is made by channel well technology, 400 watts, and the model number is psg400p-89. The difficulty i'm having is finding a power supply that has two 20-pin connectors on it. The power supply uses two of these connectors to power the main board. I noticed a splitter on ebay that takes one 20-pin connector and splits it into two, but i don't know that this would give me the right amount of power, would it? I'd probably rather have something that had separate connections running straight from the unit. I also want it to be quiet, since that's the whole point of me doing this in the first place.

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Power Supply Adapter Myth

I recently built a new computer and noticed my power supply has a 20 pin connector to the m/b but i need a 24 pin. So naturally i am trying to find a little adapter that makes the 20 pin into a 24 pin male for the mobo. I heard from some people that there is around a 50/50 chance that this adapter will fry my motherboard, or possibly my power supply. Is this true?

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Jumper Power Supply Permanently

Basically, are there any power supplies that i can "jumper" permanently. My goal is: i have an empty atx case, but as far as i'm concerned, its an 8 bay hard drive nas case or how ever you want to look at it. I had the default power supply in it, and i jumpered the green and the black pin to keep the power on with out a motherboard and it worked great! But after a month or so, the power supply did die, as all the blogs/forum post suggested it would. Is there any thing i could do to power 8 hard drives in an empty case, with out a failing power supply? Do they make power supplies that are able to run with out a motherboard? Or perhaps an option i have yet to find?

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